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Name : Ismia Rahmah

Sex : Female
Date of Birth : February 12, 1991
Marital Status : Single
Home Address : Kupang Gunung Barat 3/14, Surabaya
Phone Number : +6283898783137 / +6281234424297
GPA : 3.47
Email :ismiarahmah@gmail.com / ismiarahmah@yahoo.com

Educational Background
2013 Bachelor Degree of English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Airlangga
University, Surabaya. (GPA 3.47)
2011 English Diploma, Faculty of Humanities, Airlangga University,
Surabaya. (GPA 3.55)
2008 SMAN 4 Surabaya.
2005 SLTPN 1 Surabaya.
2002 SDI Darut Taqwa Surabaya

I am a hardworker, friendly, creative, and a highly-motivated person. I am a fast
learner. I am fluent in English and able to communicate effectively. In addition, I
am patient, communicative, and fair.

Internship Experience
Public Relations at PT. Semen Gresik (Jan-march 2012)

Part Time Working Experiences

- Part time English Teacher.
- Online writer.
Recent Job
Product Group Coordinator at PT. Siantar Top, Tbk (November 2013-April 2014)
Kindergarten English Teacher (April 2014-recent)

Beside English, I can do the daily conversation too in Mandarin.

Learning is always be my interest since it must be done for whole life. Besides,
my passion is travelling, so travelling both inside or outside Indonesia is
Organizational Experiences
- Secretary I – Majalah Tetrasma, SMAN 4 Surabaya (2005-2006)
- Ketua II – Majalah Tetrasma, SMAN 4 Surabaya (2006-2007)
- Litbang EDSO (English Diploma Student Organization) ,(2008-2009)
- Commitee on Fraternity Day, Airlangga University (2009-2010)
- Commitee on Mayapada Faculty of Humanities, Airlangga University (2009-

Workshop and Seminar

- Workshop English Journalism by Jakarta Post (2011)
- Training ESQ by ESQ Training Center (2011)
- Seminar Surabaya Muda by Depdiknas (2011)
- Seminar MPR-RI at Universitas Airlangga (2013)

Computer Literate
- Ms Office

- 557