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In Sportfest 2018 AMA Basic Education of Las Piñas They made a tshirt for all team
that include on sportfest. All student they give a task like to Played basketball and
Volleyball etc. Basketball A game played between two teams of five players in which
goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed above each end of the
court. Each team played basket and the team Champion is the Green team but the
sportfest is so very fun and enjoy because any played in the program so very adorable
played. Tired but its okay for having fun before i graduate this school all memory that I
can’t forget or unforgettable moments.

I have been a part of basketball Every minute more exciting than the last. I loved all
experiences that I had with my team. I have learned more than I ever could by being
team captain. By being captain I have learned the value of responsibility and leadership.
My team has taught me to become a more wiser and knowledgeable person. I can deal
with multiple situations and have learned how to juggle difficult problems all at once.
Aside from the leadership aspect I was able to gain I become globally connected. A
basketball team . It was amazing to see the game of basketball being played in
a completely different language. The game at its core can bring people together from
different sides of the world and come together and be one. It showed me a new way of
looking at the game and see it for what it truly is , a way to join people
together despite there differences and have fun together.

Playing basketball allowed me to learn how to communicate my ideas effectively and

recognize and weigh perspectives with a group of multiple people. By being apart of a
team I learned how to communicate my ideas clearly and take the ideas of others as
well to help improve situations that we faced. Communication will be the biggest part of
my life since I will have to always have to take the ideas of others , express my ideas,
and always various communicate through different methods such as verbally ,
physically and in print. This was excellent practice and I know that what I learned will
help me in very aspect of my life.