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Business - Investment Consulting & Educational Development Corporation Since 1999 THE MARKET The World Bank
Business - Investment Consulting & Educational Development Corporation Since 1999 THE MARKET The World Bank

Business - Investment Consulting & Educational Development Corporation Since 1999


The World Bank predicts that by the year 2020, the Asia Pacific will be one of the largest economies of the world. It is obvious that competition in the region shall be fierce, and the risks shall be higher; however, it also presents a greater opportunity and a challenge.

For Vietnam, local companies landed in a market economy with a little experience about the market. For most US and Western companies, they tried to graft their own way of doing business onto the local market and wanted to Westernize their operation. They did not realize how cultural differences are rooted:

independent initiative, decision making skills, customer-oriented service and long-term thinking were discouraged for generations. Nurturing these skills today requires sensitivity and diligence.

The real fact is that: every cook knows even with the right ingredients, a cake can still fall flat. In Vietnam, many businesses do not have is a recipe. At XVC, we are capable to provide the right recipe for both Vietnamese and Western businesses.


Xuan Vinh Corporation, a Vietnam - Florida base corporation was formed in 1999 to fill these gaps. Our team consists of a group highly experienced professional and executives in the areas of: Business Management, Law and Education.

We are Vietnamese American experts living and working in the US for 30 years.

We are American experts living and doing businesses in Vietnam for over 12 years.

Our team members working for major international and national organizations:

The World Bank,

The United Nations,

U.S Government Agencies,

Foreign Investment Funds in Vietnam,

Major Vietnamese Corporations, Financial Institutions & Government Agencies.

We are the insiders:

The culture:

The laws

The market:


We know not only the languages but also:

We know what people think

We know what needs to be done

We know what people want

XVC tries to bridge the gap between Western culture and the local one by providing professional services to US and foreign companies in the areas of:

Business Consulting

Provide Sources of Funding for Businesses.

Evaluate The Effectiveness of Business Operations.

Help Foreign Businesses Locate Business Opportunities and Expand Their Operations in Vietnam.

Help Local Businesses Locate Partners and Expand Their Operations in the U.S and Other Developed Countries.

Help Local and Foreign Businesses in Their businesses.

Negotiation and Conclusion of Contracts. Provide Tax Consulting and Compliance Services.

Investment Consulting

Provide Money Management Services – Personal Investment Portfolio.

Provide Stock Market Investment Opportunities in Vietnam and The U.S Market.

Provide Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Vietnam and The U.S Market.

Evaluate Investment Projects in Vietnam.

Secure Government Licensing for Foreign Businesses to Set Up Representative Offices, Branches, and Corporations in Vietnam.

Complete all Legal Requirements to Help Vietnamese Businesses Set up Showrooms, Representative Offices, and Branches in the U.S and Canada.

Help secure funding for Bridge Capital For Investment, maximize Return On Investment and Safeguard Investment To Risk-Free Level

Human Resource Development

Human Resources Training Program:


Evaluating and Appraising Skills


Resources Management Skills


Developing Talents Skills


Interview & Recruiting Skills


Performance Appraisal


Human Resource Management

Head Hunting Services


Set up Job Placement Workshop


Set up Job Hunting Skills Seminar

Training And Recruitment


Train and retrain young professionals


Recruit top candidates and provide the most qualified employees for businesses.

Labor Contract Negotiation


Review and help drawing labor contract as to Vietnamese laws and local requirements.


Negotiation & Public Relations: To minimize the cultural difference between local workers & foreign partners.


Services have been provided to major national and international organizations such as:

Bank National de Paris – FRANCE - Royal Crown Cola International - USA

MOUNTECH Company - GERMANY - AN PHUOC- Pierre Cardin


SAVIMEX National Company - SANOFI Pharmaceutical Company

Petro Vietnam - PVEP - SUN KUAN Shoes Manufacturing Co.

TAN DAI HUNG Plastic Company - DASO – DELTA Company

COATS PHONG PHU Textile Company - VIET THANG Textile Company

SEAREFICO Refrigeration Company - THIEN NAM HOA Electronics Company

CAY SU Restaurant - SONG NGU Restaurant

CA SAU HOA CA Restaurant - VIET HOUSE Restaurant Chain - USA

Major Hotel Chains:






OMNI Hotel




SOFITEL Saigon Plaza Hotel


NOVOTEL Garden Plaza Hotel


LIVERTY Hotel Chain




XVC International Business Training Center was established in 1999 to serve two major groups of participants:


Working Professionals And Mid-Level Managers


Recent College Graduates

XVC provides short training programs (less than 2 years) in different areas.


