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Lionel Bart’s OLIVER! Piano Vocal Score Act One YENI AM Ee p eG so So ae Tee RBRES ). Where Is Love? |. Next Morning . Consider Yourself (Part One) . You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two (F minor) ). Rum-Tum-Tum (6 minor) .. The Robbery. . Chaos . Chase (Finale Act 1) Prologue Food, Glorious Food. Incidental Music into “Oliver!” ... Boy For Sale (C minor) Boy For Sale D minor) That's Your Funeral . Coffin Music .. The Fight .... Oliver's Escape . Consider Yourself (Part Two) Consider Yourself (Part Three) .. Consider Yourself (Reprise). ‘You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two (G minor) Rum-Tum-Tum (F minor) ... Intermezzo —Part 1... Intermezzo —Part 2... It’s A Fine Life I'd Do Anything Be Back Soon .. n0 ns 120 ww 12d Lionel Bart’s OLIVER! Piano Vocal Score Act Two 28. 29. 30. 31. 31. 31. 32. It's A Fine Life (Reprise) .. . Reviewing The Situation .. 1. Bows (Part 3)* . Oom-Pah-Pah .. My Name...... Underscore After “My Name”. ‘As Long As He Needs Me (F major) As Long As He Needs Me (F# maior). ‘As Long As He Needs Me (6 major). Transition to “Where Is Love? (Reprise) Where Is Love? (Reprise) Who Will Buy? (Part One)... Portrait Music ‘Who Will Buy? (Part Two). Who Will Buy? (Part Three) Recapture : Back To The Workhouse. Old Sally Oliver! (Reprise) The Locket .. As Long As He Needs Me (Reprise) (F—Ab) As Long As He Needs Me (Reprise) (F#- A) ‘As Long As He Needs Me (Reprise) (G—Bt) . London Bridge / Reviewing The Situation (Reprise) Bows (Part 1) .. 206 24 218 Playout “Note: #48-"Bows (Part 2)" has been cut a =a a ‘aim fH @ mm am «ar O~c. A A HH A Mm A M Oliver! 2008 1. Prologue | Tiseorels the propery ond sade nse Ober Poducins id, 1 olor Sq, London CHB 34, UE ‘ound eo epoacon ofan atic s0 ingen pei A igs sae dina 1. Prologue Page 1 02.11.09 : = = = = eS —) =3 = —) v Moderato d= 104 Oliver! 2008 1. Prologue Page 2 Segue as one "Food, Glorious Food" 02.11.09 Yue dd dvd ud didi IVUIIVUUII Ud well e-ver get i = ca ae » ih Oliver! 2008 2. Food Glorious Food Moderato J=104 4 times BOYS 1s it worth the wait-ing for? “IE we live “til eight-y four [rxcpces} ie FFFFFFFF F FOF OF OF OF OF OF —— a Ev'ry day we say our prayer Will they change the Dill of fare? Coo ee ee —== There's not a crust not a crumb can wefind, can we Pre Pe seme teppen lr Pi ar i NB sal cenpobcen dj pnb gmt rea cabo "2 Food Glorious Food Page 1 02.11.09 Oliver! 2008 6 when we all close our jes Lento J=84 ‘ste 1 Food glo-t-ous food! Hot suusage and mu-sird! While we're in the mood Cold jal-Wy and cus-ar! B TABLE 2 ALL 3 > { Pease pudding and seve-loys What next is the question Rich gen-lemen have it boys in-dye-gestion! itaiaccreeeereaaidl ow cake 2. Food Glorious Food Page 2 >. Oliver! 2008 » atempo Food glo-r-ous food! We're an-xious 10 try_it Three banquets a day our favourite di-et accel. 3 3 5 Just picture a great big steak fried, roasted or stewed Oh, food wonderful food mar‘eblous food. glo-tt-ous ‘en, tenon Vivo £=160 ; = (sbouted) (POoD GROSSES} food, glo - rf ‘The workhouse GOVERNORS process past, following an ‘enormous steaming mea, held by sercants. Boys gape a sand sniff the fabulous smells ey 2, Food Glorious Food Page 3 02.11.09 CeCe d IIIT UU TUT Oliver! 2008 © (sbouted) —= 4 swal -lowed or chewed. worth a king's Qu ah 3 [GovERVORS} « am a mm m dakota, 2. Food Glorious Food Page 4 02.11.09 a CO HK Hh A WH aE Oliver! 2008 2. Food Glorious Food Page 5 right through dhe 02.11.09 wt Oliver! 2008 (BACK TO TABLES] (DINNER PARTY] —3—, go - si- ous food. der-done, 2, Food Glorious Food Page 6 _—— what 1 02.11.09 Qo &# ek GM MT Oa KM nf Cn vn ann nen aon mm mg GUI IT VIUIVUIUUTU? UU TD Oliver! 2008 ad (shouted) ing of grow = Ing a cra 2. Food Glorious Food Page 7 02.11.09 10 Oliver! 2008 o GROUP 1 + GIRLS BACKSTAGE glo - H - ow food, GRDUP 2 + GIRLS BACKSTAGE | —_ would - n't 2 2. Food Glorious Food Page 8 02.11.09 nein a aA wa a A ARRReRRKAanna ea aw MW er- Nn a a a Oliver! 2008 2. Food Glorious Food Page 9 02.11.09 n m3 atempo Oliver! 2008 Segue: “Incidental Music into Oliver” 2. Food Glorious Food Page 10 02.11.09 GRA AH HRA HAHAH AK AHRHRAMAMRAAAHMADA 3 Oliver! 2008 3. Incidental Music into Oliver Slowly and sadly = 80 Pomposo 4. = 88 E S (te Bunble) aia P poco pitt mosso f° (Widow Corns)“ "hore aad Dei Oe Ps eden W834 ‘tocar aor saan oy parton nkngeestl pri is aha 3, Incidental Music into Oliver Page I 18 a a a a uequdgwv cud udu dvd Odd 15 Oliver! 2008 BOS a tempo 37, MRBUMBLE Mace o or what you are about to receive, may the Lord make you [EATING SEQUENCE] Presto d= 144 poco a poco accel. = 184 ancora poco accel. a ; bat OLIVER was across. OLNER: Siop when be gets “Please Bowlsare collected to BUMBLE. ant As a Segue: “Oliver” i 3. Incidental Music into Oliver Page 3 18.02.09 Oliver! 2008 4. Oliver MR BUMBLE {fizintly): What! ‘OLIVER: Please sir, I want some more [MR BUMBLE (roars): Morel Agitatod = 200 2 wipowe. MR BUMBLE wipowe. MR BUMLE ath! Snatch him? Wold him! Scold him! 2 wipowc. Pounce him! ‘issues pope of sd shuld eee oO rofucons a, Rr oa, don WC SR, "Lonel ae or epobson on ae on ween come Apis ws dakota 4, Oliver Page 1 02.11.09 nna fe OM Om APL ¢ a tt eh he Ge Ce VUTEC UIUC UUUS Oliver! 2008 MR BUMBLE ‘Colla voce atempo Be - fore we put the kd task May I be so cur = fous eas 4, Oliver Page 2 02.11.09 18 “6 Moderato J. =105 wowe + aes WIDOW. +.MRB. throw him down and Oliver! 2008 (MR BUMBLE wpowe. ‘MR BUMBLE Won't ask for more when he knows what's in store, There's a stairway with - out an - Which well feed him on cock-roach - es sened in a2 can - f - Ste yf —<— ——_ |) 4. Oliver Page 3 02.11.09 rm an ee av Ar Or. | 6 € mina mr am na mm ine Om a. ‘WIDOW. + MRB. WIDOW. + MRB. Oliver! 2008 MR BUMBLE, do when he's tmed black and blue? He will MR BUMBLE. Ne-ver be-fore has a boy wanted more! i ‘wipowe. MR BUMBLE, Won't ask for more when he knows what's in slore. There's a 4. Oliver Page 4 02.11.09 19 Oliver! 2008 Jong o-ver-due for a sweep.ing out ‘one «day nest year with the rats hell come ereep-ing out [MR BUMBLE What will he do in this (err - i - ble sien? He wil Suddenly the GOVERNORS ‘pec, disturbed from their eal. A ALL + WIDOW C, some-bo - dy named Svert 4. Oliver Page 5 02.11.09 KHHNHANTANANHNHAHANAMNAHHAHAN ee Oliver! 