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Gangs and demons

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ii| P a g e
The Ritual
There is a deep mystery to the gang culture within our urban
cities and among our youth, that few have bothered to look

Joining a gang is not just about companionship, validation or

filling the need to belong. Those are merely surface issues.

Joining a gang is actually an occult ritual that initiates a

person into the worship of specific demons. It has very deep
and severe spiritual repercussions to it.

IMAGE: Latino gang member.

This is why the Church of Jesus Christ must become mindful

of the spiritual forces and powers that are waging war for
the destiny of entire communities throughout the world, and
seeking to abort the future of our youth.

There are spiritual powers of darkness that are behind

every major urban gang in America today: particularly the

iii| P a g e
Bloods, Crips, Folks, People Nation, and several large
Hispanic gangs.

These aren't minor spiritual powers: these are high ranking

demonic principalities with extensive reach and influence.

Some of these demons literally rule entire urban centers in

several major cities at once, controlling the wickedness and
violence on a grand scale. They literally hold millions of
people in fear and spiritual bondage.

IMAGE: Hidden in plain sight. Demonic principalities are disguised as

artwork in gentrified blighted urban neighborhoods.

The Bible tells us we are not to be ignorant of Satan's

devices. [2 Corinthians 2:11] And one way he keeps himself
enthroned over people's lives is through the demons who
serve under his authority in the demonic realm.

The communities these demons control are plagued with

extraordinary amounts of death and violence, where crime is
so high that even police fear to tread those areas, due to the
likelihood of getting shot and possibly even killed.

iv| P a g e
Many of these places have literally become like a war zone
and a living Hell for the residents who stay there. Not to
mention the untold cost in lives lost, and the financial
burden on tax payers who ultimately foot the bill for crime
prevention, law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

IMAGE: Typical scene of high crime, low income areas where gang
culture proliferate.

It's important to note that demons couldn't care less about

race or ethnicity. Their only mission is to steal, kill and
destroy. So, if you think this is about race or socio-economic
conditions, think again. These demons have spread their
influence into suburban, upper-middle class and rural areas
too: Which means 9 times out of 10, they're already in your

In the communities controlled by these demonic spirits,

lawlessness reigns supreme. And the Light and spiritual
influence of the gospel is minimal at best.

Yet the church of Jesus Christ is the only earthly entity duly
authorized with superior spiritual force to subdue these
demons and dispossess them of their evil inheritance.

v| P a g e
"Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and
scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing
shall hurt you." [Luke 10:19]

IMAGE: Whether these 2 storefront churches know it or not, they are in

the midst of one of the most significant spiritual battles with the gods of
the ‘hood.

Should the church rise up and become aware of the spiritual

force they're actually dealing with, entire neighborhoods
could be released from economic bondage and criminal
oppression: and untold millions of men and women can be
set free and redeemed to live healthy, productive lives.

In this ebook, I list some of the major gangs, and their

associated demonic principalities. It's important to know
this, because when a person pledges their allegiance to a
street gang, few realize they're really pledging allegiance to a
high-ranking demon and its wicked agenda. Pledges and
oaths are not to be taken lightly.

"If a man vows a vow unto the LORD, or swears an oath to

bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he

vi| P a g e
shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth."
[Numbers 30:2]

I believe that when someone swears an oath to a gang, they

literally open themselves to becoming possessed by the
demons associated with carrying out the mission of that
gang. Because every gang is run from behind the scenes by a
demon. You'll see proof of that in a moment. This is why our
nightly news broadcasts are filled with the most senseless
and horrific stories carried out by the people most
associated with gang activity and street culture.

** Let's talk about tats for a moment. Tattoos, body

piercings and facial scarring are more than just a passing fad.
They actually have their roots in the spirit realm of ancestral
worship, worship of the dead and contact with demonic

In the ancient world a 'tattoo artist' was something of a

shaman. The tats or piercings they gave provided entry
points or portals for demonic spirits to enter a person's body.
This was the ONLY purpose of tattooing and piercing: and it
still is.

IMAGE: Tatted MS-13 gang member.

vii| P a g e
In the context of gang culture, this means that when a
person gets gang tats or related piercings, they're providing a
portal for the demons associated with their gang to enter
into them. The tat or the piercing actually binds the person
to the spiritual power behind the gang—for as long as it

Kind of like how Samson's hair was the link to his awesome
God-given power. As long as his hair remained long, Samson
could perform supernatural feats of strength. But once his
hair was cut, his strength became the same as any normal

Tats and piercings operate the same way—as Samson’s hair

in the Bible—but in a negative form.

