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Strategies: Thinking Skills

Activity: RFMD (Recall, Model, Familiarize, Decide)

School: David P. Jimenez Elementary Grade Level: Three

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: Anabelle N. Abutin Learning Area: English
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: January 30, 2018 Quarter: 4th QUARTER

I. OBJECTIVE Ask and Answer Wh- questions

Make simple sentence with Wh-questions
Read words and phrases with wr- beginning words
A. Content Standard The pupils ask and answer Wh- questions.
B. Performance Standard The pupils read words and phrase with wr-beginning words.
The pupils make simple sentence with Wh-questions.
C. Learning Competency
Write the l-code for each. EN3LC-Iva-j-2.1

II. CONTENT WH- Questions

Subject Matter
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages 348-350
2. Learner’s Material pages 325-327
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource portal
B. Other Materials pictures, Power point presentation

A. Reviewing the previous lesson or Spelling Activity (Teach)
presenting the new lesson
B. Establishing the purpose for the Reading of text and answer comprehension questions.
C. Presenting example/instances of RECALL
the new lesson Ask pupils to answer the Wh-questions. Post the following questions on the board. Ask them to focus on the first word in
each question.
1. What is your name?
2. Who is your mother?
3. When is your birthday?
4. Where do you live?
5. Why do you go to school?
D. Discussing new concepts and MODEL
practicing new skill #1 Discuss Wh- questions by telling them how these questions are formed.
Question words are also called Wh-questions because they include the letters “W” and “H”

Wh- Answer/Response Example

who person Who's that? That's Nancy.
what object, idea or action What do you do?
I am an engineer.
when time When do you go to work? At
7:00 in the morning
where place Where do you live?
In Binmaley, Pangasinan
why reason Why do you sleep early?
Because I need to get up

Use the table that follows to give an elaboration.

Wh- Questions Sample Questions and Answers

Who is that boy?


What is on the table?

WHEN When is the party?

Where is your book?


Why are you late?


E. Discussing new concepts and

practicing new skill #2

F. Developing Mastery FAMILIARIZE

(Lead to Formative Assessment) Practice Exercise on Wh-questions.
1. ________did he buy the salt? (Where)
2. ________kind of person was the farmer? (What)
3. _______ went to a faraway place? (Who)
4. _______happened to the boy? (what)
5. _______did he shout for help? (why)
6. ______are your visitors arriving? (when)
7. ______do you make a paper airplane? (how)
8. _______did you get your pet? (where)
9. _______are you afraid of the dark? (why)
10. ______taught you how to swim?(who)

G. Finding practical application of DECIDE- Differentiated Activities

concepts and skill in daily living Group 1- Using pictures, construct a simple WH-questions.

Group 2- Write the correct WH-questions that will complete the sentence.
1. _______won the contest in MTAP Challenge?
2. _______games were played at the town fiesta?
3. _______are you crying?
4. _______ did you go last Saturday?
5. _______is the showing of Tatlong Bibe?

Group 3- Fill in the blank with the details mentioned in the news item.
There will be 239 participants coming from different regions all over the Philippines to join the Journalism contest on
February 5, 2018, 8:00 in the morning at DepEd, Ultra Pasig.
What: ______________________________________
When: _____________________________________
Who: ______________________________________
Where: _____________________________________
Why: ______________________________________
H. Generalization Ask pupils the response/answer for the following Wh-questions.
1. Who (person)
2. What (object,idea,action)
3. Where (place)
4. When (time)
5. Why (reason)
I. Evaluating Learning Complete the sentence using the jumbled words below.
1. Grandmother has a ________on her face. ( K L E W R I N)
2. Karen will ______a letter to her friend. (E T I R W)
Write the correct Wh-word to complete each sentence.
1. I like fish.
_______do I like?
2. Roy is sad today?
______is sad today?
3. Lara is going to Manila on Saturday.
______is Lara going to Manila?
J. Additional activities for application
or Remediation

IV. Remarks

V. Reflection

A. No. of learners earned 80%in the

evaluation. 37 Del Pilar
35 Silang
36 Aquino
37 Jacinto
36 Bonifacio

B. No. of learners who required

remediation. 4 Del Pilar
5 Silang
4 Aquino
3 Jacinto
4 Bonifacio

C. Did the remedial work? No. of

learners who have caught up. 2 Del Pilar
3 Silang
2 Aquino
2 Jacinto
2 Bonifacio

D. No. of learner who continue to

require remediation. 2 Del Pilar
2 Silang
2 Aquino
1 Jacinto
2 Bonifacio
E. Which of my teaching strategies Strategies used that work well:
work well
__________Group work/group collaboration __________Games
__________Answering preliminary activities/exercises __________Diads
__________Rereading of Paragraphs/Poems/Stories __________Role Playing/Drama/Creative
__________Differentiated Instruction __________Lecture Method
__________Video presentation/Power point presentation __________Peer Teaching
__________Discussion Method & Activity __________Jigsaw
__________Think-Pair-Share __________Drill and Practice
__________Localized Materials __________Brainstorming
__________Complete Instructional Materials
__________ Availability of technological Materials
__________Pupils’ eagerness to learn
__________Group member’s cooperation in doing their tasks
__________Giving pupils more time to discover/explore the task given to them
__________Allowing pupils to think of their own strategy on how to present the activity
__________Varied activity sheets
F. What difficulty did I encounter
which my principal and supervisor __________Pupils behavior/attitude
help me solve? __________Bullying among pupils
__________Rubric making
__________Availability of technological equipment (HDMI, LCD Projector, TV)
__________Additional clerical works
__________Instructional Materials (IMs)
__________Pupils medium of Instruction

G. What innovation or localized

materials did I use? __________Video presentation
__________Power point presentation
__________Localized Instructional Materials
__________Big Book