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Deinver “Canus Cor” Hilario

Literary Artist (Poet)

Author of Nostalgia, Sea Breeze & Paper Trees, Long Lost Parts,
Broken Lines, and Wintersky
Creative Process:
The artist starts his work in two ways: the first touch and the
first line. According to him, the first touch is concentrated on his
intent to write about a certain thing, idea, or concept. This acts as
his main theme or concept for his work. The first line pertains to
expanding the concept by adding words to fill the poem in mind.

He uses MS Word
The artist uses the
(in both computer
descriptive approach
and in mobile
in writing his works.
phone) and other
This would mean
writing software
that he intends to
as media for
describe or illustrate
writing as it can
the images and
be efficient when
feelings that he
it comes to editing
imagines through
and analyzing
verbose imagery in
errors in text.
text, even leaning
into stream-of-

People Involved in the Work:

The artist considers his close friends and mentors as his critics to his work;
thus, involves their thoughts in his writing. He also thinks of the general
audience, his readers, whenever he writes. Nevertheless, the writer deems
himself as the most important person to involve in his work as he believes
that a poem must embody its creator’s mind, heart, and soul.

The media mentioned above The repercussion of using

give the artist an unlimited technology as media, according
Medium access to his “pen-and-
paper” which makes it easier
to him, is whenever there is a
notification, he is compelled to
for him to write his thoughts look at it or reply to it. The
conveniently whenever they distraction it brings may lead
pop up in his mind. to the delay of work.

Creative The creative process of the The drawback of his creative

writer is leaning towards the process is when the work is
Process writer-friendly approach
which gives him a room for
too much concentrated on the
writer that the themes the
exploring his personality and writer is particularly fond of
thoughts. are recurring and becoming

The strongest asset of the

technique of the artist is the The weakness of this technique
colorful imagery and is the wordiness of the text at
Technique description in which the
same concepts and subjects
some point and the recurring
way of describing things which
may vary in description leads to clichés.
which provides a whole new
perspective to each.

Persons The people aforementioned Because the people involved in

provide positive support to his work are mostly his friends
Involved the author. The feedback of
his friends and mentors
and former teachers, the artist
has a feeling that because they
helps him a lot to improve are familiar with each other,
his work. these people may overlook the
shortcomings of the artist as
an author.
Art Suggestions:

The artist suggests that students may start by being genuine to

oneself. The artist, according to him, lives primarily on self-expression
and before satisfying other people’s aesthetic hunger, the artist must first
learn how to satisfy his/her own aesthetic hunger by freely expressing
Here are some suggestions that were recommended by the literary
artist in order for students to improve their writing:
1. Song Response – This activity allows the students to write
something about a certain song. It could be their feelings about
it or an alternative exposition or ending to it. This way, they can
get their first touch so to say in their work.

2. Thesaurus Poetry – This activity suggests that students look for

words that they have not encountered yet and try to understand
the meaning of each word. From these words, the students can
choose one word which would be the subject of their poem.