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Information Sheet Partner University


Website Address of the Business


Country - State SPAIN

Edificio 8 (Rectorado) - Despacho 8.0.21
C/ Madrid, 126
28903 Getafe (Madrid)
Servicio de Relaciones Internacionales
Edificio 8 - Rectorado
Calle Madrid, 126
28903 Getafe, Madrid
Language of Courses Spanish and English

Level of Study for Incoming

Web address for academic calendar http://www.uc3m.es/portal/page/portal/titulaciones_grado/calend
(exchange students) arios_academicos

Term dates for the academic year, Fall semester: 06/09/2010 – 15/12/2010
including exams Spring semester: 24/01/2011 – 06/05/2011

Period of Exchange One semester

Program / Department(s) (Available

for incoming exchange) / Length of Bachelor in Busienss Administration
Web address for choice of courses ess_administration/study_program

Double degree No

Language courses _lazaro_carreter/informacion_general

Recommended Credit Load per


Contact hours per course

23/09/2010 - International Relations Department

Information Sheet Partner University

No. of credits per course

UC3M does not require a MINIMUM or MAXIMUM of
Minimum workload per semester subjects per Semester. Logically, the minimum is 1 subject per
(credits) semester, and we recommend a maximum of 30 ECTS or 6
subjects per Semester.
Maximum workload per semester

Teaching Methods

Spanish Grading System

NP No report
< 4.9 Fail F
5 to 5.9 Sufficient E
Grading Scale 6 to 6.9 Satisfactory D
7 to 7.9 Good C
8 to 8.9 Very Good B
9 to 10 Excellent A
10 MH Excellent

Good command of Spanish and English

For up-dated information, please refer to Tableau des places on
As an Exchange student, no previous English exam or English
Minimum GPA Certificate is necessary in order to enrol in subjects taugth in
Requirement & Exchange English.
requirements for In your Study Plan you can:
• Choose all your subjects in Spanish.
• Choose all your subjects in English.
• Combine subjects in Spanish with subjects in English.

Double Degree

Additional compulsory Fees No

Photocopy of your European Health Insurance Card (any public
or private health insurance with international coverage will be
If you are not an EU citizen please include:
Photocopy of Passport or Identity Card
Photocopy of your Permanent EU Residency Card
Application Requirements
Proposed Study Plan

Please send your Learning Agreement via e-mail to Universidad

Carlos III de Madrid before arriving.

23/09/2010 - International Relations Department

Information Sheet Partner University

Incoming Exchange students for First Semester, Second Semester

and Full Year: from April 1st to May 31st 2010
Application Deadlines · Incoming Exchange students for Second Semester who did not
fill out the application form during the above period can check
the deadline on our web site.

One week before classes start

Orientation Program for International Exchange Students at
the start of each semester.
Recommended Arrival Date with
You will receive information on University administrative
Academic Calendar
procedures, learn about the installations and services offered by
UC3M and have the opportunity to meet other international
exchange students.

Housing 300-600€
Supermarket 100-200€
Leisure 100-300€
Transportation 35€

Note that we don’t offer any grant or scholarship for exchange

Living / Prospective costs
If you wish to open a bank account in Spain, you will find two
bank offices on campus: Caja Madrid and Banco Santander. They
will require from you a certificate that proofs you are a student at
UC3M (you will get it from the SERINT).

We do not manage housing for the international students.

Therefore, you will have to find it by yourself. UC3M has a nice
webpage to help students find a place to live in. Here it is:

If you decide to stay in a hotel during your first days in Madrid,

so that you can see some rooms and then choose, you will also
find many accommodation offers in the Cafeteria and around the
Housing/ Insurance / health costs Campus that Spanish students hang on the walls when they have
free rooms in their apartments.

You have several options: Living in Getafe or Leganés (where

most exchange students attend to classes) or live in Madrid.
Living close to the campus is normally a cheaper option, and you
will live in a very calm place. But in Madrid, though you have to
come to Campus by train (about 20 minutes ride from the city
centre), you will be in the middle of an active city, with a lot of
party, stores, bars, good food and many cultural activities. Most
of exchange students choose to live in Madrid.

23/09/2010 - International Relations Department

Information Sheet Partner University

Colegio Mayor "Residencia de Estudiantes Fernando de los

Avda. de las Ciudades, nº 1
Housing contact person 28903 Getafe (Madrid))
Tfno: 34 91 771 27 00
Fax: 34 91 683 63 79
E-mail: R.F.delosRios@fund.uc3m.es
Getafe Campus
Faculty of Law and Social Sciences & Faculty of Humanities,
Communication and Documentation.

If you are coming from Madrid, the best way is to take line C-4
of Cercanías Renfe (train) and stop at “Las Margaritas –
Universidad”. From this station is about 10 minutes walk to the
Student welcome on arrival campus.

If you decide to live in Getafe, you will be able to come walking

or by bike (you can park your bike inside the campus).
You will find further information here:

Campus Facilities

23/09/2010 - International Relations Department

Information Sheet Partner University

Useful website links:

Turismo Madrid: www.turismomadrid.es

Comunidad de Madrid: www.madrid.org
Madrid City Hall: www.munimadrid.es
Street maps of Madrid: www.qdq.com
Otras direcciones de interés: www.esmadrid.com

23/09/2010 - International Relations Department