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MDM architects

900 San Marcelino St., Ermita, Manila, 1000

Metro Manila
Phone: 09994567432
Fax: 475-3258
E-mail: mdmarchitects@gmail.com MDM Mabingnay
DeGuzman Milloroso

“Architecture is the

learned game, correct and

magnificent, of forms

assembled in the light.” –

Le Corbusier

Responsible and Intelligent



To accomplish the work with
- Architectural Interiors (AI)
passion for design excellence,
A building or a structure’s charm does not solely rely collaborative spirit and with
on its exterior. highest quality of services to
make the clients feel rest
- Acoustic Design
Acoustic design should not be an accident. We
architects, aim to give the users a sense of depth,
where the sound is coming from, and the size of a

- Architectural Lighting Layout and

Good lighting enhances the mood and desirability of To provide clients with outputs
these spaces. It contributes greatly to the user’s sense that are highly satisfactory
About our of well-being. They have the potential to add value,
reduce costs and enhance performance through
through. Incorporating beauty,
functionality and sustainability
Company application of good lighting.
into our designs to help make
our communities better. Our
- Historic & Cultural Heritage
An architectural corporation which Conservation & Planning tradition of dedication,
offers architectural services. The logo professionalism and
As architects, we respect the legacy left behind by
those that came before us. outstanding client service is a
represents the initials M,D & M which
testament to that mission as we
means Mabingnay, DeGuzman and - Site Development Planning (SDP) strive each day for excellence in
Milloroso respectively. Keeping the bringing our valued clients’
design of the logo as possible using only The site development plan enhances the
attractiveness that surrounds the building structure
ideas to life.
basic shapes and modern artistic fonts. for more potential investors
To keep professional and more powerful - Special Building / Facility
we make it white on black Planning & Design
background ,added our surnames and
The planning and designing of facilities with unique
scope of work colored it so there will be functions requires efficient and thorough study to
contrast effectively utilize people, space and energy.

We initiate continuity in our work and - Building Testing and Commissioning

connects the solution to every design Our firm aims to ensure that a building's array of
problem we encounter that’s the systems is planned, designed, installed and tested to
meaning of our logo, collaborative spirit perform according to the design intent and the
buildings operational needs to achieve its
and with highest quality of services effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and other
benefits of high performance designs.

- Facilities Maintenance Support

Our firms aims to provide the client with means and

measures to ensure the proper function and
maintenance of the building and site after final
MDM Architect Inc.