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Question No.

What are the provisions of the rules for conversion of one kind of leave to another kind?
The kind of leave already availed can be converted into any other kind only on the request of the
government servant. The new kind of leave, however, should be due and admissible to the govt. servant
on the date of commencement of leave.
Conversion of the kind of leave is not the right of the government servant. It is the prerogative of
the leave sanctioning authority to allow or to reject the request. The government servant has to request for
the conversion of the kind of leave within 30 days. These 30 days will be counted from the date of return
to duty after availing the leave.
Special provision for conversion
The staffs who have applied for Medical Leave on or after 1.1.2004 but were sanctioned only EL
can apply for conversion of EL to HPL/Commuted leave within 30 days after the notification by the
Registrar for this effect.
(iii) Leave of one kind taken earlier may be converted into leave of a different kind at a later date
at the request of the official and at the discretion of authority who granted the leave. The Government
servant should apply for such conversion within thirty days of a completion of the relevant spell of leave.
This, however, cannot be claimed as a matter of right by the official. – Rule 10 (i) and Proviso.
(iv) Conversion of one kind of leave into leave of a different kind is permissible only when
applied for by the official while in service and not after quitting service. – Rule 10, GII. Leave
sanctioning authority may commute retrospectively periods of absence without leave into Extra Ordinary

Question No. 02
In what manner Extra Ordinary Leave is different from Dies-non?

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