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Rajagiri college of management and applied sciences


Rajagiri college of management and applied sciences

Name (Optional):
Designation/ Position:
Name of Travel Agency: Floral destination management company
Year of Establishment: 2016

Kindly check and write your best answer.

1. Which promotional strategy is being used most frequently by your agency?

A. Print Advertising (newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers)
B. Outdoor Advertising (billboards, kiosks, trade shows and events)
C. Broadcast Advertising (television, radio and internet)
D. Covert Advertising (advertising in movies)
E. Surrogate Advertising (advertising indirectly (banned by law)
F. Public Service Advertising (advertising for social causes)
G. Celebrity Advertising
H. Journal Article (to date no clear conformity exists on scholarly refereed and non
refereed publications)
I. Contribution to weekly/daily newspaper
J. Loose leaf publications (these can only be reported the first time as a scholarly

Public Relations:
A. Media Relations (TV, newspaper, magazine, internet)
B. Newsletters (used by marketers to maintain regular communication w/ their current
and potential customers)
C. Special Events (to catch media attention for arouse public interest)
D. Speaking Engagements (speak in front of industry conventions)

A. Personal Selling
B. Product Demonstration
C. Yellow Page Listing
D. Newsletters
E. Flyers

A. Posters
B. Word of mouth

C. Bookmarks
D. Banners

2. Do you usually give promotional discounts to your clients?

Rajagiri college of management and applied sciences

Yes No
3. If there were no special promotions, would there still be clients coming to your

Yes No
4. Does internet advertising give a lot of help to increase the sales and add more clients
to your promotion?

Yes No
5. How about other advertising agents like printing, television or radio advertisements,
do they also help increase the sales and get more clients?

Yes No
6. Would having a good PR attract more clients to come into your Travel agency?

Yes No
7. Do you compare online rates to travel agency rates?

Yes No
8. Do you remind your clients about the personal rates of your tour packages, promos
and seasonal packages?

Yes No
9. How about some other travel services, do you always accept them?

Yes No
10. Do you think that marketing strategy is important in the preferences of Travel

Yes No
11. Do you think that budgeting is important in marketing strategy?

Yes No
12. Do you identify the type of consumer you want based on your marketing strategy?

Yes No
13. Do you have more knowledge about the market of the products of your agency that
you deal with customer?

Yes No
14. Do you think that knowing your consumer is important in making strategy?

Yes No
15. Do you think that budget has an important role to play in the process of making your
own marketing strategy?

Yes No
16. Does your promos and travel packages clearly communicate in what you are about
you want them to know and understand?

Rajagiri college of management and applied sciences

Yes No
17. Are your packages and promos effectively different from other travel agencies?

Yes No
18. Do you know your most profitable customer and are you targeting prospects that look
like your best customer?

Yes No
19. Do you think that you gain more marketing advantages by offering great packages
and promos in your agencies with a greater value?

Yes No
20. Do you understand what the factors considered by potential travelers in selecting
your product and services are you focusing your marketing campaigns on those factors?

Yes No
21. The promotional activities undertaken by your agency is effective?

Yes No
22. Do you give extra products or services to your clientele?

Yes No
23. Do you think that having these promotional strategies can gain more profit?

Yes No
24. If you use these promotional strategies, do you think that your agency will be known
for its products and services?

Yes No

25. When does your agency use promotional activities?

All around year
During the tourism season.
Before the season (please specify the month or duration)
Others (please specify)

Rajagiri college of management and applied sciences