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nursing agency software



Software That Shows You Care

P Latest mobile technology for 24/7 response

P Allocate staff safely and accurately
P Record bookings rapidly
P Instantly record staff availability
P Keep track of all staff training and professional profile
P Text Messaging In and Out
P Easy Invoice Generation
P Link to Sage Line 50 and Payroll
P Generate your wages at a click of the button
P Simple user friendly design
P Link to office: Outlook, Excel, Word
P Pop-up reminders
P Search facility to find key staff quickly
P Professional Reports
P Document Control with ID Cards
P Rostering
P Timesheets
We listen to our clients and endeavor to define the problems,
develop the solution, and deliver the product.
Latest Mobile Technology
At Software Solutions we understand the need to be on call twenty four hours a day, seven days
a week. Our system is truly portable, and allows for all the facilities of the system to be used off
site out of office hours. No specialist equipment or internet access is required.

Allocate Staff Safely and Accurately

We understand the importance of ensuring that the right individual is selected according to their
skills, experience, qualifications and availability. Our search facility we believe is among the
best, always matching the best individuals to the given requirements. Data fields for prospective
employee's details are customised by the individual nursing or care agency, allowing for any
number of departments to be set up, allowing for as many skill sets and levels of training, and
levels of experience to be set up within each department as is required. Against nurses
inoculations and expiry dates, or any other field type with relevant dates can be set as the
agency requires. These can then be utilised as part of the selection process. Warnings can
also be set to show when dates are about to expire.

We have also built in the facility to ensure that if a client will not accept a particular employee (or
an employee will not work for a particular client) it can be recorded and that employee will not
be put forward during the selection process.

A selection of individuals with the required skills, with availability will be selected. If there are no
available nurses with he exact skill match, the system will show the next best available,
highlighting the areas of skill shortage.

Record Bookings Rapidly

The booking procedure is simple yet comprehensive. The skills, qualifications, and experience
levels for staff are initially set by the agency. These can be changed and added to at any time,
giving complete flexibility to set the system up the way you want to work. You are able to add
new sections and skills at any time. Employees have their skills, qualifications and experience
levels entered at take on, and these can be updated at any time.

Bookings can be easily entered, and allow for one shift many nurses, many shifts many nurses,
repeat shifts, single shifts with single nurses, or weekly monthly shifts with single or multiple
nurses. We believe our booking system allows for complete flexibility

Instantly Record Staff Availability

Staff availability can easily be entered or viewed showing holidays booked, sickness and
existing bookings for each member of staff.

Keep Track of all Staff Training and Professional Profile

From the initial interview, all staff data can be entered and recorded. Our unique system allows
you to set the criteria you want to record for each employee. All documents can be scanned to
show directly against each employee or client. These could include certificates, references,
passports, work visas, incoming mail etc. These can be printed at any time should copies be
required. Warnings for expiry dates can be set and are shown on screen. Set up your template

Text Messaging In and Out

Software Solutions have developed PULSE to use SMS text messaging to its best
advantage allowing nursing agencies and home carer agencies to text nurses or
carers or whole teams direct from the software. Just select the people you want to
send the message to, type it in and send - this can be to one person or many
people. PULSE also accepts incoming text messages, which are then allocated
against the individual forming part of the unique document control system. SMS
Texting is fast, easy, and extremely cost effective.
Easy Invoice Generation
A truly flexible system. When initially setting up individual clients, whether they are hospitals,
trusts, social services, or individual companies, billing formats can be set universally, or against
individual hospitals, or even individual wards. Overtime rates, bank holiday rates can be set,
shift patterns can be set, NI and holiday pay can be included or not, all under your control
individually or universally.

Billing is simple with PULSE, once the timesheet has been returned, bills can be raised, daily,
weekly or whenever.

Your company logo can be built into PULSE Nursing and Care Agency Software, so no special
stationery is required.

Invoices are laid out simply, and are easy to understand.

Link to Sage Line 50 and Sage Payroll

This link is completely optional, if you already use an accounting system,
or payroll system, this can be continued. We can export data by CSV
File or Excel Spreadsheet or possibly link into your existing software.

However, PULSE Software has been designed to link automatically into Sage Payroll, to
produce weekly or monthly payroll. Pay calculations are produced for employees in an easy to
understand format, showing each shift with the relevant pay breakdown, thus avoiding many
queries on pay dates.

PULSE Software also links direct into Sage Line 50, passing all created invoices, and pay
information for credit control and accounting purposes.

Generate Your Wages at the Touch of a Button

Returned timesheets are selected for entry into each payroll run, either weekly or monthly.
Simply select the timesheets you wish to process and one click does it all.
Users can select to input directly to Sage Payroll, export to Excel, or optionally to send a CSV
file into another payroll package.

Simple User Friendly Design

Screens may look complicated to a new user but a couple of days
training is all that is required for day to day running of the system.
Users quickly discover that it is better to have all the information
on one screen, rather than having to constantly switch screens to
check information. Screens are friendly and easy to use. Where
possible click and drag is used for the selection process.

Link to Office, Excel & Word

Imagine having the equivalent of a paper file on your screen, copies of all communications,
documents, file notes, records of telephone calls etc. PULSE gives you exactly this. Our nursing
agency software also enables the user to set up templates for outgoing mail, all templates are in
Microsoft Word, and any letters created are saved in files relating to the nurse, client, care
worker hospital etc. Mail shots can easily be created to all clients, or all employees. To complete
the unique document control system, records of telephone calls and memos can be entered
and, emails can be sent direct from the program. All incoming mail can be scanned directly
against the nurse or client.

Pay information is exported to excel spreadsheets for easy checking and further analysis.
Popup Reminders
Messages can be sent to all staff members within the system, or reminders can be set for any
occurrence. Warnings can be set for all expiry dates. Set up meetings or reminders easily.

Search Facility to Find Key Staff Quickly.

We believe we have simply the best search facility possible. You
set the criteria according to skill, qualification and experience, or
any other search, you require (i.e. language spoken). Feed this
information in to the software for each employee, then when
taking bookings you set the parameters required and let the
software select the suitable candidates for the job.

Professional Reports
PULSE software has a comprehensive list of management reports. Additional reports can be
customised at set up.

Document Control & ID Cards

Our software comes with a full document control system. From the initial interview with a
prospective employee, data can be captured, references and qualification certificates can be
scanned against the employee. Letter templates can be set up, and amended easily by users.
Add to this the ability to email, add file notes, and, telephone notes and you have the complete
document control system.

Photographs can be scanned to show on screen and for printing of ID cards for employees.

PULSE has a fully flexible rostering system, allowing selection of fifteen minute periods
throughout the day each with file notes attached. Multiple employees can be selected for shifts,
or one employee for multiple shifts. Repeat bookings are easily selected. Screens are easy to
view by employee or by client. Conflicts of overlap or double booking produce warning

Timesheets need never be a chore again. As soon as the shift is
booked, the information to invoice and pay the shift is already set
up on the system.

When timesheets are returned by employees, they are checked

for start and finish times. If necessary times can be amended to
show lunch breaks or amended start and finish times worked.
Expenses can also be added at this stage.

The software then calculates the employee pay according to the number of hours worked. If the
employee has worked a period that falls over different shifts the pay will be calculated
automatically. Any number of different shift payments can be entered.

Users have the facility to enter bank holiday dates to ensure correct pay calculations, and users
can even set the daylight saving dates, to either add or deduct an hours pay.

Please contact us to discuss

your organisation's individual requirements.
A field demonstration can be arranged for your convenience.
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