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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 79/19



(1997 to 2001)

(98/C 79/11)

1. Background 3. Criteria for selection and financing of projects

The Commission is required to ensure, in close coop-

eration with the Member States, the implementation The selection of projects submitted under the
of the European Parliament and Council Decision programme will be based mainly on the following
concerning a ‘programme of Community action on criteria:
health monitoring’. Adopted on 30 June 1997 (OJ
L 193, 22.7.1997), the programme covers a five-year
period (1997-2001) and has an overall budget of ECU 1.ÙPriority will be given to large-scale projects which
13,8 million. It will contribute to the establishment of are relevant, methodologically sound, innovative
a Community health monitoring system with a view where appropriate, and therefore likely to have
to: considerable impact. These should involve, as far
as possible, public bodies and non-governmental
organisations able to demonstrate sufficiently their
(a)Ùmeasuring health status, trends and determinants competence in the fields concerned.
throughout the Community,

(b) facilitating the planning, monitoring and 2.ÙProjects will be considered only if they correspond
evaluation of Community programmes and to one or more of the actions provided for in the
actions, Annex to the Decision concerning the programme
of Community action on health monitoring and if
they provide real added value for the European
(c) providing Member States with appropriate health Community.
information to make comparisons and to support
their national health policies.
The following activities are deemed to yield such
An annual work programme indicating the priorities added value:
for action in 1998-1999 constitutes the reference
framework for the selection of projects.
—Ùactivities capable of being applied in other
Member States if adapted to their conditions
and culture,
2. Purpose of the call for proposals

The Commission is hereby seeking proposals for —Ùactivities entailing the participation of at least
action from public or private bodies and non-govern- three Member States,
mental organisations active in the field concerned.
—Ùactivities conducted jointly in several Member
Interested parties are invited to submit an application States.
to the Commission in accordance with the procedure
set out in section 4, taking into account the criteria
for selection and financing of projects set out in 3.ÙApplicants must state the medium and long-term
section 3. objectives and the specific aims of the project, indi-
cating how the project is relevant to the health
field and at Community level. They must describe
The proposals selected will qualify for Community concisely the concept and the working methods for
financial assistance. achieving these goals.

Applicants’ attention is drawn to the fact that the

Commission will give priority to the funding of 4.ÙThe context of the action and its significance in
actions within the scope of the 1998 annual work relation to other actions already conducted in the
programme and the priorities specified therein. field must be clearly explained.
C 79/20 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 14.3.98

4. Procedure, deadlines and submission of proposals 3.ÙThe Commission grants a percentage of the
estimated total cost of the project. If the actual
Proposals which fail to comply with the requirements expenditure is lower than the estimated total cost,
set out below cannot be taken into consideration: the Commission’s contribution will be reduced
proportionally in the light of the difference
—Ùthey must be drawn up using the form obtainable between the actual cost of the project and the
from the address given in section 5, estimated cost. If expenditure is higher than the
estimated total cost, the Commission will pay, at
—Ùthey must be submitted, in triplicate, by 15 May the most, the sum equivalent to the percentage
1998 (as evidenced by the postmark) in the case of granted on the basis of the initial budget annexed
projects commencing in the second half of 1998, to the contract.
and by 15 October 1998 in the case of projects
commencing in the first half of 1999, to the
following address: 5. Practical information
European Commission, An information pack containing all the documents
Programme of Community action on health needed for submitting an application is available on
monitoring, written request (letter or fax) from:
European Commission,
Jean Monnet Building,
Programme of Community action on health
Office EUFO 4298,
Plateau du Kirchberg,
L-2920, Luxembourg.
Jean Monnet Building,
Office EUFO 4298,
Plateau du Kirchberg,
Financial provisions L-2920, Luxembourg.
The following extract from the main financial
The information pack contains:
provisions applying to projects is given for guidance:

1.ÙAfter appropriate consultation, the Commission —ÙDecision No 1400/97/EC published in OJ L 193,

will determine the amount of financial assistance to 22.7.1997,
be granted, on the basis of annual budget avail-
ability. —Ùthe annual work programme indicating the
priorities for 1998-1999,
2.ÙProjects are financed under the shared cost
principle. If the amount granted by the —Ùrules, criteria and procedures for selection and
Commission is lower than the assistance sought by financing of projects,
the applicant, it is up to the latter to find
supplementary financing or to cut down on the —Ùthe application form, along with a summary sheet,
total cost of the project without diluting either the
objectives or the content. —Ùother information, where appropriate.