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FOCAL POINT Local butcher shop prepares for Thanksgiving rush, See page 2A

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Friday | November 22, 2019

Mother-in-law indicted for murder in Vasquez case

New charge a result of further evidence fact in 2015 after
she told author-
dictment says Lydia Martinez
“did unlawfully, willfully, and
and abet or actually had to have
been the person who killed
presented before grand jury ities and media
outlets that her
feloniously, with the deliber-
ate design to effect his death,
Lowndes County authorities
By ISABELLE ALTMAN Lydia Martinez, 60, of Col- daughter and did kill and murder Manuel discovered Vasquez’s burned
ialtman@cdispatch.com Vasquez’s wife, Vasquez ...” remains on the property of his
orado, faces a new charge of
Christina Marti- District Attorney Scott Co- Windchase Drive home in July
first-degree murder in the 2015, weeks after Christina
The mother-in-law of a New nez, forced her lom said new evidence in the
June 24, 2015 death of Manuel Martinez
Hope man killed more than to help dispose of case suggests Lydia Martinez Martinez reported him missing
four years ago has been indict- Vasquez, according to Lown- Vasquez’s body by threatening was a more “active participant” to Lowndes County Sheriff’s
ed for murder, months after her des County Circuit Court doc- Manuel and Christina’s three before the murder occurred Office. Both Lydia and Christi-
daughter pleaded guilty in the uments. Martinez was first in- children. and that the first-degree charge na Martinez were arrested for
same case. dicted for accessory after the However, the most recent in- means “she had to either aid See Martinez, 3A


‘Home Uplift’
for housing
Program will allow
up to 6 houses per year
to become more energy

Up to six Colum-
bus homes will re-
ceive upgrades to
make them more
energy efficient
through a partner-
Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff
ship between the Annunciation Catholic School students bow their heads to pray before the ribbon cutting for the school’s recent expansion
Tennessee Valley Au- on Thursday. Prior to the ribbon cutting, students sang the mission statement and gave presentations. Guests spoke to
thority and Colum- Gale students, teachers and parents, and Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz blessed the school with holy water. Staff and students are
bus Light and Water. already using the offices and science lab in the new building.
The CLW board voted unani-
mously during its regular meet-
ing Thursday to join TVA’s Home
Uplift program, in which TVA will
upgrade a handful of homes to help
reduce utility bills, improve indoor
air quality and lower home mainte-
nance costs.
SOCSD starts fall clothing drive
for district-wide clothes closets
“We would be able to do five to
six homes each year,” CLW Manag-
er Todd Gale said. “Not many, but
every little bit counts.”
Gale said the project is similar
to a TVA pilot program CLW joined
What started as a small emergency
two years ago, when TVA paid for
upgrades for about 160 homes in
effort has grown to include several
the Columbus area.
“We were selected out of ... five
community partners
TVA distributors — us, 4-County By Tess Vrbin
and three others through the val- tvrbin@cdispatch.com
ley,” Gale told The Dispatch after
the meeting. “That was just a grant STARKVILLE — The clothes closets in the
program, a pilot program. Now Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District
they’re rolling it out to all the dis- started as a quick and easy solution for students to
tributors.” get clean clothes in case of emergency and return to
The main difference is that TVA class quickly.
paid for about 90 percent of the The effort at a few individual schools consolidated
costs — $100,000, Gale said — to into a district-wide program that grows every year,
upgrade the 160 homes two years said Marchelle Brain, a member of the SOCSD Par-
ago. This time CLW will be respon- ent Teacher Organization since 2013. Brain has been
sible for 50 percent of the costs, or Courtesy photo an active coordinator of the clothes closets and said
$26,143. A group of volunteers from the Salvation Army donated clothes, the program has been “an organic thing that arose”
personal hygiene products and school supplies to the Starkville-Oktib-
To participate in the program, beha Consolidated School District’s Clothes Closets at the beginning after people regularly donated their outgrown uni-
residents have to own their own of the school year. The program started at individual schools and forms.
home and make a maximum in- consolidated with the help of community service groups and churches, The clothes closets are a resource for school so-
See CLW, 7A organizer Marchelle Brain said. See Clothing drive, 7A

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public

1 What does LL Cool J stand for? Today meetings
2 Who was the first U.S. president to Dec. 2:
■ MUW Jazz Band: The Mississippi University
have been divorced? Lowndes County
for Women Jazz Band presents a free concert at
3 What term describes words that Supervisors, 9
sound like the action or object they 7:30 p.m. in Poindexter Hall on campus. For more
a.m., County
refer to, such as choo-choo or crunch? information, call 662-241-6399.
4 What body part includes the mal-
Dec. 3:
Eliza Jessop leus, incus and stapes, the smallest
bones in the human body?
Saturday Columbus City
Fourth grade, Heritage ■ Holiday Market: Get festive at this expanded Council regular
5 What meat is in a traditional shep-

68 Low 57
herd’s pie? farmers market from 9 a.m.-noon, featuring holi- meeting, 5
day gifts, arts and crafts, homemade goodies and
High Answers, 8B local produce at the Hitching Lot Farmers Market
p.m., Municipal
Rain at times Complex
at the corner of Second Avenue and Second Courtroom
Full forecast on
Street North, Columbus. For more information, Dec. 9:
page 3A.
contact Main Street Columbus, 662-328-6305. Columbus
Inside Monday Brandon Logan is from Caledo- School Board of
Classifieds 7B Obituaries 4A ■ Songs from the Theatre: The W Department nia. He would like to pursue ani- Trustees regular
Comics 5B Opinions 6A of Music presents an evening of “Songs of the mal care taking as a career. When meeting, 6 p.m.,
Crossword 8B Religion 6B Theatre” at 7:30 p.m. in Poindexter Hall on cam- he’s not working, he loves to hang Brandon Central
140th Year, No. 218 Dear Abby 5B pus. Free to the public. out with friends. Services


2A Friday, November 22, 2019 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

A butcher shop
preps for the
Thanksgiving rush
A weekly photo exploration of life
ABOVE: Daun Mason
counts customer James FOCAL POINT inside the Golden Triangle
Burgess’ change after he
purchased two smoked By Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff
turkeys on Thursday at
the The Butcher Shop.

Burgess purchased the
turkeys for a Thanksgiv-
ach order at The Butcher Shop is
ing celebration at New touched by a member of the Mason
Hope Elementary School,
where his grandson is
family. In the week leading up to
an assistant teacher in a Thanksgiving, the family is preparing for
first grade class. RIGHT:
Orders for Thanksgiving
the shop’s busiest time of year. Next week
week hang on a mirror alone, over 300 turkeys will go out the door.
in The Butcher Shop.
Owner Bill Mason and his
Each one will smoke for 4-7 hours, and a row
daughter Daun Mason of fryers will line the shop the day before
anticipate they will sell
over 300 turkeys for

ABOVE: Bill Mason stirs a 60-gallon vat of Brunswick Stew. It takes Ma-
son three days to prepare the ingredients, cook the stew and package
it into quart size containers for sale. BELOW: Turkeys cook in a smoker
on Thursday at The Butcher Shop. Bill Mason opened The Butcher Shop
in June of 1994 after working for the grocery store that was previously
in the same location. At first, Mason sold his cuts of meat out of the
store’s back room. In 2015, the shop caught fire just three days before
Christmas. The Mason family reopened the shop in 2016. ABOVE: Bill Mason and his daughter Daun Mason run The Butcher Shop at 108 13th
St. N. “I work for her, but I reserve the right to call the shots,” Bill Mason said. “We
have formed a relationship that is just a bond — its unbreakable. We both respect each
other. I respect her and she does me, and when either one of us make a decision we
talk it over.”
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com Friday, November 22, 2019 3A

Lawsuit: Church pressured Bus driver gets 30

victims into unfair settlements years for sexually
Men say they were sexually assaulted by Joshua’s younger brother, Raphael,
abusing second-grader
were first reported by The Associ- The Associated Press
Franciscan missionaries while enrolled in a ated Press in August.
West, who voluntarily left the PASCAGOULA — A former Mississippi school
Catholic grade school in Greenwood, Mississippi Franciscan order and lives in Apple-
ton, Wisconsin, did not return a call
bus driver has been sentenced to 30 years in prison
for repeatedly sexually abusing an 8-year-old pas-
By MICHAEL REZENDES sexual abuse within the church. seeking comment. The Rev. James senger.
The Associated Press “The confidentiality provisions G. Gannon, leader of the Wisconsin Sergio Sandoval, 69, was sentenced Wednesday
contained in the disputed agree- Franciscans, and Stephen J. Carmo- on charges including sexual battery and touching
NEW YORK — Two impover- ments were intended to silence” the dy, an attorney for the Jackson Dio-
ished Mississippi men who say they a child for lustful purposes, according to news out-
two men “in direct contradiction” to cese, also did not return messages lets.
were sexually assaulted by Fran- the U.S. Catholic Church’s Charter seeking comment.
ciscan missionaries filed a federal The former Ocean Springs driver was accused
for the Protection of Children and In the lawsuit, the Love cousins of molesting a second-grader when she rode his
lawsuit Thursday claiming that Young People, the lawsuit says. say West also abused them while
Catholic officials pressured them bus in 2014. The girl testified she was molested for
The suit was filed by two cous- on driving excursions from Missis- 23 straight days by Sandoval, who would then send
into signing settlements that paid ins, La Jarvis Love, of Senatobia, sippi to New York, where La Jarvis her back to her seat with candy, according to The
them little money and required Mississippi, and Joshua Love, of attended Camp Alvernia, a summer Sun Herald.
them to remain silent about the al- Greenwood, Mississippi, black men camp founded by the Franciscans He would drive the bus filled with elementary
leged abuse. from the Mississippi Delta, both 36 in Centerport, New York. The law- students with one hand and touch her with the oth-
The lawsuit, filed in New York, years old. suit says West also abused them at er, she said. Sandoval named her a bus monitor and
claims the church officials drew The men say they were repeat- a hotel in Manhattan. allowed her to break the policy that required her
up the agreements a year ago to edly abused by Franciscan brothers “West separately abused” La to remain seated when the bus was moving, some-
prevent the men from telling their Paul West and the late Don Lucas Jarvis and Joshua Love “raping and thing witness accounts support.
stories or going to court — a vio- while they were enrolled in a Cath- sexually assaulting them, making The allowances made her feel special, she said.
lation of a 2002 promise by Ameri- olic grade school in Greenwood, them perform sex acts on him, and But one day he gave her an outstanding achieve-
can bishops to abandon the use of Mississippi. encouraging them to perform sex ment award that she felt she didn’t deserve, so she
nondisclosure agreements, as part The accusations made by the acts on each other,” the lawsuit told her father what happened.
of an effort to end the cover-up of Love cousins and a third relative, says. District Attorney Angel Myers McIlrath told the
court this was one of the most brazen crimes he’s
ever seen.
“When he got on that bus every day, that was
his playground,” District Attorney Angel Myers
McIlrath said.
Man pleads guilty to killing his own mother on Mother’s Day This was Sandoval’s second trial in the case. His
first trial in 2017 ended in a mistrial after he fainted
and was hospitalized. He underwent mental evalu-
Shannon man sentenced to life in prison for 2017 murder and to break my family
up.” ation and tried to fake a mental illness, according
Gladney on Tuesday to doctor testimony.
The Associated Press from his mother, Mol- Justice Court four days
ly Gladney, 66, when he after the killing, Gladney also pleaded guilty to
TUPELO — A Missis- used flowers and a Moth- said he was ready to “man an aggravated assault
sippi man has been sen- er’s Day card to gain entry up” and admitted he killed charge and was sentenced
tenced to life in prison to 25 years in prison. The
to her house in Shannon. his mother in open court.
after pleading guilty to charge is from a June 29
Lee County Sheriff Jim “I wasn’t in my right
killing his own mother on attack on three detention
Johnson said Molly Glad- mind at the time. I was un-
Mother’s Day 2017. officers at the Lee Coun-
Antonio Gladney, 37, ney was killed with gar- der the influence of some- ty Jail. Investigators said
of Shannon, appeared in den tools and other items. thing,” Gladney said. “I he had a homemade knife
court Tuesday and plead- Antonio Gladney fled but have never been emotion- and threatened to stab
ed guilty to murder, the returned that evening, al, but when I came down officers, then lunged and
Northeast Mississippi spoke with officers and from what I was on, I was cut one of them. As other
Daily Journal reported. was arrested the next day. hurt. I have finally accept- officers rushed in to sub-
Investigators said During his initial ap- ed what I did. I did some- due Gladney, he kicked
Gladney was estranged pearance in Lee County thing to hurt my family and headbutted them.

Around the state

2 doctors plead guilty sessions but didn’t per- identified as 26-year-old Wednesday the Division
form thorough exams or Michael Anderson and of Student Affairs learned
in health care fraud determine the necessity 28-year-old Larry Walker. of the accusations against
case of the prescribed medi- Anderson was serving the dance squad, The
HAT TIESBURG — cations. He hired Sturda- a 10-year sentence for Prancing J-Settes, and
Two doctors have plead- vant in September 2014 to armed robbery in Mar- the band, Sonic Boom of
ed guilty to conspiring to do similar duties. shall County. He’d been the South, two weeks ago.
commit health care fraud. Sultan and Sturdavant in custody at Parchman News outlets report
U.S. Attorney Mike each face up to 10 years since 2014. Warren wouldn’t say how
Hurst, in a news release, and a $250,000 fine. Sen- Walker was serving many members had been
said 37-year-old Dr. Shah- tencing is Feb. 26. five years for armed rob- suspended but did say the
jahan Sultan, of Madison, bery in Sunflower County. complaints involved “un-
Mississippi, and 56-year-
old Dr. Thomas Edward
Investigators probe He had been incarcerated authorized off-campus
since 2018. excursions.”
Sturdavant, of Kingsport, 2 inmate deaths at Last year, more than 75 The Clarion Ledger
Tennessee, entered their Mississippi prison inmates in the custody of reports that in 2015, nine
pleas Thursday before JACKSON — The MDOC died. members of the J-Settes
Senior U.S. District Judge Mississippi Department were suspended follow-
Keith Starrett of Hatties- of Corrections is investi-
burg. gating the deaths of two
Jackson State band, ing an investigation that
determined they held an
Hurst says Sultan inmates at the state peni- dance team members off-campus practice in
contracted with a phar- tentiary at Parchman. accused of hazing violation of policy. The
macy in Jackson County The Clarion Ledger re- JACKSON — A Mis- members disputed the
in May 2014, agreeing ports the deaths occurred sissippi university has decision in Hinds County
to prescribe expensive Tuesday night. temporarily suspended Court and a judge ruled in
compound medications in Department spokes- members of a dance team their favor, allowing them
exchange for 35 percent woman Grace Fisher says and marching band as it to rejoin the squad.
of the reimbursements in each case the cause investigates hazing accu-
the pharmacy received and manner of death are sations against them.
for the prescriptions. He pending the results of an Jackson State Univer-
met with patients over autopsy and investigation. sity Media Relations Spe-
telemedicine video-chat The two inmates were cialist L.A. Warren said

Continued from Page 1A
murder, but a grand jury Colom did not elaborate but did tell The Dispatch
later indicted Christina for further on the new evi- authorities do not expect
first-degree murder and dence that has been pre- further indictments in the
domestic violence-aggra- sented to the grand jury case at this time.
vated assault, while Lydia
was charged only with ac-
cessory after the fact.
However, attorneys
in the case said several
months ago that there is
new evidence suggesting
multiple people played a
role in Vasquez’s murder,
and that Christina Marti-
nez had begun cooperat-
ing with the investigation.
Christina Martinez SOLUNAR TABLE
pleaded guilty to sec-
The solunar period indicates
peak-feeding times for fish and game.
Fri. Sat.
ond-degree murder in Sep- Major 9:08p 10:25a
tember and is scheduled to Minor
9:34a ­—
be sentenced in February. Minor 4:18p 4:53p
Courtesy of Mississippi Department
of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

