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Year 8 Mathematics SPE REVISION (4th October 2019)

1) There are 120 tables and chairs in the school hall. One day, during an examination, only 40%
of the tables and chairs are occupied. 20% of them are occupied by male students. Calculate
how many female students seated for the exam that day? [3 marks]

Answer : ______________________

2) At a school canteen there are 235 items being sold. There are 3 types of items being sold,
namely, Nasi Lemak, Milo Ais and Sandwich. They are sold in the ratio 2:2:1. A third of the
Nasi Lemak is Nasi Lemak daging and the rest is Nasi Lemak Ayam. Calculate how many Nasi
Lemak daging is sold by the canteen. [3 marks]

Answer : ______________________

3) A bike costs $108. During a sale, it is bought by Zul at a discount of 20%. After few months of
use, he sold his bike to his friend at a loss of 30%. Calculate:
a. Calculate how much his friend paid for the bicycle. [3 marks]
b. Calculation in a single percentage discount on the original price. [2 marks]
Answer : (a)______________________

Answer : (b)______________________

4) Azirah receives a sum of money from her parents on her birthday. She spends 3 of her money
to buy a new school bag. Then she spends half of the remaining money to buy a pair of sports
shoes. If her final remaining money is $60, calculate:
a. The price of the sport shoes she bought [2 marks]
b. The price of her school bag [2 marks]
c. The amount of money her parents gave her at the beginning [2 marks]

Answer : (a)______________________

Answer : (b)______________________

Answer : (c)______________________

5) Find the equation of the line in the form of y = mx + c

Answer : ______________________

a. Calculate the gradient of the line L. [2 marks]

b. State the equation of the line L. [2 marks]

Answer : (a)______________________

Answer : (b)______________________

7) Given that the length of a side of a square is 13 cm, and the length of a side of an equilateral
triangle is (2x + 3) cm. If the perimeter of both square and the equilateral triangle are equal,
calculate the value of x. [3 marks]

Answer : ______________________
8) Solve the simultaneous equations below: [3 marks each]

(a) 5x + 2y = 20 (b) 3y – 2x = 11
3x + y =14 x + y = 12

(c) 4a + 3b = 44 (d) x + 2y = 6
3a + 3b = 39 x = 2y + 2

Answer : (a) x=______y=_______

Answer : (b) x=______y=_______

Answer : (c) x=______y=_______

Answer : (d) x=______y=_______

9) Syaziqah bought 3 chocolate bars and 2 sticks of fishballs. She paid a total of $5.20. In the
same shop, her sister bought 2 chocolate bars and 5 sticks of fishballs. She paid a total of
$6.40. The price was not stamped on the items they bought. Both are wondering how much
one chocolate bar and one stick of fishball cost. How do you solve this? [3 marks]

Answer : ______________________