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Teaching Guide

Earth and Life Sciences

Topic: Plant Form and Function


1. Describe the structure of the different plant organs.

2. Explain the functions of the different plant organs
3. Evaluate an actual research study on plant propagation using hydroponics and

Performance Standard Learning Competency

Minimum Beyond Minimum Minimum Beyond Minimum

Design a setup on Create an action plan 1. Describe the 1. Evaluate an actual

propagating plants that takes into structure and function research study on
using other methods consideration the of the different plant plant propagation
such as hydroponics following: areas and organs. using hydroponics
and aeroponics communities that have and aeroponics.
a story of experiencing
problems, the impact
of man’s different
activities on the
environment which the
students will present
to a panel of experts.

Introduction Preparation

 Choose from the class to lead the prayer.

 Remind the class monitor to check the attendance for the day.

Lesson proper
 Let the students read the objective together.
 Show a picture of photosynthesis and ask the following inquiry

 Is there a process happened in the picture?

 What do we call this process?
 Where do we usually encounter this kind of process?

Motivation  Show a picture of a plant and then ask the following process question:

 What benefits can we get from plants?

 How can you help conserve our plants?

Instruction  Divide the students into eight groups, provided with a picture of a
plant within 10 minutes let the students label the major plant organs
and give its function.
 During the checking of answers, the teacher will discuss the different
structure and function of the plant organs.

Practice Let’s Figure it Out.

 The students will be grouped into four groups, each group will be
given a sample picture of a plant and must label the parts and
function. Then, group one and group two will fuse and will make a
Venn diagram about the type of plants each group have and so as
group three and four. After making the Venn diagram they will make a
multiple Venn diagram fusing all their ideas base on the type of plant
each group have.
Enrichment  The students will be group into seven, they will list ten of the most
beneficial hydroponic and aeroponics plants to humans.
Values integration: valuing the importance of plants base on its structure.

Evaluation  The students will make an essay with at least 150 words about how
plant propagation works.