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Kim R. Villalva Dr. Elena T.

CEIT-02-303A November 11, 2019

All of us have either a want and a need that we are buying everyday. Economy will not work
out if no one sells and no one are buying the product that they are selling. Our parents, specially
our mother provides what our family needs everyday. They are the one who knows what are the
things that we need in the house but the budget for each need is very important, that is why they
need to strategize or think wisely how they will spend the allotted budget to the needs of each
member of the family considering that there are limited amount of money, every cents count. My
mother, whose the treasurer of our family ensures that we will meet our daily needs with a proper
allocation of budget in terms of foods, monthly bills of water and electricity, and our allowance.

I observed what is her strategy in buying our needs but in order to confirm my observation, I
ask him if he is considering on the quantity of the products or the quality of this just like what our
professors told us to do so. He simply answered my question, “Kalidad syempre”. He prefer quality
over quantity because according to my beloved mother, she prioritize our health and how the
product that she or we are using will affects us. She cited an example like most of the sellers sells
their products when its expiration date is near to come. They usually sell it in bulk and in much
lower price so the consumers will likely to buy their products because they think that they can save
a lot of money with this. She also said that usually, but not all the time, most of the product that
are being sell in bulk or when in high quantity are likely to have less quality. Another reason is
that products that is not consumable like foods, that have good quality can last much longer than
the cheap one. She said that if you will sum up the money that you spend in buying low quality
clothes and buying a high quality clothes, you can save a lot of money on the good quality one
because low quality products can have a shorter life and can tear up easily. It fade away in just
how many use.

Mothers knows best just like what they have said. They know what to do on the money that
usually our father have provided. We can give them suggestions but what important is they did
their job effectively and well. I am sure that they are always thinking what is the best for us even
if they choose quantity over quality and vice versa.