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PHYS 101 – General Physics I

First Midterm
Duration: 120 minutes July 23, 2013

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Question 1: (Significant figures) 4 pts each, total 20 pts.

(a) Calculate the areas of the shapes shown below in cm2. (Assume π = 3.142)

l = 1.69 m
d = 1.08 m

w = 2.091 m

(b) Write following numbers in scientific notation, i. e. power of ten.

10.0 = 3,000,000 = 0.0004 =

(c) Do the following calculations and express your answers with correct round off.

23.112233 + 1.3324 + 0.25 =

23.123123 × 1.3344 =

(d) Atlanta hit a temperature of 106 °F (degrees Fahrenheit) on July 2, 2012. What is the
℉ − 32
corresponding temperature in °C (degrees Celsius)? (℃ = )

(e) The Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) currently ranks Burj
Khalifa as the tallest man made building on earth at 2.717 ft height. What is the
corresponding height in meters? (1 ft = 30.48 cm)
Question 2: (Graphical interpretation of 1-D motion) 10 pts each, total 20 pts.

Sarah goes for a run along a 1-D

race track and she completes the
run in 400 s. The left graph shows
her velocity as a function of time.

(a) How far did Sarah run in 400 seconds?

(b) What was the maximum of the magnitude of her acceleration and deceleration during
the run?
Question 3: (Motion in 2-dimension) 12.5 each, total 25 pts.

A ball moves horizontally on the top of a stairway with a speed of 2.3 m/s. The steps are
25.0 cm high and 25.0 cm wide.

v0 = 2.3 m/s

(a) Which step does the ball hit first? (Assume that the gravitational acceleration is 9.81

(b) How would the answer in part (a) changes if height of the steps were reduced into
Question 4: (Motion in 2-dimension) each 12.5, total 25 pts.

A hawk perched on a tree limb 29.5 m above the water spots a fish swimming near the
surface. By adjusting its body in flight, the hawk maintains a constant speed of 3.10 m/s at an
angle of 20.0° below the horizontal.

(a) How long does it take for the hawk to reach the water? (Assume that the gravitational
acceleration is 9.81 m/s2)

(b) How far has the hawk travelled in the horizontal direction when it reaches the water?
Question 5: (General launch angle) 25 pts.

On a hot summer day, a young girl swings on a rope above the local lake. When she lets
go of the rope her initial velocity is 2.25 m/s at an angle of 35.0° above the horizontal.
If she is inflight for 0.616 s, how high above the water was she when she lets go of the