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Area obituaries
Cox Shelton Dantelle Bryant as an electrician and Bobby Dale Sr. of Starkville, Bobby his wife, Johnnie Faye
RALEIGH, N.C. — COLUMBUS — Dan- chef and served as a WEST POINT — Shurden of Gulfport, Newell of Kosciusko;
Talmadge Cox Shelton, telle “DT” Bryant, 37, pastor. Bobby Lee Dale Sr., 65, Donnie Shurden of and brother, Charlie
94, died Nov. 20, 2019, died Nov. In addition to his died Nov. 14, 2019, at Hattiesburg, Mark Newell of Columbus.
at UNC-Rex Medical 23, 2019, in parents, he was preced- his residence. Shurden of Conroe, Pallbearers will be
Center in Raleigh, Columbus. ed in death by his wife, Services will be at Texas, and Charles Kenny Hudson, Jimmy
North Carolina. Services Bonnie Gunter Har- 11 a.m. Saturday at McClellan of Mathis- Wood, Randy Hamblin,
Services will be at 11 will be grove; daughters, Deb- St. Paul M.B. Church, ton; 10 grandchildren; Terry Brumley, Floizell
a.m. Tuesday at Bethle- at 2 p.m. orah H. Deloach and with the Rev. Eddie A. and 10 great-grandchil- Wilson, Burt Nix, Jeff
hem Baptist Church in Saturday at Letisha L. Hargrove; Longstreet officiating. dren. Henry and Bud Bowen.
Pickens County, Ala- New Bap- brothers, Edward Lee Burial will follow at Memorials may Memorials can be
bama. Burial with U.S. tist Tem- Bryant Hargrove and William Greenwood Cemetery. be made to Gideons made to First United
Navy Honors will follow ple M.B. Robert Hargrove; and No visitation will be International, P.O. Box Methodist Church, P.O.
sister, Ruth Marie 140800, Nashville, TN Box 293, West Point,
at the church cemetery. Church, with the Rev. held. Register book
Hawkins. 37214. MS 39773 or to MS
Visitation will be one L.A. Gardner officiat- signing is from 2-5 p.m.
He is survived by his State Veteran’s Home,
hour prior to services at ing. Burial will follow today at Carter’s Mor-
sons, Melvin Hargrove
the church. Memorial at New Baptist Temple
of Columbus and
tuary Services. Carter’s Walter Newell 310 Autumn Ridge
Gunter Peel Funeral Memorial Gardens. Mortuary Services of KOSCIUSKO — Road, Kosciusko, MS
Roland Hargrove of
Home and Crematory, Visitation is from 3-7 West Point is in charge Walter “Coach” Newell 39090.
Mt. Olive; daughters,
Second Avenue North p.m. today at Carter’s of arrangements. Jr., 88, died Nov. 21,
Rita Joan Hargrove of
location, is in charge of Funeral Service. Car- Mr. Dale was born 2019, at Mississippi
Columbus and Jaylny
arrangements. ter’s Funeral Service of Aug. 1, 1954, in West State Veteran’s Home
Sutton of Jackson; 13
Columbus is in charge Point, to the late in Kosciusko.
grandchildren; and 12
Peggy Randle of arrangements.
Sammy Everson and Services will be at
ARTESIA — Peggy Mr. Bryant was born Jimmie Lucille Dale. noon Saturday at First
Ann Randle, 59, died Oct. 5, 1982, in Merid- He was a U.S. Army United Methodist
Nov. 14, 2019, at Dugan ian, to Diana Bryant Ruthie Hill veteran. Church, with the Rev.
and the late Junior Lee STARKVILLE — He is survived by his Darion Duckworth
Memorial Nursing Ruthie Dell Hill, 87,
Home. Duck. He was a 2002 son, Bobby L. Dale Jr. officiating. Burial will
graduate of Noxubee died Nov. of St. Louis, Missouri; follow at Greenwood
Visitation is from 1-7 15, 2019,
p.m. today at Carter’s County High School brothers, Thomas Lee Cemetery. Visitation
and was formerly in Colum- Roberson of Sumter, will be two hours
Funeral Service. Burial
employed as a certified bus. South Carolina, Willie prior to services at Cox Shelton
will follow at the church Ser- Visitation:
cemetery. Charles Bell forklift driver with True James Dale of West the church. Robinson Tuesday, Nov. 26 • 10-11 AM
Grit and Weyerhauser. vices Point and Eugene Dale Bethlehem Baptist Church
will officiate the ser- Funeral Home of West
He was a member of will be at of St. Louis, Missouri; Pickens County, AL
vice. Carter’s Funeral Point is in charge of Services:
New Baptist Temple 11 a.m. sister, Joyce Ann Mc-
Service of Columbus is arrangements. Tuesday, Nov. 26 • 11 AM
M.B. Church. Saturday Hill Gee of Sumter; and two Bethlehem Baptist Church
in charge of arrange- Mr. Newell was born Burial With
In addition to his at Second grandchildren.
ments. Aug. 13, 1931, to the U.S. Navy Honors
mother, he is survived Baptist M.B. Church. Bethlehem Baptist
Ms. Randle was born Burial will follow at late Walter and Odell Church Cemetery
June 9, 1960, in Arte- by his wife, Stephanie
Rock Hill Cemetery. Robert Kuhn Harmon Newell. He 2nd Ave. North Location
sia, to the late Penny Bryant of Columbus; COLUMBUS — Rob- was a graduate of West
children, Decamron Visitation is from 1-6 Jan Foster
Randle and Elizabeth p.m. today at West Me- ert Wayne Kuhn, 64, Point High School and
Bryant, Malia Bryant Incomplete
Randle. She was a 1981 morial Funeral Home. died Nov. Mississippi State Uni- College St. Location
graduate of Motley and Mahogany Perry; 19, 2019, versity and was a U.S.
West Memorial Funeral
High School and was and siblings, Everlyn at Baptist Navy veteran. He was
Home of Starkville is
formerly employed as a Duck McKinnon of Fort Memorial formerly employed as a
in charge of arrange-
bus aide with the Lown- Worth, Texas, Erika Hospi- football and basketball memorialgunterpeel.com
des County School Dis- Cotton of Columbus, tal-Golden coach and assistant
She is survived by
trict. She was a member Van Duck, Jammie Triangle. principal.
her daughters, Thel-
of Sixteenth Section Duck and Eric Bryant, Grave- He is survived by
ma Neal, Charlene H.
M.B. Church. all of Columbus. side ser- Kuhn
Smith, Sarah H. Stovall,
In addition to her par- Pallbearers will be vices will
Linda Hill, Peggy Hill,
ents, she was preceded Deon Brewer, Steven be at 2 p.m. Saturday at
Debra Hill Evans and
in death by her siblings, Bridges, Travis Henly, Eastview Church. Lee-
Annie Dell Hill-Point-
Shirley Randle, Vicki Robert Roby, Tallas Sykes Funeral Home of
er; sons, Victor Hill
Randle, Willie Randle Brown and Tyshon Columbus is in charge
and Kimble Lamar
and Jimmy Randle. Miller. Hill; 20 grandchildren; of arrangements.
She is survived by 27 great-grandchil- Mr. Kuhn was born
her daughter, Ciera Glen Jackson dren; and eight Feb. 3, 1955, in West
Randle of Artesia; and VERNON, Ala. — great-great-grandchil- Point, to the late Rob-
siblings, Mary Kelly, Glen Jackson, 51, died dren. ert Kuhn Jr. and Mesa
Elizabeth Randle and Nov. 18, 2019, in Ver- Jean Peacock.
Esterial Edmonds, all non. Wanda Palmer In addition to his
of Starkville, Jessie Services will be at 2 SULLIGENT, Ala. — parents, he was pre-
Randle of Indianola, p.m. Saturday at Chan- Wanda Johnson Palmer, ceded in death by his
and Penny Randle Jr. of dler Funeral Home 69, died Nov. 19, 2019, daughter, Sharon Van-
Savannah, Georgia. Chapel, with Jerry Rae at Grandview Medical derford; sister, Sandra
officiating. Burial will Center in Birmingham. Eads; and brother,
Willie Gore follow at Emmaus Cem- Services will be at Gary Kuhn.
COLUMBUS — Wil- etery. Visitation will noon today at Chandler He is survived by his
lie Earl Gore, 65, died be two hours prior to Funeral Home Chapel, children, Toni Robert-
Nov. 18, services at the funeral with James Godsey son, David Kuhn and
2019, at his home. Chandler Funer- officiating. Graveside Stephanie Kuhn; broth-
residence. al Home of Vernon is services will follow ers, Timothy Kuhn,
Services in charge of arrange- at 2:30 p.m. at Tusca- Bobby Kuhn and Billy
will be ments. loosa Memorial Park Lee; sisters, Theresa
at noon Mr. Jackson was Cemetery. Visitation Kuhn and Terri Bush;
Saturday at born may 20, 1968, in will be one our prior to eight grandchildren;
Fifteenth Vernon, to Myrtis Jack- services at the funeral and seven great-grand-
Gore son and the late Sessel children.
Street Home. Chandler Fu-
Church Edward Jackson. neral Home of Vernon
of God in Christ, with In addition to his is in charge of arrange- Joe Shurden Sr.
Jason Morgan officiat- mother, he is survived ments. WEST POINT —
ing. Burial will follow by his sister, Susan Mrs. Palmer was Joe Shurden Sr., 89,
at Memorial Gardens. Robinson of Sacra- born April 21, 1950, in died Nov. 19, 2019, at
Visitation is from 2-7 mento, California; and Tuscaloosa, to the late Select Specialty Hospi-
p.m. today at Carter’s brother, Jody Jackson of Henry and Alice John- tal in Ridgeland.
Funeral Service. Car- Sulligent. son. She was formerly Services will be at 2
ter’s Funeral Service of Pallbearers will be employed in the retail p.m. Saturday at Welch
Columbus is in charge Philip Barnes, Shawn industry and as a desk Funeral Home, with
of arrangements. Bynam, Chris Dowdle, clerk. the Rev. Mike Baham
Mr. Gore was born Ron Nelson and Bill In addition to her and the Rev. Chris
April 7, 1954, in Ethels- Rich. parents, she was Fulgham officiating.
ville, Alabama, to the preceded in death by Burial will follow at
late Willie Jeff Gore John Hargrove her sisters, Annie Faye Clarkson Cemetery.
and Lillie Mae Cox. He COLUMBUS — John Rawlins, Becky John- Visitation will be
was formerly employed M. Hargrove, 78, died son and Henrietta Wil- three hours prior to
in the maintenance de- Nov. 10, liams; brother, Buddy services at the funeral
partment at the Recov- 2019, at Au- Johnson; and stepson, home. Welch Funeral
ery House. rora Health Lesley Palmer. Home of Starkville is
He is survived by and Reha- She is survived by in charge of arrange-
his wife, Elois Gore of bilitation her husband, John ments.
Columbus; children, Center. Palmer; and stepdaugh- Mr. Shurden was
Vela Downing of New- Services ter, Susan Rogers. born Oct. 28, 1930, to
berry, South Carolina, will be at Memorials may be the late Felix Shurden
Hargrove made to Celebration
Alfreda Morgan of 11 a.m. and Altha Christopher
Houston, Syreeta Gore Saturday Worship Center, 15330 Shurden. He was for-
and Lakeshia Gore, at Lee-Sykes Funeral AL-18, Vernon, AL merly employed as an
both of Columbus; Home Chapel. Burial 35592. educator with the Ok-
siblings, Harry Henry, will follow at New Hope tibbeha County School
Letha Henry, Patricia Armstrong Cemetery. Jan Foster District and served
Webber, Rosie Wilson, Visitation is from ALEXANDRIA, as a minister. He was
Ellen Henry and Shirley noon-5 p.m. today at Va. — Janette “Jan” a member of Double
Taylor, all of Columbus; the funeral home. Lee- Strickland Foster, 82, Springs Baptist Church
eight grandchildren; Sykes Funeral Home of died Nov. 21, 2019, at in Maben.
and two great-grand- Columbus is in charge Inova Fairfax Hospital In addition to his
children. of arrangements. in Fairfax, Virginia. parents, he was preced-
Pallbearers will be Mr. Hargrove was Arrangements are ed in death by his son,
Bryton Downing, Ant- born Jan. 10, 1941, in incomplete and will be Bill Shurden.
jwan Henry, Malcome Columbus, to the late announced by Memori- He is survived by
Henry, Leroy Wilson, Robert and Rosetta al Gunter Peel Funeral his wife, Irene Avent
Antoniyo Henry and Mitchell Hargrove. He Home and Crematory, Shurden of Starkville;
Gevante Hargrove. was formerly employed College Street location. children, Joe Shurden

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AP-NORC/USAFacts Poll: Facts Earthquake rattles

Mississippi at 2.3 magnitude
missing from American democracy Quake hit just east of Booneville
Survey: Only about 2 in 10 Americans believe Skye Hamm-Oliver, a 44-year-old
Democrat in Lewiston, Idaho. at about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday
media reporting is often or always based on facts Will Barger, a 32-year-old police
officer in rural Missouri, has be- The Associated Press
The Associated Press cans’ voting decisions are rooted in come increasingly skeptical of the
media and voters alike in the past BILOXI — A 2.3-magnitude earthquake rat-
WASHINGTON — At a time few years. A Republican and former tled northern Mississippi.
Reporting by journalists scores
when many Americans say they’re regular viewer of Fox News who vot- The Sun Herald reports the 8-mile deep earth-
slightly better with the public, but
struggling to distinguish between ed for President Donald Trump in quake hit just east of Booneville, near the Tennes-
not by much: the survey found that
fact and fiction, the country is broad- 2016, he’s become disillusioned with see state line, at about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday.
only about 2 in 10 Americans believe
ly skeptical that facts underlie some the president and the conservative According to the U.S. Geological Survey, more
media reporting is often or always
of the basic mechanisms of democra- than a dozen people reported feeling the quake as
based on facts. Roughly half of Amer- cable channel and now trusts only
cy in the United States — from po- far away as about 234 miles in Kentucky.
icans think reporting is sometimes local media.
litical campaigns to voting choices to The USGS says earthquakes are rare in Missis-
based on fact, while about a third say He’s even less trusting in govern-
sippi and there have only been four in the history
the policy decisions made by elected journalists never rely on facts. ment and policy decisions, keeping
of the state that have had an intensity of V or high-
officials. Coupled with a finding from the his faith mainly in law-enforcement
er. Intensity refers to the “measure of shaking”
A meager 9 percent of Americans same survey that found many Ameri- agencies. And he’s skeptical most
at a location, and a V is associated with moderate
believe that campaign messages are cans have trouble verifying for them- voters are fact-driven.
shaking and very light damage.
usually based on facts, according to selves whether information is true, “It’s more of a gut decision based
Michigan Technological University says earth-
a poll from The Associated Press- the poll paints a picture of a country on personal belief on a candidate,”
quakes with a 2.5-magnitude or less are “usually
NORC Center for Public Opinion Re- deeply insecure about separating Barger said.
not felt” but can still be recorded. Officials say
search and USAFacts. Only 14 per- truth from falsehood. What matters to most, he said, is there’re about 900,000 recorded annually.
cent think policy decisions are often “Lately, it seems like there’s been “if there’s an R in front of the name
or always fact-based, or that Ameri- a war versus facts and reality,” said or a D in front of the name.”

Vape debate: Are e-cigarettes wiping out teen smoking?

in traditional smoking. that makes tobacco ad-
‘Smoking is disappearing among And the pivotal question dictive. They are general-
young people and it’s a great public of whether electronic cig-
arettes are inadvertently
ly considered less harm-
ful than cancer-causing
health triumph that we are failing helping to wipe out smok-
ing among young people
traditional cigarettes.
But there is little long-
to celebrate, much less even note’ has become a polarizing
topic: embraced by some
term research on the
health effects of vaping.
Kenneth Warner, professor emeritus at the
experts, dismissed by With one in four
University of Michigan’s school of public health
others. teenagers now using
By MAT THEW PERRONE figure at the bottom of a “Smoking is disap- e-cigarettes, underage
AP Health Writer government press release pearing among young vaping is universally con-
and went unremarked by people and it’s a great demned, and the federal
WASHINGTON — In public health triumph government considers it
anti-tobacco groups that
almost any other year it that we are failing to cel- an epidemic.
have spent decades work-
would be hailed as a pub- ebrate, much less even But Warner and some
lic health victory: The ing to stamp out youth note,” says Kenneth War- other researchers believe
smoking rate among U.S. smoking. ner, professor emeritus recent trends continue to
high schoolers took its It’s a new era in the at the University of Mich- show vaping’s promise
biggest hit ever this year, tobacco wars — one in igan’s school of public as a tool to steer millions
federal figures show, fall- which the alarming rise health. of adults away from cig-
ing to a new low. of underage vaping has E-cigarettes typically arette smoking, the na-
Instead the milestone almost completely over- heat a solution that con- tion’s leading cause of
was relegated to a lone shadowed a parallel drop tains nicotine, the drug death.

AG Barr: Epstein’s
death was a
‘perfect storm
of screw-ups’
The Associated Press

— Attorney General Wil-
liam Barr said he initially
had his own suspicions
about financier Jeffrey Ep-
stein’s death while behind
bars at one of the most se-
cure jails in America but
came to conclude that his
suicide was the result of
“a perfect storm of screw-
In an interview with
The Associated Press,
Barr said his concerns
were prompted by the nu-
merous irregularities at
the Manhattan jail where
Epstein was being held.
But he said after the FBI
and the Justice Depart-
ment’s inspector general
continued to investigate,
he realized there were a
“series” of mistakes made
that gave Epstein the
chance to take his own
“I can understand
people who immediately,
whose minds went to sort
of the worst-case scenario
because it was a perfect
storm of screw-ups,” Barr
told the AP as he flew to
Montana for an event.
Barr’s comments come
days after two correction-
al officers who were re-
sponsible for guarding the
wealthy financier when he
died were charged with
falsifying prison records.
Officers Tova Noel and Mi-
chael Thomas are accused
of sleeping and browsing
the internet — shopping
for furniture and motor-
cycles — instead of watch-
ing Epstein, who was sup-
posed to be checked on
every 30 minutes.
Epstein took his own
life in August while await-
ing trial on charges he
sexually abused girls as
young as 14 and young
women in New York and
Florida in the early 2000s.
6A Friday, November 22, 2019
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Our View

An increased minimum wage would help, but how much?

It’s been a decade since an might persist. What is the $8.63 per hour. that inflation would increase. the value of wages rather than
increase in the federal mini- net effect? Both sides of the Minimum-wage earners At a time where unemploy- the pay itself. The impact of
mum wage, which if history ledger must be considered to are falling farther and far- ment is at a record low but a $15 minimum wage would
is any indicator, means an in- arrive at a reliable conclusion. ther behind, even with those wages had increased only have a far greater impact in
crease is likely to come soon, There has been a long increases. It seems more than slightly, it seems entirely rea- Mississippi than in California.
especially as we head into the history of minimum wage obvious that an increase in the sonable that an increase in the The benefits would be mag-
Presidential election year of increases that help us deter- minimum wage is long over- minimum wage would do far nified but so would the costs.
2020. mine that overall impact. due. The question becomes more good than harm. It would be a huge gamble
Since 1978, the federal That history suggests how much? In a study that looked at in Mississippi because the
minimum wage had been that those increases have not There is now a popular 130 state minimum wage stakes would be so very high.
increased 10 times — on produced dramatic impacts on effort to establish a $15 per increases since 1979, it was But even in states like ours,
average a increase every three the nation’s overall economy, hour minimum wage, which found that employment of low where the cost of living is
years. Proponents of a raise most likely because those would, by a large margin, be wage earners was not affected low, minimum-wage earners
say the increase would boost increases have been small and the biggest increase since the by the increases. Another struggle. They often rely on
the economy — more pay for incremental. federal minimum wage was study has found that raising federal assistance for housing
low-wage earners is almost The past 10 increases have first enacted in 1928. the minimum wage results and food, another hidden cost
always poured back into the ranged from a low of 20-cents It is certain that such a on less dependence on public for a minimum-wage that is no
economy — while lifting per hour (1980) to 80-cents raise would have a widespread services such as food stamps longer fair or even cost-effec-
people out of poverty and per hour (2009). Thanks to effect on the national econo- and tax credits. tive. The stagnant minimum
decreasing demand on federal those ncreases, the minimum my — in both goods ways and But $15 per hour? That’s wage has become a drag on
assistance. Detractors say wage has risen from $2.65 per bad. It is projected that such like trying to eat in elephant our economy.
an increase will result in job hour to $7.25 per hour today. a raise would immediately lift in one bite. It seems a far better ap-
losses and inflation as employ- It should be noted, how- 16 million Americans out of That kind of increase also proach to raise the minimum
ers pass along the extra labor ever, that when adjusted for poverty. But it could also lead doesn’t allow for the disparity wage as we have in the past —
costs along to consumers. inflation someone making to job losses, which would also in the cost of living across the at regular intervals.
Both arguments are valid. minimum wage in 1978 was affect the lowest wage-earn- country. Compare housing That approach would
The question is a matter of to making the equivalent of ers. Essentially, such an in- costs in Mississippi to Cali- address the concerns of
what degree either of those $10.16 per hour. By contrast, crease would pit one low-wage fornia and you’ll immediately both those who argue for an
scenarios will play out and those earning minimum wage earner against another. It understand that it is purchas- increased minimum wage and
how long those conditions in 2009 made the equivalent of seems reasonable to suggest ing power than determines those who oppose it.

