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Advertising Management


Q1. Two-wheeler models are becoming increasingly characterized by shorter

product life cycles. This is evident from the increase in frequency of new model
launches in the two-wheeler market over the last decade. Suggest ways in which
two-wheeler manufacturers can vary their marketing communication mix over
the product life cycle stages, to ensure steady sales and profits. (Hint-stages
of PLC)

Q2. Mr. Aditya Pandey, a creative director at MAS advertising agency, has been
asked to develop an advertisement for a pain balm by an FMCG company. What
ethical aspects should Mr. Pandey keep in mind while developing the ad? (Hint-
ethical issues-puffery, taste, stereotyping)

Q3. Henkel Spic plans to launch a variant of deodorants, a deodorizer for teenagers,
emphasizing its easy application as compared to a deodorant stick. How should
the company plan its marketing communications to guide the consumer from the
awareness to the confirmation stage of purchasing the product? (Hint- AIDAS

Q4. Mr. X, the brand manager for an office equipment company, plans to launch a
marketing communication campaign to stimulate customers to move along the
‘hierarchy of effects’ continuum. Which marketing communication model can he
use to develop appropriate advertisement objectives and also measure the
effectiveness of the campaign? (Hint- DAGMAR Model)

Q5. Indians are ruled by emotions when it comes to purchasing insurance because
of the absence of a state-sponsored social security system. The middle-aged
Indian man buys insurance products to support his children and spouse in case
of sudden death or physical incapacity. He considers trust and simplicity of claim
processing as important criteria while selecting an insurance company. On the
contrary, highly paid young professionals see insurance as a tax-saving
investment option. What type of appeals can insurance companies incorporate in
their marketing communications to attract these two types of consumers to
purchase insurance products? (Hint- Rational Appeal & Emotional Appeal)

Q6. Shakti Organics, an existing player in the bath soap category, intends to
increase the brand awareness of its soap brand through an advertising appeal
using celebrities. To what extent would the use of a creative format using
celebrity testimonials, help achieve the desired objective of the company?
(Hint- execution style- testimonial)

Q7. The Indian Government has enforced a ban on television ads that promote
tobacco products. How can a cigarette manufacture like ITC Ltd use magazines
to promote its product to specific target segments? What advantages can
magazine advertising offer to advertisers like ITC? (Hint- advantages of
magazine- longer life span, credibility, high geographical and
demographic selectivity, high reproduction quality, multiple

Q8. Ogilvy & Mather works on a time-cost model. Every employee of the agency fills
in a timesheet on a daily basis and the total time spent on the brand becomes
the basis for charging fees. What are the different means by which ad agencies
in India get compensated for their creative efforts? (Hint- commissions,
markup/percentage charges, fees, incentive based compensation)

Q9. The TV channel viewership is so fragmented that channels like Sony that are
trying to make a comeback, are relying heavily on radio to get viewers to watch
their shows. How can Sony utilize the advantages offered by radio advertising
and use it as an effective means for promoting its programs? (Hint-
advantages of radio- wide coverage, cost-effectiveness, flexibility,
sponsorship options, imagery transfer, mobility and captive audience)

Q10. P&G plans to launch its toothpaste, ‘crest’, and has decided to go in for
extensive promotion through TV, newspapers and the internet. HLL, its
competitor, intends to challenge P&G through its focus on the outdoor media.
What kind of strategy can HLL devise to counter P&G? (Hint- type of outdoor
media- posters, hoardings/billbords, in-store media, mass transit
advertisng, mobile billbords)

Q11. With advertising slots for a 10-secind advertisement costing as little as rs 1000
in regional TV channels, even retailers with single outlets are preferring to
advertise on TV. In this scenario, Tehelka plans to launch a newspaper pegged
as the “People’s Paper”. How can Tehelka make use of the various advertising
options that the newspaper medium offers to attract advertisers for its paper?
(Hint- options in newspapers medium- classifieds, display
advertisements, special inserts)

Q12.The marketing communication mix that a company adopts depends on various

internal and external factors. What major factors would you considered while
designing its marketing communication mix? (Hint- stage in the PLC, Stage
in consumer adoption process, Nature of competition)

Q13. “We are going to change the perception that Chinese products are ‘cheap’.
Armed with high technology products and in keeping with the global image of
Haier, our products will be competitively priced.” Discuss the marketing
communication strategy adopted by Haier, in light of the Indian consumer’s
perception about Chinese products and the company being a new entrant in the
highly competitive consumer appliances market. (Hint- marketing
communication mix elements-advertising, sales promotion, direct

Q14. Pizza Hut, the fast-food restaurant chain, recently launched its TV campaign,
almost four years after its entry into the Indian market. Ever since its entry into
India, Pizza Hut had restricted its ad campaign only to leading newspaper dailies
in the cities where it was present. What benefits did Pizza Hut intend to gain by
launching its maiden TV campaign ‘good times start with great Pizzas’? (Hint-
advantages of TV- reach, creativity, higher impact, cost effectiveness,
ideal medium for building brand awareness)

Q15. Lifebuoy’s marketing strategy, which had remained unchanged for over 107
years, underwent a major shift with the re-launch in 2002. Elaborate the
marketing communication planning process behind the re-launch of lifebuoy.
(Hint- steps of marketing communication planning procedure)

