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Universitatea Spiru Haret Bucureşti

Facultatea de Ştiinţe Juridice, Economice şi Administrative, Craiova

Departamentul Ştiinţe juridice şi administrative
Programul de studii Drept/AP
Anul I


1. A person who steals money placed in his care is called a/an embezzler
2. Poaching. means catching game birds, animals or fish without permission on somebody else’s
3. A person who enters a building illegally, especially by force, in order to steal? A burglar
4. A person who steals money, etc from other people’s pockets, especially in crowded places. A
5. The judge has pronounced a sentence of ten years’imprisonment.

6. What is the the correct spelling for the English equivalent of the Romanian word –
delapidator – ? embezzler

7. He has been released from prison on probation . and if he does not behave satisfactorily, he
will be sent back.

8. There was no need for a trial, because the client decided to drop all the charges and forgive the

9. Bail means money paid by or for a person accused of a crime, as security that he will return
for his trial if he is allowed to go free until then.

10. A solicitor is a lawyer who prepares legal documents, advises clients on legal matters and
speaks for them in lower courts.

11. A person who takes people hostage for a ransom is called a kidnapper
12. The correct spelling for the English equivalent of the Romanian expression – omor din culpã
– is: manslaughter

13. After ten hours, the Jury finally reached its verdict : the prisoner was guilty.

14. A person who willfully gives a false statement while under oath, concerning a material matter
in a judicial proceeding is said to commit .perjury .

15. A witness is someone who testifies, especially in a court of law to events or facts within his
own knowledge.
16. Any witness shall take an oath that the testimony he/she is about to give shall be the
truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
17. To trespass means to go or intrude on the property, privacy, or preserves of another
with no right or permission.
18. Bribery. is defined as giving or promising to give a public official something of value with a
corrupt intention to influence the official in the discharge of his or her official duty.

19. Forgery is the false making or altering of any document that either has legal significance or
is commonly relied upon in business transactions.

20. Since the defendant did not have a criminal record, he got away with a small fine

21.The woman sitting in the witness stand will certainly commit perjury.

22. A coroner will be appointed to investigate the violent and suspicious death of the teenager.

23. He was caught red handed stealing money from the cash-box.
24. You can’t have burgled the house alone, so who was your accomplice ?
25. Wilkinson is alleged to have committed a number of serious crimes.

26. She will soon stand trial for the part she played in the recent robbery.

27. Detectives are said to be looking into the causes of the recent fire.

28.The victim took the law into her own hands by killing her attacker.

29. Forensics refers to scientific methods used to solve crimes and find out who committed them.

30. Many civilized countries have long abolished the death penalty .

31. A threat of attack to another person, followed by actual attack which need amount only to
touching with hostile intent is called assault and battery .
32. The man jumped out of the window and committed suicide

33. The police said there was no sign of a forced entry even though the house had been burgled.

34. He was placed under house arrest for his own safety.

35. Is the defendant going to plead guilty or not guilty?

36. Mr. Johnson was fined fifty pounds for drinking and driving.

37. As it was her first offence, the judge gave her a lenient sentence.

38. The defendant was able to prove his innocence at the trial and was acquitted .

39. Ted Bundy was a hardened criminal who showed no remorse for his crimes.

40. His sentence has been commuted to six months on the grounds of failing health.
41. He was convicted to 10 years of prison and deprived of his property.

42. The judge recommended more humane forms of punishment for juvenile delinquents
43. If you can’t resolve the dispute, it will have to be settled by court .

44. All his friends thought he was guilty, but no one could prouve. anything against him.

45. I refuse to say anything unless I am allowed to speak to my lawyer.

46. The new harassment law comes into force on September 15.

47. As the result of a police raid on the disco, twenty teenagers were arrested.

48. The police have to .enforce the law, not to take it into their own hands.

49. He was charged with assault and battery and taken to prison.

50. As he was suspected of drug traffic, he was placed under investigation.

51. He was taken into custody for smuggling and released on bail the same day.

52.‘You have no right to enter my house without a search .warrant.’, the old man yelled
at the policeman..