Letter to the editor

Voice of the people
Encourages more transparency
and discussion at council meetings
After reading a commentary by Steve
Rogers in The Packet, he brought up
a subject that I’ve been writing about
for some time. Transparency. At the
council meetings I have attended for the
past several years, it is a cut and dried
process. The “docket” is voted on. I have
never witnessed any questions asked or
explanations giving on anything. I know
it is a boring read, because I try to go
over it when it is published before the
meeting. To refresh your memory, there
was a check written for about $124,000
to Webster Electric for repair work, I
wrote about it and it was found, to have
been written in error. Oops? At the coun-
cil meeting nothing was said. Now this
is old news, but my point is to question
whether the docket is looked at properly
by the council before it is voted on. It is
the taxpayer money being spent.
First there have been no updates
given to the new LED street light being
installed. I have heard several citizens
talk about calling the Columbus Light &
Water Department for street lights that
have gone out. I thought we were paying
this new firm to replace them. But what
do I know?
Now, to the Amphitheater. The city
State of the nation
Do US carmakers want us to like them?
is to receive $500,000 from the state
to start the second phase. This will be
spent for a brick and iron fence to secure
the area running from the back of the Ask not why the Trump The Obama adminis- than fuel efficiency.
stage down the east side of the river and administration must tration solved the schism Why Toyota has backed Trump’s
back up the incline to where the main dismantle America’s problem by coordinating efforts to weaken efficiency stan-
wall at the entrance will be built. There environmental laws with with California and the dards remains a mystery. This is
is no way to secure the west side because such gusto. By now, that’s carmakers to establish the company that gave birth to the
there is a rock drive to a private resident a given. Instead, let’s ask a single set of standards Toyota Prius — the popular hybrid
behind the amphitheater. The $500,000 why some automakers, for improving mileage. that became an icon of environmen-
state bond funds, is $2 million short of businesses that must plan Trump will most likely tal awareness.
what is needed to complete it. There has years in advance, are sid- roll back higher stan- Toyota owners have apparently
been no talk about what if it floods again. ing with a president intent dards already in place for been complaining to the company
Is FEMA going to come to the city’s res- on sowing chaos in their later years and cap them about what looks like a change of
cue every time it floods? On that point, own industry. at the first goals — a fleet values. Perhaps fearing a boycott by
what has happened to the FEMA relief The issue at hand is Froma Harrop average of about 37 miles formerly loyal customers, the com-
monies? Transparency? Does the city President Donald Trump’s per gallon by 2020. pany stated that it was not trying to
use the state money for flood repairs?
Nothing has been mentioned. The ques-
pointless crusade to strip
California of its unique
Get this. Happy to work with
California are Ford,
appease Trump but that the federal
government is the best authority to
tion comes up now, does J5 receive their
cut of the $500,000 from the state?
right to limit tailpipe
emissions of vehicles
The Trump Honda, Volkswagen and
BMW of North America.
regulate tailpipe emissions.
Under Trump, it clearly isn’t.
Next the city’s financial condition is
a mystery, because the report published
sold there. You’ve got
to wonder whether the
administration With growing numbers
of Americans combining
Honda, meanwhile, boasts that its
brand represents the most fuel-effi-
on the city’s agenda will make a CPA pull
his hair. There are a lot of numbers put
companies backing these
efforts — GM, Toyota,
has launched a strong desire for clean
energy with a dislike of
cient fleet of vehicles sold in the U.S.
It undoubtedly doesn’t want to be
out and not a lot of explanation to the fig-
ures presented. What about Columbus’
Fiat Chrysler, Subaru and an antitrust Trump, these companies seen succumbing to pressure from
Nissan — are out of their are well positioned to bite Washington.
share of the state’s new infrastructure
funding? The more transparency in the
ever-loving minds. investigation into the other automak- Get this. The Trump adminis-
This comes at a time ers’ market share. tration has launched an antitrust
city the less assumption the public will
be doing.
when apocalyptic fires are of the four Ford has invested in investigation of the four companies
consuming much of the upping the mileage of bucking his wishes. Consider the
Contrary to what some council mem-
bers think about my letters, all I want is
West as rampaging water companies its popular F-150 truck, warped thinking that might lead to
drowns other regions — America’s bestselling legal action against companies for
a transparent city government. Contrary all under the wrath of a bucking his pickup for over 40 years. wanting to voluntarily make cleaner
to what was said at the impeachment warming planet. Ameri- Since 2008, its fuel cars.
hearings, “facts are better than opin- cans, young ones in partic- wishes. efficiency has risen by One can only guess the intimi-
ions”. ular, have rightly labeled 50 percent. All the while, dation Trump has applied against
God Bless Columbus and America. climate change the existential threat the trucks are adding towing power automakers willing to work with Cal-
Lee Roy Lollar of our time. and horsepower. ifornia. That several foreign-based
Columbus Automakers understandably don’t Ford has just unveiled the fully companies have joined with him
want to make two sets of vehicles, ef- electric Mustang Mach-E. What is has led to speculation about tariff
A letter to the editor is an excellent ficient models for California, the Dis- this creature? It’s an SUV whose threats.
way to participate in your community. trict of Columbia and the 14 states body bears resemblance to the Mus- Let’s just say that more and more
We request the tone of your letters be that follow California’s lead, and tang pony car. The top-end version Americans are voting with their dol-
constructive and respectful and the length less-efficient ones for the rest of the of this electric vehicle comes with lars for green products. Automakers
be limited to 450 words. We welcome all country. (The higher price charged the equivalent of 459 horsepower will ignore them at their own risk.
letters emailed to voice@cdispatch.com for the technologically advanced and goes zero to 60 mph in “the mid Froma Harrop, a syndicated colum-
or mailed to The Dispatch, Attn: Letters vehicles would be more than made 3-second range.” One of the three nist, writes for the Providence (Rhode
to the Editor, PO Box 511, Columbus, MS up by lower fuel bills, according to drive modes is labeled “unbridled.” Island) Journal. Her e-mail address is
39703-0511. Consumer Reports.) Clearly, this vehicle is about more fharrop@gmail.com.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com Friday, November 22, 2019 7A

Biden courts Southern black

mayors for 2020 endorsements
By ERRIN HAINES “This is about winning,” Bottoms they have in him,” said Richmond
The Associated Press told the group. “I give the analogy Mayor Levar Stoney, who has not
that if we agreed on everything, endorsed a candidate in the prima-
ATLANTA — Joe Biden met we’d be engaged. This is about a ry. “They saw that President Obama
Thursday with a group of Southern
marriage.” trusted him, and they see no reason
black mayors representing millions
The meeting is a signal of the im- why they shouldn’t trust him, ei-
of voters in urban centers who could
portance of black voters to Biden’s ther.”
play a key role in the 2020 Demo-
cratic presidential primary. bid for the Democratic nomination. In September, the mayors of
A day after the latest presidential He’s faced a series of controversies Columbia, South Carolina; New
debate in Atlanta, Biden was joined and gaffes as a candidate but re- Orleans; Jackson; and Birming-
by the city’s mayor, Keisha Lance mains in the top tier because of his ham wrote an open letter offering a
Bottoms, who has already endorsed significant support from black vot- roadmap for presidential campaigns
him as the party’s nominee. She ers. His other primary rivals have seeking their endorsements, call-
made her case to mayors from cities struggled to court black voters or ing for details on how they would
including Birmingham, Alabama; erode Biden’s support with the most address issues including affordable
Little Rock, Arkansas; Jackson, Mis- loyal and consistent constituency in housing, economic development,
sissippi; and Richmond, Virginia, as the Democratic Party. support for small business, criminal
to why they should also consider “I think Joe Biden’s lock on the justice, climate change and infra-
backing the former vice president. black vote is because of the trust structure.

Clothing drive
Continued from Page 1A
cial workers as well as stu- fy students in need of ne- Woodmen of America, do not have to. Brain said
dents, she said. cessities like clean clothes the Progressive Starkville those hours are vital to
“If there’s a fire or send them to the school Network, Mississippi the program’s success be-
something, it’s the first nurses, who direct them State University’s Maroon cause students can leave
place they go because they to the district’s special ser- Volunteer Center and the closets messy.
can get full uniforms just vices department or home- churches including Sand “Once it gets torn
like that,” Brain said. less liaison to get whatever Creek and Second Bap- apart, it’s total chaos,
The SOCSD elemen- they need, Superintendent tist. The Salvation Army (so) we need volunteers
tary and middle schools Lynn Wright said. held a supply drive over to come in and help out,”
started a clothing and hy- The counselors at the summer and will do- Brain said. “It’s a simple
giene item drive Monday each individual school nate hygiene supplies to thing, but it makes a huge
that will last until Dec. 6. in the Columbus Munic- the schools in addition to difference.”
The schools are looking ipal School District have clothes, Brain said. The JA used to provide
for new or gently used clothing closets, and local The Starkville Junior uniforms for students in
clothes that fit the district churches and other faith- Auxiliary voted to “adopt” need based on referrals,
dress code, new socks based organizations help the clothes closets at and it has received fewer
and underwear, diapers keep the closets stocked, Sudduth and Henderson referrals in the last cou-
and baby clothing for the Superintendent Cherie La- Ward Stewart elementa- ple years because of the
Emerson Family Center’s bat said. ry schools. Sarah Walker, clothes closets’ impact,
diaper bank and personal Brain said SOCSD chair of the Junior Auxil- Walker said.
hygiene items like soap could not run its clothes iary’s projects committee, “We always have kids in
and deodorant. closets on its own. said the organization buys great need in mind when
SOCSD does not track “I’m not surprised if new clothing to make sure we do this, but it’s not an
how many clothes and oth- another school district all sizes are available. issue of socioeconomic
er items are available or doesn’t have it, because it “We don’t want there status if you spill spaghet-
how many students bene- would be too much for so- to be an instance where ti on the front of your shirt
fit, Brain said. cial workers and counsel- something as simple as or if you fall in a mud pud-
Both school districts in ors,” Brain said. “They’re clean clothes or a clean dle,” she said. “It’s just to
Lowndes County also have already overworked. It pair of pants impedes a promote success for every
resources for students who took parents and commu- child’s education,” Walker single child that we can.”
need new uniforms but do nity organizations to get said. For information on how
not have coordinated dis- involved to help make this Walker said the JA also to donate to the clothes
trict-wide efforts. Teach- happen.” volunteers to fold and closets, contact Brain at
ers in the Lowndes County Some of those organi- organize the clothes so 662-518-1839 or marchel-
School District who identi- zations are the Modern school faculty and staff lebrain@gmail.com.

Continued from Page 1A
come at twice the poverty — come up with a list of would likely cost them month. The
level, Gale said. At earli- residents who could po- about $82,000 minimum, other public
est, the program would tentially be part of the but the co-op could po- stations in
begin next spring. program. tentially partner with non- town are all
Gale said TVA 4-County Public Re- profits or other organiza- located at
would hire energy firm lations and Marketing tions to help with costs. hotels.
CLEAResult to conduct Manager In other business at Board
inspections and perform Jon Turner CLW’s meeting Thursday, member
the upgrades. When said the ru- the board voted for Gale Jabari Ed- Edwards
CLEAResult worked in ral utility is to create a “master plan” wards suggested the plan
the homes two years ago, considering of where around town to during a discussion of
they addressed issues pa r t ner i ng place charging stations whether to place another
such as air leaks, poor with TVA on for drivers of plug-in elec- station in the same area.
weather sealing, insula- the Home tric cars. He and board attorney
tion, heating and cool- Uplift pro- Turner In July, CLW unveiled Jeff Smith both pointed
ing, duct seals and other gram, but Columbus’ first public out while CLW doesn’t
issues with the aim to the board has not given such charging station in have to make money off
create 25 percent energy it the green light yet. He front of the Tennessee the stations, they need to
savings for the residents, added when 4-County Williams House and Wel- make sure they minimize
according to previous re- partnered with TVA two come Center. It costs 75 costs when they install
porting by The Dispatch. years ago, they upgrad- cents per hour for drivers further stations.
After some discussion, ed about 265 homes in to charge their vehicles “It’s modernizing,” Ed-
the board agreed to let 4-County’s coverage area at the station, and since wards said. “That’s why I
CLW customer service without going through it was installed, it’s made say do it as part of a plan.
representatives — who CLEAResult. about $8 for CLW. CLW Eight of them around
Gale said know which He said if 4-County rents it from Tennessee town, 10 of them around
customers have trouble does go ahead with the Valley Public Power As- town. Just pick 10 spots
paying their electric bills Home Uplift program, it sociation for $250 per around town.”
8A Friday, November 22, 2019 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Rickea Jackson’s big second quarter

helps MSU beat Jackson State

Jim Lytle/Dispatch file photo

Mississippi State’s Rickea Jackson (5) shoots over Murray State’s Alexis Burpo (32) during the first quarter of their NCAA college basketball game Friday night Nov. 15,
2019 in Starkville.
By Ben Portnoy she attacked.” a heads up. I kind of like glass and as the 2,305 have to know where she as she dribbled off her foot
bportnoy@cdispatch.com Despite scoring in it.” fans in attendance oohed is at all times,” Jackson 40 seconds into the fourth
double-digits just once After not playing the and ahhed. State coach Tomekia quarter before falling on
JACKSON — It was this season, Schaefer first quarter, Jackson “Myah (Taylor) al- Reed said. “We went to the loose ball.
Rickea Jackson’s night in
has remained compli- recorded 11 of her 13 ways takes charges on sleep. We let her get lost. “She’s got all the tools,
Mississippi’s capital city
mentary of Jackson’s points in the game’s sec- me (in practice),” Jack- And bringing her off the we’ve just got to get her in
Thursday night.
play publicly. That said, ond 10 minutes. Flash- son said postgame. “And bench was key because the right positions to put
Shaking off a handful
he brought his star ing dynamic ability in in high school I would we were practicing for them to use and be suc-
of low-scoring outputs,
Jackson finished her freshman off the bench the post and from be- just go into them — so her to start.” cessful,” he said.
night with 13 points on for the first time this yond the arch the former Myah actually taught me This isn’t to say Jack- And while Saturday’s
6 of 13 shooting as she year Thursday — start- McDonald’s All-Ameri- how to euro-step around son’s night was seam- result wasn’t perfect for
guided Mississippi State ing junior guard Andra can gave the Tigers fits so I don’t hit the charge.” less. As the Bulldogs Jackson or the Bulldogs,
(5-0) to a 92-53 victory Espinoza-Hunter in her throughout the period. Jackson also knocked pulled away in the wan- Schaefer was adamant
over Jackson State (1-4) place — in hopes of Taking a pass in tran- a 3-pointer for the third- ing stages of the third that a productive Jackson
at the Williams Assem- sparking his former five- sition, Jackson bore straight game, hitting quarter, Jackson set a changes the trajectory of
bly Center. star recruit. down on an isolated a shot from the top left screen for Taylor at the his squad.
“I thought she pro- “It definitely gave JSU defender. Planting corner — bumping her top of the key, but was “I’ve got to get her right
vided a great spark in me a different look,” with her left foot before average up to 39.6 per- dinged with an offensive — that’s the bottom line,
the first half,” coach Vic Jackson said postgame. stepping around the de- cent from behind the foul for shuffling her feet that’s my job,” he said. “So
Schaefer said. “Thought “Just to see the person fender with her second line this year. on the play. maybe this will kind of get
she was solid all night I’m trying to guard how move, Jackson flicked a “She’s a really good Jackson also forced her moving in the right di-
long — she didn’t settle, she plays — it gives me finger-roll layup off the athletic player and we Schaefer to use a timeout rection tonight.”

Anatomy of an upset Mississippi State men’s basketball

How Joe Moorhead led FCS Fordham Carter surpasses

to wins over two FBS opponents 1,000 career points
in win against Tulane
By Ben Portnoy ground for the game-ty-
bportnoy@cdispatch.com ing 29 -yard touchdown.
The Rams were an
STA RK VILLE — extra point away.
Fordham wide receiv- “We had a defensive By GARRICK HODGE of foul trouble, he would
er Brian Wetzel raced lineman about half a ghodge@cdispatch.com have had 30,” MSU coach
across the back of the
foot away, ready to sack Ben Howland told The
end zone at Lincoln Fi- Behind efficient scor-
him” then-Temple coach Dispatch. “He definitely
nancial Field in Phila- ing efforts from Reggie
and current Baylor asserted himself early
delphia. Perry and Iverson Mo-
coach Matt Rhule told in the game and gave his
Trailing Temple by linar, the Mississippi
The Dispatch. “Their teammates confidence
six points with just 13 State men’s basketball
receiver did a great job by how well he was play-
seconds to play, Wet- team passed its first test
zel and classmate Sam of stepping up and box- ing.
ing our guy out.” in the Myrtle Beach In- “Iverson has worked
Ajala scrambled toward
On the ensuing ex- vitational Thursday in so hard on his shot. He
the front left pylon as
tra point, Rhule twice Conway, South Carolina. took good shots today.”
quarterback Michael
called timeouts in an Molinar made 6 of 8 After
Nebrich neared the
sideline. attempt to ice Brook- shots, including 4-of-6 being held
Stopping, planting lyn-born kicker Michael from 3-point range, en s coreles s
and throwing, Nebrich Marando. It didn’t mat- route to a career-high 21 in the first
lofted a ball toward the ter. Marando booted points in his team’s 80- half, se-
corner. the ball through the 66 victory over Tulane at nior guard
Wetzel thought the uprights one last time. the HTC Center. Mean- Tyson Car-
pass was headed his way Upset secured. while, Perry chipped ter scored
— Nebrich had even “You can’t ice a kick- in 18 points on a 7 of 8 16 sec- Carter
told him as much before er from Brooklyn, bro!” shooting effort with five ond-half
the play. It wasn’t. defensive lineman Brett rebounds. points and also grabbed
Leaping skyward, Biestek yelled as the on- “Reggie dominated 11 rebounds for his first
Ajala grasped the ball field celebration began. Fordham athletics the game, scoring 18 double-double of the sea-
and tapped his feet be- Six years on from While coaching at Fordham, Joe Moorhead led his points in 20 minutes. If son.
fore crashing to the See moorhead, 4B team to several notable wins against FBS programs. you could keep him out See Carter, 4B
2B Friday, November 22, 2019 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

