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Learning Targets

● I can evaluate the effects of individuals’ different perspectives

● I can evaluate the effects of individuals’ needs

NAME: Adam Bibby

Career Investigation Project
Research (Done)
● Complete 3 career investigation tests ____/15
● All scores need to be recorded on your presentation _____/6
● Based on your test results, choose two jobs FOR EACH TEST (Total=6) that match
those results, all jobs need to be recorded on your presentation _____/12

Career Research
● Choose 1 job that fits your needs and wants the best, and research the information below
using this website. All information needs to be recorded on your presentation ____/18
○ 4 Job Duties/Description/

○ Analyze the computer needs and recommend possible part upgrades

○ Plan and direct the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and

○ Learn about new technology and look for ways to upgrade their computers.

○ Negotiate with vendors to get the highest level of service for the orginazations

○ 2 Working Conditions
○ Always working indoors

○ Sometimes shares workplace with others

○ Explain Training or Education Required

○ Averagely has a bachelors degree

○ Yearly and monthly income, Benefits

○ 142,530$ per year

○ 68.53$ per hour

○ Employment Prospects

○ Be on time
○ Dress appropriately

○ Be responsible

○ Always be respectful

College Research
● Choose one college or technical school that offers training in your career chosen above.
Find the following information below and record on your presentation _____/12

○ Iowa State University (ISU)

○ Iowa State University is one of the greatest colleges after high school

○ 3.6 GPA required

○ 35,443 Students are enrolled

○ It offers pretty basic stuff you can join groups or clubs you can get the classes you want
○ There are so much types of activities like business, design and engineering also so much more.
● Reflect on the questions below and record your answers on your presentation_____/10
○ What type of people would be good for this job? Which would not be suitable for
this job? The people that know there electronics and know what a computer
processor or GPU at the least is when you should be guaranteed to get this job but
thats not all you need to know. The people that do not need this job are people
like staying at home and doing nothing and people who do not know how to work

○ How does this job meet your needs and wants in 5 sentences or more?

This job meets my needs because I actually know how to program and work a PC while some
others may think its a good job its just not suitable for them. I also want it because it is just
computers I grow up fixing them and building my own. So the main reason this job fits me is
because it fits my personality because after the personality tests I kept getting recommended to
get this job so this is what I aim for. Plus I think if I got this job I’d be getting a lot of
promotions which is a major need. So now this job comes to be both a major need and want.

● Neatness, organization, and effort displayed _____/7

TOTAL: ____/80

Career Investigation Tests

Test 1: Go to http://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip
Carefully read and answer the questions
Write down your results and find 2 matching careers that are of interest to you

Test 2: Go to https://careerwise.minnstate.edu/careers/clusterSurvey
Complete the interest assessment
Write down your results and find 2 matching careers that are of interest to you

Test 3: Go to http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/
Take the Personality Test
Read and answer carefully
Write down your results and find 2 matching careers that are of interest to you