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Majors 1

Olivia Majors

English 1201

Professor Kretzer

8 September 2019

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are prevalent everywhere in our society. Everyone has seen the effects

it has on people from the outside either on television, social media, or even in person. I want to

be able to find out what else is going on inside of a person's head that has an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are dangerous and sad they can be taken to far, in which medical attention is

needed. There are so many factors on why both girls and boys develop eating disorders. I want

to be able to find out more information on this looking into the studies and research found on the

different types of eating disorders.

I’ve watched videos were girls are super skinny in unhealthy ways and I just wonder

why, and how you could ever let you self get like that. I find that lots of girls these days have

problems with eating disorders. I see people that don’t show full symptoms but are showing

signs of eating disorders that aren’t a big deal, but can turn into something worse. I can also

admit to not wanting to eat for a few hours even if my body says I'm hungry. Just because in my

mind all I can think about it being skinny. People have told me “just eat, you need to eat”, but

sometimes it's not always that easy. It just makes me feel better not to eat very much some

days then others I eat a lot. I feel like this starts when girls compare their bodies to others and it

makes your self confidence go down. Affecting your mental health which could lead to eating

disorders. I’m sure there are also many other factors that lead to eating disorders, but just

comparing myself to others is something I do and can relate with.

Majors 2

My feelings toward this subject are very strong, I find it hard that people have to

go through eating disorders and have people judge them for what they look like. When in reality

they think everything is fine with themselves and people saying mean things doesn’t help. As

well as enough people not being educated on the subject that is becoming more and more

popular within our society. I think that a lot of people don’t understand where people with eating

disorders are coming from, and no one can because it's a battle that you are fighting with

yourself. It’s an individual's own mental health problems. I believe that there are too many cases

out there that need help, and to change that they need to be reached out to, so it can help them

find a way to reach out to others for help. What I already know about this topic is how hard it can

be to realize you have one, because mentaly and physically you think you look fine. But on an

outside view its very obvious to others what is going on and all they want to do is help. I also

know there are different types of eating disorders and they are all very different in there own

ways and not all of them are noticeable from the outside.

What I am hoping to learn from researching this topic is to find out the differences from

each eating disorder, as well as what classifies them. I want to be able to figure out their

characteristics and what is going through a person's head when they have a certain eating

disorder. A big question I have to research is, What are the signs and classifications to for sure

know if someone has an eating disorder? Looking for this question I will look into many different

studies and research articles on eating disorders. I’m hoping to find out how those affected by

eating disorders feel, and what resources are there to help them with their eating disorder.

Another big question I want to look into is, What kind of programs are there for certain eating

disorders, and what are there methods to helping those recover? I have lots of questions and

concerns that I want to find out more about. I’m going to learn new things that I didn’t know

before writing my research paper, because it’s a topic I'm very interested in learning more

Majors 3