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Software Requirement Specifications for

Online Music Portal

• Introduction :
Purpose :

The iMMS is a unique application that is synchronizing both user

experience and copyrights while providing services like online music
management, legal downloads, artists’ management. There are
several other applications available in the market that either provides
some specific services or large scale integrated solutions. Our product
differs from the rest in a way that we give more power to the users
remaining within the copyrights circle.

Scope :

iMMS is a unique web application that is basically a community

based website. It will have two types of users i.e. registered users and
unregistered users. Unregistered users can get access to very limited
features. On the other hand, registered users can login to the
application so that they can get access to the dashboard. The
dashboard will be interactive options panel that will show users’
activity and the major functionality of the application. These
registered users can also search information about music. Search can
be of three types i.e. search by album; search by year and search by
artist name. The application will pull data from the database servers
accordingly. Registered users will have the capability to edit any
information voluntarily if they think that information is inaccurate.
The information will be published once it is verified by the artist
himself of his manager.

There will be a community feature that will enable multiple users to

interact with each other in a specific group. Users can also interact
through application’s internal messaging system. Users can create
their own music streams that can be available for other registered
members. These streams can either private or public depending on the
user’s applied settings.
Once logged in, the manager will upload music, videos and pictures.
He will have the ability to set the copyright license. The manager can
also create events on Facebook and put the link on the website. Our
application will pull data from Facebook and feature the event on the
artist’s Facepage.
The registered users will get access to the content uploaded by the
mangers. The users can create playlists, stream music, download
music and take part in community discussions. Before downloading,
the user will be asked to pay for the music if it’s not free.

The administrative panel consists of the global administrators, the

artist/managers and the general users. Independent developers can
also get access to our API (application programming interface) that
will enable them to integrate our resources in their own custom
• Hardware Interfaces
Since the web portal does not have any designated hardware, it does
not have any direct hardware interfaces. The hardware connection to
the database server is managed by the underlying operating system
on the web server.

• Software Interfaces
The web component communicates with the database in order to get
the user rating logs of the
larger system. The communication between the database and the web
component consists of
operation concerning both reading and modifying the data, while the
communication between

Music Recommender and the website consists of sending a JSON

object from the recommender

to the website to be displayed on the webpage.

• Specific Requirements:

Functional Requirements :-
The requirements will be implemented before the system is
deemed satisfactorily completed.
1. The Systems shall use the tabs for displaying the specified request
from the user.

2. The User must be logged in for the facility of dashboard.

3. Administrative features will allow of manipulation of underlying

database system.
4. The system will provide functionality to allow the user to log in to
the system with a username and password.

Unit Registration :-

1. The unregister user only see the main interface of the website.

2. Register will first login(having user name and password) to enter

in the privileged mode .

3. For admin login he/she should given a special id with the login .

4. In Dashboard a user can search and download the song or album

by entering artist or song name.

5. Registered user can make his/her own playlsit by selecting the

option of Create playlist, in the user can save his/her favourate song
as well as delete them.

Retrieving and Displaying Unit information :-

The main interface will prompt the user for the latest events
check,notifications,contact us and for user login.When the user
entered as a registered user he/her will be able to access his own

• Other Nonfunctional Requirements:

 Safety Requirements
Admins can’t access personal information of users such as
messages so this will insure safety of users.

 Reliability Requirements
We will use cloud server and back data base for reliability .It will be
70% reliable then other applications

 Software Quality Attributes

This application will be very user friendly and we will insure it by
making the application in that way that it’s very easy to use for the
people who don’t really know how to use a computer. We are also
going to provide tutorial and help menu so that if they don’t
understand any thing the can see tutorial or use help menu. This
application will be available to the user all around the world. We try
to make it as flexible as we can so that changes at any time will be
easy to manage and this will be done by making applications in
module so that if we make changes in one module it don’t effect other
modules of the system. By making application in module it will be
easy to reuse application and portability will also be achieved. We are
also going to test this software with the worst possible inputs to
ensure correctness of software.

 Business Rules
1. Unregistered user can only use limited resources of product such
as browsing and viewing events
2. Registered users will have to login and after they are logged in
the can get access to their dash board so that they can manage
their friend chat with friends listen and buy songs and many
other features
3. Artist/manager should also log in to get access to their
dashboard but their dashboard will have two additional feature
then registered user i.e.(upload, creating and editing events)

4. Global admin can do what ever he/she wants to do access source

code edit it access database and stuff like that.

5. If at any time global admin wants to leave he/she will decide

from user who will be the next global admin and give admin
privileges to that user

• Flow Chart :
• Data Flow Diagram :
• Class Diagram:
• ER Diageam :
• Use Case Diagram :
• Sequence Diagram :
Figure Login Sequence Diagram

Figure Generate Recommendations Sequence Diagram

Figure View History Sequence Diagram

Figure View Recommendations Sequence Diagram

Figure Logout Sequence Diagram

• Screen Shots :

This is roughly how user interface will look like when the user
will not be logged in. User at that time can only use limited
resources such as he/she can see the events coming ahead or the
featured and free contents.
This is roughly how the system will look like after user has
logged in .Dashboard will have all the activities a user can
perform such as interaction with member checking messages and
chatting stuff .user can also make their own play list and listen
to it or buy it