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Name: ______________________________ MATH156

Differential Equations
Program / Year: _______________Score: _______ 1st SY 2019–2020
Section: ________ Date: ___________ Signature: __________________

I. Solve the following first order differential equations. (10 pts. each)

1. x(x+1) + xy = 1 y(e) =1

2. 𝑒 𝑥 𝑦 𝑑𝑥 = 𝑒 −𝑦 + 𝑒 −2𝑥−𝑦

𝑑𝑦 1
3. 𝑥 2 𝑑𝑥 − 2𝑥𝑦 = 3𝑦 4 𝑦(1) = 2

4. −𝑦𝑑𝑥 + (𝑥 + √𝑥𝑦)𝑑𝑦 = 0

II. Write the initial value problem and find the solution to the following problems.
1. Two large containers A and B of the same size are filled with different fluids. The fluids in containers A and B are
maintained at 0 0C and 100 0C, respectively. A small metal bar, whose initial temperature is 1000C is lowered into
container A. After 1 minute, the temperature of the bar is 900C. After 2 minutes, the bar is removed and instantly
transferred to the other container. After 1 minute in container B, the temperature of the bar rises 100C. How long,
measured from the start of the entire process will it take the bar to reach 99.90C? (15 pts.)

2. A large tank is filled to capacity with 500 gallons of pure water. Brine containing 2 pounds of salt per gallon is
pumped into the tank at a rate of 5 gal/min. The well-mixed solution is pumped out at the same rate. Find the number
A(t) of pounds of salt in the tank at any time t. What is the concentration c(t) of the salt in the tank at a time t? At t= 5
min? What is the concentration of the salt in the tank after a long time, that is as 𝑡 → ∞At what time is the
concentration of the salt in tank equal to one-half of this limiting value? (15 pts.)

3. Initially 100 milligrams of a radioactive substance was present. After 6 hours the mass had decreased by 3%. If the
rate of decay is proportional to the amount of the substance present at any time t, find the amount remaining after 24
hrs? (10 pts)

4. A skydiver weighs 125 pounds, and her parachute and equipment combined weigh another 35 pounds. After
exiting from a plane at an altitude of 15,000 feet, she waits 15 seconds and opens her parachute. Assume that the air drag
coefficient has a value of 𝛾 =0.5 during free fall and 𝛾 =10 after the parachute is opened. Assume that her initial velocity on
leaving the plane is zero. What is her velocity and how far has she traveled 20 seconds after leaving the plane? See Figure.
How does her velocity at 20 seconds compare with her terminal velocity? How long does it take her to reach the ground?
[Hint: Think in terms of two distinct IVPs.] (20 pts.)