BRIEFLY Starkville boys pull away from Itawamba Agricultural

College Basketball By Theo Derosa ets (5-1) coasted from Jackets seemed a little shots, and we were Starkville.
tderosa@cdispatch.com there. They pulled away unwilling to share the able to capitalize and “The games are
EMCC men suffer first loss of season
The East Mississippi Community College men’s sharply to rout the In- ball on the offensive get those defensive re- gonna get tougher, the
basketball team suffered its first loss this season STARKVILLE — dians 86-37 in perhaps end, but that wasn’t the bounds and they could opponents are gonna
Thursday to Northwest Florida State College in the Starkville High School their best performance case Thursday. only get a one-shot get a lot tougher, and
NWF State Classic in Niceville, Florida. senior Forte Prater had
Danny Washington led the Lions (5-1) with 16 of the season. “Tonight, we had deal. It’s that grind- we’ve got to be ready to
points, Starkville product Donte Powers scored 14
to get his team going. “We finally played no problem with being type effort, and it give our starting five a
points, and Jakorie Smith had his fourth double-double The No. 1 Yellow a complete game,” selfish,” Townsel said. paid off because when break, so that way in
with 13 points and 11 rebounds. Jackets led 19-13 after Starkville assistant Instead, Starkville you’re locked in like the second half we can
The men’s team will continue play at the NWF the first quarter Thurs- coach Ed Townsel said. avoided a letdown that, you can get good close it out with them
State Classic against Gulf Coast State College at 5:30
p.m. Friday in Niceville.
day at home against That huge second against the Indians and results.” on the floor,” Williams
On the women’s side, four Lions finished in double Itawamba Agricultur- quarter, in which the notched a big win. The Yellow Jackets said.
figures as EMCC routed Coastal Alabama-North 92-48 al. A respectable lead? Jackets outscored the “We wanted to come are 3-3 after the blow- But she still noted
in Thursday’s home game in Scooba. Sure. But not enough Indians 28-9, capped out and play as we usu- out of the Indians, who that there were things
Freshman Ja’Mia Hollings from West Point High
School led the Lions (5-1) in scoring with 14 points,
for Starkville. a first half as good as ally play, try to get bet- went 3-19 last year. the Jackets could have
grabbed seven rebounds and recorded five steals. Tye So, Prater decided to Starkville could have ter, and they came out “With teams like improved that went
Metcalf, Taylor Lattimore and New Hope product Julia take charge. hoped for — not always and did,” Townsel said. that, we try our best to largely unnoticed in
Franks all scored more than 10 points. After Starkville hit the case so far this year. The Jackets will face keep them in the lower the blowout win.
The Lions will travel to face Shelton State
a 3-pointer to open the “We’d been coming Coffeeville on Saturday numbers,” junior guard “I thought that we
Community College at 5:30 p.m. Monday in Tuscaloosa,
Alabama. quarter and got a stop, out slow,” Prater said. in the Okolona Tourna- Jada Odneal said. were still careless with
Prater looked off an “That was a big half for ment. The SHS Thanks- Odneal was perhaps the basketball,” she
Prep Soccer Indians defender and
delivered a dime to big
us.” giving Classic set for the biggest force for said. “I thought that we
Prater provided the Sunday was canceled. Starkville on defense, made a lot of unforced
Pair of hat tricks leads MSMS in sweep man Jacob Reese for an errors. I want us to
Cameron Wright recorded his second hat trick in spark early in the sec- constantly creating
a three-day span for the Mississippi School for Mathe- easy layup. The Jackets ond quarter, but the pressure and racking clean that up.”
matics and Science boys soccer team, and Trevor Allen got another defensive team’s scoring effort
Starkville girls 48, Itawam- up steal after steal. Junior guard Ama-
joined him with three goals as the Blue Waves beat rival stop, and Prater handed was quite balanced. ba Agricultural 13 “She’s only doing ya Ford led Starkville
Philadelphia 8-1 on Thursday at the Columbus Soccer
off the ball then quickly Prater, Coltie Young The Starkville girls what I knew she could with 11 points, and
Wright had three goals to lead MSMS (2-3, 1-1 got it back for an open and Keyvon Pearson team swarmed Itawam- do,” Williams said. “To Odneal scored eight.
Class I, Region 4) in Tuesday’s 6-1 home win over West 3. Suddenly, Starkville tied for the team lead ba Agricultural on de- see her continue to The Jackets’ next
Point, and he delivered again Thursday. Jeremiah Hunt had more than doubled with 12 points each. fense, refusing to allow get better and better game is Dec. 6 at home
and Jesse Tran also scored for the Blue Waves. against Noxubee Coun-
“Scoring 14 goals against one surrendered in the
up Itawamba on the Trey Jackson scored the Indians a single is refreshing, and it’s
last two matches speaks volumes for the boys effort and scoreboard. 10 points, and Camer- made field goal in the gonna help us as we go ty.
intensity this week,” head coach Tim Wood said. “I hit a couple shots on Skinner had nine first half and pulling through this stretch of
On the girls side, the Blue Waves (3-2-1, 1-1-1
Class I, Region 4) won big again. Weslyn McMurrin,
and played defense,” thanks to a strong pass- away for a 48-13 victo- our season.” Other scores
Mandy Anderson and Emily Berry each had a pair of
Prater said, perhaps ing performance for the ry. The Jackets pulled Starkville Acade-
goals, and MSMS beat the Tornadoes 7-0. understating the im- Jackets. “We just played away early to take a my boys 48, Choctaw
Tierah Macon followed up her hat trick Tuesday portance of his stellar “We don’t usually hard, and we were for- 19-4 lead after the County 32
with a goal Thursday. stretch of play. pass the ball like that,” tunate enough to jam first quarter, allow- Starkville Academy
“Tonight was another complete effort for us,” head
coach Chuck Yarborough said. “(O)ur experienced
The 8-0 run to he said. them up at times,” ing Williams to play a 51, Choctaw County 43
players adapted to new roles, and our beginning players open the second be- In Saturday’s game Starkville head coach deep rotation and rest Kirk Academy girls
stepped up to contribute in the ways we hoped they came a 19-2 streak for against Holmes Cen- Kristie Williams said. her starters — a wel- 39, Oak Hill Academy
would.” Starkville, and the Jack- tral, Townsel noted, the “They did take some come development for 29
SOURCE: From Special Reports


Men’s College Basketball
MSU vs. Villanova at Myrtle Beach
Hopkins has 2 TDs; Texans beat Colts to top AFC South
Invite, 1:30 p.m. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Houston’s defense yards in four of his last after that and settled the rush and found
EMCC vs. Gulf Coast State College, stepped up after that, six games against the for a 36-yard field goal Hopkins wide open in
NWF State Classic, 5:30 p.m. HOUSTON — De- forcing a punt on the Texans and entered av- to cut the lead to four. the end zone for a 35-
Women’s College Basketball shaun Watson threw next drive before stop- eraging 133.3 receiving The Texans led 3-0 yard touchdown pass
Centenary College at MUW, 5:30 p.m. two touchdown passes ping the Colts (6-5) yards in seven career after a field goal early in
Prep Football to put Houston back on
to DeAndre Hopkins on fourth-and-7 with games at NRG Stadi- the second quarter.
Houston at Noxubee County, 7 p.m. top 10-7.
and finished with 298 3 minutes left. Jacoby um. He wasn’t a factor, There were about
Heritage Aca. vs. Starkville Aca. in Indianapolis added a
yards to help the Hous- Brissett threw for 129 finishing with just 18 8 minutes left in the
MAIS Class 5A Championship, Jackson, ton Texans beat the field goal at the end of
yards, and came up a yards receiving in his second when Kenny
7 p.m. Indianapolis Colts 20- the first half to leave it
yard shy of a first down return after missing Moore tipped a pass
Olive Branch at Starkville, 7 p.m. 17 on Thursday night tied at 10-all at halftime.
on Indy’s fourth-down three games with a calf from Watson and in-
Lafayette at West Point, 7 p.m. to take the AFC South attempt late in the injury. tercepted it. It was the
Prep Girls Basketball
Neshoba Central at Columbus, 6 p.m.
lead. fourth quarter. There were about 6 first time Watson had Injuries
The Texans (7-4), Hopkins finished minutes left in the third thrown an interception Houston ILB Dylan
Oak Hill Aca. at East Webster, 6 p.m. who were embarrassed with had 94 yards re- quarter when Jonathan at home since Oct. 14, Cole injured his calf
Hartfield Aca. at Heritage Aca., 6 p.m. by Baltimore 41-7 on ceiving and his first TD Williams, who helped 2018, against the Bills, in the second half and
Starkville Aca. at Kirk Aca., 6 p.m. Sunday, trailed by four reception came on a 35- fill in for injured starter a streak of 303 attempts didn’t return. ... Texans
early in the fourth quar- yard grab in the second Marlon Mack, wriggled which was the longest DE Carlos Watkins left
on the air ter when Hopkins got quarter. Will Fuller, away from three defend- active run in the NFL. in the fourth quarter
in front of Pierre Desir who returned after sit- ers and dashed 13 yards The Colts cashed in with a hamstring injury.
Today and stretched out to ting out three games for a touchdown to put on the mistake when
COLLEGE BASKETBALL (MEN’S) haul in a 30-yard recep- with a hamstring inju- the Colts up 17-10. Brissett scrambled 5
10:30 a.m. — Jamaica Classic: Nich-
olls State vs. North Carolina A&T, First tion to give the Texans a ry, had seven catches Fuller had a 51-yard yards for a touchdown Up next
Round, Montego Bay, Jamaica, CBSSN 20-17 lead. The Texans for 140 yards for the reception on the first to make it 7-3. Colts: Host Tennes-
11 a.m. — Charleston Classic: Miami got things going on that Texans. play of Houston’s next There were 2 min- see on Dec. 1.
vs. Florida, Semifinal, Charleston, S.C., drive with a 33-yard run T.Y. Hilton had drive, but the Texans utes left in the first half Texans: Host New
11 a.m. — Myrtle Beach Invitational: by Carlos Hyde. topped 100 receiving couldn’t move the ball when Watson avoided England on Dec. 1.
Middle Tennessee vs. Tulane, Consola-
tion Semifinal, Conway S.C., ESPNU
Pro Basketball
1 p.m. — Jamaica Classic: Mary- Marshall 91, Howard 63 Dallas 6 4 0 .600 286 197 MISSED FIELD GOALS_None. of Greg Johnson as the control person of the San
Pittsburgh 66, Ark.-Pine Bluff 41 Philadelphia 5 5 0 .500 234 230 Francisco Giants.
land (Baltimore County) vs. Eastern St. Francis Brooklyn 122, Medgar Evers 58 N.Y. Giants 2 8 0 .200 203 289 American League
Michigan, First Round, Montego Bay,
Jamaica, CBSSN
NBA Glance
UConn 79, Buffalo 68
Xavier 73, Towson 51

1 9 0 .100 125 253
Pro Hockey BALTIMORE ORIOLES — Named Eve Rosen-
baum director of baseball development.
CHICAGO WHITE SOX — Agreed to terms with C
1:30 p.m. — Myrtle Beach Invitational: Atlantic Division Alcorn St. 92, Our Lady of the Lake 56 New Orleans 8 2 0 .800 238 199 NHL Glance Yasmani Grandal on a four-year contract. Desig-
W L Pct GB Appalachian St. 64, Charlotte 55 Carolina 5 5 0 .500 228 257 EASTERN CONFERENCE nated OF Daniel Palka for assignment.
Villanova vs. Mississippi State, Semifi- Boston 11 3 .786 — Clemson 87, Alabama A&M 51 Atlanta 3 7 0 .300 220 262

Atlantic Division
National League
Toronto 10 4 .714 1 Coastal Carolina 79, Utah 57 Tampa Bay 3 7 0 .300 277 313 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES — Named Joe Dillon
nal, Conway S.C., ESPN2 Philadelphia 9 5 .643 2 Hampton 93, Regent University 50 North Boston 22 14 3 5 33 78 56 hitting coach.
1:30 p.m. — Charleston Classic: Brooklyn 6 8 .429 5 Miami 74, Missouri St. 70 W L T Pct PF PA Florida 22 12 5 5 29 84 80
Montreal 22 11 6 5 27 75 69
New York 4 11 .267 7½ Mississippi St. 80, Tulane 66 Green Bay 8 2 0 .800 250 205 Frontier League
Missouri State vs. Saint Joseph’s, Southeast Division NC Central 68, Bluefield State 44 Minnesota 8 3 0 .727 289 205 Toronto 24 10 10 4 24 76 82 GATEWAY GRIZZLIES — Traded INF Gunnar
Consolation Semifinal, Charleston, S.C., W L Pct GB South Florida 69, Wofford 55 Chicago 4 6 0 .400 169 174 Buffalo 22 10 9 3 23 62 66
Tampa Bay 19 10 7 2 22 69 64
Buehner, LHP Jason Seever, and C Zak Taylor to
Miami 10 3 .769 — Tennessee Tech 61, Winthrop 58 Detroit 3 6 1 .350 244 272 the Lincoln Saltdogs of the American Association
ESPNU Orlando 6 8 .429 4½ UNC-Asheville 105, St. Andrews 69 West Ottawa 22 10 11 1 21 61 70 for INF Christian Ibarra and INF Cody Regis. Re-
3:30 p.m. — Jamaica Classic: North Charlotte 6 9 .400 5 Villanova 98, Middle Tennessee 69 W L T Pct PF PA Detroit 24 7 14 3 17 58 91
Metropolitan Division
leased RHP Carlos Polanco. Exercised the 2020
Washington 4 8 .333 5½ W. Carolina 96, Jacksonville 94, 2OT San Francisco 9 1 0 .900 295 155 contract options on LHP Jordan Barrett, RHP
Texas vs. Rhode Island, First Round, Atlanta 4 10 .286 6½ MIDWEST Seattle 8 2 0 .800 275 254 GP W L OT Pts GF GA Lucas Lanphere, RHP Grant Black, RHP Ian Ka-
Montego Bay, Jamaica, CBSSN Central Division Akron 82, Youngstown St. 60 L.A. Rams 6 4 0 .600 243 198 Washington 24 16 4 4 36 90 73
N.Y. Islanders 20 16 3 1 33 67 49
haloa, RHP Chris Carden, RHP Reign Letkeman,
W L Pct GB Drake 74, Lehigh 58 Arizona 3 7 1 .318 248 317 INF Connor Owings, INF Brent Sakurai, INF Aaron
4 p.m. — Empire Classic: Texas vs. Milwaukee 12 3 .800 — Duquesne 74, Indiana St. 71 Sunday’s Games Carolina 22 13 8 1 27 77 66 Hill, OF Dustin Woodcock, INF Matt Brown, INF
California, Third Place Game, New York, Indiana 8 6 .571 3½ Ill.-Chicago 72, Robert Morris 62 Baltimore 41, Houston 7 Philadelphia 22 11 7 4 26 68 68
Pittsburgh 22 11 7 4 26 74 59
Wesley Jones, INF Luke Lowery, and OF Anthony
Chicago 5 10 .333 7 Iowa 83, North Florida 68 Ray. Declined the options on INF Cletis Avery,
ESPN2 Cleveland 4 10 .286 7½ Kent St. 89, Concord (WV) 59
Indianapolis 33, Jacksonville 13 Columbus 21 9 8 4 22 55 69 catcher Isiah Cullum, LHP Brandon Maddern,
Atlanta 29, Carolina 3
4 p.m. — Myrtle Beach Invitational: Detroit 4 10 .286 7½ Minnesota 82, Cent. Michigan 57 New Orleans 34, Tampa Bay 17
N.Y. Rangers 19 9 8 2 20 64 67
New Jersey 20 7 9 4 18 51 74
RHP Dominic Topoozian, RHP Nelson Martz,
WESTERN CONFERENCE Notre Dame 64, Toledo 62, OT INF Shane Mardirosian, RHP Jackson Klein, RHP
Baylor vs. Coastal Carolina, Semifinal, Southwest Division Wisconsin 88, Green Bay 70
Dallas 35, Detroit 27 WESTERN CONFERENCE Chris Metrick, and OF Greg White.
Conway S.C., ESPNU W L Pct GB SOUTHWEST Minnesota 27, Denver 23 Central Division WASHINGTON WILD THINGS — Signed INF
Houston 11 4 .733 — Abilene Christian 90, Champion Christian College N.Y. Jets 34, Washington 17 GP W L OT Pts GF GA Jonathan White.
6 p.m. — George Mason at Maryland, Dallas 9 5 .643 1½ 58 Buffalo 37, Miami 20 St. Louis 23 14 4 5 33 70 62 WINDY CITY THUNDERBOLTS — Signed C Joe
BTN Memphis 5 9 .357 5½ Baylor 76, Ohio 53 San Francisco 36, Arizona 26 Colorado 22 13 7 2 28 78 64
Dallas 23 13 8 2 28 66 56
Lytle to a contract extension.
New Orleans 5 9 .357 5½ Georgetown 82, Texas 66 Oakland 17, Cincinnati 10 FOOTBALL
6 p.m. — Jamaica Classic: Louisiana San Antonio 5 10 .333 6 Oklahoma 91, Md.-Eastern Shore 64 New England 17, Philadelphia 10 Winnipeg 23 13 9 1 27 64 70 National Football League
State vs. Utah State, First Round, Mon- Northwest Division TCU 59, UC Irvine 58 L.A. Rams 17, Chicago 7 Chicago 22 9 9 4 22 65 67
Nashville 21 9 9 3 21 74 74
DETROIT LIONS — Released OT Dan Skipper.
W L Pct GB Texas Tech 72, Tennessee St. 57 HOUSTON TEXANS — Activated TE Jordan
tego Bay, Jamaica, CBSSN Denver 10 3 .769 — FAR WEST
Open: N.Y. Giants, Seattle, Tennessee, Green Bay
Monday’s Games Minnesota 22 9 11 2 20 60 72 Thomas from reserve/injured list. Signed S Jon-
6 p.m. — Empire Classic: Georgetown Utah 9 5 .643 1½ Arizona 71, S. Dakota St. 64 Kansas City 24, L.A. Chargers 17
Pacific Division
athan Owens from the practice squad. Waived DE
Minnesota 8 7 .533 3 Duke 87, California 52 Joel Heath and WR Steven Mitchell Jr
vs. Duke, Championship, New York, Oklahoma City 5 9 .357 5½ Lamar 74, Utah Valley 68
Thursday’s Games Edmonton 23 14 6 3 31 76 63 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS — Signed DL
Houston 20, Indianapolis 17
ESPN2 Portland 5 11 .313 6½ Loyola Marymount 78, Air Force 64 Sunday
Arizona 23 13 8 2 28 65 52
Vancouver 23 11 8 4 26 76 68
Tashawn Bower to the practice squad.
Pacific Division Nebraska-Omaha 85, Washington St. 77 HOCKEY
6 p.m. — Charleston Classic: Towson W L Pct GB New Mexico 78, New Mexico St. 77
Tampa Bay at Atlanta, Noon Vegas 23 11 9 3 25 72 67 National Hockey League
vs. Buffalo, Consolation Semifinal, L.A. Lakers 12 2 .857 — UC Riverside 76, Redlands 44 Miami at Cleveland, Noon
Seattle at Philadelphia, Noon
Anaheim 23 10 10 3 23 63 69
Calgary 25 10 12 3 23 62 78
NEW JERSEY DEVILS — Placed F Kevin Rooney
L.A. Clippers 10 5 .667 2½ Wyoming 69, Louisiana-Lafayette 61, OT on injured reserve, retroactive to Nov. 13.
Charleston, S.C., ESPNEWS Phoenix 7 6 .538 4½ N.Y. Giants at Chicago, Noon San Jose 22 10 11 1 21 65 78 American Hockey League
6 p.m. — Morehead State at Butler, Sacramento 6 7 .462 5½ Carolina at New Orleans, Noon Los Angeles 21 8 12 1 17 53 75 MILWAUKEE ADMIRALS — Suspended D Josh
FS1 Golden State 3 13 .188 10 Mississippi St. 80, Tulane 66 Denver at Buffalo, Noon NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime Healey three games for an illegal check to the
Wednesday’s Games MISSISSIPPI ST. (5-0) Detroit at Washington, Noon loss. Top three teams in each division and two wild head of an opponent in a Nov. 19 game at Iowa.
6 p.m. — Mount St. Mary’s at Ken- Philadelphia 109, New York 104 Ado 1-2 0-0 2, Perry 7-8 2-5 18, Carter 4-9 5-6 16, Oakland at N.Y. Jets, Noon cards per conference advance to playoffs. PROVIDENCE BRUINS — Siged G Brandon Halv-
Woodard 2-6 2-2 7, Molinar 6-8 5-5 21, Feazell 2-3 Wednesday’s Games erson to a tryout contract.
tucky, SEC Washington 138, San Antonio 132
Brooklyn 101, Charlotte 91 0-0 5, Oduro 2-2 2-2 6, Stewart 2-5 1-1 5. Totals
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, Noon
Jacksonville at Tennessee, 3:05 p.m. Ottawa 2, Montreal 1, OT ECHL
6:30 p.m. — Myrtle Beach Invitational: Dallas 142, Golden State 94 26-43 17-21 80. Dallas at New England, 3:25 p.m. N.Y. Rangers 4, Washington 1 READING ROYALS— Agreed to terms with F
TULANE (3-1) Thursday’s Games Marly Quince. Announced F Steven Swavely was
Ohio vs. Utah, Consolation Semifinal, Miami 124, Cleveland 100
Milwaukee 135, Atlanta 127 Walker 4-9 0-1 11, Hightower 3-11 1-1 8, Thomp-
Green Bay at San Francisco, 7:20 p.m.
Boston 3, Buffalo 2 recalled by Lehigh Valley (AHL).
Open: Arizona, Minnesota, Kansas City, L.A.
Conway S.C., ESPNU Toronto 113, Orlando 97 son 4-10 2-2 12, Lawson 5-11 0-0 12, Zhang 2-6
Chargers Columbus 5, Detroit 4 SOCCER
4-4 8, Days 2-6 0-0 4, Koka 0-0 2-2 2, Thomas 0-0 Major League Soccer
8 p.m. — Cal Poly at Creighton, FS1 Chicago 109, Detroit 89
Utah 103, Minnesota 95 0-0 0, Ona Embo 3-6 2-2 9. Totals 23-59 11-12 66. Monday N.Y. Islanders 4, Pittsburgh 3, OT
Philadelphia 5, Carolina 3 ATLANTA UNITED — Exercised contract options
8 p.m. — South Dakota at Arkansas, Denver 105, Houston 95 Halftime_Mississippi St. 36-27. 3-Point Goals_ Baltimore at L.A. Rams, 7:15 p.m.
Florida 5, Anaheim 4, OT on D Leandro Gonzalez Pirez and Ms Mo Adams,
Mississippi St. 11-20 (Molinar 4-6, Carter 3-7, Andrew Carleton and Julian Gressel. Declined
SEC L.A. Clippers 107, Boston 104, OT
Perry 2-2, Feazell 1-1, Woodard 1-3, Stewart 0-1),
Vancouver 6, Nashville 3
8:30 p.m. — Charleston Classic: Xavier
Thursday’s Games
Milwaukee 137, Portland 129 Tulane 9-25 (Walker 3-5, Thompson 2-3, Lawson Texans 20, Colts 17 St. Louis 5, Calgary 0
Minnesota 3, Colorado 2
contract options for Ds Jose Hernandez and Flo-
rentin Pogba; Ms Chris Goslin and Justin Meram;
2-4, Ona Embo 1-3, Hightower 1-4, Zhang 0-3, Indianapolis 0 10 7 0—17 and Forward Patrick Okonkwo.
vs. Connecticut, Semifinal, Charleston, New Orleans at Phoenix, late
Friday’s Games Days 0-3). Fouled Out_Perry. Rebounds_Missis- Houston 0 10 3 7—20 Tampa Bay 4, Chicago 2
LA FOOTBALL CLUB — Exercised 2020 contract
Dallas 5, Winnipeg 3
S.C., ESPNU Atlanta at Detroit, 6 p.m. sippi St. 39 (Carter 11), Tulane 14 (Days, High- Second quarter
Hou_FG Fairbairn 35, 13:42. Toronto 3, Arizona 1 options on Ds Tristan Blackmon and Mohamed
tower 3). Assists_Mississippi St. 19 (Molinar 5), El-Munir, and Fs Adrien Perez and Josh Perez.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL Charlotte at Washington, 6 p.m.
Sacramento at Brooklyn, 6:30 p.m. Tulane 13 (Walker 6). Total Fouls_Mississippi St. Ind_Brissett 5 run (Vinatieri kick), 4:28. San Jose at Vegas, late
Declined the options on Ds Lamar Batista and
8:30 p.m. — Colorado State at Wyo- L.A. Lakers at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m. 15, Tulane 14. Hou_Hopkins 35 pass from Watson (Fairbairn Edmonton at Los Angeles, late
Friday’s Games
Dejan Jakovi and Ms Javier Perez and Peter-Lee
kick), 1:53. Vassell.
ming, ESPN2 Miami at Chicago, 7 p.m.
San Antonio at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. Ind_FG Vinatieri 36, :00. New Jersey at Pittsburgh, 6 p.m. LA GALAXY — Exercised contract options on G
Saturday Cleveland at Dallas, 7:30 p.m.
Boston at Denver, 8 p.m.
Pro Football Third quarter
Ind_Williams 13 run (Vinatieri kick), 5:36.
N.Y. Rangers at Ottawa, 6:30 p.m.
Saturday’s Games
Justin Vom Steeg, D Rolf Feltscher, M Emil Cuello
and F Cristian Pavon. Declined contract options
College Football Golden State at Utah, 8 p.m. NFL Glance Hou_FG Fairbairn 36, 2:43. Vancouver at Washington, 11:30 a.m.
Calgary at Philadelphia, Noon
for Ds Diego Polenta, Tomas Hilliard-Arce and
Fourth quarter Hugo Arellano; Ms Favio Alvarez, Juninho, Joao
11 a.m. — Penn State at Ohio State, Houston at L.A. Clippers, 9:30 p.m.
Saturday’s Games
Hou_Hopkins 30 pass from Watson (Fairbairn Arizona at Los Angeles, 3 p.m. Pedro and Servando Carrasco; and G Matt Lamp-
FOX Phoenix at Minnesota, 4 p.m. W L T Pct PF PA kick), 12:34. Anaheim at Tampa Bay, 6 p.m.
Columbus at Winnipeg, 6 p.m.
son. Announced the retirement of M Chris Pontius.
A_71,727. MINNESOTA UNITED — Re-signed Ike Opara
11 a.m. — WCU at Alabama, ESPN Chicago at Charlotte, 6 p.m.
Orlando at Indiana, 6 p.m.
New England 9 1 0 .900 287 108
IND HOU Detroit at New Jersey, 6 p.m. and Michael Boxall to multi-season contracts.
Buffalo 7 3 0 .700 211 170
11 a.m. — Samford at Auburn, SEC Miami at Philadelphia, 6:30 p.m. N.Y. Jets 3 7 0 .300 164 255 First downs 19 16 N.Y. Rangers at Montreal, 6 p.m. Picked up the options for Hassani Dotson, Ethan
Total Net Yards 296 396 Minnesota at Boston, 6 p.m. Finlay, Chase Gasper, Marlon Hairston, Kevin Mo-
2:30 p.m. — Texas A&M at Georgia, San Antonio at New York, 6:30 p.m.
Toronto at Atlanta, 6:30 p.m.
Miami 2 8 0 .200 139 305
Rushes-yards 39-175 24-99 Florida at Carolina, 6 p.m. lino and Wyatt Omsberg. Declined the options for
CBS L.A. Lakers at Memphis, 7 p.m. W L T Pct PF PA Passing 121 297 Toronto at Colorado, 6 p.m. Lawrence Olum and Miguel Ibarra.
Punt Returns 0-0 2-23 Nashville at St. Louis, 7 p.m. NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION — Exercised the
2:30 p.m. — Michigan at Indiana, Portland at Cleveland, 7 p.m.
Detroit at Milwaukee, 7:30 p.m.
Houston 7 4 0 .636 265 249
Kickoff Returns 3-50 0-0 Chicago at Dallas, 7 p.m. contract options on Isaac Angking, Teal Bunbury,
Indianapolis 6 5 0 .545 244 226
ESPN New Orleans at Utah, 8 p.m. Tennessee 5 5 0 .500 203 197 Interceptions Ret. 1-1 0-0 Edmonton at Vegas, 9 p.m. Luis Caicedo, Antonio Delamea, Diego Fagundez,
Comp-Att-Int 16-25-0 19-30-1 Andrew Farrell, Cristian Penilla and Wilfried Zahi-
2:30 p.m. — Texas at Baylor, FS1 Sunday’s Games
Dallas at Houston, 2:30 p.m.
Jacksonville 4 6 0 .400 189 222
Sacked-Yards Lost 1-8 1-1
N.Y. Islanders at San Jose, 9:30 p.m.
Sunday’s Games bo. Declined contract options for Juan Agudelo,
6 p.m. — Arkansas at LSU, ESPN Brooklyn at New York, 5 p.m. W L T Pct PF PA Punts 5-47.8 2-47.0 Buffalo at Florida, 4 p.m. Juan Fernando Caicedo, Edgar Castillo, Michael
Fumbles-Lost 0-0 2-0 Mancienne and Brian Wright.
6:30 p.m. — Tennessee at Missouri, Sacramento at Washington, 5 p.m.
Phoenix at Denver, 7 p.m.
Baltimore 8 2 0 .800 341 196
Penalties-Yards 3-29 4-27
Carolina at Detroit, 6 p.m.
NEW YORK CITY FC — Announced the resignation
Pittsburgh 5 5 0 .500 200 202 Edmonton at Arizona, 7 p.m.
SEC New Orleans at L.A. Clippers, 8 p.m. Cleveland 4 6 0 .400 192 228 Time of Possession 33:17 26:43 of sporting director Claudio Reyna to take a position
INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS with Austin FC. Promoted technical director David
6:30 p.m. — Oregon at Arizona State, Cincinnati 0 10 0 .000 147 276
College Basketball
RUSHING_Indianapolis, Williams 26-104, Hines
9-51, Brissett 4-20. Houston, Hyde 16-67, D.John- Transactions Lee to sporting director.
NEW YORK RED BULLS — Exercised contract op-
tions on G Ryan Meara; Ds Rece Buckmaster, Kyle
6:30 p.m. — Abilene Christian at Mis- Kansas City 7 4 0 .636 308 256 son 5-22, Watson 3-10.
PASSING_Indianapolis, Brissett 16-25-0-129.
Thursday’s moves
BASEBALL Duncan, Michael Amir Murillo, Sean Nealis and Amro
Oakland 6 4 0 .600 225 250
sissippi State, SEC+ Thursday’s Scores L.A. Chargers 4 7 0 .364 224 218 Houston, Watson 19-30-1-298. Major League Baseball Tarek; Ms Cristian Casseres Jr. and Florian Valot;
and Fs Tom Barlow and Brian White. Declined con-
7 p.m. — TCU at Oklahoma, FOX EAST Denver 3 7 0 .300 172 197 RECEIVING_Indianapolis, Ebron 4-44, Doyle
3-28, Hilton 3-18, Williams 3-17, Hines 2-10, Rog-
MLB — Announced that the owners of the Major
League Clubs unanimously approved the owner- tract options for Gs Luis Robles and Evan Louro; and
Colgate 89, SUNY-Cortland 50 NATIONAL CONFERENCE
Florida 70, Saint Joseph’s 62 East ers 1-12. Houston, Fuller 7-140, Hopkins 6-94, ship group of the Kansas City Royals, led by John Ms Vincent Bezecourt, Marcus Epps, Derrick Etienne
Hartford 78, Emerson 63 W L T Pct PF PA Akins 3-26, Fells 1-24, D.Johnson 1-8, Stills 1-6. Sherman and partners. Approved the designation Jr. and Jean-Christophe Koffi, and G Evan Louro.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com Friday, November 22, 2019 3B