Body marking is like swearing an oath to the demonic

principality behind the gang itself: giving it permission to
control one's life from that moment forward.

This is why the Bible warns God's people to NOT get tatted
or pierced! These are demonic rituals!

"You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or
tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD." [Leviticus 19:28]

Oaths that are made for gang membership must be revoked

and broken, in order for the person to be freed from the
binding power of the oath. Otherwise they'll continue to
remain under the power of the controlling spirit of the gang.
We'll talk more about how to break such oaths towards the
end of this ebook.

Without further ado, let's dive into this…

viii| P a g e
Gods of the ghetto
Whenever black folks in this country get away from serving
the God of the Bible, we will inevitably fall back into
worshiping the gods and demons of old Africa.

This equally applies to Hispanic people, many of whom also

come from a similar spiritual background and belief structure
as black folks do. These old demons include the ancient gods
of Egypt, and the gods of the other African nations. Which
brings us presently to the subject of voodoo.

IMAGE: Hieroglyph relief depicting ancient Egyptian god worship.

Voodoo or voudun as it is known by its African roots, is an

indigenous religion that features a series of gods, goddesses,
spirits, dead ancestors and demigods which are worshiped
and prayed to for various forms of help and protection.

Voodoo is known by many different names, depending on

the region where it has taken root. For instance: in Haiti and
parts of North America it's known as voodoo; in Southern
states such as Georgia and Alabama it's called hoodoo or
root working; in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay it’s

1| P a g e
known as macumba, candomble, umbanda and quimbanda;
in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and many other Spanish speaking
islands of the Caribbean it's known as Santeria: with the
darker form of Afro-Spanish voodoo being called palo

IMAGE: Afro-Spanish voodoo ceremony.

For simplistic purposes, I'll refer to all of it simply as voodoo.

In the voodoo system, gods are associated with specific
colors. These colors identify which god or spirit is being
summoned or served, and the colors also serve as a
protective mechanism or a spiritual shield. To be clear: these
aren't really 'gods,’ as we know that there is only ONE God,
who is God the Father in the Christian Bible.

These Voodoo gods really are high ranking demonic spirits,

some of which may have at one time been righteous angels
that followed Satan into sin; and exercise huge amounts of
influence over those who serve them.

The demonic world is highly organized according to rank and

power. Much like any military or governmental structure.

2| P a g e
Satan has his kingdom organized much like the mafia. He sits
at the head of the whole structure, with several ruling
demonic figures that act as kings over their own individual
factions or kingdoms.

There are demons who are answerable to other more

powerful demons; and there are chief demons, known as
principalities, that rule over lesser ranked ones.

One such demonic principality that has a powerful influence

over young Black and Hispanic men today, goes by the name
of Ogun.

IMAGE: A makeshift altar for the demonic god “Ogun,” Ogun is known
in many cultures (primarily in West Africa) as the god of war and iron.

I believe Ogun is the demonic being that has the strongest

hold on the minds of young urban men today. He is the chief
architect of their mentality and way of thinking. The
particular colors that are associated with this demonic spirit

3| P a g e
are green and black. This also just so happens to be the
colors associated with Islam. Which is the main reason why
Islam is such a popular religion among inner city African-
American males. Unbeknownst to many who follow Islam,
they're actually serving a demonic being!

IMAGE: Islamic collage depicting color scheme in clothing, building and

logos; green happens to be the primary color of the voodoo god Ogun.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not associating Ogun with any particular

street gang. My thoughts are that he's over them all.

Ogun is in fact the head demon among the others who

exercise evil authority over areas affected by gang activity.
Let's call him the strongman who controls the mentality of
today's urban youth: quick tempered, volatile and
emotionally unstable. Just like his voodoo persona.

His influence as a demonic ruling spirit is the #1 cause of the

high crime rate and all the senseless murders among Black
American men today. Ogun is one of the highest ranking

4| P a g e
gods in the voodoo belief system, known as the god of steel:
hence why guns and bullets—ironically referred to as
‘steel’—are in such heavy supply throughout the hoods and
ghettos around America.

IMAGE: News stories about Chicago gun violence epidemic.

The Bible tells us as Christians that our fight is not against a

human opponent:

"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies,

but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world,
against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil
spirits in the heavenly places." [Ephesians 6:12]

It further tells us that in order to fight against such spiritual

entities, we must use God-empowered spiritual weaponry.