2008 me Govs ALL wr Bu , ) GOVERNORS: nm ‘lock him in gaol and then pt him on sale for a & & A1L.GOVERNORS « ALL GOVERNORS + BUMBLE, WIDOW BUNELE, WIDOW ¢ + a ENSEMBIE & & e e Tt ti =. nvAinh Aan mn WIDOW CORNEY (o assistants): Lock him up! Collet his belongings an bring him back o me when you've done, (to tho rest of the BOYS) To bed, al of you. Segue: "Scurry Music" all a 4, Oliver Page 7 02.11.09 hh Oliver! 2008 5. Scurry Music Présto J = 168 r lo 1 Birt Seure Londen CIB SR, UK copa essen eae 5. Scurry Music Page 1 18.02.09 eee eee eV UT U UU Oliver! 2008 6. I Shall Scream CLE: WIDOW CORNEY: UE: WIDOW CORNEY: ‘What can you Wantto Mr Bumble! ion for Me Bumble Iaowornrtunti pow. Allegretto = 120 a aA naught ‘can and you'll pardon if 1 men-tion You must stale your true in- at WIDOW C: No! 7 MRD. a w tention Is there not “an-olh-er room here? If there idee a bride and groom here Would there Paw A du z ay " wIDow ¢. MRB. ‘WIDOW ¢. Well there might see ‘isso te propery of and tld beeen Ober rotons La 1 Bello Se, tds WCB SR, hatred se ot eprodulo fa paisa sateen fp A is ene dakota 6.1 Shall Scream Page I 02.11.09 ' man @ nnmrninanmnninn h anininramtm an tT nH YO « Oliver! 2008 ‘Tempo di Polka i lov- ey dove is MRE. ‘You will won-der where the At the thought 4 seream went When we ul chub- by could she ove a chub-by —hub-by T shall Oy. = ble Wam-ble 1 shall scream 6.1 Shall Scream Page 2 Aywwowe ‘of what you're come to an a A tempo scream, Mis - thinking 1 shall Colla voce a sgreement AS my a ter Bum-ble 1 shall 02.11.09 Oliver! 2008 7. Boy For Sale (C minor) MATRON enters with OLIVER. ‘MATRON: I've brought the boy and his belongings ma'am. (MR BUMBLE: Well I best be off and see what I can get for this young scoundrel ‘BUUBLE retrieves the boy from the MATRON. WIDOW CORNEY: Make sure you get a good price for him Mr Bumble, BUMBLE leaves ber and leads the boy through the streets towards the undertakers Andante J =76 sale. He's go-ing cheap On-ly sev-en guineas; that or there-a- i 1» To passing man Small bog, Rather pale from lack of sleep; Feed him gru-el Teo oeoe Se eae ‘ssce she rope sl shoul e eee, er Prats, 1 Bie gue Laden WEB 3A, UK ‘nner or eon ofa partisan apnea cot Al see dakota 7. Boy For Sale Page 1 18.02.09 Rainanene”mn# ninnranmn nn fi nninrnanhnmn nt ri \ 27 Oliver! 2008 Fit winéeo Sop him getting stow. If 1 should say he was-n't ve-ny greed -y71 a CUI re, Tempo primo Boy for sale Have you e-ver es rit. A tempo is Nice a boy for sale —~ UUUUGUeTeUTeiid Gap 7. Boy For Sale Page 2 18.02.09 Oliver! 2008 8. That’s Your Funeral j (CUE: OLIVER: Yes ma‘am ere Doloroso ¢ = 80 | wx sommeamant He's a bom under-ta- ers mute Tan see him in his black silk suit ‘ ral. Atempo Following behind the fu-ne-ral pro-ces-sion With his fea-tures fixed in a suit-a-ble ex-pres-sion ‘Therelll be to 5 = cort us to the fam - "y tombs mour-ners in all cor - ners who've been Tissot rope of a shuld fe eed, Ole Frodo, 1 Been Sear non WE UK, Uaahursed ie or reduc apartament of cpm ised datola, & That's Your Funeral Page 1 18.02.09 ar, #v oe oe Oe am C a) @) Oh Oh oh Th € € fi # wm 31 Oliver! 2008 = Poco piti mosso MRS SOWERBERRY That's your fu-ner-al That's your fi-ner-al MR SOWERBERRY MRS SOWERBERRY ‘That's your fu-ner-al Thats your ft-ner~al = [MR SOWERBERRY We're just here to gla - mour - ise yon for that’ end - less seep You might just 2s well Took fetch - ing when youre six feet deep &. That's Your Funeral Page 2 18.02.09 32 Oliver! 2008 3 [MRS SOWERBERRY s ‘MR SOWERBERRY (MRS SOWERBERRY BOTH accel. ‘That's your funeral Not our fr-ner-al_— That's your nf Pid mosso MR SOWERBERRY If youre fond “ MRS SOWERBERRY MR SOWERBERRY That's your fu-ner-al Tha’s your fa-ner-al Sure your - self by un - der eat - ing ) dakota & That's Your Funeral Page 3 18.02.09 nonntae fr wt al nnrnninnrnaoninnn wm fa-ner-al Oliver! 2008 MRS SOWERBERRY That's your fi-ner-2l Wi sual - ise = MR SOWERBERRY the Tha’s your fu nee al 8. That's Your Funeral Page 4 ear, de scend - ing duce our pri ~ ces [MRS SOWEREERRY 18.02.09 33 Oliver! 2008 “6 ‘MR SOWERBERRY fa - ner - al MR BUMBLE turns to go but is stopped by MR and MRS SOWERBERRY. © (MR BUMBLE MR SOWERBERRY MRS SOWERBERRY T don't think this song. is fun - ny Thats your fu-mer-al That's your funeral if af 3 MR BUMBLE, MR SOWERRERRY MR BUMBLE, Here's the boy now where's the mo - ney ‘has your funeral That's your —f-ner~al tg Ea # MRS SOWERBERRY We don't har-bour thoughts. ma - ca - 8 That's Your Funeral Page 5 18.02.09 mnnnamnant ft nnmanAmn nm Mm rr a Mm rm = < 35 Oliver! 2008 Inthe end well ci - ther bum you up “— A tempo We love coughs and whee-zes md dh - sea sx called in > MRSOWERBERRY MRS SOWERDERRY MR SOWERBERRY ‘MRS SOWERBERRY T > oe : ‘That's your fu-ner-al tr PR ‘That's your Tha's “yout £ 8 That's Your Funeral Page 6 18.02.09 rr Oliver! 2008 mm 9. Coffin Music nn ‘MRS SOWERBERRY: Now then, Oliver Twist, our bed’s under the counter. ‘You don't mind sleeping among coffins I suppose? But it doesn't much matter whether you do or don't, you can't sleep nowhere else! = SHE blows out the candlles and leave bim alone in the shop. = i : Misteriaso 3 = = o = = = 7 > © 6 = = = = = = > ‘S pee He Eee eee Bea eer erettem Slow segue as one into: “Where Is Love” 2 e = = Tee A clad ero node epee agenet a ea aged taue a dak 9. Coffin Music Page 1 2.09 & Oliver! 2008 10. Where Is Love? Lento J = 75 that Tye been dream - ing of? Who 1 close my eyes ‘isscee she rope of snd shuld eed, lber Prats, ft Bai gee Lode WEB BA UK tiated sored esa} pation stem aco Ung ened. ep 10. Where Is Love? Page I 18.02.09 fl Oliver! 2008 nm B poco rit. 1 ‘meant for on - ly me? >} rm mq 7 Atempo Who can say where she Must I travel far and wide? ite rane —_— rh Oh MM mo ) some - one who some - thing, mn tT MT" nay an am Ml th 10, Where Is Love? Page 2 18.02.09 an Oliver! 2008 = Atempo + Who can say where she may hide? Must 1 tra - vel something = Pit mosso 10. Where Is Love? Page 3 18.02.09 39 41 Oliver! 2008 12. The Fight (CUE: NOAH: And t's a good thing she died when she did or she'd have been transported to Australalia, or hung... i Allegro J = 192 ‘ssc te propery of ssl be eed, Ole Prado Ld, 1 Bn Sqr Landon WB RACK {Umber aor mpoieton on atc an ringer of epi A ms mse 12. The Fight Page 1 23.02.10 WUUCe Cee dude didvddd a2 Oliver! 