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Materials Design for Virtual Environments

Unit 2: Step 2 - Tools in learning environments

Grupo: 551021_5


Astrid Yanira Lemos

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia. - UNAD

Escuela de Ciencias de la Educación. - ECEDU

Licenciatura en inglés como Lengua Extranjera

Tools that create or support a virtual learning environment.

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, we can count on a great variety of tools that
we can have according to the pedagogical objectives. These tools are of great help to create
virtual spaces as well as to create virtual materials or to plan lessons, etc.

Among the most used we have:

The ActivExpression. (basic application on the Promethean board)

provides teachers with real-time information about students'

understanding and progression of their learning, while students work at
their own pace or as a class.

Blackboard. (learning management system)

is a flexible, simple and intuitive computational platform that

contains the necessary functions to create the necessary documents to
administer a course that is accessed remotely by students and using
the Internet as a medium.


stores and shares files and folders via Internet

is a technological, social, educational and free platform that
allows communication between students and teachers in a
closed and private environment as microblogging, created for a
specific use in higher secondary education.
is a tool for the creation and evaluation of online and
paper exams. It includes a question editing bank which
allows you to quickly create questions in any format, as
well as create study guides or test guides in just

GoKnow software

learning environment for mobile



Apple software for building websites

MyUdutu. (rapid e-learning authoring tool)

Is used to build interactive educational
materials. It is an online software, that is,
you can work from a technological
platform without having to download or
install a program on your computer.

Puzzle maker

Is a puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and

builds activities, quizzes, online worksheets

rapid e-learning authoring tool

Microsoft collaborative work space

learning management system

lesson plan storage/depository

is a free and open source software platform. Moodle is
similar to Edmodo in that it emphasizes building
communities in the classroom.
Brain Pop
is a group of educational websites with over 1,000 [2] short
animated films for students in grades K-12 (ages 6-17), along
with quizzes and related materials, covering science, social
studies, English, math, engineering and technology, health, and
art and music.

Study Island.
A proven K-12 practice and evaluation tool Programs aligned
with state standards to boost competition
- High Risk Assessment Preparation.
- Customizable classroom assessments and flexible
- Real-time progress monitoring to track student

These tools help teachers quickly create interactive instructional resources or curricula that
are then stored online. This allows documents to be edited collaboratively and
asynchronously, provides places for teachers to upload and make resources available to
students, as a way to track student progress and a place to publish assignments. Supporting
the sharing of resources is a way of stimulating student interest in a topic.
It is a way to ensure that all work and discussion in the virtual classroom occurs within an
educational space and under the teacher's umbrella. In conclusion, they are tools that
improve the teaching-learning progress and offer variety to satisfy the pedagogical
objectives supporting the virtual learning environment.