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty
through God to the pulling down of strongholds." [2
Corinthians 10:4]

5| P a g e
If there is ever to be peace in our inner cities, the strongman
Ogun must be effectively bound. No man can do this on his
own. It will take a concerted effort of dedicated Christian
warriors, full of the Holy Ghost and power who are willing to
go the distance with this thing, like Jacob did with the angel
that he wrestled with. Only then can victory be secured.

** Let's take a look at a few of the other demonic gang

leaders below...


IMAGE: Gang member, The Bloods.

The Bloods are a notorious Los Angeles gang with a fierce

reputation for being brutal and deadly. They have a demonic
principality that spiritually rules them from behind the
scenes. And anyone who joins this gang will have to swear an
oath of allegiance to the demonic spirit that controls it.

The demonic principality over the Bloods is called “Shango:”

the voodoo god of fire and lightening. In palo he's referred to
as the principality Siete Rayos.

6| P a g e
Remember we talked about how the gods of voodoo have
specific colors that are associated with them? Guess what
Shango's colors are? Yep, you guessed it: RED. Specifically
red and white.

Which is why you'll always see a Blood gang member

representing the color red. The color red is what identifies a
Blood with not just the gang: but also with the controlling
demonic force that rules the gang from the spiritual realm.
These demons have tricked people into actually wearing
their colors!


IMAGE: Gang members, The Crips.

The Crips also have a ruling demonic spirit over them. Its
name is “Olokun,” and its known as a marine spirit. Marine
spirits are different types of demons that inhabit regions
where bodies of water can be found. They derive their seat
of power and influence from being around water.

Olokun is also known as a merman in the voodoo religions.

The colors associated with this demon are blue and light
blue: just like the Crips gang it rules over.

7| P a g e

IMAGE: Gang members, Folk Nation.

If you're in or from the Chicago area, you are probably

already familiar with the Folk Nation, a gang confederacy
made up of different gangs that include: the GD's (Gangster
Disciples), the Black Gangster Disciples and the Latin
Disciples. The colors associated with them are blue and

They also use a trident symbol as an identifying mark of their

gang: just like their demonic ruler that goes by the voudun
name "Yemaya"...also known as "Mami Wata."

In many West African cultures, Mami Wata is worshiped as a

mermaid goddess that protects single women with kids, and
effeminate men. This spirit's influence is so powerful and
pervasive, that she literally has many influential politicians
and business leaders who are members of her cult in several
African countries.

I believe this demonic spirit is the main spiritual influence

over the lives of many single mothers, particularly in the
Afro-American and Hispanic community; as well as being the
spiritual force of gay black males.

8| P a g e
Mami Wata is also a marine spirit: so there's little surprise
that the Crips and the Folk are generally on good terms
based on a cross-gang alliance. The Crips 'god' Olokun is also
a marine spirit.

Latin Kings:

IMAGE: Gang members, Latin Kings.

The demonic principality over the Latin Kings is called

“Oshun.” And its colors are black and gold...just like the gang
that bares those exact same colors. Oshun is another marine
(mermaid) spirit that's associated with rivers. This is a very
powerful and forceful demonic spirit.

If you grew up in a large to midsized American city with a

sizable Hispanic population, you've probably encountered
the Latin Kings in some way or another. This means the
demon goddess that controls this gang has been given
extensive rule over many different cities.

Not to get it confused: just because some of these demons

are depicted as goddesses it doesn't mean they're weaklings
or punks! Many of these demonic spirits within the voodoo
pantheon are extremely savage, and capable of wrecking

9| P a g e
much turmoil; especially the ones who masquerade as a

Peoples Nation:

IMAGE: Gang members, The Black P Stone Nation.

This is another powerful Chicago gang confederacy that

includes: The Black P Stone Nation...

...and the Vice Lords.

IMAGE: Gang members, Vice Lords.

At one time or another the Vice Lords were also on friendly

terms with the Latin Kings.

10| P a g e
The gang colors for the Black P Stone Nation are red and
black; and the Vice Lords use a color combination of red,
black and yellow. Their corresponding voodoo spirits are
called “Papa Legba”...and Baron Samedi.

IMAGE: Worship altar for the demon god Papa Legba (also known as
Baron Samedi).

Interesting side note: Chicago's gang culture exercises an

extreme amount of influence on the rest of the country's
gang life. Many smaller cities have local chapters of these
gangs as well. And since we know that gangs are actually
influenced by evil spirits, that means Chicago is one of the
epicenters of the power for many of these demonic spirits.

This also applies to Los Angeles. These two cities represent

the main demonic spiritual strongholds that keep many inner
cities of America in wicked turmoil. Hence why the murder
rates there have been astronomical in recent years.

