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C. Palanco St. Sta. Cruz Manila

Annex Building

Prototype Hydraulic

Summited to:

Dr. Dangla Cruz

Summited by:

Rodriguez, Ken

Regatcha, Jervy

Rivas, Jhonell

Flores, Paulo

I. Introduction

A Motorized Hydraulic Bridge is a prototype bridge which represent a new

concept of a bridge design. According to Civil IITB, it is a bridge which permits entry of
the water crops or freight boats is normally known as the movable bridge. at the point
when development depends on the water driven frameworks then it is classified as
hydraulic bridge. For building model regularly utilized pressure driven gear are syringes
and powered by a DC motor.

II. List of Materials

No Name of Materials Quantity

1 Syringes 4pcs

2 Hose 180 cm.

3 Glue stick 10 pcs

4 Glue 1 pc.

5 Soldering led 1 meter

6 Insulator wire 1 meter

7 Epoxy Steel 1 pc

8 DC motor (12v) 1 pc.

9 Battery (1.5v) 16 pcs.

10 Battery Case 2pcs.

11 Switch (double pole, double throw) 1 pc.

14 Assorted colored paper 10pcs.

15 Illustration board 1 whole

16 Used Brown Envelope 4pcs

17 Steel nuts 1pc.

18 Screw 1pc.

19 Stick 20 pcs.

20 Stranded wire #10 (black) 1 meter

21 Stranded wire #10 (red) 1meter

22 Wood board 20x30 cm.

23 PVC clamp 5 pcs

III. Tools and Equipment

1. Glue Gun

2. Soldering Iron

3. Philip Screw Driver

4. Scissor

5. Cutter

6. Side Cutting Plier

7. Long Nose Plier

V. Step by step procedure / Action Pictures

1. Prepare all tools, equipment, and materials needed.

2. Cut the illustration board according to size/measurement needed.

3. Paste the cutted illustration board to make the foundation of the bridge.
4. Make a hole on the foundation for an entrance and exit of the bridge.

5. Using cutted illustration board, create a bridge.

6. Make a hole for the syringes.

7. Cut the used brown folders to make mini towers at the top of the foundation of bridge.
8. Design the hydraulic Bridge.

9. Electrical Connection of DC motor, switch, and batteries.

10. Place the Dc motor, switch batteries and syringes to the wood board with the size of
20x30 cm.

11. Connect the hose.

VI. Working Operation

1. Switch on (push/ forward)

Switch off

2. Switch on (pull /backward)

Switch off
VII. Reflection

 Rodriguez, Ken
I have learned that hydraulic prototype bridge moves in order to allow passage
for barges or boats. It uses petroleum-based hydraulic fluids for operations. The
welded hydraulic cylinder, which is part of the bridge is suitable for providing
longetivity for the bridge. While counterbalance valves used will help in carrying
varying loads and hold the bridge firmly in any position.

 Regatcha, Jervy
In this Hydraulic bridge prototype I learned how to pump the syringes using 12v
motor to produce force and using switch to set the rotation of the motor and I also
learned that having a hydraulic technologies can used also to our daily lives to
make easier and better.

 Rivas, Jhonell
Hydraulic bridge prototype functions using by the machine or engine that produce
a force to one system and transfer to another system using a incompressible
fluid, i learned that it is important to have an industrial hydraulic technologies to
get our life easier and better for example the hydraulic bridge or movable brigde
that has a double function one for minimize the transportation of the shipping
boats and the other is for the vehicles to cross easier and fast.

 Flores, Paulo
In this hydraulic prototype bridge, I learned how a hydraulic pump or hydraulic
system function or how it works in an industry or infrastructures. I found out that
it is important to be assured that there is no presence of air inside the hydraulic
because it can affect the hydraulic system to function, loss of horse power and
also loss of fluid