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Profile Summary Report 

Personal Style
Giorgio is an ingenious, inventive person who is always seeking to discover new possibilities and
new ways of doing things. Giorgio enjoys working with complex problems and is unceasing in his
pursuit of mastering anything he finds intriguing.
Gifted with clarity of thought and articulation, Giorgio is an excellent communicator and presenter.
He prefers a “big-picture” orientation supported by reason and logic. Giorgio could be called one
of life's natural go-getters, as he possesses enthusiasm, vision, objectivity and accountability.

Seen by many as a gifted and natural leader, he has an entrepreneurial rather than a functional
management style. Giorgio likes to make things happen and drive everything around him.

Interacting with Others

He can be charming and stimulating company and will often enthuse with others to become
involved in his projects through his infectious personality.
He is a “networking” expert. His “drive” is natural and not contrived. Giorgio has a remarkable
ability to get people to follow his lead. Giorgio enjoys involvement in many activities, with a variety
of people. He is stimulated by doing the unexpected or the unusual.
Curious and alert, Giorgio prefers to understand rather than judge. Giorgio exudes charismatic
charm and a natural ability to communicate well. Unconventional in approach and enjoying
motivating others to exceed what is accepted and expected.

Decision Making
Optimistic, spontaneous, creative and confident, he has an original mind and a strong sense of the
Occasionally a non-conformist, Giorgio is good at seeing new ways of doing things. He is happiest
in a role which allows him to exercise his ingenuity to tackle one project after another.
To carry out his innovative ideas, Giorgio relies on his impulsive energy. He is a keen initiator who
finds most problems stimulating. Open-minded, curious and insightful, Giorgio has excellent
long-range vision.

Blind Spots
Because he is fascinated with solving problems, he tends to be impatient with routine details. He
would much rather engage in quick intellectual banter than complete some mundane task.
His natural quickness and pressure to anticipate what is coming means he occasionally assumes
wrongly that he knows what a person is going to say, and is tempted to jump in to finish their
Becoming more aware of what is around him and relying more on proven information may help
him root his creative ideas in the real world.

Giorgio's key strengths:
● Excellent communication and presentation skills
● Dynamic negotiator
● Constantly juggling a large number of projects
● Builds relationships quickly and effectively
● Change agent, industrious and decisive
● Enthusiastic leader who drives for results
● Zest for the people and things around him
● A natural go-getter with great enthusiasm for life
● Direct and quick thinking

Value to the Team

As a team member, Giorgio:
● Provides charismatic leadership
● Has a “can do” attitude
● Provides creative input
● Is always ready to offer service to colleagues
● Motivates others with contagious enthusiasm
● Adds excitement to the team through intuition
● Communicates clearly and effectively
● Maintains and generates high team aspirations
● Likes being in the thick of the action

Giorgio's weaknesses:
● May not actively listen to others' points of view
● Vocally defends his faults when challenged
● May have difficulty in sorting important issues due to various competing interests
● Tends to be perceived as arrogant in stressful situations
● May finish others' sentences for them
● Loses interest when the initial challenge has gone
● Not always attracted to what is practical
● Can be thick skinned and appear self-opinionated
● Becomes impatient with routine and repetition