Resurgence of dominant defense carries Tigers into north semifinal
By theo derosa you think about defense,”
tderosa@cdispatch.com Young said. “We want to
keep that going.”
MACON — The road Windham, junior line-
to Hattiesburg is paved backer Trillo Brown and
with good defense. junior defensive lineman
That’s what Noxubee Travorus Hatcher have
County head coach Teddy led the charge for Noxu-
Young has been telling bee County through the
his team since the start of playoffs, Young said.
the playoffs: Play well on Hatcher and Windham
defense, and you could be have had key roles on
playing for the MHSAA offense, too. The Tigers
Class 3A championship in rely on Hatcher’s bruis-
a few short weeks. ing form in short-yardage
“We’re gonna ride our rushing situations, and
defense all the way there,” Windham has impressed
senior quarterback and in his first season at quar-
linebacker Marlon Wind- terback.
ham said. “He’s our team leader,”
So far, so good. Young said of Windham.
Noxubee County “He can play both sides of
mauled Coahoma Agri- the ball for us. When he’s
cultural 53-0 at home in on defense, the defense
the first round two weeks has become way better. I
ago. Last Friday, they Ti- feel like I’ve got one of the
gers traveled to No. 3 Sen- best players in the state.”
atobia and shut out the Windham credited
Warriors, too. Windham the Tigers’ recent crack- Jim Lytle/Dispatch file photo

intercepted three pass- Noxubee County defenders including (from left) Trillo Brown (33), Travorus Hatcher (94), unidentified (52), and
down to an experienced
es and returned two for Chaunssey Triplett (34) team tackle Louisville quarterback Bryandrea Shumaker (9) during the fourth quarter of
defense returning most their football game Friday night Aug. 23, 2019 in Macon, Miss.
scores in a 21-0 victory. of its starters. And while
“We just knew that our Noxubee County hasn’t The Hilltoppers fol- managed just that in its
defense was gonna carry done much wrong so far lowed the loss with a de- first two playoff games,
us, and they did, so we got in the playoffs, Windham feat at the hands of Choc- shutting down the run
a win,” Windham said. still aims to improve. taw County. Then they games of Coahoma Agri-
The Tigers (8-5) are “We’ve been playing al- won four straight games, cultural and Senatobia, al-
bringing a resurgent de- right so far, but we’re try- including playoff wins lowing just 50 yards on 23
fense reminiscent of past ing to up it every Friday,” over Winona and North carries in their first-round
Noxubee County teams he said. Panola. A change at quar- matchup and just 41 yards
into Friday’s north state That continues with terback from sophomore
semifinal against Hous- on 21 carries the follow-
the matchup against Martravius Parker to the
ton (10-3). Shutouts in Houston, which Noxubee ing week.
more mobile junior Der-
their two prior games up County beat 19-12 in Ma- rion Pulphus adds a new The Tigers are more
the total to four on the sea- con on Oct. 4. But the Ti- wrinkle for the Tigers. than prepared to bring
son — the Tigers blanked gers know better than to “We’ve gotta make that dominant defense
Louisville and Columbus coast off their prior suc- sure that we keep him onto their home field, aim-
to open the year. cess. contained and stop him ing to get one week closer
“Everybody knows “We were a different from running,” Brown to their ultimate goal.
that when you think team,” Young said. “They said. “We’re just ready to
about Noxubee County, were a different team.” Noxubee County has play,” Brown said.

MSU preparing for FCS opponent Abilene Christian

By Ben Portnoy yards on 93 attempts. “I know they are go- are going to have a huge
bportnoy@cdispatch.com And while the Bull- ing to be fired up and Homecoming crowd.
dog defense should be know they are going to The fans are going to be
STARK VILLE — tested, its offense should
Homecoming week is be excited,” Moorhead into it. The fans are go-
face no such issue.
nearing its conclusion. Speaking with the said of ACU. “With a ing to be excited. We are
While fraternity hous- media Tuesday, senior night game at home, we excited to come out.
es are decked for the oc- quarterback Tommy Ste-
casion and alumni have vens noted Alabama’s
begun their descent on ability to take away the
campus, the Mississippi deep ball in last week’s
State football team (4-6, 38-7 loss.
2-5 SEC) welcomes FCS “They did a good job
foe Abilene Christian (5 - of matching up some of
6, 4-5 Southland) to town the things we were try-
at 6:30 p.m Saturday. ing to do,” Stevens said
Despite MSU boast- of Alabama last week.
ing a 7-0 all-time record “They were running
against Southland Con- with a lot of the deep
ference competition, shots we had called and
Abilene Christian brings ultimately the best thing
a prolific passing attack to do with the ball was to
to Starkville. check it down and try to
Quarterback Luke have one of those guys
Anthony — who’s passed make a play.”
for 2,270 yards and 16 Facing an ACU de-
touchdowns this sea- fense that ranks a mea-
son — and the Wildcats ger 55th of 124 FCS
boast seven receivers teams, the Bulldogs
with at least 10 catches should have no such
on the year. trouble Saturday.
Leading the way are Defensively, ACU al-
Kobe Clark and Josh lows an average of 5.2
Fink, who boast 76 and 63 yards per play and 387.5
receptions, respectively, total yards per game —
and have combined for 270.3 of which are pass-
1,543 of Abilene Chris- ing yards, good for 110th
tian’s 2,973 receiving nationally in FCS.
yards this season. Junior running back
Running back Tracy Kylin Hill will also look
James has also recorded to get back on track af-
34 catches for 270 yards ter a 16 -carry, 36 -yard
and five touchdowns — performance last week
tying him for the team against the Crimson
lead with Fink. Tide.
“Like most teams Granted the Bulldogs
that operate in a spread, shouldn’t need a big day
up-tempo offense, from Hill to down the
they’re looking to isolate Wildcats, senior Nick
playmakers in space,” Gibson and freshman
Moorhead said Wednes- Lee Witherspoon should
day. “I think their quar- also factor into the run
terback does a good job game.
of distributing the ball On paper, Saturday’s
to all different guys and game lacks the high pro-
I think they run the ball file matchups that past
somewhat effectively. weeks of SEC play have
So you can’t focus on brought to Starkville.
one guy — you’ve got But with a season fina-
to have good awareness le against Ole Miss that
of where they’re all at, should determine MSU’s
where they’re all aligned bowl eligibility, the Bull-
and the routes they run dogs can ill-afford to
from those formations.” take the Wildcats lightly.
On the ground, “It’s just another op-
the Wildcats boast a portunity for us,” Ste-
two-headed rushing at- vens said. “We’re going
tack in James and Sema’J to treat everything the
Davis. While James has same, treat it how we
shouldered most of the have throughout the sea-
load — 812 yards and 14 son. Your preparation
touchdowns on 172 car- shouldn’t change based
ries — Davis has been a on an opponent. Every-
nice complimentary run- one should be treating it
ner having totaled 590 the same.”
4B Friday, November 22, 2019 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

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In the victory, Carter the younger Carter said “It’s a huge test,” Wave 44-39 in the second
surpassed 1,000 career of surpassing his father. Howland said. “This is a half. MSU shot 60.5 per-
points, giving him a total “Just passing him in nationally ranked team cent from the floor and
of 1,003 in his collegiate points is going to mean and one of the better made 11 of 20 3-pointers
career. a lot.” programs in the country. in addition to convert-
“It’s pretty special to Howland was sur- They’ve won multiple ing 17 of 21 free throws.
me,” Carter told The Dis- prised to hear of his national championships Yet, turnover troubles
patch. “It’s something point guard’s career ac- in this decade and have continued for the Bull-
that I never really thought complishment after the a collection of talented dogs, committing a sea-
about accomplishing un- win, but immediately de- skill players. The thing son-high 25 giveaways.
til it happened, and now flected to the Starkville that makes them tough “I’m pretty excited
that it’s happened, it’s re- native’s defensive perfor- for us is they’re all 3-point about how well we shot
ally special. I’m looking mance. shooters. They average the ball,” Howland said.
forward to accomplish- “I’m just happy he got 39 attempted threes per “The only negative of the
ing more with the team.” 11 rebounds. Ten on the game, so we’re going to whole day was too many
Carter is now 121 defensive end,” Howland be really tested defen- turnovers against their
points away from sur- said. “He did a really sively.” pressure zone.”
passing his father’s good job for us in the sec- MSU raced out to an K.J. Lawson and Chris-
scoring mark at MSU. ond half, making great early 24-13 lead, thanks tion Thompson led Tu-
Greg Carter, now the passes and really becom- to three quick makes lane (3-1) with 12 points
Starkville High boys ing a key for us.” from Iverson and Perry, each. The Green Wave
basketball coach, scored With the win, MSU (5- both of whom made two shot 39 percent from the
1,123 career points with 0) advances to play No. early 3-pointers. floor and 9-of-25 from
the Bulldogs. 17 Villanova at 1:30 p.m. The Bulldogs held a long range. MSU outre-
“That’s going to be a in the semifinals of the 36-27 lead at halftime bounded Tulane 41-16.
pretty special moment,” invitational. and outscored the Green

