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Characteristics of effective Business Messages

Characteristics of effective Business Messages

Provide Practical Information

Describe how to do something Explain why a procedure was changed

Highlight the cause of a problem or suggest a possible solution ‡ Give Facts
rather than Impressions Use concrete language and specific details.
Information must be clear, convincing and ethical

Clarify and condense information.

Business messages frequently use table charts, photos, diagrams etc to

explain a process.

State precise responsibilities

Business messages must be directed to a specific audience.

Persuade others and provide recommendations

Strategies that bring a favored response

 Use Strong words

 Use familiar words

 Use concrete Language

 Avoid clichés

 Avoid Redundancies

 Use Jargon Carefully

 Prefer active voice

 Avoid camouflaged verbs

The You View Point Positive Language

 Effective communication does much more than convey information. It

establishes a good relationship with the reader, a relationship which is
based on respect and courtesy.

 So In a good relationship use the You Attitude

 This is best implemented by expressing your message in terms of the

reader’s interests and needs.

Use you and yours instead of I and Me and mine, we, us, and ours.

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Characteristics of effective Business Messages

The You attitude makes the message sound as if it is written to the, not sent
by the author. A message prepared for the reader conveys sincerity,
personalization, warmth, and involvement on the part of the author.

 Talk about the reader not about yourself

 Refer to the reader’s request or order specifically.

 Don’t talk about feelings, except to congratulate or offer sympathy.

 In positive situations, use ³you´ more often than I. Use ³we´ when it
includes the reader.

 Avoid you in negative sentences.

 Problems arise because of faults in words, phrases, sentences, and


 Use Strong words

Examples Wealthy business person Tycoon

Business Prosperity Boom

Fall Plummet

Familiar words: words familiar to your reader’s frame of reference.

Unfamiliar Familiar

Ascertain find out,

Peruse learn study read

Concrete words

In general abstract words have a greater number of meanings, most of them

somewhat vague. Concrete words give a mental picture.

Abstract Concrete

Sizable loss 34% percent loss

Near future on Wednesday

Work-saving machine performs the work of 5 people

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Characteristics of effective Business Messages

Active words.

Verbs are the strongest words, and they are at their strongest when they are
active rather than passive.. The active voice strengthens and shortens


 The new procedure is thought to be superior by the president.

 The office will be cleaned by the janitor

Prefer Active Voice

 The president thinks that the new procedure is superior.

 The Janitor will clean the office.

 Your writing style becomes your body language.

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