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LO3 - Evaluation

Weekly blog updates are required, as with every unit. Please remember to
take photos/screenshots as you film/edit. You might find it easier if you note
down a record of what you did each day in a diary form.

Please use the following guidance to help you with each week.

Week 1 This week was spent on idea generation

What have you been asked to We have been asked to make a project of our choice
do? within the mediums of short film music video or
animation, I chose music video and short films
because I enjoy the medium
Why have you chosen this target I chose the target audience because I don’t feel like
audience? my abilities could be fully put to use if I were to go
with the 5-12 range
What two productions have you With a music video I can fully show of my skill with
decided to make? How do they editing and the amount of effort I take to make my
allow you to improve your skills? editing look and feel natural. I also chose short film
because I can show off my skill at camera work, I will
make sure the cinematography matches the
style/genre of film I’m going for
How did the focus groups help
you to select your idea?
Are you on track for the week? Yes, I’m on track for this week, I have done everything
that I have been asked to do and I have done it to a
very high standard
What work needs to be Other than working on my weekly blogs there is much
completed for you to catch up? that needs to be done.

Week 2 This week was spent researching target audiences

What did you find out about your I found out that there is a wide range of people that
target audience through your like my ideas and even big range of people that feel
secondary research? like my idea that they like should be more refined, I’m
going to try to make sure that the idea appeals to a
range of my target audience because due to the
music that I’ve chosen not everyone that watches it is
going to like it, this will then lower the expectations of
the onscreen work, as well as this I’ve found that my
short film idea relates to my target audience because
there in the age range that care about the
environment as they have to keep the earth live for
the future generation
How will this help you in adapting Because of this information I can pinpoint what part of
your idea to meet the chosen my ideas they don’t like, in turn making my production
audience? fit the ideal amount of my target audience, this
information has helped proses with my music video
because it shows me what they like and don’t. for
example, one of the things a submission said was that
I should make it partake in an office, I have taken that
idea and moved on with it a lot in my mind and I can
finally see this music videos environment
How useful was interviewing It was extremely helpful as it allowed me to
people from your chosen target understand on a personal level what makes a music
audience? video what I could do better as well as a short film
Was it difficult to get a large If I were doing a survey for my fmp I would make sure
response to your survey? How that I use a more available target audience for 1.
could you improve the amount of Secondly, I would make sure that I had a bigger
following so that I can get more responses, as well as
respondents for your FMP?
this I feel like shorter and to the point answers are
much better
What have you found to be the This target audience has a very wide range of
key things that you should be personality’s, this means that they all look at different
targeting your audience with? things in a music video/short film, for example
someone near the mid 20s is more likely to enjoy a
What makes this audience
more modern style of music where as someone in
different to the one you never there 40s is more likely to enjoy older music like
chose? queen/guns and roses for example
Are you on track for the week? Yes, apart from couple of things I’m on track for this
What work needs to be I need to edit the focus group as well as uploading
completed in your own time? my survey findings to my website

Week 3 This week was spent researching codes and

What genres have you chosen I chose to go with drama for both my productions. The
and why? reason for this is so I can shed light on so very
unknown topics. The environment is important to me
as well as cancer research. The best way to show this
is by using drama, although for my music video I have
chosen rock as my genre because I feel as though it
can create a nice comparison.
What have you learnt from your I have found out that there is a lot more to cinema
secondary research this week? than I may think. There are a lot of things that people
agree with and a lot of things that people disagree
with. I’m going to try to please everyone, but I feel like
because of the direction that I have gone for there
will be some people that disagree with me and the
morels behind my productions
How will this influence what you This will mean that some of the topics that I have
include in your productions? chosen are best of being toned down a bit as it may
be a bit harsh. Same with my short film it’s probably
not a good idea to make it seem like and
advertisement and keep it almost as a short film
What are the key conventions for One of the main thing for my music video that I have
your chosen genres? What MUST to do is to make sure it’s the right saturation as well as
you include for it to be that making sure there are a lot of tracking and moving
shots, there should also be a lot of close ups to show
the emotions of the characters. The same goes for my
short film.
Are you on track for the week? Yes, I am on track for this week but if I want to get a
good grade I’m going to have to make sure that I
look over my work and make sure it’s to the best of
my ability.
What work needs to be I need to work on my structure as well as my
completed in your own time? analysation of sound used in movies

