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Videogames are a waste of time


 Some video games can be a good vehicle for training specific skills, such
as enhancing short-term memory, agility or reaction time.
 They’re fun and help us relax in our spare time.
 They give people a chance to escape from their busy, stressful and
routine lives.
 Playing video games together is a great way for family and friends to
 Video games are also a good conversation topic. We can discuss
strategies and experiences, and enhance friendships.
 If we avoid getting addicted to video games and only play them in
moderation, we will enjoy their benefits.
 Socializing between countries is also possible by online play, and you
can make friends with people from other regions.
 Game art or soundtracks can be appreciated when playing.


 Video games stop you from socializing and studying, and don't help you
at all.
 Addictive behavior and bad manners can be influenced.
 Teenagers don’t pay attention or concentrate to schoolwork and
 A lot of people throw out their time playing games.
 Players should be disciplined enough to stop playing when they have to.
 You can replace the time doing something more creative.
 They are expensive and only last a few years until they stop working,
some consoles are really fragile.
 Not all things in video games can help us in real world situations.



2. Software piracy is not really a crime.


 While piracy is considered illegal under copyright law, it really isn't a

punishable offense.
 Some people just can't afford the software they need.
 Piracy is illegal but NOT a crime if used for personal use.
 There’s no harm in pirating software for oneself.
 Anyone can do it and there’s no penalty for it.
 End-user piracy is not a crime and is difficult to enforce as an
infringement of copyright law.
 Piracy is a copyright violation, but it is not a crime.


 When you pirate something, you are stealing from a company, a

developer, etc.
 It is a violation of the law; it is a theft of somebody's good work.
 It has to be paid for.
 That it is too expensive is no excuse.
 The more software that gets pirated, the less money the producers or
developers will get.
 Developers don’t get any profit from software piracy.
 Piracy can be very similar to stealing, because you get the software that
you want for free. And this is not the way to get the program or software.