Continued from Page 1B
Fordham’s historic win First, Nebrich hit re- had my freshman year he’d see Saturday.
over Temple — its first ceiver Tebucky Jones and I just went at it with For over two hours
against an FBS team — with a seven-yard pass. the mentality that I was the pair watched
Mississippi State coach Koonce followed with a the best player on the film together as Tra-
Joe Moorhead — then six-yard scamper. Ne- field and had to prove cy helped dissect the
the head coach of the brich then hit Ajala for it.” Black Knight offense.
Rams — finds himself a five-yard gain. Ne- Despite being ranked “When we sat down
on the f lip side of that brich next added one in the FCS preseason that one time and
matchup as FCS foe and two-yard rushes of poll, the Rams were giv- watched film, it did
Abilene Christian heads his own. en little chance against something to my brain,”
to Starkville Saturday. With fourth down up- the Black Knights after Ham said. “It clicked
And while the Bull- coming at the Temple they were defeated 42- in my head — ‘This is
dogs come into the con- 49 -yard-line, Moorhead 31 the year prior. how you prepare for
test as heavy favorites, called timeout. Another Clambering off the games.’”
Moorhead is well aware Nebrich run followed. buses and into Michie A fter an equally
of the attitude the Wild- He got it. Barely. Stadium, the Rams contested second half,
cats will bring with Three plays later, could see a small pock- Army inched closer to
them. Nedrich narrowly con- et of Fordham fans that the underdog Rams.
“In an FCS program, verted a 4th-and-6. Aja- made the hour-long Quarterback Ahamad
the kids look at this la’s acrobatic catch fol- drive from New York Bradshaw hit Jordan
(game) with a chip lowed four plays after. City to West Point as Asberry for a 33-yard
on their shoulder and Pandemonium ensued. Bear Mountain stood touchdown strike with
a chance to compete “It was the perfect watch in the distance. 2:47 remaining.
against players at the play for Fordham and Belief crept in. Needing a two-point
highest level,” Moor- I’m sure it was a dread- conversion to tie, Army
head said Monday. ful day for Temple,” Aja- A slow start lined up at the Fordham
la told The Dispatch. Anderson had a read two-yard-line.
‘You went into that Players spilled into to make. Taking the Standing at outside
the end zone as a dog linebacker, Ham had
game expecting to win’ pile began to form at
snap on the game’s
first play from scrim- been tasked with taking
In Moorhead’s four
the pylon. Ajala was at mage, he was to watch the pitch man in what-
years in the Bronx, he
the bottom. Wetzel was the defensive end. If ever version of the op-
guided the Rams to a
right beside him. he crashed, he’d hand tion the Black Knights
2-2 record against FBS
A fter a 1-10 season the ball off. If he stayed ran — until now.
competition with wins
two years prior, Ford- on the running back, As Bradshaw took
over Temple in 2013 and
ham had secured its he’d tuck it and run. He the snap, Ham ducked
Army in 2015.
first win over an FBS chose the former — at the fullback and lunged
“Not a whole lot real
positive,” Rhule said team in school history. least in theory. forward. Clipping
with a laugh, recount- “We were all up Reaching out to hand Bradshaw’s feet, Ham
ing Fordham’s win over against the wall getting the ball off, Anderson crashed to the ground.
Temple. hugs and cheering with bobbled it before it fell So too did Bradshaw.
Rhule — who was (the fans) and it was just to the turf. Army recov- Fordham had the stop it
in his first year guid- a surreal feeling,” Wet- ered. needed.
ing the Eagles at the zel said. Heading to the side- “For that to be our
time — was fresh off “There’s no better line, the wide-eyed second win over an FBS
near-upsets of No. 14 feeling than winning a sophomore was greeted team at that point in the
Notre Dame and a Hous- game like that,” he con- by Moorhead — who re- year with who we had
ton team that would win tinued. mained confident in his on the roster — it was
eight games that year. youthful signal-caller. a great win for the pro-
As for Moorhead, New faces, same belief One possession later, gram,” Moorhead told
the Rams entered the While Fordham’s win Anderson capped off a The Dispatch.
contest having already over Temple was among six-play, 77-yard drive “Fordham football
knocked off FCS No. 8 the signature victories with his first collegiate wasn’t going away,”
Villanova in arguably of Moorhead’s time in touchdown run. The linebacker Niko Thorpe
the biggest win in pro- the Bronx, perhaps no Rams were back. added.
gram history. win tasted sweeter than As the back-and-forth
With a steady game a payback victory over affair waged on, Ander- Forever remembered
plan drawn up and a neighboring Army on son concedes he made Hanging in the head
productive week of Sept. 4, 2015. plenty of mistakes — coaches’ office at Ford-
practice, Moorhead’s Having stabilized including taking a knee ham, a picture of the
Fordham squad rolled Fordham’s program instead of spiking the scene following the
into Philadelphia confi- with a 29 -10 record ball as the Rams drove win at Army hung as a
dent in its ability. over his first three sea- for points at the end of reminder of the win at
“We didn’t go into sons, Moorhead and the the first half. West Point.
Temple hoping to win Rams entered the year “I think I remember Snapped moments
or go in there hoping confident, but young. coach Moorhead say- after Anderson took
to play in the game,” Thirty seniors had ing something explicit the final knee against
running back Carlton graduated that spring to me that I definitely Army, the photo depicts
Koonce told The Dis- — 18 of whom were deserved,” Anderson he and Edmonds em-
patch. “You went into starters. The Rams quipped. bracing on the field.
were so thin on experi- Despite the miscues, In the background,
that game expecting to
win.” ence, then-sophomore the Rams took an eight Anderson could even Is Estate or
point lead into the final
Riding the arm of Ne-
brich — who completed
quarterback Kevin An-
derson — who hadn’t three minutes of the
make out a sign held by
his family at the top of Long Term Care
23 of 36 passes for 320
yards and two touch-
thrown a competitive
pass since high school The Rams’ belief in
the scattered remnants
of the Fordham faithful
Planning Necessary
downs on the day — the
Rams jumped out to a
— was named a captain.
But for what Fordham
an upset persisted. wishing him and the
Rams good luck.
to Protect Your
13-7 halftime lead cour- lacked in number of vet- One last stop “That was just an in- Family’s Future?
tesy of a Koonce touch- erans, it made up for Sitting in his dorm credible moment for me
down run and two field in running back Chase room a few days before as an athlete,” he said. • Do you have a Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Health Care
goals from Marando. Edmonds. Edmonds — the game, linebacker Saturday, Abilene Directive?
Fordham further dis- now a member of the Caleb Ham facetimed Christian will enter Da- • Are you certain that your assets will be distributed according to your
tanced itself when Wet- Arizona Cardinals — his father Tracy, a vis Wade Stadium with wishes at your death?
zel beat his man for an ran for 1,848 yards and College Football Hall the hopes of etching it- • Are you confused by the ever changing estate and gift tax laws?
18 -yard score on a post 23 touchdowns on 294 of Famer and former self into the FCS histo- • Are you worried that one day you may not be able to care for yourself
route to put the Rams carries the year before, quarterback at Georgia ry books with a win over or make the necessary decisions to remain independent and in your
own home?
ahead by 13 to open the earning FCS Rookie of Southern — one of the an SEC school. But if
second half. the Year honors. birthplaces of the tri- Moorhead has his way, At Dunn & Hemphill, we can create a plan tailored to fit you
The Eagles respond- “I wasn’t even really ple-option offense. the Bulldogs will find and your family’s needs. Contact us at (662) 327-4211 to
ed. Rattling off a 21-3 old — I was just a soph- Facing a similar- themselves in anything discuss your estate and long term care planning options.

Dunn & Hemphill, P.A.

run, Temple led by six omore,” Edmonds told ly-styled attack that but a close contest.
points with 4:29 re- The Dispatch, laughing weekend in coach Jeff “I know (Abilene
maining and the Rams through his response. Monken’s Army team, Christian) is going to 214 Fifth Street South | Columbus, Mississippi
taking over at their own “I knew everybody was Caleb hoped his father be fired up and I know 662.327.4211 | www.marketstreetlaw.com
29 yard-line. looking up to me just could provide some they are going to be ex- Offering Peace of Mind, One Client at a Time.
Chip, chip, chip. because of the year I more insight into what cited,” he said.
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Johnson ready to end NASCAR grind and move on with life

The Associated Press the time he tried to prove team during every champi- schedule. “A little more tober — “every time one wanted me to pass the
he could surf on top of a onship celebration. balance is really where of these drivers calls me butter,” Johnson said.
CONCORD, N.C. — moving golf cart, only to His work ethic made that sits. This is not retire- and wants to come to my He said 9-year-old
Jimmie Johnson handed fall and break his wrist him the best NASCAR ment from racing, this is house, I know that’s not a Evie is still “processing”
out mini bottles of Pa- weeks after winning his driver of much of the last stepping down for the 38 good situation,” Hendrick the retirement, and the
tron at his retirement first championship. Horse- two decades, and his de- races and the commitment quipped — and discussed girls helped introduce
announcement — so per- play at The Palms Casi- sire to play a bit more cer- it takes to being competi- his decision with Jeff Gor- Johnson at his news con-
fectly on brand for the cool no with crew chief Chad tainly led to his decision to tive. I look forward to what don, the four-time cham- ference at Hendrick Mo-
Californian who stormed Knaus after title No. 4 left retire after the 2020 sea- might develop. I feel like I pion who believed enough torsports. Flanked by
to a record-tying seven both scrambling on the son. He said Thursday he need to take a deep breath in Johnson to convince a childhood dirt bike, a
NASCAR championships floor searching for a mis- made the decision earlier and see what comes from Hendrick to build a team dune buggy, his famed
yet somehow bored fans placed championship ring. this fall and was at peace there, put my family first around the unknown driv- No. 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet
who found him too vanilla Now 44, Johnson has with it. He said he is com- instead of racing first and er all those years ago. from his first champi-
for their liking. made friends with celebri- mitted to chasing a record see where that takes us.” He made his decision onship and his current
Nothing about Johnson ties from practically every eighth championship next Making his 19th season public Wednesday, the car sponsored by Ally,
was ever boring, though. industry — musicians, year — but ready to take the last one as a full-time same day he told his two he was surrounded by
Certainly not as the un- actors, athletes, artists — a break and spend more racer was a decision John- daughters over breakfast those instrumental in
known Xfinity Series driv- and is legendary for a work time with his family. son has pondered for much and tried to show them a his career. The audience
er in 2000 who slammed hard, play hard mantra. “This is not a retire- of the year. He’s a planner, video detailing his deci- included wife Chandra,
headfirst into a foam wall His love of tequila is well- ment from driving race a processor, and wanted to sion. Six-year-old Lydia former crew chief Knaus,
at Watkins Glen, climbed known, and the bottles cars, this is slowing down figure out his plans by the was more interested in her current crew chief Cliff
from the wreckage and celebrating him Thursday from 38 races,” Johnson end of this season. pancakes. Daniels, NASCAR Vice
raised his arms in triumph were a nod to the seven Pa- said, noting the length of He visited team owner “She could not be both- Chairman Mike Helton
from the roof of his car. Or tron toasts he did with his the NASCAR Cup Series Rick Hendrick in late Oc- ered by the video and and Gordon.

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: for the last year. done for her. We live several
I have been I don’t claim states apart and talk on a daily
married for to be perfect — basis. Neither of us is dating
24 years and I’m patient and now, although we both use
have two daugh- easygoing to a dating apps and websites.
ters, 18 and 14. fault. But he has Lately, Cheryl has been
I’m in a business had two affairs asking me to help her sort
with my husband and blames me through her messages. It
and work six days for them. I have has become torture for me
a week. We don’t been here for the because I have begun having
take vacations, business and the romantic feelings for her. I
go on date nights kids, but what don’t know if it would be fair
or spend time about me? I have to tell her how I feel about her
ZITS together outside been going to because of the geographical
of work. night school to distance. I know she won’t
I have had my take up nursing move to be with me because
own bedroom for as a new career she helps to take care of her
15 years because Dear Abby to support myself father, who lives with her.
he needs his as a backup plan. I wouldn’t have an issue
sleep (he is 15 I know what with moving there, but I don’t
years older). Our sex life ended I need to do, but I guess I’m want to make that decision
two years ago because he looking for validation. There’s unless I know her feelings
says I’m too heavy. (I should got to be more to life than are similar. I also don’t want
lose 40 pounds and so could what I’m living. — FED UP IN to risk losing a friend. I’m not
he.) I do my best to take care MICHIGAN sure if I should just bury these
of dentist and doctor ap- DEAR FED UP: I agree. That feelings and say nothing, or let
pointments for the kids, cook you think you will be happier her know. Please help. — CON-
healthy meals, prepare for the apart from a spouse who FLICTED IN TENNESSEE
holidays, drive school carpool, deprives you of companionship DEAR CONFLICTED: The
GARFIELD etc. and affection, cheats, blames first thing you should tell your
I feel unappreciated, taken you for it and criticizes you reg- friend is that you are not com-
for granted and trapped. He ularly is understandable. Under fortable sorting through her
complains that I’m not giving these circumstances, your feel- messages. When she asks you
him attention, but then he’ll ings are valid. However, before why, explain that after these
comment on my appearance making any announcements, many years of best friendship,
or criticize me for small tasks schedule an appointment with you have begun to develop
that I didn’t do “his” way. an attorney who can guide romantic feelings for her. How
I’m tired and overworked. Is you in what steps to take to she reacts will help you to
it wrong to want to divorce him protect yourself. determine what — if anything
and be free of this loveless DEAR ABBY: “Cheryl” has — to do next. Right now, you
marriage? I cannot picture liv- been one of my best friends are in limbo. She may or may
ing this boring, unfulfilling life for a very long time. She has not reciprocate your feelings.
for the next five or 10 years. helped me through many But if she doesn’t, you will be
I have fantasized about a life issues and even some depres- emotionally free to find love
CANDORVILLE without him every single day sion over the years, as I have elsewhere.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Nov. involve a big finish. important to exert your influ-
22). Life will align more specif- TAURUS (April 20-May ence over the smaller ones that
ically with your talents. You’ve 20). Whether or you realize it actually can be, to some extent,
waited a long time for opportu- or not, you belong to a bigger controlled.
nities as good as the ones that picture than you can see. You LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). It’s
come in the next six months. wouldn’t guess who is thinking good to get things off of your
Don’t agonize over decisions. about you, nor would believe chest, though only if you won’t
Do what feels right and follow what opportunities are coming be worried later about what
through. You’ll succeed beyond your way. you’ve revealed. If you don’t
your imaginings. Your generosity GEMINI (May 21-June 21). have a close friend you can
will have long-term impacts on Though there’s an advantage in trust with your skeletons, the
BABY BLUES the lives of others. Aquarius being first if you can swing it, next best thing is a friend with a
and Cancer adore you. Your there’s no benefit to forcing the bad memory.
lucky numbers are: 4, 12, 18, matter. If it’s not happening nat- VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
3 and 48. urally, sit back and take notes Many have no interest in partic-
ARIES (March 21-April 19). so you can deliver something ipating in the larger mysteries.
It is said that if we enter by the better than the early model. You have devoted a great deal
gate of pleasure, we must leave CANCER (June 22-July 22). of life to finding purpose, under-
by the gate of sorrow and vice Because there’s very little any standing beauty and knowing
versa. Forget the spectacular single person can do about the truth. The quest will connect
start. The best impressions larger contexts of life, it’s so you to similar thinkers.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
To stay firmly rooted in any
practice at all requires not
only self-discipline but also
self-awareness. Know what
BEETLE BAILEY motivates you and what discom-
fort you are willing to face to
achieve it.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). The physical effort you
make to feel good, healthy and
relaxed will be well worth the
time and money, as will any
and all measures of self-care.
It’s not indulgence so much as
21). Your longings are universal
longings, your quests age-old,
and your desire is matched
MALLARD FILLMORE by the flame that burns in the
heart of every stranger you
pass. You belong.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). Manners are learned,
but the drive to use them is
either in there or it isn’t. You
appreciate the kindness shown
to you today, perhaps by those
who don’t know quite the right
way to do it.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). A person can change
hairstyles, dress or accessoriz-
es for effect, but when it comes
FAMILY CIRCUS to one’s soul, the only tonic to
make it shine is right action.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). There are many worlds
in the world. It would be easy
to assume they were all like
the ones you know, but they’re
not. This must be experienced
firsthand. No amount of media
consumption can reveal it.

