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 Sports girl is women’s

clothing retail chain
owned and operated by
Susan retail group in
 Sports girl sells clothing
accessories and beauty
products to an age group
of 16-21females.
 Sports girl has over 110
stores across Australia
and New Zealand.
Q1: Identify the main marketing communication strategies
that sports girl adopts in relation to the various situational
 During 1960’s, advertising and the in-house promotional magazines
were the main communication vehicles.
 During 1970’s famous makeup artists, designers and merchandisers were
used effectively to improve their brand image.
 During 1980’s Sports girl picked up on the concept of had in-store cafes
long before other retailers.
 Their current communication strategy is a combination of advertising,
sales promotion, in-house promotional magazines, store merchandising
and personal selling at the retail stores.
 In 2012 Sports girl unveiled its latest digital strategy the ‘window shop’
a concept which allows for 24/7 shopping where products are displayed
on the shop front’s windows, and customers can scan the products QR
code with their Smartphone or I pad to make an immediate purchase.
Sports girl focus more on winter and
spring seasons due to Christmas and
Q2. Identify the Easter they put a lot of sales,
promotional activities to attract more
main fashion customer.
seasons & the
changes of the On average they release 50 products
merchandise per month to stay up-to-date with the
new fashion trends.
(product line)
that take place
In the month of December near
within the Christmas and in April near Easter they
years? release 60 products with excessive
sales and promotions
Q3: In what order would consumers proceed with the shopping
process for clothes, outlet first, then brand, or brand first, then
outlet? What are the implications of this for sports girl?
The beginning of the
Sports girl concept was Every year Sports girl
outlet first. the first shop changed their marketing
was opened in Melbourne strategy and promotional
and the concept became activities.
successful in Melbourne

Sports girl also integrated

The product range
in-store promotions,
expanded home wares
primarily focused on
body and beauty products
window displays which
after the huge success of
were created to match the
Sport girls clothes.
overall creative theme.
Q4: how involved are clothes shoppers and how does this
influence the type of strategy sports girl should put in place?

Sports girl prides itself as the leader of creativity and innovation

amongst Australian retailers.

They use sales, promotional events, in-store fashion parades and they
create higher levels of awareness through publicity in the fashion

Sports girl marketing strategy plays an important role in Sports girl

brand success.
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