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"My routines at work"

My name is Luis and I am 30 years old, I am an administrative assistant and I work in the company
"CONKRETO INGENIERIA Y CONSTRUCCION SAC". The company is new, has two years of creation
and is dedicated to the field of construction in general. Its anniversary is on May 1st.

My work routine starts on Monday very early. My alarm is my cell phone and it sounds at six o'clock.
When I wake up, the first thing I do is go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and turn on the shower to
bathe. In the kitchen, my mother prepares a delicious breakfast before going to work. Her name is
Susana, she is beautiful and very affectionate. My favorite breakfast is coffee with milk.

At seven o'clock I take the bus to the metro station in Comas. In the line there are school children,
university students, grandparents and pregnant women, they wait to get on the bus. The metropolitan
bus is big and fast.

My work is located in Magdalena, this is a very orderly and safe district. I am from Puente Piedra and I
arrive at my job in two hours, at nine it is my income.

Joselyn is the receptionist of the company and is from Pucallpa.

In the office is my laptop. Upon arrival, I check the emails. My email is luis.elias@conkreto.net. In the
morning I issue invoices and answer the emails. My snack time is from 1 to 2 pm. In front of my work
there is a supermarket. There my friends buy soda ending lunch.

In the office we work 4 people. Me and my three companions, they are responsible and amigagles.
Cleady is 25 years old and is in charge of payment to suppliers, she is from Callao and is very intelligent.
Mario reviews the small boxes, he is 20 years old and he is from Cercado de Lima. Daniel enters invoices
into the system, it is from San Juan de Lurigancho. His birthday was on May 19 and he is 30 years old.
I Pay providers and perform billing. At 6 pm I send the emails with the payments, ending my working
Los sábados no voy a trabajar. Me levanto a las 8:30 a.m. Por la mañana reviso mis clases en la computadora
portátil. A las 2 de la tarde salgo de mi casa para ir a la universidad. Tengo tres cursos los sábados. A las dos y
media tengo clases de inglés con su profesor, a las cinco y media tengo clases en la base de datos y a las siete y
media clases de costos. Salgo de la universidad a las diez y media.

En mi casa vivo con mi padre, madre, hermano, hermana y mis dos sobrinos. Mi madre es Susana y mi padre
Santos, ellos son de Piura. Mi hermana es Ana María, tiene 35 años y trabaja como técnica de enfermería en la
clínica Jesús del Norte de Independencia. El nombre de mi hermano es Kendy, él estudia y trabaja. Estudia en la
Universidad Villa Real en el centro de Lima y trabaja en Jesús María. Tiene 23 años y le gusta el fútbol. También
me gusta el fútbol y mi estrella favorita es Leonel Messi de Barcelona en España.

Tengo dos sobrinos muy bonitos y juguetones. El primero se llama Thiago, tiene 5 años y el segundo se llama
Facundo y tiene 2 años.

Los domingos me levanto a las 9 en punto. Después de desayunar, lavo mi ropa y arreglo mi cuarto.

A veces voy con Thiago y voy al parque, se divierten mucho. A las 2 de la tarde todos almorzamos en el
comedor. La comida favorita de todos nosotros es el ceviche, mi mamá y mi hermana lo preparan muy bien.

Por la tarde vamos al centro comercial. A veces también vamos al cine. Me gustan las películas de acción.
Aproximadamente a las 10 p.m. y luego vamos a descansar para comenzar otra semana.

On Saturdays I will not work. I get up at 8:30 a.m. In the morning I review my classes on the laptop. At 2 pm I
leave my house to go to university. I have three courses on Saturdays. At half past two I have English classes
with you teacher, at half past five have classes in Database and at half past seven classes of Costs. I leave the
university at half past ten.

In my house I live with my father, mother, brother, sister and my two nephews. My mather is Susana and my
father Santos, they are from Piura. My sister is Ana María, she is 35 years old and works as a nursing technician
in the Jesus del Norte de Independencia clinic. My brother's name is Kendy, he studies and works. He studies at
the Villa Real University in downtown Lima and works at Jesus Maria. He is 23 years old and likes soccer. I also
like soccer and my favorite star is Leonel Messi from Barcelona in Spain.

I have two very beautiful and playful nephews. The first is called Thiago, is 5 years old and the second is called
Facundo and is 2 years old.

On Sundays I wake up at 9 o'clock. After having breakfast, I wash my clothes and fix my room.

Sometimes I go with Thiago and go to the park, they have a lot of fun. At 2 pm we all had lunch in the dining
room. The favorite food of all of us is the ceviche, my mom and my sister prepare it very well.

In the afternoon we go to the mall . Sometimes we also go to the cinema. I like action movies. At approximately
10 p.m and then we go to rest to start another week.