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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 45/43

For Meda programmes a contract opportunities forecast is quarterly published in the Official journal as well as
tender notices. Upon receipt of expressions of interest, the short-list is drawn up by the Commission in
association with the local authorities of beneficiary countries in compliance with specific selection criteria.

Contract awarding is done in compliance with the specific awarding criteria in the tender conditions. The
contract award, on a case by case basis by the Commission or the beneficiary, is always done after agreement of
both parties.

(1) OJ L 375, 23.12.1989.

(2) OJ L 165, 4. 7.1996.

(98/C 45/52) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1502/97

by Pervenche Berès (PSE) to the Commission
(30 April 1997)

Subject: Languages used in invitations to tender in connection with Community programmes

Invitations to tender in connection with Community programmes are increasingly in English, briefings on such
programmes are held in English, sometimes with very little interpretation, and requests for information on these
scientific and research programmes available on Cordis or via ISPO are made in English.

Is this situation compatible with the Commission’s stated commitment to a multilingual information society?

What steps does the Commission intend to take in order to meet the need for information on research
programmes in all EU languages?

Answer given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission

(30 June 1997)

Calls for proposals are published in the Official Journal in all the official Community languages. The languages
used at meetings depend on the requirements of those present.

As the Commission has already pointed out (see the reply to Written Question No 3066/96 by Mr Bossi) (1), in the
implementation of technological research and development programmes it pursues a policy of making the texts
available to users in all Community languages. For practical and logistical reasons, however, it is not always
possible to produce and publish the various language versions simultaneously. The availability of certain
versions may thus be delayed.

The Commission has launched a number of initiatives designed to overcome language barriers, including the
Multilingual Information Society programme, and has stepped up its endeavours to gear translation and
interpretation provision to requirements and to incorporate advanced technical and language facilities.

Responding to the demands created by the increasing volume of communication and the expansion of subjects
covered and languages used is a challenge to the Commission, which has limited human and budgetary
resources. The Commission is, however, determined to bring about improvements by dint of coherent, sustained

(1) OJ C 105, 3.4.1997.

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