The plot thickens

6B Friday, November 22, 2019 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Missionary Breakfast
Religious briefs
Grief Support Group
AP: Catholic boards
The Missionary Society of Truevine M.B. Church,
5606 Artesia Road, in Artesia, will host a Missionary
The Oil of Joy for Grief and Mourning offers a
grief support group at 6 p.m. every 2nd Thursday of hailed as fix for sex
abuse often fail
Breakfast at 9 a.m. Nov. 23. Guest speaker will be the month at United Christian Baptist Church, 232
Pastor Abdural Lee of Sand Creek Chapel Baptist Yorkville Road East. “Making your grieving journey
Church in Starkville. The public is invited to attend. For easier.” For more information, call 662-327-0604 or
more information, call 662-418-6854. e-mail unitedchristian@cableone.net.
Clergy sex abuse has cost more than $4B
Anniversary Singing Celebrate Recovery
Annie and the Caldwells host their Anniversary The Assembly Church, 2201 Military Road, and and implicated at least 5,100 priests by
Singing at 4 p.m. Nov. 24 at the West Point Civic Meadowview Church, 300 Linden Circle in Starkville,
Center, 130 6th St. in West Point. Special guest host Celebrate Recovery at 6 p.m. every Sunday at the church’s own count since 2002
include Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites, the Kaiser The Assembly Church (next to Lowe’s) and at 6 p.m.
Singers, the Echoaires, Armondo Adams and Redemp- every Tuesday at Meadowview Church. Get help, heal- By MITCH WEISS, MAT T SEDENSKY and REESE DUNKLIN
tion, Souls of Creation and more. Doors open at 3 The Associated Press
ing and support for any habit, hurt or hang-up using
p.m. Ages 7-12, $10. Adults, $20. VIP, $25. For more the Christ-centered 12 steps.
information, call Annie Caldwell, 662-275-8180 or Facing thousands of clergy sex-abuse cases, U.S. Catho-
lic leaders addressed their greatest crisis in the modern era
662-295-6103. Prayer for Youth with a promised reform: Mandatory review boards.
Every 2nd and 3rd Saturday, Pleasant Ridge Faith These independent panels with lay people in each diocese
Family and Friends Day Center hosts a prayer for the youth from 2-3 p.m. would review allegations fairly and kindly. And they would
The Church of the Eternal Word, 106 22nd St. S.,
help bishops ensure that no abusive priests stayed in minis-
hosts its Family and Friends Day program at 11 a.m.
Nov. 24. Dinner will be served. The public is invited to
Prayer, Free Coffee try.
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 2221 14th But almost two decades later, an Associated Press investi-
Ave. N., hosts free coffee and a prayer community gation of review boards across the country shows they have
broadly failed to uphold these commitments. Instead, review
Thanksgiving Service/Giveaway outreach service from 8-9 a.m. every 5th Saturday. For
information, contact Jesse Slater, 662-328-4979. boards appointed by bishops and operating in secrecy have
Peter’s Rock Temple Church of God In Christ, 223 routinely undermined sex abuse claims from victims, shield-
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. W, in Starkville, hosts ed accused priests and helped the church avoid payouts.
its Thanksgiving Day Service, followed by its Annual Radio Program The AP also found dozens of cases in which boards re-
Community Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway, at 11 a.m. Apostles Patrick Perkins invites the public to tune jected complaints, only to have them later validated by sec-
Nov. 27. Guest speaker will be Superintendent Joseph in to WTWG, radio 1050 AM for Perfecting the Saints ular authorities. In a few instances, board members were
Hawkins. Turkey distribution is a first come, first serve Broadcast, Wednesdays 8:30 a.m. themselves clergy accused of sexual misconduct. And many
basis. Free and open to the public. For more informa- abuse survivors told the AP they faced hostility and humili-
tion, call 662-323-5119.
Women Prayer, Worship Service ation from boards.
Church of the Eternal Word, 106 22nd St. S., holds When a man in Ohio braced to tell a panel of strangers
Pastor Anniversary a prayer and worship service every Thursday from 5-6 how a priest had raped him, one of them, to his disbelief,
Providence M.B. Church, 2320 Providence Church p.m. Call Marie Nabors, 662-549-4322 or 662-329- was knitting a pink sweater. When a terrified woman in Iowa
Road in Ethelsville, hosts its 22nd Pastor Anniversary 1234, for prayer requests. told a board her story of abuse, one member was asleep. And
program for Pastor Robert Moore at 2:30 p.m. Dec. 1. when David Lasher went before a room that included the
Guest speaker will be the Rev. Bernard Henry of the In- church defense attorney, he was grilled until he wept.
fant Baptist Church in Carrollton. The public is invited Prayer Ministry
to attend. For more information, call 205-662-3869. New Beginning Everlasting Outreach Ministry
invites the public to call in with their prayer requests ‘It’s all about protecting the church’
at 662-327-9843. “It’s a sham. It’s a cover-up,” said Lasher, 56, who told the
Forgive and Live Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida, board about his sexual
Forgive and Live meets from 6-7 p.m. every 1st abuse in April. “It’s all about protecting the church.”
and 3rd Monday of each month in the downtown YMCA Prayer Service The board ruled against Lasher, and the diocese stopped
Board Room. Inquire and seek information to succeed Church of the Eternal Word, 106 22nd. St. S., Co-
paying for his counseling. AP does not typically name sex
spiritually, physically and financially and be eager to lumbus, holds prayer service Thursday nights 5-6 p.m.
abuse victims, but Lasher and others opted to be identified.
be a blessing to the community, churches and families Contact Marie Nabors, 662-549-4322. Church service
Several bishops contacted by the AP, including St. Pe-
through the Word of God. The public is invited to times: Sunday school 10 a.m.; Sunday worship 11:15
tersburg’s Gregory Parkes, didn’t respond to requests for
attend. For more information, call Pat Fisher Douglas, a.m.; Tuesday Bible study 7 p.m. For information, call
comment. Some referred reporters to the United States
662-251-5899. Pastor District Elder Lou Nabors, 662-329-1234.
Conference of Catholic Bishops, which also didn’t respond
to interview requests.
Fellowship Dinner, Youth Service Fitness Transformations Others, such as Baltimore Archbishop William Lori, said
Pleasant Ridge Faith Center, 923 Ridge Road, The Transformational Church, 2301 Jess Lyons that while improvements are possible, review boards are liv-
Columbus, hosts a fellowship dinner and youth service Road, hosts boxing lessons Mondays and Wednesday ing up to the promises of the reforms mandated in 2002.
every 3rd Sunday. from 5-7 p.m., weight-loss boot camp Tuesdays and “They are critical to regaining the trust and confidence of
Thursdays 5-7 p.m. and both on Saturdays 9-11 a.m. our people, who rightly believe in increased lay involvement
Gospel Book Club in such matters,” said Lori, who served on the conference’s
Friendship M.B. Church, 1102 12th Ave. S., invites Youth Fellowship sex abuse committee back then.
the public to join its Community Gospel Book Club The Transformational Church, 2301 Jess Lyons Clergy sex abuse has cost more than $4 billion and impli-
from 6-7 p.m. the last Friday of each month to study Road, hosts Youth Fellowship from 7-8:30 p.m. every cated at least 5,100 priests by the church’s own count since
and share views of the Holy Bible. Open to all ages Tuesday. Games, prayer, service, food, & more. Trans- 2002. The church has been forced to reckon with abuse
and ethnicities. For more information, call Lillian Mur- portation available. For information, call Iris Roberson, again after a damning grand jury report in Pennsylvania last
ray, 662-570-1974. 662-295-7456. year.
Columbus Brick Company, loc- public participation. made in the payment of rent

ated at 114 Brickyard Road in and FRIENDLY CITY MINI-WARE- NO. 2019-00228-PDE
Columbus, MS, (662) 328- Persons wishing to comment HOUSES pursuant to said

Ads appear in The Commercial Dispatch,

4931, has applied to the Mis-
sissippi Department of Environ-
mental Quality for the following
upon or object to the proposed
determinations are invited to
submit comments in writing to
Leases is authorized to sell the
personal property to satisfy the
past due and any other

Letters Testamentary have

permitting action(s): Issuance
of an Air Permit to Construct,
Ref. No. 1680-00008. The ap-
The Starkville Dispatch and Online
Carla Brown at the Permit
Board's address shown above,
no later than the end of the
charges owed to it by the fol-
lowing tenants.
been granted and issued to
Myra Kate Richardson Cox, Ex-
ecutrix of the Estate of Richard
plicant's operations fall within thirty (30) day public notice. All NOW THEREFORE, notice is Payne Cox, deceased, by the
SIC Code 3251 for Brick and
Structural Clay Tile Manufactur-
comments received by this
date will be considered in the
To place ads starting at only $12,
hereby given that FRIENDLY Chancery Court of Lowndes
CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will of- County, Mississippi, on the
ing. A Statement of Basis has
been prepared that contains a tions regarding the
call 662-328-2424 or visit ads.cdispatch.com
formulation of final determina- fer for sale, and will sell at auc- 12th day of November, 2019.
tion to the highest bidder for This is to give notice to all per-
discussion of the decision-mak- application(s). A public hearing cash all personal property in sons having claims against
ing that went into the develop- will be held if the Permit Board storage units leased by the fol- said estate to Probate and Re-
ment of the permit and THE DISPATCH
finds a significant degree of n CDISPATCH.COM n FRIDAY, NOVEMBER
lowing tenants at FRIENDLY gister same with 22,the2019 n 7B
provides the permitting author- public interest in the proposed CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES 4504 Clerk of Lowndes County, Mis-
ity, the public, and other gov- permit(s). Persons wishing to Highway 69 South, Columbus, sissippi, within ninety (90) days
ernment bodies a record of the request a public hearing may MS. Auctions will begin at 8:30 after the first publication of this
technical issues surrounding is- do so by submitting that re- A.M. on the 6th day of Decem- Notice to Creditors. A failure to
Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices
suance of the permit. The Legal Notices
quest in writing to Carla Brown LegalA.D.
ber, Notices
2019 at 308 Shoney so Legal Notices and Register said

Statement of Basis also ad- or the Chief of the Environ- Drive, Columbus, MS and will claim will forever bar the same.
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI STATE OF MISSISSIPPI dresses any changes to emis- mental Permits Division at the continue to all FRIENDLY CITY
COUNTY OF LOWNDES COUNTY OF LOWNDES sions and/or discharges result- address shown above. The Per- MINI-WAREHOUSE locations in /s/ Myra Kate Richardson Cox
ing from any modification of the mit Board is limited in the the following sequence: 903 Myra Kate Richardson Cox, Ex-
Call us: 662-328-2424 NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE OF SALE facility. scope of its analysis to environ-
mental impact. Any comments
Alabama Street, Columbus,
MS; 44 Beatty Road, Colum-
WHEREAS, the following ten- WHEREAS, the following ten- Columbus Brick Company sub- relative to zoning or economic bus, MS; 4504 Highway 69 OF COUNSEL:
Legal Notices ants entered into leases with ants entered into leases with mitted an application to ad- and social impacts are within South, Columbus, MS. All auc-
FRIENDLY CITY MINI-WARE- FRIENDLY CITY MINI-WARE- dress construction of a new the jurisdiction of local zoning tions are with reserve and M. Jay Nichols, MB # 10066
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI HOUSES for storage space in HOUSES for storage space in control device on two brick tun- and planning authorities and therefore all units can be with- The Nichols Firm, PLLC
COUNTY OF LOWNDES which to store personal prop- which to store personal prop- nel kilns, which will allow the should be addressed to them. drawn from the sale at any Post Office Box 1081
erty and erty and facility to limit emissions of time by the auctioneer/man- Columbus, MS 39703-1081
NOTICE OF SALE hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) Additional details about the ap- ager. (662) 243-7330
WHEREAS, default has been WHEREAS, default has been below the Title V major source plication(s), including a copy of
WHEREAS, the following ten- made in the payment of rent made in the payment of rent thresholds of 10 tons per year the draft permit(s), are avail- Title to the personal property to PUBLISH: 11/15, 11/22, &
ants entered into leases with and FRIENDLY CITY MINI-WARE- and FRIENDLY CITY MINI-WARE- for individual HAPs and 25 tons able by writing or calling the be sold is believed to be good, 11/29/2019
FRIENDLY CITY MINI-WARE- HOUSES pursuant to said HOUSES pursuant to said per year of total HAPs. The pro- Public Records Request Officer but at such sale, FRIENDLY
HOUSES for storage space in Leases is authorized to sell the Leases is authorized to sell the posed Air Permit to Construct at the above Permit Board ad- CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will

which to store personal prop- personal property to satisfy the personal property to satisfy the incorporates limits on hydro- dress and telephone number. convey only such title as is ves-
erty and past due and any other past due and any other chloric acid and hydrogen fluor- Additionally, as a courtesy, for ted in it pursuant to its lease
charges owed to it by the fol- charges owed to it by the fol- ide to ensure emissions of those with Internet access, a with the following and its al-
WHEREAS, default has been lowing tenants. lowing tenants. these pollutants are below the copy of the draft permit(s) may lowed under Mississippi Code
made in the payment of rent major source thresholds such
that the facility is not subject
be found on the Mississippi
Department of Environmental
Annotated Section 85-7-121 et
seq (Supp 1988).
Call us: 662-328-2424
HOUSES pursuant to said hereby given that FRIENDLY hereby given that FRIENDLY to the National Emission Stand- Quality’s website at:
Leases is authorized to sell the CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will of- CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will of- ards for Hazardous Air Pollut- http://opc.deq.state.ms.us/pu Alexis Roby General Help Wanted
personal property to satisfy the fer for sale, and will sell at auc- fer for sale, and will sell at auc- ants (NESHAP) for Brick and blicnotice.aspx . This informa- 78
past due and any other tion to the highest bidder for tion to the highest bidder for Structural Clay Products Manu- tion is also available for review THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE
charges owed to it by the fol- cash all personal property in cash all personal property in facturing. The permit also con- at the following location(s) dur- Billy Ferguson PLANING AND DEVELOP-
lowing tenants. storage units leased by the fol- storage units leased by the fol- tains specific monitoring, test- ing normal business hours: 42
MENT DISTRICT is accept-
lowing tenants at FRIENDLY lowing tenants at FRIENDLY ing, recordkeeping, and report-
CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES 44 CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES 308 ing to demonstrate compliance Mississippi Department of En- Dae Wee Lim ing applications for part-
NOW THEREFORE, notice is
hereby given that FRIENDLY Beatty Road, Columbus, MS. Shoney Drive Columbus, MS, with the proposed limits. vironmental Quality 52 time personal care attend-
CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will of- Auctions will begin at 8:30 at 8:30 am on the 6th day of Office of Pollution Control ants to work in the Golden
fer for sale, and will sell at auc- A.M. on the 6th day of Decem- December, A.D. 2019 and will The staff of the Permit Board 515 E. Amite St Robert Clark Triangle area. Applicants
tion to the highest bidder for ber, A.D. 2019 at 308 Shoney continue to all FRIENDLY CITY has developed this draft per- Jackson, MS 39201 70, Park3 must have a valid driver’s
cash all personal property in Drive, Columbus, MS and will MINI-WAREHOUSE locations in mit based on information sub- license, reliable transporta-
storage units leased by the fol- continue to all FRIENDLY CITY the following sequence: 903 mitted to the Permit Board by Columbus-Lowndes Public Lib- Rochelle Jones
the applicant, appropriate rary System 50 tion and liability insurance
lowing tenants at FRIENDLY MINI-WAREHOUSE locations in Alabama Street, Columbus,
the following sequence: 903 MS; 44 Beatty Road, Colum- State and Federal agencies 314 N. 7th Street on vehicle. Contact Minnie
Alabama St. Columbus, MS. Alabama Street, Columbus, bus, MS; 4504 Highway 69 and other interested parties. Columbus, MS 39701 WITNESS MY SIGNATURE on Lindsey at the Golden Tri-
Auctions will begin at 8:30 MS; 44 Beatty Road, Colum- South, Columbus, MS. All auc- The staff of the Permit Board is this the 7th day of November, angle Planning and Devel-
A.M. on the 6th day of Decem- bus, MS; 4504 Highway 69 tions are with reserve and soliciting all relative informa- Please bring the foregoing to A.D. 2019. opment District, 106 Miley
ber, A.D. 2019 at 308 Shoney South, Columbus, MS. All auc- therefore all units can be with- tion pertaining to the proposed the attention of persons whom Drive, Starkville, MS. No
Drive, Columbus, MS and will tions are with reserve and drawn from the sale at any activity, including public com- you know will be interested. FRIENDLY CITY telephone calls please.
continue to all FRIENDLY CITY therefore all units can be with- time by the auctioneer/ man- ment, to ensure that the final MINI-WAREHOUSES
MINI-WAREHOUSE locations in drawn from the sale at any ager. staff recommendation on the PUBLISH: 11/22/2019 By: L.O.
the following sequence: 903 time by the auctioneer/man- draft permit complies with all THE COMMERCIAL
Alabama Street, Columbus, ager. Title to the personal property to State and Federal regulations. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Publish: 11/8, 11/15, & DISPATCH is seeking a
MS; 44 Beatty Road, Colum- be sold is believed to be good, Public review and comment on COUNTY OF LOWNDES 11/22/2019 mechanically-minded indi-
bus, MS; 4504 Highway 69 Title to the personal property to but at such sale, FRIENDLY the draft permit and support- vidual to work in its press-
South, Columbus, MS. All auc- be sold is believed to be good, CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will ing documentation is an import- NOTICE OF SALE IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF room. Applicants must be
tions are with reserve and but at such sale, FRIENDLY convey only such title as is ves- ant element in the staff evalu- LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- comfortable working around
therefore all units can be with- CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will ted in it pursuant to its lease ation and resulting recommend- WHEREAS, the following ten- SIPPI
convey only such title as is ves- with the following and its al- ation to the Permit Board. The heavy machinery, adhering
drawn from the sale at any ants entered into leases with
time by the auctioneer/man- ted in it pursuant to its lease lowed under Mississippi Code draft permit conditions have to tight deadlines and must
ager. with the following and its al- Annotated Section 85-7-121 et been developed to ensure com- HOUSES for storage space in ESTATE OF RICHARD PAYNE have an eye for detail &
lowed under Mississippi Code seq (Supp 1988). pliance with all State and Fed- which to store personal prop- COX, DECEASED quality. Flexible hours are a
Title to the personal property to Annotated Section 85-7-121 et eral regulations but are sub- erty and must. Must pass drug test.
be sold is believed to be good, seq (Supp 1988). AJ Budgins ject to change based on inform- MYRA KATE RICHARDSON COX, Email resume to
but at such sale, FRIENDLY 155, 212 ation received as a result of WHEREAS, default has been EXECUTRIX
public participation.
CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will Glen Wilson made in the payment of rent or drop resumes off at
convey only such title as is ves- 60 Justin Sherrod and FRIENDLY CITY MINI-WARE- NO. 2019-00228-PDE
ted in it pursuant to its lease 16 Persons wishing to comment 516 Main Street
HOUSES pursuant to said
with the following and its al- WITNESS MY SIGNATURE on upon or object to the proposed Leases is authorized to sell the NOTICE TO CREDITORS Columbus, MS 39701.
lowed under Mississippi Code this the 7th day of November, Kanesha Wilson determinations are invited to personal property to satisfy the No phone calls please.
Annotated Section 85-7-121 et A.D. 2019. 240 submit comments in writing to past due and any other Letters Testamentary have
seq (Supp 1988). Carla Brown at the Permit charges owed to it by the fol- been granted and issued to
FRIENDLY CITY Kitty Davis Board's address shown above, lowing tenants. Myra Kate Richardson Cox, Ex-
Caroline Payne
By: L.O.
64, 65 no later than the end of the
thirty (30) day public notice. All NOW THEREFORE, notice is
ecutrix of the Estate of Richard
Payne Cox, deceased, by the
Good help isn’t
Robert Solla-Bentley comments received by this
Coty Grant Publish: 11/8, 11/15, & 2 date will be considered in the
formulation of final determina-
hereby given that FRIENDLY Chancery Court of Lowndes
CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will of- County, Mississippi, on the hard to find
202 11/22/2019 fer for sale, and will sell at auc- 12th day of November, 2019.
Dakota Bradford
tions regarding the tion to the highest bidder for
application(s). A public hearing cash all personal property in
This is to give notice to all per-
sons having claims against
if you know
will be held if the Permit Board storage units leased by the fol- said estate to Probate and Re-
finds a significant degree of lowing tenants at FRIENDLY gister same with the Chancery
where to look.
this the 7th day of November, public interest in the proposed CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES 4504 Clerk of Lowndes County, Mis-
Deamber Sanders
375 IN THE MATTER OF THE ES- A.D. 2019. permit(s). Persons wishing to
request a public hearing may
Highway 69 South, Columbus, sissippi, within ninety (90) days Start your
TATE OF FRANCES VIRGINIA MS. Auctions will begin at 8:30 after the first publication of this
Gary Gordon
BROWN, formerly known as
do so by submitting that re- A.M. on the 6th day of Decem- Notice to Creditors. A failure to
quest in writing to Carla Brown ber, A.D. 2019 at 308 Shoney so Probate and Register said
search here.
DECEASED By: L.O. or the Chief of the Environ- Drive, Columbus, MS and will claim will forever bar the same.
Jennifer Overpeck mental Permits Division at the continue to all FRIENDLY CITY

