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Victoria Nicole S.

486, Zone 5 Halang, San Pedro, Hagonoy, Bulacan 3002

Career Objectives
Personal Information
A fresh graduate of Master of Science in Accountancy that
can help in systemizing transactions, prepare, analyse and present
financial statements so that the business will be able to maintain or
Name: Victoria Nicole S. Coral
improve its financial position. Aiming to leverage my abilities to
successfully fill the Accountant role at your company. Frequently
Address: 486, Zone 5 Halang,
praised as diligent by my peers, I can be relied upon to help your
San Pedro, Hagonoy, Bulacan company achieve its goals.
Skills and Competencies
Contact Number: 0923-0843-919
 Write, speak, and understand English and Filipino
Email Address:  Leadership and decision making skills
victorianicolecoral@gmail.com  Good listener
 People smart
Date of Birth: October 31, 2003  Analytical ability
 Efficient
Age: Twenty- three (23) years old  Computer skills ( MS Word, MS Excel, MS Publisher and
Civil Status: Single

Citizenship: Filipino Work Experience

Religion: Roman Catholic AV CHUCKIE JELLY
Owner & Seller
Birthplace: Sto. Niño Hospital,
 Watch for and recognize security risks and thefts, and know
Bustos, Bulacan how to prevent oar handle these situations.
 Time management is needed because you’re the one who
Gender: Female make the product and also you’re the one who sells it.
 Manage the overall operational, budgetary, and financial
Language Spoken: English and
responsibilities and activities of the business.
To’t ghai (Toge at Shanghai)
Height: 157.48cm (5’2 ft) Owner & Seller

 Provides historical records by maintaining records on area

Weight: 99.208lbs (45kg)
and customer sales.
 Managing your time wisely because you are the one who
will make the product and you need to sell it.
 Manage the overall operational, budgetary, and financial
responsibilities and activities of the business.