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(Human resources Development)

Human resources management -is critical to the success of the organization .Human
resources is all about attracting ,selecting ,orienting ,training ,developing ,and the
performance of an organization’s most important resources ,the human ones.

Human Resources- refers to the department and support system responsible for the
personnel sourcing and hiring applicant, tracking skills development and tracking
benefits, administration and compliance with associated government regulations. –

Human resource manager- refers to the one who manages the hotels employee benefits
program and monitors compliance with laws that relate to equal opportunity in hiring and


1. Hiring
2. Compensation
3. Evaluation and Management
4. promotions
5. managing Relations
6. Planning
7. Training

Human resources management and development process:

1. Task analysis and job analysis- examine the task necessary to perform the job.
2. Job Description- detailed description of activities and outcomes expected of the
person performing the job.
3. Productivity Standard- established by the department for there staff to measure or
timing how long it takes to do a given task.
4. Recruitment and selection- the process of finding the most suitable employee for
an available position.
1. Application form submitted
2. Initial interview
3. Testing
4. Interviews
5. Reference check
6. Selection / offer
7. Acceptance
8. Physical examination
1. Internal promotion
2. Employee referrals
3. Applicants file
4. Transfers within the company
5. Advertising
6. College and universities
7. Government-sponsored employment
8. service

Orientation- the process of giving the policies, procedures, rules, mission and objectives
of the organization or company and the touring of the working area to familiarize the
employee on the first day.

Training- is an ongoing activity that is conducted by selected individuals within each

1. Simulation trainings
2. Certification training
3. On-the-job training (OJT)
4. Off-the-job training
5. Apprentice training

Performance Appraisal- is to compare the employee’s actual performance to pre-

established standards as described in a job description.

Employee Development- is a natural progression from appraisal. A development plan is

made by the employee or supervisor to outline the development. It is in a form of in-
house training or workshop and seminars on specific topics.

Prepared by:
Kareen Andrico
Rovelyn Romero
Lara jane Herrera
Katherine Alon
Leslie Laresma