11| P a g e
The Cult of death:

IMAGE: MS-13 gang members.

The Mara Savatrucha gang—better known as MS-13—has

been grabbing headlines a lot lately, especially since the
President of the United States has stated his intent to
eliminate the gang from American shores.

This gang which started among El Salvadorian immigrants in

Los Angeles has earned a bloody and brutal reputation
across the nation and throughout Central America.

The demonic spirit associated with the notorious MS-13 gang

is known in Hispanic circles as Santa Muerte: 'Our Lady Of
The Holy Death.'

Santa Muerte is a folk deity of Mexican folk religion, which is

a mixture of Roman Catholicism and Aztec belief systems.

12| P a g e
Remember: the Mexicans of today are the descendants of
ancient Aztecs who were conquered by the Spanish.

IMAGE: Santa Muerte temple in Los Angeles.

IMAGE: Santa Muerte in-house gang altar.

Santa Muerte is the modern name of an Aztec goddess

whose name is Mictecacihuatl. When translated that means
'Lady Of The Dead.'

13| P a g e
IMAGE: Mictecacihuatl: Aztec goddess of the Underworld. Note the
many skulls placed around her.

In Aztec beliefs, this goddess was known as the ruler of the


The Aztecs celebrated festivals of the dead, which has

morphed in modern Mexican culture as the ‘Day Of The
Dead’ festival. The Day of The Dead celebrates Santa Muerte,
who was believed to have been sacrificed as an infant shortly
after being born.

14| P a g e
IMAGE: Day of the Dead festival in Mexico City.

This is the patron deity of the deadly MS-13 street gang,

which has its roots in Hispanic communities across The
United States, Central and South America.

IMAGE: Statue of Santa Muerte carrying “Jesus.”

15| P a g e
MS-13 celebrates the spirit of death. Let that really sink in. Is
it any wonder they are known for brutal murders and
physical attacks on their enemies, like the death of 15-year
old Damaris Reyes Rivas, who was stabbed 13 times to death
in Virginia in 2017 by members of the gang?

IMAGE: (News story) Example of MS-13 gang activity in Long Island, NY.

Some of the murders committed by MS-13 aren't random:

especially against young girls. They're actually ritual sacrifices
to their goddess Santa Muerte. When you celebrate an
ancient demonic spirit of death, what would you expect but
death and murder to follow?

16| P a g e
Pledging to demons:
The spirits behind the
When you pledge to a fraternity or a sorority, you're
pledging to a DEMON. Each of the nine different Black Greek
Letter Organizations has a specific Greek or Egyptian god
that must be pledged to along with the organization itself.
Those who have pledged know exactly what I am referring
to; as they themselves had to swear an oath after they
successfully crossed the line.

IMAGE: A common custom—a rite of passage—of Black Greek Letter

Organizations (BGLO); it is a masked ritual where initiates unveil (reveal
their face) and introduce themselves to the BGLO community at their
college campus.

The Bible is specific about other 'gods' being nothing more

than demons masquerading as divine figures in ancient
religions and myths.

17| P a g e
"What do I mean then? That a thing sacrificed to idols is
anything, or that an idol is anything? No, but I say that the
things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons
and not to God; and I do not want you to become sharers in
demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of
demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the
table of demons." [1 Corinthians 10:19-21]

The word of God is crystal clear: there is only ONE God. And
He doesn't share His glory with any other god. Beside Him
there is no other. Furthermore, a person who has pledged
their allegiance to Jesus Christ has no business pledging their
allegiance to a Greek version of an Egyptian god anyway.

"Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around
you." [Deuteronomy 6:14]

"When the LORD made a covenant with the Israelites, he

commanded them: ‘Do not worship any other gods or bow
down to them, serve them or sacrifice to them.’" [2 Kings

"You shall have no foreign god among you; you shall not
worship any god other than me." [Psalm 81:9]

Can it be any clearer?

I have created a short list of the different gods pledged to by

members of BGLO’s. If you have pledged to any of these
demons at any point in time, it's time to repent, leave those
organizations behind, and proceed with God with a full
unadulterated heart.

How can you serve both Jesus Christ and some other god
too, when the very first thing God commanded was:

18| P a g e
"You shall have no other gods before me." [Deuteronomy

It should be noted that within the Black Greek Organizations,

Egyptian spiritual iconography is often mixed freely with
Greek gods and symbols. This only makes sense when you
view things through an historical lens.

