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23/11/2019 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope | Jessica Adams

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23/11/2019 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope | Jessica Adams

Your Private and Hidden Inner Life

Capricorn, you saw a really obvious (huge) opportunity to work on yourself on the inside, at the
end of 2018 or start of 2019. You were enthusiastic. This may have been a self-help group, a yo
or priest. It may have been the call of astrology, dream therapy or the Tarot.

After the initial enthusiasm you realised you wanted more control and were not seeing it. In fac
it belonged to him, her or them. So, you partly or wholly walked away.

Ever since October, though, you’ve been seeing something rather wonderful. The Universe held
su cient apology and compensation, that brilliant psychic may in fact have you back as a clien
these Ceres cycles is ‘Sorry.’ Just saying sorry or accepting it, in either direction, can be awfully

As I’ve said, this is private. It may be about a sin you have committed, as the Twelfth House rul
about your relationship with your God, if you have one at all. At the very least it’s about what yo

You’ll be thrilled at the nal outcome you see November 23rd-27th. Make the most of that and
as your karma comes around May 6th, 2020 to January 18th, 2022.

Friends and Groups in November

Try to avoid big social gatherings, parties, enrolment in teams, clubs, associations – and so for
dates are so di cult, Capricorn. It would also be similar advice if you were thinking of going ba
decision. This may be a political party, trade union, secret society, football team, and so on. Wit
friend is involved.

Those dates are a huge stretch and if you can order your diary any way you like, avoid them (al
Angeles people live different time zones and lives). Mercury Retrograde has been churning in th
this probably explains why nothing has stuck or made sense. Why you have met ‘Situation not

By the way, Mercury is retrograde far earlier than some astrology websites or columns tell you
You won’t be out of the woods until December 7th. Fortunately, astrology gives you the dates, s
and messy month ahead.

This is when people break promises or do not give what you expected. It’s a month when you s
may also nd that a previous cycle in Scorpio, has caught up with you, so what you gured wo

It’s a really good month to take stock. To do some research online. To stop guessing or assum
actually nd out. Let some of your old ideas go. They may not be right for 2020 and actually, yo
about mental planning for that year. You can gure out the rest, socially, or with friends, or your

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23/11/2019 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope | Jessica Adams
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23/11/2019 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope | Jessica Adams

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