Week 4 This week was spent researching codes and

What have you learnt from your I’ve learnt that from my primary research that there is
primary research this week? a lot that goes into planning the part to a
film/production, the music is just as important as the
video, but the acting is also important. There’s is so
much that goes into it so I’m going to have to make
sure that my planning and preproduction mirrors that
What developments do you need From the research I’ve found that one of the most
to make to your production for it important things that most films/short films have is a
to meet these codes and really great sound scape, a way to show the
audience where they are. For example, using the
conventions requirements?
sound of phones going off and other office things to
enforce the fact that an office is busy. Or using the
Foley sound of walking to make a forest scene more
How did processing the results of The research that I gathered, showed me what I’m
your research help you to capable of doing as well as it has given me some
understand it thoroughly? ideas as to how to approach this music video as well
as the short film
Are you on track for the week? Yes, I feel like I’m on track and that maybe I should
start working on next week’s work because I would
really like to get into the planning state of this
What work needs to be Not much work other than the work that I think I might
completed in your own time? do.

Week 5 This week was spent planning your productions

What did you learn from your I learnt from my planning that it is really hard to pick
planning? correct times for actors and making sure you have
props and actors and facility’s is going to be really
hard to juggle. This means I have created a plan
table that tells me what I’m doing each day for my
How will this be useful as your This will be useful as it will make sure I’m organised and
production process continues? resilient when I’m either filming or planning further. Not
only is it useful it is also something that I can give to my
actors to make sure they know when they are
needed as well as when and what they are needed
What issues did you encounter A lot of the problems were trying to get auditions, I still
whilst planning and how did you haven’t fully got over them but I’m getting there. The
overcome them? main problem was the fact they were always busy
days when I was free, so we’ve agreed to do it over
the weekend
How much work did you A lot of my work was done in class but there were
complete outside of the lessons? parts that I could only create at home like the new
logos as well as things like storyboards and scripts as I
find working on creative things means you should be
in a creative space
Are you ready to film next week I think I’m ready to film as soon as I’ve done my
and if not, what do you need to auditions and made sure the person I choose can
complete to be ready? make the times.
Are your storyboards up to Yeah my story boards aren’t basic and the have
standard? detail as to what is going on in them however my
script is a better representation as to what it might
look like

Week 6 This week was spent filming

How did you find the filming I found that if you don’t have all off your equipment it
process? can really jeopardise the efficiency of your project
and its outcome.
Did you encounter any problems One of the main thing that I found was a problem
during filming? How did you with my filming was there was a large amount of
overcome them? continuity that I needed to fix. For example, there is
one scene in my music video where the character
has to take a postit note off of a screen and crumble
it up. The main problem was we had to keep writing
the note very time we failed to get the shot. This
meant that I had to leave the shot as only 2 angles
instead of 3. Because I’m using less cameras in this
shot it means that the scene won’t look as good, but
it will still be understandable
After reviewing footage, what do I need to reshoot some scenes that were to jittery and
you feel you need to reshoot? I really want a nice smooth look to the film rather than
a handheld feel.
What new techniques from your I tried to accomplish a smooth pull focus and a nice
previous units have you tried to creeping dolly shot and I feel as though I have done
use? this a lot better than my previous projects
Are the locations you filmed at Yes, the locations are perfect for my production. This is
suitable to your production? because I wanted a drab looking office and I got a
drab looking office. I’m so glad I got this because it
makes the whole production a lot better.
Are you keeping up with your Yes, I’m working towards it so I don’t lose track of
production schedule? what I’m doing and when I’m doing.
What footage still needs At the moment there are a few scenes that I still need
capturing? to film

Week 7 This week was spent filming

How did you find the filming I found the filming prosses extremely for filling, this is
process? because after all of the stress from the pre-production
actually getting to film it and put my ideas to work
Did you encounter any problems I did there were so many problems. sometimes the
during filming? How did you dolly wouldn’t work, and the shots wouldn’t seem to
overcome them? be smooth, the way I overcame this was by making
sure that I did the shots multiple times, in addition to
this I also found that one of my main problems was
continuity and making sure that it all made sense. The
way I overcame that was by making sure that all my
shots were overlooked for the continuity
After reviewing footage, are you Yes, I’m very happy with what I have filmed and the
happy with what you have way that I’ve filmed it. There are some shots that I
captured? dislike but they can be filmed again if I don’t feel
there good enough
Have the techniques you planned Yes, they have they make the shots look very
on using turned out well? professional and I’m defiantly going to be doing it
Week 8 This week was spent editing