Q16. The evaluation and control of marketing communication programs is the final
step in the marketing communication planning process. If you were the
marketing director of HLL, how you evaluate and control the marketing
communication program for the relaunch of Lifebuoy? (Hint- evaluation and
control of marketing communication programs)

Q17. When the advertising war heated up in the soft drinks category, the coca cola
company (coke) decided to focus on other sales promotional tools. In tune with
this decision, it launched extensive outdoor advertising. What are the factors
that induce coke to go in for outdoor advertising? (Hint- advantages of
outdoor advertising- expanded reach, cost factor, Proximity, scope for
creativity, constant exposure, longevity)

Q18. Create a strategy for advertising of an herbal cold cream for common man.
Keeping in view the following factors-

Creative Objective Target Market

Advertising Appeals Creative Format
Creation Stage Copy Testing
Product name Tagline

Q19. Answer the following questions after reading the given the given business

Imagine that you are a copywriter working for a reputed advertising agency
entrusted with the job of designing an ad campaign for Sip-Sip, a marketer of
ready-to-drink bottled milk. Sip-sip wants to position its bottled milk as a
healthy nourishment solution for every member of a vibrant family- school
going ki8ds and employed parents. Sip-sip tells you that milk is a commodity
product and that a lot of background research needs to be done before the
advertisement can be developed. A survey that was conducted towards this end
found that individual in a family that do not drinks a whole bottle of milk at one
go, they leave a portion to be consumed later. The survey also found that kids
do not like to share their bottle with other members of the family.

(a) What would be the various creations stages in preparing an advertisement

for Sip-Sip? (Hint- Idea generation, copywriting, illustrations,
(b) A print ad consists of various elements like headlines, subhead, body
copy, slogan, logo and visual. Design a print advertisement for Sip-sip -
which appeals to the young professional -with all these elements in the
business situation. (Hint-headlines, subhead, body copy, slogan,
logo and visual)
(c) What role does the layout of an advertisement play in enhancing its
effectiveness? Explain the steps involved in developing an ideal layout.
(Hint- Balance, proportion, gaze-motion/sequence, unity, choosing
the basic page design, working with the copy, working with

Q20. Indian tourism department plans to integrate its communication efforts to

promote India as a tourist destination through its existing campaign ‘Incredible
India’. This strategy was adopted in view of the tremendous success achieved
by the govt. of countries like Maldives, Thailand and Malaysia in promoting
themselves as tourist destinations. What are the barriers that the tourism
department is likely to face, while implementing the IMC? (Hint- barriers of
IMC -top management support, organizational barriers, cultural




Q1.What do you understand by marketing communication? Discuss the various

marketing communication mix.

Q2.Write a short note on Integrated Marketing Communication.

Q3.What is the various factors affecting the marketing communication mix?

Q4.Discuss the various Ethical issues in marketing communication.

Q5.Discuss the different types of advertising with example.

Q6.What is marketing communication process? Explain with example.

Q7.Discuss the AIDAS Model or DAGMAR Model of marketing communication.

Q8.Describe the marketing communication planning procedure and discuss its

various steps in detail.
Q9.Define Advertising. Discuss the objectives of advertising. Explain the role of
advertising in the marketing process.

Q10.Define advertising agency. Explain the functions and types of advertising


Q11.What do you mean by advertising agency compensation? Discuss.

Q12.What is creative strategy? Discuss Target market and Creative objective.

Q13.What is creative format? Discuss the various executions styles in creative

strategy. Explain the various advertising appeals with example.

Q14.Describe the creative process or stages involved in creative strategy.

Q15.What is copy testing & plagnosis? Discuss the various tests involved in copy

Q16.Discuss the various advertising strategies-Print, Electronic, Outdoor & Direct

Mail Advertising or Media with examples.

Q17.Discuss the various elements of Print Advertisement and Electronic


Q18.What do you mean by Media Planning? Discuss the media planning process.
Explain media planning modes.

Q19.What is the current developments in advertising? Discuss the challenges faced

in media planning?

Q20.What is the importance of measuring advertisement performance? How do we

measure advertising performance?

Q21.What is consumer orientation in advertising? Discuss the role of advertising in

the marketing process.

Q22.Krishna Tulasi, a relatively unknown brand of herbal soap marketed by a small

company in Kerala, intends to launch a promotional campaign to increase
brand awareness in South India. What aspects will help the company select the
appropriate media vehicles for launching an effective promotion campaign for
the brand?

Q23.The Indian Government has enforced a ban on television ads that promote
tobacco products. How can a cigarette manufacture like ITC Ltd use magazines
to promote its product to specific target segments? What advantages can
magazine advertising offer to advertisers like ITC?

Q24.Mr. Rajiv Verma, a copywriter for Equus advertising, has recently been
assigned the task of developing a unique advertisement for Century Ply boards
which plans to launch Century Mica, a decorative laminate that is resistant to
abrasions, scratches, stains and heat. What aspects should Mr. Verma keep in
mind while developing a message for this account?

Q25.Shakti Organics, an existing player in the bath soap category, intends to

increase the brand awareness of its soap brand through an advertising appeal
using celebrities. To what extent would the use of a creative format using
celebrity testimonials, help achieve the desired objective of the company?