When Alexander the Great was on his world conquest, he

came into Egypt and was amazed at what he saw. The
massive scale of culture, architecture, spirituality and
knowledge was like nothing the Greeks had ever seen
before. So impressed was he in fact, that he chose to make
Egypt the headquarters for the new Greek empire.

He built a city called Alexandria, named after himself, that

still exists there today. Alexandria Egypt became the center
of learning and culture for the ancient world. So many
Greeks began to pour into Egypt that within a few hundred
years the total complexion of the Egyptian people began to
change. Dark skin gave way to lighter shades and hues of
browns and yellows.

This period of Egyptian history was called Hellenization,

which is just a big word meaning the Greek invasion and
absorption of everything Egyptian. New rulers of Grecian
origin began to rule Egypt, giving rise to the Ptolemaic
dynasty of Pharaohs and rulers: most of whom were of
mixed race ancestry. Cleopatra and her family came from the
Ptolemaic dynasty.

This is important in understanding why black Greek

organizations are so gung-ho about being associated with
Greek culture instead of purely Egyptian culture. The short
answer is because they basically identify more with the

19| P a g e
Hellenized version of Egypt; not the purely AFRICAN version
of ancient Egypt that existed prior to the Grecian conquest.

IMAGE: Depiction of how the Egyptian developed lighter skin

Putting it even more simply: these Black Greek Letter

Organizations have positioned themselves to be servants to
the white ruling class here in America, by acting as the buffer
between black and white societies: and by acting as the
leaders of the black community simultaneously.

By having this dual role, they get to reap the benefits that
come with being closely positioned to the elite power
structure; and at the same time cashing in on the social
benefits of being the elite of the black community. But it’s
important to note that they identify more with the culture
and community of the ruling class than with the black
communities they supposedly represent overall.

I'm not saying this applies individually to every person who's

ever pledged Greek. There are many who have joined these
organizations who have done much to advance the
progressiveness of the African-American community; and
many believe that just by joining these organizations they’re
uplifting the race. So, save the angry emails.

But put on your thinking cap here. Why is it that almost

EVERY black American leader of note, whether in politics,
20| P a g e
religion, business or otherwise, they've all been a member of
a black Greek sorority or fraternity?

And why after 100 years of having these Black Greek

organizations filled with our "talented tenth" we're basically
in the same place today socio-economically speaking, as we
were 100 years ago?

IMAGE: Collectively, over the past 100 years, the financial progress of
Black Americans has regressed.

IMAGE: The plight of black men has increasingly declined under the
oversight of black leaders handpicked from Black Greek Organizations.

21| P a g e
Something doesn't add up. It only makes sense if you
understand that these organizations are allowed to flourish
virtually untouched by the dominant white power structure
because they're viewed as harmless to the cause of
maintaining power by the dominant class.

After all: they didn't allow Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro

Improvement Association, or the Black Panther’s
organization to exist unmolested.

IMAGE: Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association and

African Communities League—from 1914 to 1925, the most successful
Black “financial-business” movement in Black America’s history.
Abruptly hindered and stopped by outside forces.

They bugged Martin Luther King Jr.'s offices every chance

they got; and had spies sitting in the meetings of every other
black grassroots organization that was pushing for social
change. They even followed and spied on the black ministers
like Charles Harrison Mason, founder of the Church Of God
In Christ, and his Pentecostal church organization.

Why are the black Greeks and their offshoot organizations

like the NAACP given a pass? People from those
organizations end up becoming tomorrow’s black political,
religious and civic leaders. This is not by accident.

22| P a g e
Just wanted to give you some background information along
with points to ponder as we get into discovering who the
gods of these black Greeks are. Here's a hint: it ain't the God
of the Bible! One last thing before we get into the list:

You ever hear of an event known as the Greek Picnic? It

began in the early 80s as a celebration of black college Greek
life and culture in the city of Atlanta. But it wasn't long
before The Greek Picnic morphed into what became
infamously known as Freaknik in the early 90s.

Freaknik was the logical conclusion for a huge open air party
dedicated to the celebration of black "Greek" life and
culture. Have we forgotten what Greek culture was really
like? The celebrations of the ancient Greeks were essentially
wild drunken sex orgies! Which is what Freaknik became: an
open-air annual orgy played out right in the heart of
downtown Atlanta, over a three day period of time.

IMAGE: Random women dancing on stage at Freaknik.

The gridlocked traffic got so bad during these events, people

would basically park their cars in the middle of the street, get
out and party right where they were. It was common for
young black women to be seen riding in the back of pickup
trucks, bent over with skirts lifted up, twerking sexually to
the jeers and hoots of horny guys. And of course copious
23| P a g e
amounts of pictures were taken. People were having sex on
the hood of their cars: right out in the open air!