Service Directory
226 BRITTANY BROWN, PETITIONER Publish: 11/8, 11/15, & address shown above. The Per- MINI-WAREHOUSE locations in /s/ Myra Kate Richardson Cox
11/22/2019 mit Board is limited in the the following sequence: 903 Myra Kate Richardson Cox, Ex-
Nakeshia Jordan CAUSE NO. 2019-0210 scope of its analysis to environ- Alabama Street, Columbus, ecutrix
279 Public Notice mental impact. Any comments MS; 44 Beatty Road, Colum-
NOTICE TO CREDITORS relative to zoning or economic bus, MS; 4504 Highway 69 OF COUNSEL:
Oscar Taylor, Jr. Mississippi Environmental and social impacts are within South, Columbus, MS. All auc-
95 STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Quality Permit Board the jurisdiction of local zoning tions are with reserve and M. Jay Nichols, MB # 10066
COUNTY OF LOWNDES P. O. Box 2261 and planning authorities and therefore all units can be with- The Nichols Firm, PLLC
Patricia Wilson
360 Letters of Administration C.T.A.
Jackson, MS 39225 should
Promote your small business starting at only $25
be addressed to them. drawn from the sale at any
time by the auctioneer/man-
Post Office Box 1081
Columbus, MS 39703-1081
Telephone No. (601) 961-5171
have been granted and issued Additional details about the ap- ager. (662) 243-7330
Quaneisha Aaron to the undersigned upon the Public Notice Start Date: plication(s), including
Carpet & Flooring a copy of General Services Lawn Care / Landscaping Sitting With The Sick / Elderly
240 Estate of Frances Virginia November 22, 2019 MDEQ the draft permit(s), are avail- Title to the personal property to PUBLISH: 11/15, 11/22, &
Brown, formerly known as Contact: Carla Brown able by writing or calling the be sold T is TREE
believed to be good, 11/29/2019
Public Records Request Officer butAat&such SERVICES FOR ALL YOUR FALL & RN NURSE seeking to sit
Ruby Anderson Frances Virginia Harris, de- Bucket sale,truckFRIENDLY
& stump WINTER LAWN NEEDS, w/ elderly person in home,
327 ceased, by the Chancery Court Columbus Brick Company, loc- at the above Permit Board ad- CITY MINI-WAREHOUSES will
removal. Free est. Call Robinson Lawn hospital or nursing home.
of Lowndes County, Missis- ated at 114 Brickyard Road in dress and telephone number. convey only such title as is ves-
Ruby Sunivelle sippi, on the 12th day of Columbus, MS, (662) 328- Additionally, as a courtesy, for ted inServing
it pursuantColumbus
to its lease Services, 662−435−8746 Light housekeeping
218 November 2019. This is to give 4931, has applied to the Mis- those with Internet access, a with since 1987.and
the following Senior
its al- or 662−272−8746. included. Ask for Mary,
notice to all persons having sissippi Department of Environ- copy of the draft permit(s) may lowed citizen
under disc. Call Alvin
Mississippi @
Code 662−356−6578.
Sherri Howard claims against said estate to mental Quality for the following be found on the Mississippi Annotated Section 85-7-121 et
Department of Environmental JESSE & BEVERLY’S
58 probate and register same with permitting action(s): Issuance seq (Supp
"We’ll go1988).
out on a limb for LAWN SERVICE.
the Chancery Clerk of Lowndes of an Air Permit to Construct, Quality’s website at:
http://opc.deq.state.ms.us/pu you!" Mowing, cleanup,
WITNESS MY SIGNATURE on County, Mississippi, within Ref. No. 1680-00008. The ap- Alexis Roby
this the 7th day of November, ninety (90) days from the first plicant's operations fall within blicnotice.aspx . This informa- 78 landscaping, sodding,
A.D. 2019.
tion is SPECIAL:
also available for review WORK WANTED: & tree cutting.
publication date of this Notice SIC Code 3251 for Brick and $99 WHOLE HOUSE
to Creditors. A failure to so pro- Structural Clay Tile Manufactur- at the following location(s) dur- Billy Licensed
Ferguson & Bonded− 662−356−6525
FRIENDLY CITY bate and register said claim ing. A Statement of Basis has ing normal
DAVID’S business
CARPET hours:& 42
carpentry, painting, &
MINI-WAREHOUSES will forever bar the same. been prepared that contains a UPHOLSTERY demolition. Landscaping, Painting & Papering
By: L.O. discussion of the decision-mak- Mississippi Department
CLEANING of En- Dae Weecleaned,
vironmental Quality gutters bush
This the 13th day of November ing that went into the develop- 1 Room − $50 52
hogging, clean−up work, SULLIVAN’S PAINT
Publish: 11/8, 11/15, & 2019. ment of the permit and Office of2 Pollution
Rooms −Control $70
515 E. Amite St pressure washing, moving SERVICE. Special Prices.
11/22/2019 provides the permitting author- Robert Clark
Grow your business
3+ Rooms
Jackson, MS 39201 − $30 EA helpPark3
& furniture repair. Interior and Exterior
/s/ Brittany Brown, Adminis- ity, the public, and other gov- Rugs−Must Be Seen 70, Painting. 662−435−6528
with the classified
tratrix C.T.A. ernment bodies a record of the Car Upholstery
ads.cdispatch.com technical issues surrounding is- Columbus-Lowndes Public Lib- Rochelle Jones
rary System
Cleaning Available
service directory.
PUBLISH: 11/15, 11/22, & suance of the permit. The 50
11/29/2019 Statement of Basis also ad- 314 N.662−722−1758
7th Street Find the best deals. Look here first.
dresses any changes to emis- Columbus, MS 39701 WITNESS MY SIGNATURE on
sions and/or discharges result- this the 7th day of November,
ing from any modification of the Please bring the foregoing to

Just a click away!

A.D. 2019.
facility. the attention of persons whom
you know will be interested. FRIENDLY CITY
Columbus Brick Company sub- MINI-WAREHOUSES
mitted an application to ad- PUBLISH: 11/22/2019 By: L.O.
dress construction of a new
control device on two brick tun- Publish: 11/8, 11/15, &
nel kilns, which will allow the 11/22/2019
facility to limit emissions of
hazardous air pollutants (HAPs)
below the Title V major source
thresholds of 10 tons per year
for individual HAPs and 25 tons
per year of total HAPs. The pro-
posed Air Permit to Construct

The best place for personalized

incorporates limits on hydro-
chloric acid and hydrogen fluor-
ide to ensure emissions of
these pollutants are below the
major source thresholds such

advertising in your community.

that the facility is not subject
to the National Emission Stand-
ards for Hazardous Air Pollut-
ants (NESHAP) for Brick and
Structural Clay Products Manu-
facturing. The permit also con-
tains specific monitoring, test-
ing, recordkeeping, and report-

ing to demonstrate compliance
with the proposed limits.

The staff of the Permit Board

has developed this draft per-
mit based on information sub-
mitted to the Permit Board by
the applicant, appropriate
State and Federal agencies
and other interested parties.


The staff of the Permit Board is
soliciting all relative informa-
tion pertaining to the proposed
activity, including public com-

Featured ads $5 Sponsored ads $3

ment, to ensure that the final
staff recommendation on the
draft permit complies with all
State and Federal regulations.

Premium placement
Public review and comment on
the draft permit and support- Preferred placement in search
ing documentation is an import-
on classifieds home page.
ant element in the staff evalu-
ation and resulting recommend-
results and highlighted online.

Highlight $3
ation to the Permit Board. The

Graphic $10.50
draft permit conditions have
been developed to ensure com-
pliance with all State and Fed-
eral regulations but are sub-
Highlight your ad
ject to change based on inform-
ation received as a result of
Enhance your ad with
public participation. with a dash of color. an attention getter.
Persons wishing to comment
upon or object to the proposed

determinations are invited to
submit comments in writing to
Carla Brown at the Permit
Board's address shown above,
no later than the end of the
thirty (30) day public notice. All
comments received by this
date will be considered in the
formulation of final determina-
tions regarding the
8B Friday, November 22, 2019 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com
General Help Wanted Apts For Rent: Other Riverfront Property For Sale


PATCH seeks a motivated,
SEVERAL 1, 2, & 3 BR
Community ON THE WEB
contracted carrier for the locations. Lease, Deposit, SALE. 199 Riverchase Dr.
Brooksville & Macon area. Credit Check. No Pets. in West Point. 2BR/1.5BA, Ads starting at $12 Visit www.cdispatch.com
Excellent opportunity to $375 and up. Call Long & 1.5 lot, fenced in, 50 ft.
earn money for college. Long @ 662−328−0770. enclosed steel slip, 40 ft.
Good Things To Eat
for a printable copy of
Must have good transporta- dock with hook up & new
tion, valid driver's license Commercial Property For Rent a/c. Available Dec./Jan. these puzzles.
& insurance. Delivers on $165,000. 662−574−
Sunday morning and Mon.- FOR RENT LOCATED NEAR 1209. Leave message.
Fri. afternoons. Apply at DOWNTOWN. 3,000 sq. ft.
The Commercial Dispatch, truck terminal, 9,500 sq.
516 Main Street in Colum- ft. shop & 3,200 sq. ft.
bus. No phone calls office/shop. Buildings can
please. be rented together or
separately. All w/ excellent
access & Hwy. 82 visibility.
662−327−9559. Looking for a new home?
Rentals Houses For Rent: North Let us help, shop here.

3BR/1BA Stove, ref, a/c.

Ads starting at $25
Good area. HUD, $565
dep/monthly. Credit check.
Coleman Realty,
Apts For Rent: North 662−329−2323.
Ads starting at $12
1 & 2 BR near hospital. Caledonia Schools. No
$595−$645 monthly. Antiques
pets. $800/mo. $800 dep.
Military discount, pet area, 1 yr lease. Weathers
pet friendly, and furnished CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE
Rentals, 662−574−0345. Magnolia Antique Mall
corporate apts. Open Mon−Fri, 8a−4p.
24−HOUR PROFESSIONAL Sat., Nov. 23, 2019
2 & 3 bedroom w/ 2−3
ON SITE MANAGEMENT. bath townhouses. $625 to Appliances YESTERDAY’S ANSWER
24−HOUR CAMERA $675. 662−549−9555. Sell idle items
Ashleigh, 662−386−4446.
Ask for Glenn or text. Washer/Dryer: Chest
Freezer: Lift Chair with a quick action Sudoku is a number- Yesterday’s answer
Washer and Dryer 2 years classified ad. placing puzzle based on
old $500. Sudoku
a 9x9 gridis a several
with num- 6 5 2 3 1 4 9 8 7
COLUMBUS. 75 Big Tom
TOWNHOUSES: 7.1 CUFT Hotpoint Chest ber-placing
given numbers.puzzle
The object 3 1 7 9 5 8 4 2 6

2019 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Rd. 4BR/2BA. $1350/mo.
2BR starting @ $620 No pets. Call 662−574− Freezer: 10 Months old,
Travel & Entertainment
based onthe
is to place a 9x9
numbers 8 9 4 2 7 6 3 1 5
3BR starting @ $680
W/D incl. Great location.
8090 for appointment. $200. Recliner−Rocker lift
chair: Lazy Boy New: $500. grid
1 to 9with
in theseveral
empty spaces 4 3 6 7 8 2 5 9 1
$200 processing fee & Houses For Rent: New Hope 662−570−1730. given
so thatnumbers.
each row, eachThe 7 2 9 5 6 1 8 4 3
$50 application fee. object
column is andtoeach
3x3 the
box 1 8 5 4 9 3 6 7 2
Bargain Column numbers
contains the1sameto 9 number
On−site Management. 3BR/1BA Fresh paint, new MUSICIANS "Use it
Onsite Security. carpet, fenced, all appl. before you lose it". the empty spaces so 9 4 3 1 2 5 7 6 8
662−328−9471 or included. NO HUD. $775/ GENUINE IVORY necklace only once. The difficulty 5 6 1 8 4 7 2 3 9
662−889−7565. mo. & $775 dep. Ref req. by Priscilla, $12.
That’s how the saying that each row, each
goes and it applies all level increases from
662−574−9749. Damascus steel 13.5" the more for Christian column and each 2 7 8 6 3 9 1 5 4
Bowie knife, hand made in musicians and singers
3x3 boxtocontains
Sunday. Difficulty Level 11/21
STUDIO APARTMENT FOR Houses For Rent: Caledonia the US with sheath, new in
RENT. Hwy. 45 between box, $30. 662−244−5861.
who have a God−given the same number only once. The difficulty level
Columbus & CAFB. 3BR/1.5BA 1600 sqft. talent but are ignoring
their calling and content
increases from Monday to Sunday.
No pets. No smoking. Nice sun room. Caledonia
$400 rent & $400 deposit. ROUND OAK Pedestal table to click a tv remote
School District. No dogs. with three chairs, $55. Call
662−328−2340. $765/mo + $765 dep. instead of getting out
662−244−5861. and "turning on"folks to
8155 Hwy. 12 near Old
Apts For Rent: West Country Store. 662−245− Jesus!
TOSHIBA LAPTOP Hey, I am an older
1191 or 662−549−9298. computer, $65. Call 662−

Christian drummer with
Houses For Rent: Other 244−5861. many years experience
who LOVES to play

Firewood / Fuel Southern Gospel,
LONG & LONG Country Gospel,
REAL ESTATE FIREWOOD FOR SALE. traditional Christian,
Apartments & Houses 662−328−0770 Various lengths. Bluegrass Gospel and
662−295−2274. etc. and am looking for
other talented
2 Bedroooms 3BR/1BA, Just
renovated. Like new,
musicians willing to
step up and step out to
3 Bedrooms brick house with Central
H&A, No Pets.
Loveseat & chaise for sale.
proclaim the Good
News in music and
Furnished & Unfurnished NEW!!! $290. 662−242−
2884. Leave a message.
song. I have the time,
3BR/1BA, clean and practice space,
1, 2, & 3 Baths move−in ready, Central
General Merchandise
resources and some
Lease, Deposit
H&A, $600/mo. No contacts to make it
Pets. 107 King Street. happen for a dynamic
& Credit Check WANTED FREON R12.
We pay CA$H.
group willing to just
DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA step out boldly in joy
viceinvestments.com apartment, Central R12 R500 R11. and Faith.
327-8555 H&A. Walk to MUW, Convenient. I am looking specifically
church, shops. $675/ Certified professionals. for guitar, keys, bass
mo. No Pets, No HUD. refrigerantfinders.com/ad and a dynamic,
Apts For Rent: Caledonia 312−291−9169 outgoing lead singer
WEST POINT: 1BR/1BA and back−up singers
spacious apartment. Sporting Goods who are not afraid to
Inside city limits. 2BR/ Appliances and water make it happen in
1BA. Kitchen applian− furnished. $375/mo. ED SANDERS GUNSMITH
OPEN FOR SEASON! public. Young, old,
ces provided. Washer/ No Pets, No HUD. male,female, white,
Dryer connections. 9−5: Tues−Fri &
9−12: Sat. black or green does not
Deposit required. Call STARKVILLE: 2BR/1.5 matter as long as you
662−436−2255 for BA, Central H&A, new Over 50 years experience!
Repairs, cleaning, have the talent and
further details. appliances. $550/mo. heart for the job. Think
Background checks No Pets. 104 Womack. refinishing, scopes
mounted & zeroed, about doing it mainly for
required. $500. the sheer enjoyment
handmade knives.
Mobile Homes for Rent Located: Hwy 45 Alt, North but also we could take
it to churches,
Apts For Rent: Other of West Point, turn right on
reunions, the pavilion in
Yokahama Blvd, 8mi & turn
New Hope Mobile Home left on Darracott Rd, see downtown Columbus on
1ST MONTH − Rent Free! a nice day, etc., etc. as
1BR Apt − $350−$385 Park 2 prime lots open sign, 2.5mi ahead, shop on
− BRING YOUR HOME! left. 662−494−6218. we desire. Practice
2BR Apt − $395−$495 once a week and work
2BR TwnHome − $625 Andrews Mobile Home
Park has 2 prime Wanted To Buy on selections in
Lease, Dep & Credit Check. between on your own.
Coleman Realty mobile home/RV lots
for rent in quiet heart of OLD RECORDS: Pre−1975 Now is the right time to
662−329−2323. USE your talent before
New Hope. Roll your 45’s especially large
new home right in. quantities. Also old it is gone and you might
Availability limited, so WINDUP phonographs & have to answer to the ACROSS
"Bandleader up
act fast and be a part of
our friendly established
78rpm records esp. on
there"as to why you let 1 Marina sight
labels: Broadway,
community! Application Champion, Conqueror, it go to waste! If 6 Pilgrimage site
& references required. Crown, Gennett, Herwin, interested send me a 11 Different
text at (706) 575−9399
Lot 1 − small lot
between great
Melotone, Okeh, Oriole,
and I will get back with 12 Hammerin’
Paramount, Perfect, QRS,
neighbors, ideal for long Romeo, Silvertone, you and collect names Hank
−term RV. We will Superior, Supertone, until we have enough 13 Stable animal
prepare electric pole. folks to get started. I
$175/month includes
Vocalion, Brunswick,
KNOW there must be 14 Check the
Columbia, Victors, many,
water and sewer. First many others. lots of local talent for fit of
month free with 6 Paul, 901−435−6668 this, so...? 706−575− 15 Music’s Yoko
month lease and 9399
16 Mark with
One person’s junk,

Lot 6 − oversized lot
ideal for 16 x 80 or
is another person’s 18 Rooster’s

treasure Need a new

double wide, $185/ mate
month includes water
19 Solar system
and sewer. We will
prepare site. First companion? center
month free with 20 Cowboy
minimum 12 month
lease. Please call Pam, nickname 40 News sum- 8 Code-based
DOWNTOWN 1BR 601−310−3528. 21 Freshener mary 9 Wine drink
This large 1 bedroom
apartment has been target 41 Sprinted 10 Building wing
recently renovated. It RENT A CAMPER! 23 Met per- 43 Rival of Harry 17 Chiding
features great natural light, CHEAPER THAN A MOTEL! former 44 Shop tool sound
hardwood floors, tall
ceilings and access to a
Utilities & cable included,
from $145/wk − $535/
25 French article 45 Stylist’s spot 22 Old roadster
shared laundry room. month. Columbus & County 27 Snaky fish 46 Mariners 24 Pay stub line
$750 rent and $750 School locations. 662−242 FIND YOUR 28 Eccentric 26 Attach, in a
deposit. Utilities included. −7653 or 601−940−1397. GOLDEN DEAL WITH ones DOWN way
No pets please. Call Peter,

662−574−1561. Office Spaces For Rent 30 First-rate 1 Pirate chant 28 Phone feature
33 Do a check- 2 Made amends 29 Was inactive
out job
SALES When looking
DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA LOCATION! Office space for 3 In time order 31 Pop, e.g.
CH&A, 1 story, W/D,
historic district, 1 block
lease at 822 2nd Ave. N. 34 Kanye’s 4 “— So Fine” 32 Black suit
662−574−3970. 662−570 music 5 Lock of hair 33 Flock makeup
for a new pet,
from downtown. −3970
$575/mo. + $575 dep. 36 Opening 6 Afternoon 35 Criminals, in
NO PETS. 662−574−8789. 37 Copy show cop slang
Vehicles adoption is
Peaceful & Quiet area.
39 Lyricist
Real Estate
7 Tombstone 38 Folded food
Gershwin lawman 42 Copying
COLEMAN Ads starting at $12 always a
RENTALS Ads starting at $25
good option.
Houses For Sale: East Autos For Sale
2 BEDROOMS 2 Bedroom, 2 full bath 1986 CHEVROLET
CORVETTE. Low mileage
brick house for sale. Large
3 BEDROOMS lot. House has living room, (107k), lots of documen−
2 bedrooms, kitchen/ tation/receipts since
© The Dispatch

dining and step down den. 1992. Lots of recent high

DEPOSIT Great starter home or dollar repairs completed. Five Questions:
This is a must see!!
AND rental property. $12,000.
662−574−3671 $7,500. Clear MS title in
CREDIT CHECK 1 Ladies Love
hand. 662−329−1252.
Lots & Acreage

662-329-2323 FALL SPECIAL. 1.75 acre

Dealer maintained, runs
Cool James
lots. Good/bad credit. 10% great, loaded w/ options.
2411 HWY 45 N
2 Ronald Reagan
down, as low as $299/mo. Just 130k miles. Only
Eaton Land. $12,500. Call 501−545−
COLUMBUS, MS 662−361−7711. 7750. Local!

One call will bring you results. 3 Onomatopoeia

4 Ear
or place your ad online at
ads.cdispatch.com 5 Lamb

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