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Phytorid Technology For Sewage And Industrial

Wastewater Treatment & Reuse

Technology Provided

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Phytorid Technology For Sewage And Industrial

Wastewater Treatment

PHYTORID is a scientifically developed systematic treatment methodology for waste water.

 PHYTORID combines Physical, Biological and Chemical processes.

 Works on gravity
 No electric power requirement
 Scalable technology
 Easy to maintain
 Adds to aesthetics
 Cost effective


The general concept design for the Phytorid system is presented in Figure 1. However, the
design may be further modified as per specifications and land availability.

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Figure 1: Cross Sectional View of Phytorid System


Plan View



Parallel System
Series System Outlet

The sub-surface flow type, Phytorid system is proposed for the treatment of sewage or
domestic or industrial wastewater which will consists of a basin or a channel with a barrier to
prevent seepage, but the systems/ cells/ beds contain a suitable depth of porous media. A
primary treatment facility would also be constructed along with basic for effective removal of
solids and thus reduces the marginal BOD.

The porous media also supports the root structure of emergent vegetation. The design of the
Phytorid system assumes that the water level in the cells will remain below the top of the
filter media.

The vegetation to be utilized for the said Phytorid system is very important. Various species
of aquatic plants have been utilized to attain maximum efficiency in the treatment of
domestic wastes. These include species like Phramites australis, Phalaris arundinacea,
Glyceria maxima, Typha spp., Scirpus spp., other common grasses etc.


 Treatment efficiencies for the removal of faecal coliforms, BOD, COD, nutrients are up to
95%, which is greater than the traditional chemical methods.
 It is a very cost effective technology when compared with the traditional wastewater
treatment methods.

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 Since it utilizes natural vegetation and rhizosphere microorganisms, it is eco-friendly

method of treating sewage.
 An important factor to be considered is the aesthetic improvement that is provided by this
 No mosquitoes and odour nuisance
 The treated water can be used for enhancement of environmental architecture such as
roadside fountains.
 The quality of treated water is comparable to irrigation standards


Phytorid system being natural method, the final efficiencies as indicated in Table 1, will be
achieved after the system is stabilized which may require a period of 6 months after

Table 1: Performance of PHYTORID for urban waste

Pollutant Performance (% removal)

Total suspended solids 75 – 95

Biochemical oxygen demand 70 – 80

Chemical oxygen demand 60 – 75

Total nitrogen 60 – 70

Phosphate 50 – 60

Fecal coliform 85 – 95

Quality of Treated Water: The treated water will meet the quality suitable for gardening


This technology is natural system; as a result operation is mostly passive and requires little
operator intervention. Requirement for area can change on various factors such as load (kg
BOD/day), ambient temperature, topography of the region, flow characteristics, etc.
Maintaining uniform flow across the Phytorid system through inlet and outlet adjustment is
extremely important to achieve the expected treatment performance. Sampling of inlet and

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outlet will be carried out for a period of 3 months every fortnight after stabilization of the
treatment systems for first one year.

Comparative Performance of PHYTORID with other technologies:-

Sr. Items Conventional UASB Extended Facultative PhytoRid

activated sludge Aeration Aerated Technology

1 Performance BOD 85-92 75-78 95-98 75-85 80-95

Removal %

2. Sludge First digest then dry Directly dry on No digestion dry Mech. Negligible
on beds or use beds or use on sand beds or Desludging once
mech devices mech devices use mech in 5-10 years

2 2 2 2 2
3. Land Requirement 4500 m 3000 m 5000 m 5000 m 2000 m
for 1MLD plant

4. Maintenance cost 10-15 % of the plant 10-15 % of the 3-5 % of the 3 % of the plant 1-2 % of the plant
per year cost plant cost plant cost cost cost.

In fact no
mechanical or
component thus
very low
maintenance cost

5. Payback period if About 3-4 years About 3-4 years More than 5 More than 5 About 3-4 years
water is reused years years

6. Equipment Aerators, recycle Nil except gas Aerations, Aerators only None, all flows by
Requirement pumps, scrappers, collection and recycle pumps gravity
(excluding screening thickeners, flaring gas sludge,
and grit removal digesters, dryers conversion to scrappers for
common to all gas equipment elect is optional large settlers

7. Operational Skilled operation Simpler than Simpler than Simple Unskilled

Characteristics reqd. ASP ASP operator

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8. Special features Considerable Minimal to BOD removal Power reqd. Plant species and
equipment and negligible power highest effluent similar to ASP odour less
skilled operation reqd. makes it nitrified high operation simpler operations
reqd specially when economical at power reqd.
gas collection and even if gas Favoured for
usage considered revenue is small and
neglected medium plants

Civil construction requirement

Civil construction will be required for the following item required at site. Detail BOQ is attached.

Items Size ( L x W x H ) Each

a) Screen chamber for Plastic & Non-Degradables removal AS PER LOAD

b) Bio-Digester tank As per site requirement

c)Phytorid bed As per site requirement

d)Treated water collection tank As per site requirement

e)Pump & Piping As per site requirement

Client List Of Phytorid Technology:-

• Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (Igatpuri, Nashik)
• Bharat Forge Limited (Baramati)
• Siemens Factory (Kalwa, Thana)
• Premier Auto Ltd (Pimpri Chincwad)
• Warana Industries Ltd (Warananagar, Kolhapur)
• Ajay Metachem Pvt Ltd (Wadki, Pune)
• Ammunition Factory (Khadki, Pune)
• Mazgaon Dock
• Lion Point, Lonavala
• Nagzira National Sanctuary

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GGS/Biopreneur/ref./2014/4/1 Go Green Solution Pvt Ltd April, 2014

• Municipal Corporation, Durg

• Municipal Corporation, Bhilai
• Municipal Corporation, Belgaum (2 Nos.) & GCORP Bangalore
• (MOU) Has Been Signed Between DRDO And Ministry Of Railways, Government
Of India.
• (MOU) Has Been Signed Between DRDO And Ministry Of Drinking Water And
Sanitation, Government Of India.
• (MOU) Has Been Signed Between DRDO, Ficci And Ganga Action Parivar,
Parmarth Niketan.

Projects Under Implementation

• Raj Bhawan, Mumbai
• Smruti Vatika, Motibagh, New Delhi
• Ammunition Factory, Khadki, Pune
• Sadika Farm House, Vasant Kunj Delhi
• Raipur Development Authority, Raipur
• Bhillai Corporation, Bhillai
• Maharajbagh Garden, PDKV, NagpurSlaughter House, Kamptee
• Phalton Municipal Council, Phalton
• Svaswara Resort, Tadoba- Chimur etc.

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