2008 12, The Fight Page 2 23.02.10 minoninmnmnnmt in ml aAanmrmnmanrnmromnmanenaonn th n mm mm wm UU ueue”? 12, The Fight Page 3 cur or (on BUMBLE'S entrance 23.02.10 44 Oliver! 2008 13. Oliver's Escape MRS SOWERDERRE: Se dd OLIVER: Its lie Agitato J=200 4 bi : by ‘is crete poe sl etn ls radi i 1 Bit Su, WEB UK Uiersed ie or roproduce ofa artisan ingen cop A hs 13. Oliver's Escape Page I 18.02.09 min niarninnnm mm a om am ananken nm nna mm a Oliver! 2008. ————— [OLIVER THROUGH THE GRASS} ——~ 13, Oliver's Escape Page 2 18.02.09 6 Oliver! 2008 (CLERKENWELL GREEN) Meno Mosso J = 92 OLIVER: "Food, glorious food. Hot sausage and mustard. (Gut music - window smash sfx) ... cold jefff and custard, (train sfx) 13, Oliver's Escape Page 3 18.02.09 annannnnann annmimnmnmmt aime anMhieeOnn nh nn mM ounER: Oliver! 2008 14. Consider Yourself (Part One) Are you sure Mr Fagin won't mind? DODGER: Mind? : a> Allegro J. = 128 popgER Con = sider jour-sef of “Dessert popiny a shel be ae, Ole Prot i, Hor Sor London WELD RA UK, Camtersd ser reprodacson oa partisan wfangena of preg as ened. 14, Consider Yourself (Part One) Page 1 Boing 10 get 23.12.10 a7 Oliver! 2008 ‘There ata bt deh e- ver weve got we Wit should chance to be we should see some hard ~ et days, TTT Abways a chance well meet some o-dy to 14, Consider Yourself (Part One) Page 2 23.12.10 nnannnmnnn in mT mM nnnrimnmnrnannninnnmn m sm qm Oliver! 2008 si der your-set 14, Consider Yourself (Part One) Page 3 fer some con - 23.12.10 49 50 Oliver! 2008 [ouvER VERSE} si - der your - self DODGER OLNER onvER ART, Weve taken OLIVER DODGER, CAPTAIN ‘8 HANDWALKER 14. Consider Yourself (Part One) Page 4 HANDWALKER 23.12.10 nnnnnn r annnannnan nnnann mT Oliver! 2008 -) h ur) = (CHARLIE BATES Si der your-selt * DIPPER onivEr art of the fur ~ nl-tare DODGER, CAPTAIN, HANDWALKER, = (CHARLIE BATES & DIPPER = ver wee got DODGER ese 14. Consider Yourself (Part One) Page 5 23.12.10 51 don't want 0 hve ee Oliver! 2008 DODGER, CAPTAIN, DODGER Con = S-der yours DODGER, CAPTAIN, SND (CHARLIE RATES & DIPPER 14, Consider Yourself (Part One) Page 6 23.12.10 nnann 1 1 1 Ti nnn nr anannnnhnmrinmnnnn oe 53 Oliver! 2008 —\ ue DODGER, CAPTAIN, < HANDWALKER, \ Zz ‘OLIVER CHARLIE BATES & DIFFER) COMPANY, + sh der your-slf (ENSEMBLE BURST] Listesso 7 = der_your- self sider your-self a 14, Consider Yourself (Part One) Page 7 23.12.10 Oliver! 2008 1 it should chance to be we should see some hand -er days, Emp - yb = der dys, Always a chuace well meet somebody 0 foot thebill ee con = si der your-self 14, Consider Yourself (Part One) Page 8 23.12.10 nm nnmnmanm nnammn*air mm Mm ananmanimnmnanmrnamnmn Oliver! 2008 don't want to have {END OF NAUGHTY SECTION] i DODGER der your self pul) cours voncen const sider yourself 14. Consider Yourself (Part One) Page 9 2.12.10 55 L Oliver! 2008 18. Pick A Pocket Or Two (6 minor) FAGIN: Well, not exactly, my dear. I suppose laundry would be a very nice thing indeed, but our line of business pays a litle better - don't it boys? GANG: Not arf! I'll say it does! FAGI You see, Oliver... 1 FAGIN Tn this life one thing counts large am-ounts Tm acfiaid these don't You've got to pick a poc-ket or to Youve got to pick a poc-ket or 2 GANG (whispered) You've got to pick a poc-ket or Large —-mounis don't Tisch rope of shu be eed, Ole Productos i, Bend Sure, London WEI 31% Tranhred so epdacien ey pa niebiemeet cops aD srr. dakota 18. Pick A Pocket Or Two Page 1 02.11.09 nnanknannnnnnninnnnn Oliver! 2008 FFAGIN: Let's show Oliver how to do it my dears. youve got to pick a poc-ket or all. Atempo J = 88-92 ‘Why should we break our backs stu-pid-ly paying. tax? 18. Pick A Pocket Or Two Page 2 02.11.09 eueudevdvudgdd ewe dove Oliver! 2008 Becier get some un - taxed inoame Better pick a pocket or two, Youve got to pick a pocket or two boys. Tourve got to pick a pocket or two ould we all break our backs S ed) FAGIN: Who sid crime doesnt pay, [ROBIN HOOD] ae outed) FAGIN Bet-ter pick a poc-ket or Rob-in Hood, what a_crookt + wig nha A r 7 ‘what he took Ghari-y’s fine, Sub - sribe to mine Get out and pick a poc-ket or = dakota 18, Pick A Pocket Or two Page 3 02.11.09 NnaAannnnnanannnnannnanannnn = = 85 Oliver! 2008 rall. Atempo lannows a two. boys. You'e got to pick a poc-ket or You've got to pick a poc-ket or two a [ROBIN HOOD 2}, = GANG AGIN: My merry men! 2 He had 10 pick a poc-ket or two. Rob - in Hood was fir 100 good, PY {BILL SIKES} start - ed small, He had to pick a poc-ket or 18. Pick Pocket Or Two Page 4 02.11.09 86 Oliver! 2008 senza rit. got to pick a poc-ket or two, boys You've got to pick a poc-ket or We — could be like old Bill Sykes It we pick a poc-ket or =~ Fe ia RAGIN Dear old gent Some - thing nice dakota, 18. Pick A Pocket Or Two Page 5 02.11.09 rannnn rnnnannnannann nTAnnann VwUUUCTee TIT : 87 Oliver! 2008 By'-rything’s clearl at - tack the rea! Get in and pick a poc-ket or wo, cana (Pinched nose sound) got to pick a pocket or two, boys. You've got to pick @ pocket or to. Have no fear at- (sung) = = tack the rear Get in and pick @ poc-ket or Z [PsvcHIATRIsT] oe FAGIN eae 18. Pick A Pocket Or Two Page 6 02.11.09 Oliver! 2008 poco rall. ...-...----- molto rit. Ondy to find some peace of mind 1 have to pick a pocket or two, You've _ got to pick a pocket or ue ay Atempo You'ye got to pick a poc-ket or ow rall. m3 GaN FAGIN + GANG > Just to find some peace of mind We have to pick a P! Allegro con moto ue FAGIN ‘wo, GANG (+ FAGIN 2x 0 Just to find some peace of mind We have to pick a poc-ket or two Hey!” + 18. Pick A Pocket Or Two Page 7 02.11.09 ANNnnnannnnnnnnnnn 1ThAnnnn Oliver! 2008 19. Rum-Tum-Tum . (G minor) OLIVER: Who's Bill Sikes, Mr Fagin? FAGIN: All in good time, Oliver. All in good time. ‘Now thea, tell me, can you see my silk handkerchief protruding from my pocket? OLIVER: Yes sir. EAGIN: See if you can take it from me, without my noticing like you saw the others do. Rum tum - tum, 2 Tup pa tup = pa rap pa tum = ‘as scores te proper and shu be ea, Oe Frags Hod Sea, Loon WB RU, ‘ore sor eodacon of pats ansaapenee epg ihren. cori 19, Rum-Tum-Tum Page 1 01.07.09 rnnnn nt fi 1 HRNANnnanhnannnnnnnn Oliver! 2008 a TAGIN (inordlous):18it gone? OLIVER (showing tn is bad): Yes si it’ in ny band a molto rit. a \olto awn gett pick a poc- ket ot au eae 19, Ruim-Tum-Tam Page 2 01.07.09 Oliver! 