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29 November 2019

To the following:
The Party Leader of the Democratic Alliance: John Steenhuisen
The Federal council chairperson: Hellen Zille
The Democratic Alliance Provincial leader: John Moodey
The Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane: Stevens Mokgalapa
The Chief Whip of Council: Christo Van Den Heever

RE: Letter of Resignation in both my roles as a PR Councillor as well

as a Member of the Mayoral Committee

I want to thank the party of the Democratic Alliance (DA) as well as the
Party Leadership for giving me the opportunity to serve our people and in
particular the people of Tshwane. It has been my honour to serve. Thank
you for giving me, a young black woman the opportunity (as the youngest
female MMC) to serve this party as a PR Councillor, and not only in that
role, but also as a Member of the Mayoral Committee from 2016 up until
During my tenure, I have given my best and my all in what I believe is an
approach that provides freedom, fairness and opportunity to all. I have
worked with the outmost ethic and ensured that I served above and beyond
any reproach.

Some of the most notable achievements from the Roads and Transport
department during my period as MMC for Roads and Transport include:

 Creating the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System, to facilitate

ease in commuting. AFC is an integrated system which allows the
A Re Yeng Connector Cards to be used in both A Re Yeng busses
and Tshwane Bus Service (TBS). In addition the same card, can be
used in the City of Joburg’s Re A Vaya and My Citi busses in Cape
Town. This AFC system was internationally recognized and won the
second prize as the Best Smart Ticketing Programme at Transport
Ticketing Conference held on the 29 – 30 January 2019 in London.

 Launched the Bus (Transport) for Unemployed Youth: where

busses were made available to ferry jobseekers to and from a mine
in Bronkhorstspruit. Although this was a pilot project, it was lauded
as creatively contributing to the social and economic mobilization of
the community (Region 7, Bronkhorstspruit) it served.
 Expanding access and reach of public transportation by including
Mamelodi as a zone for BRT busses.

 Under my leadership, and through the support of the City, Tshwane

is the only municipality that is managing its own bus contracts:
Tshwane Rapid Transport (TRT). It is worth mentioning that the City
of Tshwane is the only municipality that is able to do this throughout
the province.

 Emphasis on creating Universal Accessibility facilities on modes of

public transport in the City: in particular, ensuring that the A Re Yeng
Bus Rapid Transport, would enable all citizens to access important
educational, social employment and opportunities.

 Creating the first Online Booking System for Driver’s and Learner’s
Licenses, as well as for new applications and renewal of PDPs in
the province.

 Along with the Transport Planning Division, we managed to curb a

two year backlog on the provision of speed humps in the city. Each
ward in the City was awarded two speed humps during 2017/18
financial year, which was no small feat and had the team working
around the around the clock to achieve the set target.

 There was the repair of Four (4) sinkholes in one financial year, the
biggest being on Jean and Gerrard Avenue with an estimated cost
close to R25 million.

 Provision of Mobile Health Care Clinics to the taxi ranks (in

conjunction with Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), which
now with additional and new stakeholders will see this programme
being implemented as an ongoing monthly project.

 We created a Bike sharing programme in the universities (in

conjunction with the University of Pretoria (UP).

 There was an establishment of dedicating a day to make Hatfield a

Car free zone honing in the importance of Non-Motorised Transport
and being cognizant of the environmental impact that is resultant
from motorized transport.

In terms of engagements, the following can be mentioned:

 Positive stakeholder relations with the Taxi Industry in the City, as

reflected through the signing of the peace agreement with the Taxi
Industry in July 2018. Through this, I can positively note that as the
Department with the support of the City, we created a harmonious
and peaceful working environment between the City, the Industry
and relevant role-players. As a direct result of these engagements,
it can be boasted that Tshwane as a City had the most peaceful
BRT Roll out as compared to the rest of the country.
I have successfully mediated the tensions arising between e-hailing
operators and metered taxis.

 A Joint Steering Committee was also formed which is a partnership

between the South African Police Servces (SAPS), Tshwane Metro
Police Department (TMPD) as well as Taxi Operators to ensure that
there is a cohesive effort to combat the scourge of illicit drug trade
in the City and to ensure that perpetrators are dealt with. Also the
purpose of this committee was to curb the ongoing violence that was
rampant in the city under the pretext of xenophobic attacks, which
greatly hampered on the safety, and ease of mobility of the residents
of Tshwane, whose primary mode of transport is through Buses and
Taxis in the Central Business District.

 During the scourge of women abuse by hoax taxi operators, myself

and the two chairpersons in the region, managed to organise a
march against women abuse in the name of the taxi industry, thus
also creating a voice for these women and ensuring a platform to
raise out issues.

Awards that were bestowed:

 Most influential woman in Local Government. I was selected as

the country winner, in the Business and Governance category of the
Most Influential Women Awards for SADC South by CEO Magazine.
The CEO Magazine through these awards identifies and recognises
Africa’s best female managers and leaders, and honours
excellence. The event for these was held on 23 August 2019, at the
Sandton Hilton Hotel.

 Excellence in Leadership which was awarded at the third annual

Women in Transport Awards (WITA), held on 15 October 2019, at
the Durban International Convention, in Ethekwini Metropolitan

The award in this category sought to recognize individuals who are
innovating and excelling in their leadership role within the transport

In light of recent events, and despite the many success, it has become
clear that attempts to vilify me are taking focus away from the purpose of
my role in office. This will in turn inevitably affect service delivery to our
As a person of colour who was born and raised in the former Transkei
(Eastern Cape), I have witnessed firsthand the cruelty of injustice and
inhumanity that our people have been subjected to. It is therefore, prudent
on me, never to forget the dictum and ethos of “Ubuntu” which must be in
everything that we do, because we serve at the behest of our people, and
we must be always conscious of that.
Therefore, as much as it is with regret, that I tender my resignation with
immediate effect, I do so in order to not betray the spirit, the struggle and
the sacrifice that our forebears made and the charge they gave us, which
is to always put our people first as articulated in the Batho Pele Principles.
I therefore want to ensure that our residents continue to get the best level
of commitment and services from us, as their leaders. I believe focus
should always be on one thing and that is improving the quality of life of
our people of Tshwane.
I remain forever humbled and honoured to have been given the opportunity
to serve.

Kind regards

Sheila Lynn Senkubuge