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Our Little Christmas Stories Project

Think back to your days in Kindergarten and Grade 1, what kinds of stories did you use to
learn how to read?

They were simple, right?

They had one or two lines on a page, and they had word patterns that repeated.

I would like you to write a short (between 6 and 10+ page, not including your title
page) beginner French book with the following criteria:

1. Your book needs to include a title page with: The title of the book, the author and a
picture on it.
2. Each page should have one, two or three sentences, but those sentences can have the
same beginnings or have a repeating word pattern.
3. You must use at least 6 different nouns as you create your stories.
4. Sentences should include prepositions.
5. All stories need to be written in the present tense and 3rd person.
6. You should also have illustrations on each page. Those illustrations may be in colour
or in black and white. You may use clip art from the internet (little pictures) but
bonus points will be given for creativity of design.
7. The books should be done neatly and look like time was spent on them.

I will be grading your stories based on the accuracy of the French used (so use simple
sentences that you understand), how closely you have followed the direction and neatness. A
breakdown is on the back of this sheet.

These stories are due on December 16!

Nom: __________________________

Grading of Christmas Storybooks

Following directions:

a) Title page with title, picture and author’s name ___/3

b) 6 + pages of story ___/6
c) 1-3 sentences per page ___/18
d) Sentences include prepositions ___/6
e) Sentences use at least 6 different nouns ___/6
f) Sentences are in the 3rd person and present tense ___/5
g) There is a picture on each page ___/6

Total ___/50

French Accuracy:

a) All words are spelled correctly ___/20

b) All sentences have words in the correct order ___/10
c) All sentences make sense ___/10

Total ___/40

Neatness: ___/10

BONUS1: Creativity ___/10


This creativity bonus may be for illustrations or story, but story within the confines of the project!