Business skills


English skills.

XVC’s Programs are delivered by qualified trainers, business practitioners and experienced educators. They all have advanced degrees or hold high positions in government to guarantee timeliness and quality of programs delivered.

XVC is focused on the applied side of its training programs and the creation of the value to maximize the value of their organizations and improve individual performance. Our flexible delivery systems and high quality meet the needs of students, working professionals, and organizations.

XVC’s Programs are offered with two options:

Customized Programs:

Training at business and industry sites. They are designed to meet specific needs of a company without requiring from the comfort and convenience of the firm location, and offer a choice of formats best suited to employees and employers.

Regular Training:

Applied short-term training at our own center, lasting from a few to several months, is available to address business needs.


Business Skills Training Courses:

Effective Leadership and Management Skills

Effective Leadership Skills

Problem solving and Making decision Skills)

Motivation Skills

Delegation & Assignment Skills

Planning Skills

Time Management Skills

Team Work Skills

Effective Communication Skills

Communication & Presentation Skills

Producing Management Skills

Training & Coaching Skills

Supervising Skills

Change Management Skills

Project Management Skills

Negotiation Skills

Creative Thinking Skills

Team Building Skills

Communication skills


Emotional intelligence

Presentation skill

Public speaking

Creative Problem Solving

Conflict Management

Management of Meetings


Management By Objectives (MBO)

Decision Making …

Business Management Training Program:

Strategic Management

Organizational Behavior

Corporate Culture

Change management

Train the Trainer

Business Strategy and Strategic Alliance

Benchmarking – Effective Competitive Weapon

Responding to Business Environment Changes

Business Plan

Sales & Marketing Training Program

Professional Selling

Territory Management Skills

Key Account Management Skills

Customer Relationship Management Skills

Sales Force Management Skills

Medical Representative

Sales Force Professional

Merchandising Skills

Field Coaching Skills

Key Accounts Management

Managing Customer Expectations

Marketing Research

Marketing Management

Product Management

Brand Management

Sales promotional program

Marketing Information System Management

Product Development & Innovation

Effective Advertisement

Effective Marketing

Marketing Plan

Financial Training Program:

Financial Management and Strategy for Value Creation

Finance for Non-financial Managers

Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collection

Corporate Financial Analysis and Decision Making

Evaluation of Investment Projects

Analysis of Customer Credit



The importance of English as the primary international language continues to grow as rapid technological advances in globalize business, communications and research. More and more, people everywhere, especially in Vietnam, recognize that fluence in English open up to them a world of opportunity in travel, education and professional development.

In response to this enourmous demand in Vietnam, English is taught everywhere in Vietnam. Thousands of programs have been developed to teach it at varying levels and with a number of different focus. However, many students of English find it hard to them to understand and to speak to foreigners. Our goal is to fill the gap: To help students improve English communication skills.


General English:

The focus is help high school and college students improve their four basic skills particularly the communication skill.

English For Academic Purpose:

Prepare high school students to study overseas

English For Special Purposes:

The purpose is to help professional seeking career advancement or increased ease in interacting with English speaking clients or countertparts.


Placement Test

Generally, placement tests are conducted upon arrival to ensure that students are placed in classes at the appropriate proficiency level.

Course Design

Cousses at basic or beginner levels tend to focus on the development of conversational skills such as listening comprehension and everyday vocabulary. At more advanced levels courses, students are taught academic fluentcy, note-taking, reading comprehension, library research and study skills.

Class Size

English language instruction is usually conducted in classes that are limited to 15 or fewer students. This ensure the level of personalized attention necessary to develop proficiency.


Most of our courses are offered year-round and have flexible entry points means that students are likely to to able to begin English training at a time that is convenience to students. The program is available in a wide range of part-time and full-time options, in courses that range from 8 to 48 weeks in duration. Shorterm, intensive summer sessions are offered, as are longer term, in sessional programs in which students may progress from one proficiency level to another.

Quality of Teachers

Our Instructors are both native speakers and local university professor who earned advanced degree in English language training. They live and taught in other countries.

Teaching Method

Lectures, seminars, tutorials, simulations and role-playing, computer-assisted learning, guest presentationsss, and peer tutoring.

Participation in social, cultural and recreational activities is optional in many programs, manadatory in others. Such activities may include a Conversationa Partners program that allows for the practice of English skills with native speakers outside of class time. Combination of study-vacation packages are widely-offered, as are custom-designed coursesthat meet the needs of specific groups