2008 20. Intermezzo Part 1 Bela, © 0 Youve got to pick 2 pocket or two, boys. You've got to pick a pock-et or Moderato anienie two. ‘sso pyc eel er Pons a al Spar kn WEBS, corel wc oF erode pan an ingen! copia. A Oe 20 & 21. Intermezzo Parts 1 & 2 Page 1 02.11.09 HANNAN UAANHAANHKRHANRANHANAANUANN 95 Oliver! 2008 21. Intermezzo Part 2 ‘CUE: As Bill turns to exit. ‘THUNDER SFX then music. zB = 2021. Intermezzo Parts 1 & 2 Page 2 02.11..09 Oliver! 2008 22. It’s A Fine Life NANGY enters into the street above with BET. io NANCY Pummy and siam. FAGIN Nancy! (Muste starts) NANCY Come on Bet. FAGIN IsNancy! Wake up boys. The are here. . DODGER Ladies! Cor! ‘Ark at him! ‘NANCY, Well have less of that if you don't mind! Coming down the staits into the room. ‘Where's the gin, Fagin? FAGIN Allin moderation, my dear. Allin moderation. Too much gin can be a dangerous thing for a pure young girl, NANCY And what's wrong with a bit of danger, then, Mis-ter Fagin? You wouldn't deny us the only bit of pleasure wwe have, would ya? nrLrnnnnnnnnnnnnn cue Jeso BOIS! nom Repeat ad lib. NaNev our cuE: NANCY: ..the only bit of pleasure wwebme, would 2? Small small "\ 1 Nl plexsures, pleasures, Who would deay us ——— ft ie ‘hs sore the proper of and shal be ete 0, Oe roots if 1 Bord Sar, anon WCB SR, ‘Unrest eprodoio of apa at iatangenen of opyigh Al is ened dakota 22, It'sA Fine Life Pagel ~ 18.02.09 nqrannnan Oliver! 2008 DODGER: Not me! measures, No skimp - ing if you (od-dies, large seg Pee a cee » life is a game of chance. love it, ce i rall. 5 of i Lead = Ing) this mer - ry dance. 7 tT » A tempo ALL Nancy don't mind —hav-ing 10 go with- out things, W's. a fine Wet Tho’ it bz 18.02.09 cine 22, IV's A Fine Life Page 2 98. Oliver! 2008 aint all pl-ty old plea - sire outings, W's 2 fine el ts a. fine el When youve Tre You for-get your care and stifle. ook down on us, Let the wide world fron on us, W's [NANY: ‘ain't that right, Be? . BEE Yeah tha right Nancy cakpia 22. I's Fine Life Page 3 : 18.02.09 nnn n » Th mt TK ann annn*n nna Mm fi 99 Oliver! 2008 = NANCY Hine irs and fine graces ‘Don't have tosin 10 6 NANCY & BET NANCY We wander through London, Who knows whatwe may & _ A tempo * NANCY & BET rall. MINE There's pockes eft é r 2 Au Nancy don't mind tak-ing it like it turns out, lit ws a“ fne lier Keep. the bz oe : ea 22, It's A Fine Life Page 4 18.02.09 100 Oliver! 2008 56 AL NaNey buming un-til it burns. out Ws a fine till Ws 2 fine lifer Tho’ you sometimes do come by the cc-ca - sion - al black ee. You can co-ver one ‘Tl he blacks the == other one But you don't dare dakot, 22, It's A Fine Life Page 5 18.02.09 RLnNnnnnnnnnhnaninnannnnnnnnnn 2 No fils. and fur - be - loms —— good for fan - cy — lots. == >. NANCY & BET s rall. = E ‘We've got our bed and board. iz — 101 Oliver! 2008 NANCY ET NaNoY BET matters? A tempo don't mind bav.ing to deal with Ragin, I's a nf i r 22 It'sA Fine Life Page 6 18.02.09 102 Oliver! 2008 a AML NANCY fine Hil I's a fine ‘ie Tho! di-seased rats threaten to bring the plague in tsa ba S on ALL NaNeY ALL And we take good care of it That we get our share of it And we right side of the ‘fence! : = oF Ns Slower ” rit, Nancy if you don't mind hav-ing to like or lump i 22. IESA Fine Life Page 7 18.02.09 fl fl qT mn rn ti annnnannnn ni nh f qT 103 Oliver! 2008 = ALL NANCY - iif Ws a fine Tho’ there's no tea sip-ping an! eat - ing crum-pet, W'S a NANCY i ALL mn Colla voce Wet Not for me the hap ~ py home, Dex husband, hap-py wie, Tho! it sometimes touches me,For the ‘kes of such as me, Mine's a bs ar Td a x = mp a dW dakota 22, It's A Fine Life Page 8 18.02.09 104 0 Oliver! 2008 23. ’'d Do Anything NANCY: Stall we show ‘em how it’s done? DODGER: Definite! (Start music) FAGIN: Go on Nancy give usa ree show. NANCY: Sows go then Dodge isl boing ad ‘tf and. DODGER: Don't let your petticoats dangle inthe mud my darling. [NANCY: And Il go last DODGER: No, I'l go last d=84 Ff [CARRIAGE] DODGER ‘Ths soet he rope of aad shoul e emma, lie Produces i, lB Sar ondan WO 3, UK, Uisuoded sor reproducton oa part axing ef copa A gh reser. 23. I'd Do Anything Page 1 nnnn nt monn qi annnnnnth nnannmnfi Oliver! 2008 an-y-where For your eave me all your will? DODGER (poken) (BOAT MOVING] Wha? Bst-i-cil? = fd risk 23. I'd Do Anything Page 2 er npthing 106 4 e Oliver! 2008 NANCY DODGER An yothing? Anything AGIN: Come on Nancy. Give Olivera go! [NANCY Now you do everything you saw Dodger do and I'l help you wih the words Pe aia eg (NANCY prompts bim - OLIVER seating ie fist to or three words of every pores.) anything b anything 23. Fd Do Anything Page 3 For you ‘anywhere Annhnnnhnnnnnninnnnnnnnnnn 107 Oliver! 2008 sacyrvbery_ Tor your se eV-menhere Td : rae =e e lace my shoe? Jn ~ y thing Paint your face bright bhue? t g (Sings -aflera 5 OuvER Ber o ‘moment’ besittion) = kang-a-roo? Anything! «Got Tim - buk - uw? And back again! ea 23. Fd Do Anything Page 4 108 Oliver! 2008 @ FAN AML AGIN Would you rob a shop? An-y-thingt Would you o_ 2 AL FAGIN ALL FAGIN Tho’ your es go pop, An-y-thing When you py Sater, 23. I'd Do Anything Page 5 nl fl n Th nnn | fh OT] ml nana nanan nn nnn vi 109 Oliver! 2008 ALL A tempo (poco meno) Hang e¢-rything! We'd risk fe and limb To keep you rit, = TAGIN ALL A Yes wed do anything, Anything? Anything for yout Pec: Jnl AS =e cx 23. I'd Do Anything Page 6 110 Oliver! 2008 24. Be Back Soon ‘Allright then lads. The first thing you can do for me is get to work Can't have you laying about here all day... There's rich pickings on them streets. Groans of protest from the BOYS CAPTAIN ‘Oh Fagin, we was all going to see the ‘angin! FAGIN Youll be hanged yourselfin time - don’t worry! Nancy, hadn't you beter get back before Bill wakes up? NANCY ascending the staircase with BET NANCY Yeah, you're right. Listen ‘ere you lot and especially you Oliver; no matter what he tells you, be careful. Tata you lot! GANG Tat ta Nancy. Bye Bet. fad lib] FAGIN Oliver you can go with Dodger. You have to begin sometime and helieve me you couldn't make a finer start. Good luck on you first ob my dear. Don't worry, I'l be wating for you when you get back. Dodger! (Music starts) Bright March J = 122 DODGER GANG DODGER GANG DODGER GANG DODGER GANG FAGIN ‘Tab see te propery of nd shold be nese ter ods if 1 Bulond Sq, londoe WCIB 38, 1K ‘Utara ne oe repre orp sania cp A sere carpe 24, Be Back Soon Page I 3.02.10 Hnannnn Annhnnnnnnnnnnnnnn - Oliver! 