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"Kinder And Gentler" Push Promotion Strategies in Marketing Channel

Training Programs

Training programs aimed at improving the performance of channel members' salespeople can be one of
the most effective strategies for building channel member promotional cooperations.The training
programs is offered by the manufacturer for the channel members salespeople who need to undergoe a
training to improve their performance on a particular area that they need help.

In order to be effective,training programs for channel members salespeople must meet the particular
needs of the channel member and also it should be appropriate to their level.

We have two different levels in Training Programs

1.Wholesale Level Training Program

Training programs at the wholesale level should be aimed at helping the wholesaler's salespeople in
three major areas:

1.Their knowledge of the manufacturer's product

A wholesalers salespeople must be knowledgeable enough on their manufacturer's product . In able to

give an concrete details or information that the consumer's needed before purchasing that product.

For example if a customer ask details about the product you must have the knowledge to explain each
and every detail of your product once you forgot something about that product or can't explain clearly
that shoppers will never be your buyer.

2.Their selling techniques

The focus of this area is to enhance or to boost the sales skill of a wholesaler's salespeople.They need to
have different techniques for different types of customers.

For Example:
3.Their skill in counselling the customers

In these area, the training helps wholesalers salespeople to improve their listening skills, trust-building
and tension reducing skills, feedback skills, skill in selling to difficult types of people, how to protect an
image of excellence knowing when and how to sell features and/or benefits. For example the customers
who have concerns in a particular products aside from the manufacturer since they are the wholesaler
they are open to answer or listen to the customer's concerns about your product.

2.Retail Level Training Programs

Training programs aimed at retail salespeople are useful mainly for products that still need a significant
level of personal sales assistance.

The area of sales training needed at the retail level are similar with the first two areas in wholesale level:

1.Product knowledge

Manufacturers need to train their retail salespeople about their product.

Why? because it can help the selling skills of a salespeople, when a salespeople is knowledgeable
enough on their offering product or services they can easily get a customer than those salespeople who
don't have the knowledge about their offering product and services.

For example: On a electronic shops when a customer who wants to buy a telivision enter the shop they
ask for assistance and ask about the details of the best televisions.Then you must deliver the details
clearly to the customer in order to close a deal.

2.Selling Technique

Just like in wholesale level, retail salespeople need to enhance their selling skills.Salespeople should have
unique blend of sales skills for different types of customers.Since retail salespeople is having a face-to-
face encounter with their customer the salespeople should know how to handle every customers with
different characters.

For example:

Qouta Specification
First, what is qouta? it is an import limit and a business target.

They are viewed as a promotional strategy because manufacturers set qoutas in the belief that they will
encourage their distributor* to exert greater effort in return for rewards offered for reaching or
exceeding qoutas.Also manufacturers should be careful in setting a qouta it should be attainable for their

For Example:Moms sweet creation set a qouta of 5,000 if you sell the product of moms sweet creation
worth 5,000 you will get a teddy bear.This qouta specification tend to encourage us more to sell the
product they offered in able to have a teddy bear.