I remember going to these events as a young man. I had

never seen anything like it! In such an atmosphere sexual
assaults became common. Groups of young guys would
wander through the crowds encircling young ladies and
outright molest them, while filming every bit of it. Fights and
stabbings became commonplace. These street parties grew
so large and out of control that the city of Atlanta decided to
shut the whole thing down in the late 90's.

I bring this up because Freaknik was nothing short of a huge

ritual celebration to the Greek god Bacchus. Bacchus also
went by the name of Dionysus, and was worshipped as the
god of drunkenness and wild orgies in ancient Greek culture.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. After all: you can't

separate Greek culture from its gods. And even if you call
yourself a black Greek, by your oaths and pledges you have
bound yourself to be under the spiritual power and
influences of those same Greek gods. You have in fact,
willfully chosen to serve them.

IMAGE: Ancient Greco-Roman coins used in temples for sex rituals;

Greece was steeped in fornication and sexual idolatry.

24| P a g e
I just wanted to point out the connection between black
Greek life and ancient Greek culture. You really can’t
separate the two from each other.

So, without further ado, let's get to this list! Here are the
gods, goddesses, demonic spirits and deities of the Divine
Nine, the Black Greek Letter Organizations, and the National
Pan-Hellenic Council:


IMAGE: Alpha Phi Alpha members.

They're association is with the Sphinx. A sphinx was a type of

demon from antiquity, very feared among the Greeks and
Egyptians because if its ferocity. Its origins are pre-Flood,
believed to be the offspring of one of the fallen Watchers
(mentioned in Genesis chapter six and in the apocryphal
Book of Enoch) and a human woman. Statues of the sphinx
were often placed as guardians at the entrance of temples,
and as a warning to those about to enter.

25| P a g e

IMAGE: Kappa Alpha Psi members.

Their god is the Egyptian god Thoth; also known among the
Greeks as Hermes. This is the god associated with the moon,
writing and ritual magic and secret knowledge. Thoth was
also known as the god of scribes. He was also called Mercury
to the Romans. He's the messenger of the gods, also
associated with business prosperity and athletics. He's best
known for carrying the caduceus, the rod with the two
intertwined serpents: which represents occult knowledge
obtained through ritual sex magick.

Interesting to note: according to Greek myth, Hermes

(Thoth) gave birth to a son named Priapus. I talked about
Priapus in my ebook 'Diva Goddess Queen.' Priapus is the
god associated with a lasting erection (hence the medical
term priapism), and the patron god of the homosexual
community. I just found that to be interesting in light of the
uproar over the gay Kappa wedding that took place a few
years ago. When Hermes is your god, don’t be surprised
when it gives birth to Priapus!

26| P a g e

IMAGE: Alpha Kappa Alpha members.

Their god is actually a goddess. And its name is Isis: the

mother of all goddess religions in the world. Isis has many
other names, depending on the culture in question. To the
Babylonians she was Ishtar; to the Phoenicians and Hebrews
she was Astarte and Ashtoreth; to you and me she's the
Statue of Liberty that stands today in New York City. Isis was
known as the mother of all prostitutes, destitute women,
single moms, children without mothers. She was also
referred to as the queen mother of all witches around the
world: a title she still holds today among many Wiccans,
where she is worshipped under the name of Diana.

This was the goddess referred to in Acts 19, when Paul

visited the city of Ephesus. Isis was best known for her ability
to make women more seductive towards the opposite sex,
and for her abilities to cast love spells. She was the goddess
of erotic love and sensuality.

27| P a g e

IMAGE: Delta Sigma Theta members.

Associated with the goddess Minerva. Her Greek counterpart

was Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She's also associated
with the arts, cunning and strategy.

It should be noted: when the Greeks speak about wisdom,

it's always in the occult context. They're not referring to
godly wisdom that makes one wise towards righteousness.
They're speaking of the occult tradition of wisdom that deals
primarily with different forms of demonic conjurations and
ritual sex magic.

The Delta’s wisdom is a throwback to the kind offered to Eve

by the serpent when it seduced her to eat from the Tree of
Knowledge of Good and Evil.

28| P a g e

IMAGE: Zeta Phi Beta members; notice the hand-sign (symbolizes a cat).

Associated with the cat-headed goddess Bastet. Also known

by the name of Sekhmet, the goddess with the head of a

IMAGE: Stone relief of ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet (Sekhmet); the

goddess of ZETA PHI BETA.