2008 © go but be back soon You can go but while you're work-ing ° af lege [BOYS To ATTENTION] Un-t you're home "ell where dangers Tithing? = Do aat ang MARCHING ON THE SPOT] How could we for-ge? How could we Jet our dear old Fa- gin = cine 24. Be Back Soon Page 2 ‘This place Tm pac ing wor-y We 23.02.10 11 112 Oliver! 2008 ar DODGER love him so. Well come back home in, oh, such a great ig fur-ry I's him that pays the 5 GANG W's us. that pipes his tne. So long, fare thee well, Pip, pip, cheer =i-0 Well ‘ muon GRANIG| ‘You can go but be back soon You can gout bring back ——- a = et fand-Ker ~ chiefs And. you should be clever thieves. Whip it 2 bee la dakota 24, Be Back Soon Page 3 23.02.10 NHRNhnnnnhnnnhnanhnnninnnnnnnnn : 43 Oliver! 2008 There's a six = pence here for 5 ALL DODGER Our pockets ‘ll hold a that chimes up - on the four A wallet fal an old man’s bat, the ALL + FAGIN whispered But they don't know this ema 24, Bo Back Soon Page 4 23.02.10 114 Oliver! 2008 Gane 70 full oice GIN ‘une So Jong, fare thee well, Pip, pip, cheer=i-o, Well be back Ft lag © but be beck soon T dun-n0 some-how 1 miss you sou thats why ee sy os pe 1 say cheer-i - 0 rot good-bye Donlt_ be gone Tong be back soon Give me pe ge fone Tong last look bless you Re - mem - ber our old — tune dakota 24, Be Back Soon Page 5 23.02.10 rsnn Tf al a a aAnnnnnn nan>n Ls Oliver! 2008 * (CHARLIE & DODGER ddis-ap-pear, well be back ere To - day per-haps to - mor-row We'll © miss you too, ifs sad but true that part ~ ing is such sweet sor- row And when = distance You'll hear this whis-pered tune So long, fare thee well, Pp, pip, cheer-i-o, Well soon. must dis-ap-pear, well | be back here To - | day per-haps to - I dun - no some-how il 24, Be Back Soon Page 6 23.02.10 116 mor-rox. Well | miss you miss you 1 dove too, its you thas why Oliver! 2008 sod but true that _——— yl o when we're inthe | dis-tance eo gone long be back soon o 3 pip, cheer-i-0, Well | be 7 hear this whispered one Tong last look = And 24, Be Back Soon Page 7 parting is such sweet not good - bye tune So | long, fare thee well, Pip, bless you. Re - mem = ber our old when you're inthe | dis-tance You'll 23.02.10 e € € = = e & € & € € € S S € e nnnn nh fi u7 Oliver! 2008 2 hhear this whis-pered tune So long, fare thee well, Pip, pip, cheer-i-0, We'll be back Oi,i ley 2 soon, Soong, fare thee well, Pip, pip, cheer-i-o, Well be ed (Whistle) 3 Jong, fare thee well, Pip, Segue as one =a 24, Be Back Soon Page 8 23.02.10 18 ad Oliver! 2008 25. The Robbery ‘THE STREET ‘The BOYS march whistling into street. DODGER, CHARLEY BATES and OLIVER are together in the street which fils with vendors and gentry including MR BROWNLOW. rall. Grandioso (almost half tempo) Listesso tempo Tel =75 BOYS (whistle) om SS Faster J =138 "sone ep shal Oe Psa, ee gad CBS, ‘imhorsed ie rproaeson oy pats n ining sph, ae ene. 25. The Robbery Page 1 _ 33.02.10 rnnnnnnnninnnnnnn if nnann m fl 25. The Robbery Page 2 MR BROWNLOW Give that back ‘ome on get hack. sal 123 Oliver! 2008 28. Oom-Pah-Pah ‘The "Three Cripples", a Public House, that evening. Curtain slowly rises to disclose the smokey saloon of the public house. There isa basing mateb in progress. The raffish looking CUSTOMERS are drinking and flirting. They sing over the general bubbu. 4 > ~ > pa = : B = = a : = CHAIRMAN: Ladies and Gentlemen, Brethren, sinners all! = eh I = s : i a =— ‘esr topper on tl edo, Rd io ed ie end WBC Eel titel yar minut rg re ess 28, Oom-Pab-Pab Page 1 18.02.09 124 Oliver! 2008 CHAIRMAN: I call upon our Goddess ofthe Virtues to give us her well known rendition of the old school song - CUSTOMERS: Good old Nancy! Come on Nancy! NANCY: All right! All right! (CHAIRMAN: Oom-pah-paht Ist tai OY romp pesh - ly when they've bin on the gin or the beer, It youve got the patience, Your dakola 28. 0om-Pab-Pab Page 2 18.02.09 ankininn nan ti tt" nnmrninrimninkmamrnrenoennn mn © conn “T-magin - — NANCY. a tions Wil Oliver! 2008 tell yom just ex - act ~ by what Te 28. Oom-Pah-Pab Page 3 you want to bear 18.02.09 1s When they of Oliver! 2008 fen have the odd glass But —— ne ver when he a) cret-ly he'd buy 28. Oom-Pah-Pah Page 4 sit a And on each thought a - ay - nee! = 18.02.09 € € Tm fi tt) ti T\ Th 1] nnannwi mn tT ah ammn a nf Oliver! 2008 NaNey Com - pa - pati — 28. Oom-Pab-Pab Page 5 18.02.09 127 128 Oliver! 2008 ank-les to all of the men ‘They could see her gar-ters but not-for free and 0 or two and then she knows when to say ‘Oom - pah - ph! om - pal - pah! That's how a =| ~ fo Bo NANCY 28. Oom-Pab-Pab Page 6 18.02.09 nnnnanannnnnnnannnnannan 129 Oliver! 2008 a molto rit. Colla voce ras 16 a She was from the country, But now she's up a gum tree She a aT = made “abed to lie in She's glad to bring the coin in and join in this song. _—. eh es eae 28. Oom-Pal-Pab Page 7 18.02.09 E accel. Atempo feta feller fed er hen ead ‘era = long Whats the good o! ary-in? Shs : Oliver! 2008 Qom - pah - pah! om - pal - pak! That's how it psi pe = 164 same blush ing rose > dakota, 28. Oom-Pab-Pab Page 8 NANCY 18.02.09 nnnanminnnn nl MT wh ¢ & é € € € S 131 Oliver! 2008 . a pi NANCY (om pah paht (om pal pat ‘oom pal pa E ALL Oom pah pah! ‘Oom pah pah! 28. Oom-Pab-Pab Page 9 18.02.09 132 Oliver! 2008 om pa pah! om pa pak! om — pupa! = Oom = papa! 28 (Séouts) together now! ah paht Atempo 2, NANGY There's a lit-de | dit - ty Theyre | sing - Ing in the caronus om pah- pak! That's how it al ~ 5 = 28. Oom-Pab-Pab Page 10 18.02.09 Nnnhnnmnnnnnhnninnnnnnnnnnnn Oliver! 2008 youve got the | pa - tience, (om - pah - paht actions Will | tell youjust ex}+ act - fy what | sou want to hear want to sup - pose When they hear —Oom - pah - TR om = pah - paht | Oom - pah - paht That's how 133 Your 28. Oom-Pah-Pah Page 11 18.02.09 cakpS NANey molto rit. Oliver! 2008 a 28. Oom-Pab-Pah Page 12 18.02.09 Urnnannnnnnnnnnnn ft mnainrinmnn Oliver! 2008 29. My Name SE Te loud gs on te le ter SHES Voice: (in aloud wiisper) Bil Sikes! Moderato J = 100 ep ee PREP ERRERPRPREREE SIKES FPP PP PPP PPE = j T's much black - er than they smear i! No - bo dy men - tons PPP POPP EPEP FRE ‘ss py asl es lier Pin 1 Bald wo1B 32 ‘licaredeeipocn oo peng opi Wes were sk erp 29. ‘iy Name Page 1 23.02.10 135 Oliver! 