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Name: Nurul Huda binti Muhamad Fauzi

Matrics Number: BK16110267


Experience portfolio, explaining your contribution/role, advantages and challenges in

conducting the community engagement project.

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and
skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an
authentic, engaging and complex question, problem or challenge in real-world. This
would demonstrate our knowledge and skills by creating or interacting with public in
real audience. Also, we as the students could develop deep content knowledge as well
as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills. For example,
in this project we have collaborate with manufacturer company (ES Jesselton) regards
on completing the Eco-Beach Cleaning Machine that concentrate to the objective of
reducing the wastes at the ODEC UMS Beach. Beforehand, we discussed among our
team and produce the design with help of advising from the civil and mechanical
engineering lecturer and students. After that, we send the design to the company and
they were also consult us with their idea and opinion such what type of material suits
the requirement for the machine. Also, we had surveying the price of few material and
ask for quotation. These activities could strengthen our communication skills as well
as negotiation skills. My contribution in this project was proposing design for poster,
finding the manufacturer for the machine, follow-up the manufacturing activities,
finding shops to buy few materials, designing T-Shirt and cap for the event, preparing
the tentative of the program and shooting and editing the video montage for
Sustainability Project 2019. The advantages of this project are we manage to work as
a good team, where everyone plays their own role because if only one person is in
charge in this project, it takes longer period to complete the project. Furthermore, we
interchange idea of each other before finalizing the exact design. Everyone was
pointing out their view and opinion regards on the machine such as the approximate
weight of machine, the suitable material used for machine, the mechanism flow and
etc. The challenges in conducting the project is finding the manufacturer. There was
only one manufacturer that willing to do our machine instead of three to four
company we had approached. They said they don’t have any time to do it because of
their company was too busy and also they had put charge us with expensive price.
Some of the manufacturer also doesn’t involve in producing or building machine
which they just doing services for vehicles.