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Contact: Data Entry Operator

(+92) 3336419442 Passing Board /
Degree Percentage%/CGPA
Basti Wains ali dha P/O Khas
Year/Status University
Dist.: Muzaffargarh B.A 2018 63.6 BZU Multan
OBJECTIVE F.A 2013 46.7
I am passionate about to BISE DG
enhance my technical & soft Matric 2008 52.35
skills and applying them in
the industrial/organizational Work Experience
I want to put my best efforts >Working as DEO from 17th March 2014 to 16th September 2014 at
for the organization that Social Youth Council of Patriots(SYCOP)
provides opportunities for Job Responsibilities:
personal & professional  Type in data provided directly from customers
growth.  Create spreadsheets with large numbers of figures
without mistakes
 Verify data by comparing it to source documents
HOBBIES  Update existing data
 Retrieve data from the database or electronic files as
 Playing cricket
 Improving my social
& interpersonal  Perform regular backups to ensure data preservation
skills  Sort and organize paperwork after entering data to
 Listening to ensure it is not lost
Motivational >Working as DEO from 26th Feb 2018 at DHQ Hospital
Speakers Muzaffargarh
 Reading Self- Job Responsibilities:
Improvement Books
Computer/Software  Preparing and sorting documents for data entry
Skills  Entering data into database software and checking to ensure
 Organizational and the accuracy of the data that has been inputted
planning skills  Resolving discrepancies in information and obtaining further
 Teamwork information for incomplete documents
 Creating data backups as part of a contingency plan
 Communication  Responding to information requests from authorized
skills members
 Data collection and  Testing new database systems and software updates
Core Qualification
 Attention to detail
 Problem-solving  Strong experience with Internet usage Excel and Microsoft Word
 Confidentiality  Excellent proficiency in alphanumeric and 10-key typing
 High skills in working independently and accurately
 Reliability  Superior knowledge of Windows data field entry
 Exceptional skills in data review for inaccuracies