Bastet was the goddess of protection. She was also called

Pasht. Pasht is where we get our word passion from; which
means this particular goddess was also associated with
human sexual passion and love-making.

29| P a g e

IMAGE: Omega Psi Phi members.

Their god is Anubis—the dog-headed god. Hence why Q's, as

they're affectionately known, have the reputation on campus
of being 'doggish' in their behavior towards the ladies.

IMAGE: Egyptian god “Anubis,” the god of OMEGA PSI PHI.

Anubis is actually its Greek name; the Egyptians referred to it

as Anpu. It was the guardian of the underworld and
mummification. Anubis is also associated with the dog star
Sirius, and the star system known as Alpha Canis Majoris.

30| P a g e

IMAGE: Sigma Gamma Rho members (line formation resembles a wing).

Associated with the winged goddess Ma'at—the Egyptian

deity of balance, justice, order and truth.

IMAGE: Egyptian goddess Ma'at; the goddess of SIGMA GAMMA RHO.

Her masculine counterpart would be Thoth; and she

essentially served a similar role by imparting occult
knowledge and wisdom to those who served her.

31| P a g e

IMAGE: Iota Phi Theta members.

This organization's association is with the centaur Chiron—

patron god of teaching and mentoring youth. In Greek
mythology, he was the eldest and wisest of a race of
centaurs: half human half horse creatures that came into
existence when fallen angels mixed with human women
sexually. His father was Kronos (Saturn), and his mother was
a nymph (and elemental spirit). Chiron was known as a wise
healer, teacher and a prophet. But most noted for his role as
a mentor of youth.

** These are the "divine nine" Black Greek Letter

Organizations. If you've pledged yourself to one of these
groups, I'm not trying to beat up on you. But we should
never enter into something lightly, not being fully aware of
what we're actually entering into. A pledge or an oath is like
signing a contract in the spiritual realm. And like any
contract: it's always best to be fully aware of the terms and

32| P a g e
Most likely, if you knew you would literally be pledging to a
demonic spirit, you wouldn't have done so. But who said that
demons played fair? This is why the Bible warns us against
making pledges and swearing oaths. Especially when doing
so willingly, under our own volition.


"What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what
does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?" [2
Corinthians 6:15]

These names and deities aren't just cute little mascots from
a bygone era. They were actual entities that had their own
religions and people that literally worshiped them. It's really
no different than pledging directly to Satan himself, or
joining a witch’s coven.

If you've already pledged, I'm not telling you what to do.

You're an adult: so, you can decide for yourself. The purpose
of this chapter was to help you see things how God sees
them; not how you wish to see them. That way you can
proceed with a clear understanding of what you are involved

It doesn't matter if your particular organization does good

"Christian" works in the community. They're not Christian! In
fact, they're really pagan, occult and demonic in nature. And
your participation in these organizations places you in direct
agreement with the spirits operating through them.

Just for the record: this equally applies to those of you who
are Prince Hall Masons and Eastern Stars. Your
organizations are spiritually just as bad, if not worse! Have
you any idea what that Masonic or eastern star really
represents? Satan must be clasping his hands in glee at all
these clueless Christians!

33| P a g e
Wizards, warlocks and
thor worshipers
If you still think the klan, skinheads and other racist
organizations were Christian-based, you've been tricked,
bamboozled, hood-winked and deceived!

The klan always were nothing more than witches and

warlocks who used the cloak of cultural Christianity to hide
the fact that they were really practicing witches.

IMAGE: Klu Klux Klan at a church.

(Cultural Christianity is basically when a society agrees to live

by laws that are built on mostly biblical principles, but
doesn't necessarily follow the fullest expression of
Christianity the way a born-again believer would.)

Witchcraft was always an unpopular thing in American

society—at least until recently. So, the klan couldn't come
out as full-blown witches. So, they put on hoods and robes
and mimicked the different masonic organizations by
claiming to be a 'secret society.' That way only real members
would know and understand what they were truly all about.

34| P a g e
Like I always ask: What real Christian would set a cross on
fire or burn down a church???? That is something non-
Christians do; just like ISIS is currently doing to Christian folk
throughout the Middle East.

And the skinheads are really nothing more but Thor

worshipers and practitioners of ancient pre-Christian Nordic
religions. You ever wonder why the hammer is such a
prominent symbol used by skinheads? Now you do: the
hammer represents Thor's hammer, named "Mjölnir."

IMAGE: (top image) Klu Klux Klan members; (bottom image) Neo-pagan-
wiccan worshipers.