How are you finding the editing The editing is one of my best skills and when I’m
process this week? editing I can make things look really good, the main
thing I like doing is colour correcting and making the
shots I’ve filmed be even more dramatic
Have you encountered any One of the main problems I faced was not being able
problems whilst editing? How did to agree on a style, the biggest obstacle that I’ve had
you overcome them? to overcome is the fact that I lost all of my premier pro
project files and autosaves, so I’ve had to make sure
that I did it all over again after around 1 week of work
as I was almost finished
Are there any new techniques I’m trying to make a nice glitch effect, but I’ve found
you are trying to use during this it very hard. The main problem is the fact that I want it
editing process? to look realistic rather than washed out and normal.
Are you on track with all of your I’m not on track because I have lost all of my work but
work? I’m sure if I just get on and do it that I can make it just
like before
What work needs to be All of my work will need to be completed outside off
completed outside of lessons? lessons because if I don’t do it I won’t have a final

Week 9 This week was spent editing

How did you find the editing I found the editing prosses one of the most enjoyable
process? aspect of the course because it’s where I can strive to
be the best
Have you encountered any One of the main problems I faced was not being able
problems whilst editing? How did to agree on a style, the biggest obstacle that I’ve had
you overcome them? to overcome is the fact that I lost all of my premier pro
project files and autosaves, so I’ve had to make sure
that I did it all over again after around 1 week of work
as I was almost finished
Are you happy with the outcome I am happy because even in the face of an obstacle I
of your productions? Why? can still make my productions look good and
How did your productions meet My production appeals to my target audience
your target audience? because the music video is set in a boring office job
that most of my target audience are more likely to
relate to
What aspects of your productions I think that the style of my short film could have been
could have been better targeted more suited towards my target audience as it includes
to your audience? a child that it’s hard to make the target audience to
relate towards, as well as the fact that there are a lot
of connotations to a teenage demographic
How effectively have you I’ve made sure that it is coloured correctly to match
matched the codes and productions with similar connotations. This was also
conventions you researched the same with my short film. There were other things
earlier in the unit? like including other characters like a boss to make it
seem more like an office job like in my examples of
my productions
How do you feel your work I feel like it’s not quite on the same level, but it also
compares to existing professional has a lot of comparisons that would link them
productions? together for example the use of the dolly movement is
very professional, and it runs along the same level as
existing professional productions
Are there any areas where your There are some sections for example in my short film
production falls short? How would the cuts and scars don’t exactly feel very solid and
you improve it next time? this is something that I would improve. In my music
video the scene where the main character dies is very
lacking and feels very lazy, if I was to do it again I
would make sure I found some example of a death in
a film and try to take inspiration from it
What have you learnt about I need to improve on my research as well as
yourself to take into the Final improving the fact that a lot of my productions stories
Major Project? What do you are extremely lacking. This is because I focus on the
shooting and editing so much that I forget about the
personally need to improve on?
Are you on track with all of your I’m not on track because I have lost all of my work but
work? I’m sure if I just get on and do it that I can make it just
like before
What work needs to be There isn’t much work that needs to be done. All I
completed outside of lessons? need I could do is try to improve what I have already

Week 10 This week you pitched

How did you choose to pitch your I chose that making a PowerPoint would be the most
idea? effective as I know how to use it and that I can play
my clips easily if I were to use it
What made your pitch stand out I made sure that it wasn’t boring and that there
and be different? Why would it wasn’t too much boring information just examples
convince someone to invest? and a lot of talking directly to the audience and really
trying to sell the productions
How did the pitch go? I feel like the pitch went really well. The audience
seemed to enjoy it
Is there anything you would do There isn’t much I would have done except maybe
differently in your next pitch? give more examples of what I was doing for example
things like a prop list and talking about that prop list