2008 hhold their five pound notes out Saves me emptying their coats out rE PRRERP EE FE T could tear their throats out just to live upto ry. name! PP PPRPPPRRFT jeni-my in me hand, Tem-me see the man who dares 29. My Name Page 2 23.02.10 nnnnnmnnknrnannnnninnnnnnnnnn nt Oliver! 2008 the al - ley Now his = 29, My Name Page 3 138 Oliver! 2008 nf Poor bloke, sed ter boast the claim = shame "e was 50 green a (touted) ‘whats the good of tum - ing? In “Th Fr AEE rrr 29, My Name Page £ TIL be there a burn - ing * re 23.02.10 nnn n m 1 = » Om ah om om Mf AP e & won = * Oliver! 2008 6 spoken sug Mean-while, think of wha Tm ear - ing al on sc-count of ‘ay ane! TTTP ET PPT EP PPTEE a (ancy kisses BILL) 29, My Name Page 5 23.02.10 Oliver! 2008 31. As Long As He Needs Me i G Major Version WARNING: NANGY: Alright Bet. Go home, There's a good gil VISUAL CUE: as BET gets balfivay upstage Slowly (Colla voce) : =16 a MNO As long as a mesh yes he does need Ym sure that he rf = "eso the rope of snd she tome, er Preto i, fot Hrd see, London WB 384 UK, ard seo eran of pat San tenet cop. Al hs reserved. 31. As Long As He Needs Me (G) Page 1 18.02.09 oc ay é ary aw at wr § we a 155 Oliver! 2008 a In4 31. As Long As He Needs Me (G) Page 2 18.02.09 156 j Oliver! 2008 ‘The hall Tee long ashe > Con moto (in 2) He does-n't say the things he should He acts the way he thinks he should But all he same 1 play this game s As long as dakota 31. As Long As He Needs Me (G) Page 3 18.02.09 nn n ti nnanmrinmnrnnninnrnnnnn nth n fi € 157 Oliver! 2008 “ Sostenuto . Sey sere As long. 9s ‘ Sheep Tl Jove him right Po cnsacmsasamlee e As long as ‘ 31.As Long As He Needs Me (G) Page 4 18.02.09 158 | Oliver! 2008 Tye got to 2 a poco accel. = : ye dakota 31. As Long As He Needs Me (G) Page 5 18.02.09 KRAnNnnnmnnhnnnn in a un nnannn main mm ss Oliver! 2008 32. Transition to Where Is Love Reprise Slower J = 88 Segue as one 2. 32. Transition to Where Is Love Reprise Page I 18.02.09 in «a qT t\ fi nannnanh T Th nnnn nnn * 161 Oliver! 2008 33. Where Is Love Reprise J=84 : Sins Bepwin Does it fall from shies e — Is R underneath the wil Jow tree that you've heen dream = ing 2 OLIVER embraces SRS BEDWIN ROSE B SELLER 4 ‘= — SS Attacea ‘is siete propery of shoul be eel, Ober Padua al, 1 Roe Se, Lande WCB SRA, ‘isnodsed me cepacia ofa part anges of cepa gs ese coe 33. Where Is Love Reprise Page 1 18.02.09 162 Rose Oliver! 2008 34. Who Will Buy (Part One) ickup in revious number) ROSESELIER Wn wl buy mp sweet red ro - ts, two blooms for penny? Who will buy ‘Ts saris te progr of nd shel eee Oo rods a, 1 Berd Sar, andos CABS, Tried aso prac of part apeneat copa A is rosa 34. Who Will Buy (Part One) Page 1 nny sweet red ‘MILKMAID 23.02.10 nmannananmmanm gm rr mm n om Hw ah om ev arr nm mi nm mo aa 163 milk to-day? | mis - ess? Any | milk to-day? | mis - tress? ROSE SELLER Will you buy my sweet red milk — to-day? _| mis - tres? two blooms for a pen-ny__ STRAWBERRY SELLER Ripe strawberties, ripe! db jeg 34, Who Will Buy (Part One) Page 2 23.02.10 164 Straw Rose Oliver! 2008 Wil you bay Who will | buy KNIFE GRINDER aives, Anives to grind —— 34. Who Will Buy (Part One) Page 3 STRAWBERRY SELLER = i Ani nies 10 grid 23.02.10 nmnrmaemMmienmaniennhmnihihnhmniimaimhieninninhmnmn a nnrn#km 165 today? mis = sraveber-es, | ripe Se sy sweet red | ro - ses, y ‘my sweet red Who wil buy? ROSE SELLER, KNIFE GRINDER 34, Who Will Buy (Part One) Page 4 23.02.10 166 Oliver! 2008 # ROSE SELLER Rose fiver Who will buy this won-der-ful mom - ing Such a shy you ne-ser did. see___ = : ee buy my sweet red ro - ses? Who wil ie it up with a rib - bon And put it in a box for _—~ reat i Sans = Sia straw-ber-ties, | ripe. Oliver So 1 could see dipia 34, Who Will Buy (Part One) Page 5 23.02.10 naan*e mnann nm mnanninnnmanamn mn aninmmnmn am a we ever things go wrong Oliver! 2008 FP Who will buy this wor-der-fal feed - ing sod I would keep it Im so high as = 34, Who Will Buy (Part One) Page 6 a trea-sure an ——~ d swear 1 could Oy. [KNIFE GRINDER 23.02.1 167 168 Oliver! 2008 ‘STRAWBERRY SELLER 7” a Ripe straw-ber-ies, = Me, ch mt I don't want to lose it So whatam 1 to do to B ‘MILKMAID Who will buy. STRAWBERRY SELLER | Straw Who vill buy? ROSE SELIER Who will buy KNIFE GRINDER Oliver keep the sky so blue? There must be someone who will buy. —— cok 34, Who Will Buy (Part One) Page 7 23.02.10 NnnhnnnNhnnnhnnnnKhnnnnnnnnn 169 Oliver! 2008 35. Portrait Music BROWNLOW: Oi! Em ch very well my boy; very well, you ‘wish, you shall. Now lel you what I want you to do. You will ie Mr Jessop these books and say you've come to pay the four pounds ten that owe im - here's five pounds. No need to rush, ‘but shal expect you backin ten mines, (Start music) Lento THis cometh pope af anche eure, Obes Fofucens Lf 1 Bnd Square, Lande CIB BAU Uranorsed aso repredacon oy pat nines cng NE gS see. 18.02.09 35. Portrait Music Page 1 170 Oliver! 2008 36. Who Will Buy (Part Two) BROWNLOW: Wellin ten minutes Dr Grimwig, when the boy returns, I think you will see. GRIMWIG: Yes Mr Brownlow, ten minutes. in4 J=126 mug = Who wil m2d=4 —S>= = Ths score popry of ard shold ered, Oe Prods io 1 Bell Sas, Lande WCB SB, Tantired ise or rpresin oar arian ingen sop see 36. Who Will Buy (Part Two) Page I 23.02.10 RRnnnhKhKhiNnNnnmnnhnnnn a nnnnnn Olivert 2008 36. Who Will Buy (Part Two) Page 2 23.02.10 im Im Oliver! 2008 36. Who Will Buy (Part Two) Page 3 23.02.10 Nnannnnaannhanmnnnnnnnnhnnnn tq 173 Oliver! 2008 56 ‘SOPS & BARIS (8rb)_9aH0 section be a day \6 & TENORS (at pitch Gap 36. Who Will Buy (Part Two) Page 4 174 Oliver! 2008 Intro for Clown's entrance 6 Clown entrance won - der - ful feet won - der - fil fel dakota, 36. Who Will Buy (Part Two) Page 5 23.02.10 nnannnanannnmnnnnnnannnninnnhnn nt 175 Oliver! 2008 it 0 Unis (Tenors 81b) a {nro for instrumental Dead Segue: "Who Will Buy (Part 3)" 36. Who Will Buy (Part Two) Page 6 23.02.10 176 Oliver! 2008 t ‘ 37. Who Will Buy (Part Three) ~ Ape Tihmono ; Ts seis de roar sad shoul e ae te ees 1 ed nn WL ‘tated or pri isan cei eas dakota 37. Who Will Buy ‘Part Three) Page 1 23.02.10 nmnemnmmnmmeanmmn nmnmnmnmnmmnanmnmmn@iranmmn m nay nmmmnmmn J Oliver! 