35| P a g e
Thor's name in the ancient middle east was Ba'al. Both are
known as the god(s) of thunder and storms. And they are
diametrically opposed to Jesus Christ and God's people.

** If you're a practicing wiccan, or even a practitioner of

some form of voodoo or Kemetic religions: you actually have
more in common with the klan and skinheads than Christians
do! It’s just that no one ever showed you so until now.

So, the real racists aren't the ones you suspect. They're the
ones who no longer identify with Jesus Christ in any way
because they no longer have to in order to be accepted by
society. They've ditched their white hoods and robes and
now fully embraced the religion of all true racists: witchcraft.

Witchcraft is the religion of the flesh. It's earth-based;

therefore it's rooted in flesh which comes from the earth.
Earth-based = flesh-based = race-based. This is why even
those kemetic religions always coalesce around race.
Whenever you base your beliefs on anything earth-based it'll
ultimately lead you to exalt the flesh.

Christianity is a religion of heaven. It's heaven-based because

it came to us from heaven. It's not based on the flesh at all;
it's based on the principles and power of the heavenly realm
above where God dwells.

Embrace real Christianity; and Christ will pull you up to the

level where the true sons and daughters of God dwell.

"For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated
us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united
with Christ Jesus." [Ephesians 2:6]

36| P a g e
Destroying the oath
If you're reading this, and you've pledged your allegiance to
a demonic spirit by joining a gang—including any Greek
letter organization—there is a remedy for you. It's found in
the pages of the Holy Bible:

"If anyone utters with his lips a rash oath to do evil or to do

good, any sort of rash oath that people swear, and it is
hidden from him, when he comes to know it, and he realizes
his guilt in any of these; when he realizes his guilt in any of
these and confesses the sin he has committed, he shall bring
to the Lord as his compensation for the sin that he has
committed, a female from the flock, a lamb or a goat, for a
sin offering." [Leviticus 5:4-6]

Don't worry about bringing a lamb or a goat: Jesus Christ has

become your sin offering. What this verse is telling you is
that the way out of the oath you swore when you joined the
gang is to give your whole life over to Jesus Christ. You have
to give Him 100%, just like you gave the gang or your

IMAGE: Colossians 2:15, “Having disarmed principalities and powers, He

made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.”

37| P a g e
When you do this, Jesus pulls rank on those demonic spirits
in your life. He sends them packing swiftly; because you
made the decision to come out of the darkness and into the
marvelous Light of salvation. And that's when you come
under God's mighty protection.

But nobody will force you to make this decision. It's your
choice and yours alone. But as long as you remain away from
Jesus Christ, you are still under the binding power of the
oath you swore, and those demons can still get you if they
want to. Only Jesus can cleanse you from their power.

The Church has to be at the forefront of dealing with the

gang problems in America.

This gang problem is undoubtedly a spiritual problem first:

even before it's a law enforcement or socio-economic issue.
And the Church of Jesus Christ are the only authorized
spiritual force on the planet that can effectively deal with
and handle these demonic spirits. To be totally honest with
you: law enforcement can't do much about it.

We have to save our own youth. While it's true that

fatherlessness plays a huge role, many of these kids are
joining gangs even though they have a father in the home.
Because the spiritual influence of the gang life is often more
powerful than the influence of the parents.

This is why a boy will often dramatically change his ways

once he gets involved with a gang. He's now under a
different spiritual influence: a very deadly and wicked one.

And unless you know how to effectively pray against and

destroy the spiritual yoke off of these young boys lives, they
are headed for a life of crime and murder that will eventually
lead them to prison, or an early grave.

38| P a g e
God wants to save our young men. But the church is often
ignorant and powerless to deal with the spiritual forces
negatively affecting our youth: especially young black and
Hispanic males.

Therefore, we shouldn't be ignorant of the demonic spirits

that are spiritually controlling their thought processes, and
warring against their future.

Knowing who these demons are and how they operate will
allow us to work smarter and pray effectively against dark
spiritual personalities who only want to kill and destroy.

I pray that you use this info wisely and prayerfully.

There are more than enough churches within urban city

centers that can shift the spiritual climate in their
communities within a very short period of time: one from
absolute darkness and utter hopelessness, to overwhelming
light and heavenly brightness.

God made us this promise in scripture: "But where sin

abounded, grace did much more abound..." [Romans 5:20]

God is ready to shine His powerful Light into these darkened

areas, and drive out the wicked influence. But He's waiting
on us. All it takes is the will to use the power Christ has given
us, and the steely determination to get the job done.

Let's reclaim our inner cities, and send these demonic

principalities packing! God bless.

39| P a g e
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