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House Rent Receipt Template in PDF


Template#: c1002

House Rent Receipt Template was designed by and initially released on

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House Rent Receipt Template - Summary

House Rent Receipt Template in Excel spreadsheet ".xls" format provides a blank and printable
house rent receipt form for you to create house rental receipts. It is also a sample of customizing
our free invoicing templates.

House Rent Receipt Template - PDF Format

House Rent Receipt
Company or Firm Name (If Applicable) Lic. No. (Your text here)


Landlord: Your Address 1

Your Address 2 Phone# Contact number, Email
Your City, State ZIP Mobile# Mobile#
Your Name (Company Name)

Phone #

Description of Property:

Total Amount to be Received 456.00

Amount Received 100.00
Money Received By
Total Due 356.00