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September 3, 2010
(After Death)

The paradise I’ve expected rolled unpredictably,

Like with a dice of chance and possibility,
It showed me not the seventh heaven—
Instead the sixth zone interred into the deepest of reality,
Where vile deads live in wavering as those on earth,
Then anxiety began to intensify like flames on my face,
Before the question, “why am I here and not there?” appeared.
White, bright, sweet-scented, easy, serene—heaven,
I was waiting for that hue of life, with the invisible might…
Yes that narrow door hails souls with a standard;
The other no-exit gate swallows the unacceptable,
And so my terse realization keys into my memory:
Desperate men like I have been—slaying myself—
will carry nothing but only the red ticket for a spiteful journey…

Life is; Life is not

Who says life offers only intricacy,

If life depicts unfussiness and simplicity,
Who says life seems a labyrinth and a long journey,
If life is a one straight, smooth bridge to glory,
Who says life is embraced with mysteries,
If life depicts no insecurity and is always see-through,
Who says life keeps on being unjust,
If life carries no liability in making it undue.

It is complicated when a man sees it not plainly, as respiring,

It is tricky as maze when a man has no map—his stand while walking,
It is mysterious when a man wants to be curious so to believe so many,
It is unfair when a man appreciates nothing but to demand,

Life is experience, an inexpensive moment.

Contingent on your own outlook can it be great.
It can be a gift to cherish, a privilege…it can be grand and blissful;
But it can never be sad!
Death 101

When she was still not made,

Her mortal presence is dead,
Once she became a specimen,
Her survival is sustained,
Earlier she wants to grow old,
Her aims are alive, breathing,
Though as she exists in ages,
Her fear of death is still there,
She’s afraid to die!

Then she is ready to leave,

Yet proper death won’t come by,
Because it does not arrive;
It’s just waiting for her,
Before she will be picked up,
She must have understood the passage before it….

Fire Extinguisher

Matagal nang handa ang natatanging

kakayanan sa pagpuksa sa bumubuga ng apoy
na minsan ng kumitil at nangwasak ng katotohan at pag-asa
sa buhay ng mamayang nag-aabang sa liwanag…

Sa kalooban ng bawat sabik at bigo ay

ang sandatang maaring magbigay ng wakas sa pighati—
kapwa elemento ang bubuga sa masasamang elementong naghahari-harian,
isang susi sa pintong magbubukas ng daan patakas sa totoong kaharian…

Ito ang noon pa’y pagmamay-ari na ng lahat;

Subalit kung gayon na ang bawat humihinga ay nagtataglay nito,
Bakit ang pag-aalangan pa rin ang siyang nananatili sa atin?

Habang bumibilis ang pagkalat ng apoy,

mashumahaba ang panahon ng pagmamalupit sa kapwa,
habang tumatagal ang pagdadalawang-isip mo,
masumiikli ang buhay ng elemento…

…Sa huli namamatay ito kasama mo,

Habang ang sunog nanatili sa pagsakop ng kabutihan.

The quest in pursuit of the ultimate veracity,

And of the truth in the new discoveries,
Is growing to be much more of mystery,
Landing at another place of life’s avarice.

Just like life and death:

Death after life, life after death…
Their cavernous disparity bids one-word question—
The WHYs reservation!

Even so losses of life seem overt,

Infallible to the balance of nature,
The screen for them appear covert,
As though the two have each no tenure,

As one by one we trip over,

Sure one will have leaned the unknown—
only with himself,
Hence uncertainty, still that’s for sure for the existing.

Oppositely directed to each other,

Life and Death are intertwined voyage,
Akin magnitudes of human significance,
They bypass in the same line of action—Time.

Yet alas! Every one has the nothing,

For in equilibrium, zero is the result.