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IS220 (PHYO1)
This movie is about an Alien who visits earth to understand about its 'intelligent'
inhabitants, but the very first lesson is a painful one when the remote control of his spaceship is
stolen. Hence he now faces myriads of problem in a planet where he is alone unaware and can't
even speak its language. But he is helped by a noble soul named Bhairon Singh and hence his
search takes him from Rajasthan to Delhi. Here he learns that his remote control can only be
returned to him by the heavenly intervention and from here on his tangle with the 'organized
religion' starts as he tries various religious solutions but when all of them fails he not only criticizes
them as a tool used by the 'managers' of religion to exploit the helpless but also seek refund and in
the end redefines religion as something which is Rational , Compassionate and Humane , Not the
Superstitious , Hateful, and Heartless one currently propagated to the masses which he calls as the
'Wrong Number'.
I loved and enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. This film is a brave exposition of
the conundrum between God and organized religion. The unique approach of couching such a
sensitive subject behind a seemingly comedic premise of a visitor from another world is much to
be admired and unexpectedly refreshing. This is a very unique take on examining humanity. Seeing
who we can be and our propensity for putting ourselves before anything or anyone else through
PK’s eyes is something everyone has to experience.
The movie does not question the need for religion; neither does it question the existence of
God. It does not mock any religion; rather it mocks the practices and blind faith that goes into the
same. It does not question the core tenets of any faith, let alone Sanaatan Dharm. It actually
preaches that Man does need to pray to God, and that God does help. The movie is not an attack
on any religion; it is an attack on Mankind as it exists today. It teaches us to believe, to have faith
in God and that God helps those who help themselves. Isn’t that what Sanaatan Dharm says
precisely? It teaches us the value of true love, of self-confidence, and of true faith; it teaches us to
have faith in God.
This film made me think about my religion and question myself – what is the significance of
having a religion? What would my life be if I had no religion? What difference does it make to
one’s life? Amidst all the good deeds our religious leaders’ show, we don’t see what happens
behind closed doors. This movie opened my eyes to reality that just because they’re religious
doesn’t mean they can’t do bad things. Just like how they use God’s name to brainwash and take
advantage of people just so they can solicit money off from them.
As an individual who came from a religious family make me always think is God real? Did
he made us? Are our prayers answered? These questions always crosses my mind whenever we
pray or go to church. Because there could be a possibility that God does not exist. The moral
dilemma of the story is whether you believe in the existence of God or not? There was an instance
in the movie where Pk began to question God about his unanswered prayers, about poverty and
all. Why is there still poverty in the world if God is that powerful and great and is God real? Why
is still there no unity and acceptance in all religions in this world? However, Pk wasn’t lobbying
for the complete dissolution of religion. The point of the movie is not about ridiculing religion, but
it’s like a test of faith. How strong your faith is despite knowing the possibilities that maybe indeed
there is no God. It’s a movie that opens your mind to a lot of things that you weren’t aware of aside
from what you know through the church family. He doesn’t deny the possibility of God existing.
He just encourages people to do the right thing while waiting here on earth.