2008 38. Recapture NANCY: Ob! my dear brother! NANCY: I've found him! Oliver, oh Oliver! My dear litle brother! (CUE-OLIVER: Leggo! Leggo! Who isi Leggo! Where have you been? We've been worried out of our heads ‘Thank goodness gracious heavens, Te found him. IST WOMAN: What's the matter love? Moderato nf (UE: 1ST WOMAN: What's theater love? Neer Allegro (in 2) | NANCY: Oh he ran away two weeks ‘go from his parents who are hard-working respectable people, and went and joined a set of thieves and bad characters - almost broke his mother's heart OLIVER: I's not uel 2ND WOMAN: The young wretch! 1ST WOMAN: Go home you litle brute! OLIVER: Im not haven't zay mother - Jon father! I'm an orphan! A) NANCY: Oh heavens, Just listen to him. ‘OLIVER: Bet! Tell them to let me go! NANCY: See - he knows his litle sister, Hee can't hide that! Make him come hhome- or he'll kill us. (CUE: NANCY: y ‘Make him come home... QUT CUE: SIKES: ‘SIKES: What the devil's all this? e _ Till ready (in 4) What, books too? 18T MAN: Oh, ‘e's only playing up. ‘SIKES: Young Oliver? Come home to your poor mother - you young dog! ‘Come on home! SIKES: What, books too? You've beea stealing agin have you? He's nothing but a thief and a vagabond. 2ND MAN: That's right, that's what he eS Reem caeicaie : aes: TAST TIME CUR: NANCY: OLIVER: Let go! I don't belong to 1 Leave him, Bll, we're here now. a them. Help! Help! SSIKES: Now you little bleeder, you're ‘coming with us. Till ready t ‘NANCY: Al right Bill. Leave him alone. Rall & eres. last time > 'SIKES: Say goodbye to your fancy = living NANCY: Leave him Bill, we're here now. _Tscr ih popes and sole eum ier redo Li, oo | ed Sate, lndon WCIB RA. AR. ‘aur we or erodes ef pan soreness. is ese. cine 38. Recapttre Page 1 18.02.09 nannnnnnnnannanannnnnnnnnn« 189 Oliver! 2008 39. It’s a Fine Life Reprise (WARNING: FAGIN: Then keep quiet, wil yer. All this violence) (FAGIN: Slow (In 2) J=96 (NANCE: Way Nancy you're (CLE: won't stand by wonderful tonight, : [SIKES: Tell ‘im all about us would you?) ‘and see it done, Bill) ‘Such talent.) SIKES Tal im about us would you? NANCY ‘ won't stand by and see it done, Bll. FAGIN ‘Why Nancy, you're wonderful tonight, Such talent, What an actress. NANCY : ‘Am P Take care I don't overdo it. ‘Cos if do, Pa going to put my mark on some of you,and I don't care if hang fori SIKES You? Do you know who you are? NANCY = Ss Ah, yes. know all about it. You don’ have to tell me! ‘SIKES A fine one for the boy to make a friend of you are. can, POCO poco accel. 7 SIKES: ...10 make a friend of you) NANCY Tord help me, 1am, and I wish I'd of been struck down dead before [lent a hand in bringing him back here. Afier, tonight, he's a liar and a thief and that's all bad. Ain't that enough for you, without beating him to death... FAGIN Come Nancy, we must have civil words. Civil = Sos words, Bil (CLE (OUT CUE: FAGIN: Gil words, Bil) ‘SIKES: I's your living, ain't) NANCY ‘Givil words! Yes! You deserve them from me! I was out on the streets for you when I was 2 child half his ; age, and I've been in the same trade, the same f accel. to o= 108 service for fifteen years and don't you forget itt 4 ‘SIKES: : Well, what ifyou have? I's your living ain't ie rece repodaston oa pat an nguyen. cee 39. It's a Fine Life Reprise Page 1 02.11.09 ‘Ts scone the proper of and shel be rem, le Profan id, Hilo Sy Landon CID 3 ~ 190 Oliver! 2008 NANCY NaNey living! What you de-serve you 6 RAGIN » NANCY FAGIN Tord help met Therell be ter - ror, Such as. you've ne - ver mp rree Re dakota 39. It's a Fine Life Reprise Page 2 02.11.09 nnnhnnnnnnhnnnnannnnnnnnna 191 Oliver! 2008 No vio fence! » FAGIN NANCY vio - lence! Please, dont mind making a mato of | Sa-tm, Its a] fine fet 2 DongER FAGIN dont muind Keeping the an - gels waiting, It's a fine biel ine ifel ¥ ig eae 39. It's a Fine Life Reprise Page 3 02.11.09 192 Oliver! 2008 = — mr m™ a Oo om a w ter [make he bos of ts | Se ‘onan Hie ‘SIKES we er ml COCO TCC TCT Segue: “Reviewing The Situation” é € S dake 39. 10's a Fine Life Reprise Page 4 02.11.09, ¢ 193 Oliver! 2008 40. Reviewing the Situation FAGIN: Take care of her, Bill. (SIKES exits) ‘Take care of him, Dodger. (DODGER takes OLIVER off) and I'll take care of myself Moderato J =120 _ rato . Nat Donne ft yall vall vall v v o a A_# colla voce ‘man’s got ahear, —has-n't he? Jok-ing apart, has-a't he? And tho! e = iss th prope and shoo eure ler Pecos oo 1 eld Sgr, london WB 3, 1K Cdhrsodineorrprainsin ofan putin agement ol carat Alas seed cakpia 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 1 23.02.10 : Oliver! 2008 Td be the first one to say that T wis-nt a Allegro J =125 ew - ing the sk-u - a~ ton _—_ ——_ in all his ie. 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 2 23.02.10 nah Hh nnnananrnanamrmnmnanmnnannnnnt 195 Oliver! 2008 Bet-ter set - de down and get my-sef a Slower, accel. poco a poco forme, Gad go for me) and nag at_me, The fingers she will wag at me, The a tempo vivo money she will take from me, A mis-e - ry shell make from me - 1 think Td bet ter a e2a 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 3 23.02.10 196 56 colla voce wife you can keep out an y= one Oliver! 2008 Lento ad lib. a-ny-way__ Td rather sleep z inthe world and I'm start - ing from 3. 3 hhow to win friends and 10 in - fu- ence peo - ple, 0 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 4 any Wa Slow now, 2 23.02.10 nmnnnnnnNnnlnanlnhnnaninnnnnninana q 197 : Oliver! 2008 @ é : a + a= ton Ts must- quick-ly look up s er be a po @ - Sees ce 5 2 = SS ———— sa - ton Who can help me make areal im pres-ste show s ; E Slower accel. poco a poco ‘ 4 AB : ; — FE will om suite at Clar-idg-es, And run a fleet of car = riag - es, And HW aa Lam ere 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 5 23.02.10 198 Oliver! 2008 wave at all the Duch-es - ses with friend-li-ness as. much as is be - fit-ting of my 2 oken) oxo. Fempo vivo — new es-tate; “Good mor-row to you, Mag-i-state? I think Td bet-ter think it out a - gain — 133 . rall. colla voce where shall I go? Somebo-dy? Who do 1 know 4 ad cake 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 6 23.02.10 Oanrnnnkhinnnnnhnnnrnnnnnnnanh tt a A a UY we cre 199 Oliver! 2008 dearest companions have al ways been vil Isins and my time of life should srt tum - ing 0 - Allegro seat 13 view ing —__ sae If you want to eat youve ae 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 7 23.02.10 200 Oliver! 