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Simple Present Tense Cloze

Directions: ​Complete the story with the corrects​ present tense​ form of the verb in parentheses.

These (1) _________ (be) the Jones. They (2) _____________________ (live) in the state of

Oregon in the United States. They (3)_____________________ (have) one child. His name

(4) _____________________ (be) Michael. He (5) ___________________ (like) to play a lot.

Every day his mother (6) ____________________ (take) him to the park. He

(7)_____________________ (love) to swing, but he (8)_____________________(like,

negative) the slides. They (9)_____________________ (scare) him. His father’s name

(10)_____________________ (be) Alex. He (11)_____________________ (work) for a

computer company. He (12)_____________________ (be) a computer programmer. His

mother’s name (13)_____________________ (be) Betsy. She (14)_____________________

(be) a lawyer. She (15)_____________________ (work) for a big law firm. Betsy and Alex

(16)_____________________ (work, negative) on the weekends because they want to spend

time with Michael.

Present Progressive Tense Cloze
Directions: ​Complete the story with the correct ​present progressive​ tense form of the verb in

This is a picture of Randy and his grandmother. They (1)_____________________ (sit) on

the grass and (2)_____________________ (look) at each other. Randy

(3)_____________________ (smile) at his grandmother and she (4)__________________

(smile) back. Randy (5)_____________________ (wear) a blue shirt and gray shorts. He

(6)_____________________ (wear, negative) a jacket because it’s a hot day. Randy’s

grandmother (7)_____________________ (wear) a pink shirt. They

(8)_____________________ (use) the computer because they (9)_____________________

(research) where to go on vacation. They (10)_____________________ (think) about visiting

Spain or Greece.
Present Progressive vs. Simple Present Cloze
Directions: ​Complete the story with the correct ​present progressive ​or ​simple present​ tense of
the verb in parentheses.

This is a picture of ​Tashi. He (1)____________________ (be) from Tibet. Right now, he 

(2)____________________ (sit) in the river and (3)______________________ (pour) water onto the bowl to 

clean it. The water (4)____________________ (splash) off the bowl into the air. Washing the dishes 

(5)____________________ (be) Tashi’s daily chore. Every day after lunch, he (6)____________________ (go) 

to the the river and (7)____________________ (wash) the dishes. He (8)____________________ (like) doing 

this chore because the water (9)____________________ (be) cool and relaxing. Today, he 

(10)____________________ (wear) an orange robe. He (11)____________________ (wear, negative) a hat 

because he (12)____________________ (like, negative) them. Tashi (13)____________________ (live) near 

the river with his family. He (14)____________________ (help) his family with the family work. He 

(15)____________________ (have) a good life.  


Present Tense Cloze:  

1. are  
2. live  
3. have 
4. is  
6. takes  
7. loves  
8. doesn’t like  
9. scare  
10. is  
11. works  
12. is 
13. is 
14. is 
15. works 
16. don't work  
Present Progressive Tense Cloze  
1. are sitting 
2. looking 
3. is smiling 
4. is smiling  
5. is wearing 
6. is not wearing ​or​ isn’t wearing  
7. is wearing 
8. are using 
9. are researching 
10. are thinking  
Present Progressive vs. Present Tense Cloze  
1. is 
2. is sitting 
3. pouring 
4. is splashing 
5. is 
6. goes 
7. washes 
9. is 
10. is wearing 
11. is not wearing ​or ​isn’t wearing  
12. does not like o​ r ​doesn't like 
13. lives 
14. helps 
15. has