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Creating an Assessment Plan

This flowchart is designed to help you determine where to begin your assessment plan, and which steps to take from that point. Reading from
right to left, your planning should begin at your first ‘no’ response. Use the steps following that point in the flowchart to guide your plan for
completing the assessment cycle. Be sure to keep a record of what you have already accomplished, and document what you plan to do next.

Select one or two Do you have collected Analyze your data: summarize Prepare a user friendly Plan to reassess the
outcomes to focus evidence of student Yes
Yes the collected data in a report to share what you’ve outcomes at a later time to
your assessment learning (e.g., scored meaningful way. learned with the members determine if the outcomes are
plan on. rubrics, exam item or of your program. still satisfactorily achieved.
section scores, or
survey responses)?
Do the learning
outcomes reflect
Yes Yes
your current No
program? Collect your data: gather your
evidence and apply your method
Do you have something (e.g., score your items, apply your
Has your
that could be utilized as rubric)
program Revise the
No evidence (e.g., portfolios, Were all aspects of the
developed outcomes. recorded performances, learning outcomes
theses)? satisfactorily achieved?
Develop learning Determine what method you will use to
No know from the evidence if students are
outcomes. No
A curriculum map or accomplishing the learning outcome (e.g.,
pedagogical inventory can components of a rubric or exam items that
help you determine address the learning outcomes). Make changes to improve
practices in your program
student accomplishment of
that help students to
the outcomes, and plan to
achieve the outcomes. reassess the outcomes at a
later time to determine if
improvement in student
Select the evidence of student learning occurred.
learning you will use (e.g., an
existing exam, survey, paper,
performance or presentation.