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Directional Control Valve Products

off Valve
Shear-Seal® Manual Shut-off Valve
Series 130, 190 * ShearSeal® Technology

* Low Pressure Drop

* High Velocity Flow

Series 130
* Tolerates Contaminates

* Low Handle Load at High


Series 190 Barksdale’s Shut-off Valves provide zero-leakage* control for fluids and
gasses up to 6,000 psi in the toughest industrial applications.

Featuring Barksdale’s famous Shear-Seal® technology, these Shut-

Off Valve products provide dependable performance and long life

even when the media being controlled is contaminated with debris

that would ruin ordinary valves.

Exceeding Your Expectations Through Our People, Products and Performance

Directional Control Valve Products

Shut-o off Valve

With Barksdale, Pressure is Under Control
Barksdale is a recognized leader in the design
and manufacture of superior directional control
valves for numerous hydraulic and pneumatic
industrial systems. At the core of Barksdale’s
exceptional valve performance is its ShearSeal®
technology which provides zero leakage* and long
life in tough applications where other valves fall

Our Valves Don't Wear Out…They Wear In

What makes Shear-Seal® so special? This unique
design controls the media through internal galleries
in the sealing components rather than across the
critical sealing faces. This means that contami-
nates that are common in many industrial systems
have little opportunity to damage the valve. The
continual sliding motion between the Shear-Seal®
faces and the rotor along with the combination of features a working pressure of 3,000 psi (206 bar)
spring and pressure loading allows for automatic and incorporates an aluminum housing with a bronze
adjustment of the seals. The result is a valve that body and stainless steel internal components. The
doesn’t wear out – but wears in. Series 190 increases working pressure to 6,000 psi
(413 bar) hydraulic or 4,000 psi (276 bar) air, incorpo-
High Flows, High Velocities,
rating heavy duty bearings with a ductile iron housing
Zero Leakage
for the toughest applications.
Barksdale’s Shut-off Valves excel in applications
where high flows and high velocities are required, Flexibility in the Design
due to the Shear-Seal® design. Such applications Barksdale Shut-Off Valves are designed to provide
would severely limit the life of an ordinary valve solutions for a wide variety of applications. Some of
which will often wash out and begin leaking due to the key options are:
the volume of fluid that would flow across its seals. • Working Pressure Ratings up to 6,000 psi
With the fluid flowing through the internal galleries, Hydraulic or 4,000 psi air
the seals of the Barksdale valve will not rapidly • Detent for Positive Engagement in Open or
wear out and will maintain the critical zero-leak- Closed Position
age* characteristic. • Optional Barksdale Air or Hydraulic Actuator
• Panel Mounting
Options to Fit the Application
• Additional Modifications Available from the Factory
Barksdale offers two lines of Shut-Off Valves to fit
specific needs of the application. The Series 130

* Less than four cc per minute

Directional Control Valve Products

off Valve
Operating Data Pressure Drop - All Valves
Media Hydraulic Oil, Lubricated Water, or Air

Working Pressure
130 Series 3,000 psi (206 bar) hydraulic or 2,000 psi (138 bar)
pneumatic See Valve Products Supplemental Guide for more detals.
190 Series 6,000 psi (413 bar) hydraulic or 4,000 psi (276 bar)
Proof Pressure 1-1/2 times working pressure
Burst Pressure 2-1/2 times working pressure
Back Pressure Outlet port can withstand full working pressure. Outlet
port pressure cannot exceed inlet pressure for
satisfactory operation
Flow Capacity, Cv See Table & Supplemental Guide
Media Temperature
Range -40° to +250° F (-40° to +121° C)
Porting 1/4" to 1" NPT
Mounting Line mounting or panel mountable
Handle Rotation 90°
Detent 2-position - Detent at 90° positions
Materials of Construction
Housing 130 Series - Anodized aluminum
190 Series - Ductile Iron
Body 130 Series - Anodized aluminum
190 Series - Bronze
Shaft, Rotor,
Pressure Seals 400 Series Stainless Steel
Standard O-rings Buna N, others available
Back-up Rings Teflon®

Directional Control Valve Products

off Valve
Shear-Seal® Manual Shut-off Valve
Series 130, 190

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