2008 rob-ber fo per - form an hom- est job? Slower accel. poco a poco 2 job Tm get-ting —pos-si-bl, 1 wonder who the won-der if hell take to * boss be? 1 FR me? What bon-us- es hell make 10 me? Til start at eight, and Vivo HO finish late, At nor-mal rate and all, but wait 1 think Td better think it out 2 = 3 Vm ten 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 8 23.02.10 LnNnnnnnnn TT € < e € n mm eh re a ® 201 Oliver! 2008 Lento & hap + pens when I'm seren-ty? Must come 2 time - When you're = P » 3 3 AD fone con-80 - li-ion's the mon-ey you may have put by. — =~, emp 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 9 23.02.10 ee ninnnannanea ma oT Fl mn nr wr Slower accel. poco a poco a oem dit for me, This Fy ple = ff a 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 10 - Oliver! 2008 Bot for me. ifs os get - ting far too But who will is no in-be - ween for me. But who will change the Zz _Prestissimo think TM have to think it out 40. Reviewing the Situation Page 11 a 203 chot for i + Segue 23.02.10 _ 204 Oliver! 2008 41. Back to the Workhouse ‘Tempo di Polka ‘is scores te pro of an shu eeu, ler Produces Lil, 1 Bair Sue Lion WB RUE peak aor repeduton on ats eee copii. Al is eee. carpi 41. Back to the Workhouse Page 1 18.02.09 nnanannnnnnnnnnn on o> Oliver! 2008 42. Old Sally Round and round until SALLY dies eee ‘Ths sorte prope of sod shoul eee, Ober Profan i, 1 Bld Square, Lode WCHB 384 UK ‘ahr sea edn 0 pats an gen ope eg eee, 42. Old Sally Page 1 18.02.09 ; VUCUuGueuUeueuuedd dda uuu 206 Oliver! 2008 43. Oliver Reprise CUE: ‘WIDOW CORNEY: We must retrieve that boy, Mr Bumble. ‘MR BUMBLE: We must indeed, ma'am. We must indeed J.=104 on ‘Winow coRNEY 0 -liver! That was the mite with the wipowe. 6 Bom MR BUMBLE. large ap-pe-the = liver! ap - pa-reat-ly bes trom a rich f= mi-ly and to sa pid Frat Pic iseteecetiy AMAT ie Msn One — ANCE Ai eae sy NANCY enters here and I'l ook for Mr Brownlow. 0 = Be eee PE EE eee See eee eee crescas BLL SIKES appears M5, (OUVER Nay! 5 A _NANGY: Bill (CUE FOR CRESC SIRES: Get aay rom met 2 = [NANCY: Don't take him back there Bil. Let him go for pity sake, let him go. NANCY: Why do you fook at me like that Bill? BILL: Give me away would yer? \ NANCY:No, not you Bill, never you. BILL: Get away from me woman. NANCY:No, I won't let go Bill, look at me, look at me! I've been true to you upon my soul Ihave. BILL: Get away from me! ‘sso te rope of al shuld e emma, Olver Peon, 1 Hor Square, Londo WB RU ‘bored asa precio oy arts nina cpt A Hs eee dakota 46, London Bridge Page 1 23.02.10 222 Oliver! 2008 ses BILL beats NANCY (3 Times). the ground ‘SIKES: Stop staring boat F LF) NANG: Godt me woman. cose Dann you ni des we 3 / rr Godhelp me! hh your damn eyes. pra AZ y y cas / Wf | ye Ror ey ses cee MR BROWNLOW: I say you there! Oh my God! Help! Help! Help! es Bs FIRST RUNNER: ‘What happened ‘ere? =] NI Tus lt! o B Whe Tf MR BROWNLOW: There's been a murder FIRST RUNNER: Did you know this woman. (MR BROWNLOW: I came here to meet this poor ereature, and as I crossed the bridge I saw someone running in the other direction. : I's Nancy, somebody's murdered Nancyt FIRST RUNNER: What did he look like? MR BROWNLOW: He was a broad shouldered heavily built man FIRST RUNNER: Anything else? : MR BROWNLOW: He wore a black coat and he carried a heavy cudgel, ‘LAMPLIGHTER: Bill Sikes! R&R till cue * annnanannannnnannnnnnnnnn gt 46. London Bridge Page 2 23.02.10 Oliver! 2008 ‘2ND RUNNER: Where will he be? CUE OUT: He'll lead us to the murderer! x3 SIKES: Fagin, Fagin. RAGIN: What ist Bill? What have you done? SIKES: The game's up Fagin FAGIN: Oh no Bill you haven't. Not Nancy, it can't be. by ve—2 4h b, rrreprer rrr frre : : ‘SIKES; Well et us in then, Fagin FAGIN: Bill, [can't, I's not safe. SUKES: What do I do then? FAGIN: Head for Limehouse, its your best bet. OUT boys, OUT! iz by rall. each rrrr rrrr rreer reer rrere Pree rrr ~ 46. London Bridge Page 3 23.02.10 we Oliver! 2008 alla OLIVER: Ihope you're not angry with me, sit, BROWNLOW: Of couse Fm no, could never be that ome Olver weil tke vou home now. o dey 2p 3 — mp =— 46, London Bridge Page 8 23.02.10 rerannnammnninnnnnnnnnnnnn gt Oliver! 2008 ist GIN appears from manbole | : fs pos -si- Be 46, London Bridge Page 9 23.02.10 230 Oliver! 2008 dear -% com - pa-nidns and tea-sules, Ive let tem be - hind, 3 toma deaf o- ver and who can tell what 1 may find? 46. London Bridge Page 10 23.02.10 eRrananannnmnnmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn gt POSSE pee eee Rea ae ee ee 231 Oliver! 2008 47. Bows Part 1 ALL CHILDREN & COMPANY Mit should chance t0 be we should see some hard -er days Empty lard - er days Why grouse? Always a chance we'llmeet Thea the drinks "sce rope shade ei Or Pras a, co aed eto WC Chater oa pais gence ‘ dakota 47. Bows Part I Page 1 18.02.09 . Oliver! 2008 47. Bows Part I Page 2 18.02.09 netannkhnnnnnnnnnnnnnh= nn mn W Oliver! 2008 ALL CHILDREN & COMPANY 4 € on - si-der yourself & % ‘aD REN a / si-der yourself, con } si-der your-sel, con } si-der yourself, con | si-der your-selt__| ma iw. a. ah on } sider yourself er S si-der your- self or eh 47. Bows Part I Page 4 18.02.09 Oliver! 2008 47. Bows Part 1 Page 5 18.02.09 Oliver! 2008 49. Bows Part 3 Hit should chance to be we should see some hard - er days mp - ty lard - er days Al-ways a chance welll meet iso epg Se mi. Onan eid a, Lm ES red oe rere oy pas am sagan opr. Al igs sen cari 49. Bous Part 3 Page 1 18.02.09 RUTnARKNTKHKANTANANHMGACKRMRAAHNAHAN arnninme ao Oliver! 2008 + si-der your-seit fer some 49, Bows Part 3 Page 2 18.02.09 Oliver! 2008 sider your-self con -] Si- der your-self con] si- der your-self com - si__der_your-self | ————_ st der your - se on | si - der your - sel ee ——— a= ———— 49, Bows Part 3 Page 3 18.02.09 nmaonnanamnnnkhnnnnnnnnnnnnn et i Oliver! 2008 49. Bows Part 3 Page 4 18.02.09 "Be Back Soon" (Snare drum) z Oliver! 2008 50. Playout "so ihe pry sted Moisi eid eed ators oso repeducn oy pun bn gn cori ih 50. Playout Page 1 02.11.09 nnnnnnnnnnannnnnnnnnnnn gp Oliver! 2008 50, Playout Page 2 02.11.09 OUDVUVDUYUUWHOWoSeUYWHUeUevuuevwe Yes 02.11.09 Oliver! 2008 50. Playout Page 3 242 Oliver! 2008 dake 50. Playout Page 4 02.11.09