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Book Name : Emergence of Islam

Author : Dr Mohmmad Hamidullah

Submitted By (Code Name) : H45N1

Submitted to : Sir Ubaidullah

Date : 17 Nov 2019

The book "Emergence of Islam" is written by Dr Muhmmad Hamidullah from the
twelve lectures he addressed at Islamia University, Bahawalpur. Afzal Iqbal has done the
translation of this book. It is a very reader-friendly book and has erudition for almost everyone
who wants to acquire knowledge about emerging times of Islam. This book comprises of two
parts, six chapters each.
Part one deals with the historical perspective of Islam that includes:

1. History of the Quran

2. History of Hadith
3. History of Islamic Jurisprudence
4. Jurisprudence and Ijtihad
5. Islamic International law
6. Religion

In the first chapter, the author has elegantly described the history of the Quran commencing
from the earlier prophets and the book and scriptures revealed upon them and wherein modern
times have these books influenced the world. Then comes the revelation of the Quran and all
those struggles that were done to preserve and compile it. All of this is illustrated very
In the second chapter, the author detailed the history and significance of Hadith. Starting from
that, how the Quran and Hadith are related to each other and are always in parallelism. And
similar to the preservation of the Quran, How and why Hadith was also preserved in those times.
Going on to the third chapter and fourth chapter as they are somehow correlated, we encounter
the history of Islamic Jurisprudence and Ijtihad, where we can find basics of jurisprudence and
different school of thoughts on it. The author has also talked about the contributions of our
famous Imams.
The fifth chapter comprises of Islamic international law and how Muslims are the first ones to
introduce International laws. And why was international law was demanded?
The closing chapter of part 1 is all about the contents of Religion Islam.

"Emergence of Islam" is a remarkable book inscribed for all those who have almost any kind of
inquiry about advent if Islam. It answers the questions a common man proposes about Islam. It
gives rational and logical reasons that a mind can conceive and comprehend. One thing that is
striking in its text is that it includes various examples for each case presented or explained, that
make it user-friendly and easily understandable. And the examples given are mostly Historical
and of Prophets (PBUH) era. The Quranic verses present in the book reinforce the authenticity of
the text. The exciting thing is that every chapter concludes upon Question and Answers part that
satisfies any inquiry which came during the reading of the section. As the content of the book is
religiously informative and educational so we cannot ascertain any biasness. History is described
so splendidly that every weak reader can make his basis secure. The author has described the
efforts of those people who had made contributions in work. Every chapter has its influence
because it is written in such a beautiful way that context is evident and is engaging. Beliefs of
Islamic Religion that are although so well-known in our society that every layperson knows. But
the author has added information in such an impressive way that it draws the attention of the
reader. For example, Hajj, Fasting, Worship, Concept of heaven and hell, are commonly known
to everyone one in society but the not the exciting details about them

In History of Quran, Author presented that previously revealed books had lost their integrity
because of no preservation of these books and later on in a chapter on law, it is written that at
some instances Allah commanded Prophet (PBUH) to follow the rules presented in these books.
Another point is that in a few chapters some information seems like strayed from the original
topic — for example, the constitution of Madinah in the history of Hadith.

In Conclusion, It is a remarkable book and transcending work done Dr Hamidullah. This book is
recommended to be read and because it gives us information about the emergence of our religion
that most individuals are unaware of.