53. As he didn’t have a criminal record , the judge sentenced him to 50 hours of community

54. The judge will hear the next case after a short break.

55. After they pronounced the verdict, the judge dismissed the case.

56. ‘I am a law-abiding citizen, I could never break the law!’

57. Before the trial begins, the jurors swear to decide the facts fairly.

58. In criminal cases, the judge has to decide whether the accused is guilty ‘beyond
any reasonable doubt’.

59. Any sentence has to be imposed within limits that have been fixed by the legislature.
60. Judge Williams is presiding today as judge Thomson has been taken ill.

61. Before taking up his duty, each judge takes. an oath to respect his responsabilities.

62. He has been a solicitor for more than a year now.

63. We have been waiting for the verdict for almost two hours! There must be something

64. The trial judge shouldn”t have taken bribe from the defendant; it was so foolish of him to
do so!
65. The window is broken; the intruder must have tried to get into their bedroom.

66. Everybody hates paying law expenses.

67. The woman accused of indecent public exposure was released on bail last week.

68. The members of the jury are now deliberating. on the murder case.

69. Has the jury reached. a verdict?

70. By the time you reach the Court, he will have been. released on bail.

71. While the people were waiting. for the verdict, the judge was talking to the defendant about
the weather.

72. He was innocent! They shouldn’t have taken him into custody! It was so foolish of them to
have done that!

73. He couldn”t have committed the crime! He was immobilized in bed at that time!

74.I look forward to seeing .you in Court! We shall settle things then.

75. Right now I think I am being followed. Come and pick me up!

76. The leader of the gang has just been acquitted by the court of justice.

77. He was walking down a street near his home when he was kidnapped.

78. One of the kidnappers threatened to kill him while they were driving away.

79. How long ago did you make an appeal?

80. I saw you yesterday, while you were defending that famous criminal.

81. He was placed under investigation only after they had found hard evidence against him.

82. His sentence was by far more severe than everybody had expected .

83. As soon as the jury had pronounced the verdict, the case was dismissed.

84. Everybody wondered why he hadn”t been caught red-handed before.

85.The members of the jury had been deliberating for hours when they finally reached a verdict.

86. The witnesses were still being heard when I left the court of law.

87. She told me that she has been considering filing for divorce for a long time.
88. .This time tomorrow the prosecution will be cross examining the witnesses.
89. are yaou going to represent yourself in the trial?

90. By the end of this year he will have spent ten years in prison.

91. Look out! One of the robbers .is going to shoot .

92. I am seeing my solicitor tomorrow; I am changing my will.

93. I haven” t been in a court of law since my parents filed for divorce.

94. As soon as I hear from my lawyer, I will let you know.

95. We knew that the defendant wold never be able. to do such a thing.

96. They said that the new constitution wold be voted soon.

97. By this time next year, he will have served his prison sentence.

98. I am sorry you didn’t ask for help; I could have introduced you to my lawyer.

99. According to article 3 (from the Protocol on the Statute of the European Court of Justice)
judges shall be immune from legal proceedings.

100. A judge may be deprived of his office if he no longer fulfils the legal conditions.

101. The criminal will be brought to trial if there is enough evidence against him.

102. As soon as the search warrant has been issued they will be allowed to look for the

103. Has his criminal record been checked to the slightest detail?

104. You cannot enter this room. The witness is being cross examined right this moment.

105. If he does not confess his crime, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

106. While he was being tried in his absence, his wife was sitting in the Court of Law, waiting for
the verdict.

107. The suspect had been placed under investigation long before the police found irrefutable

108. You had better confess your crimes right now, when you still have a chance.

109.‘Find me a good lawyer! I don’t want to risk spending the rest of my life in jail.’

110. ‘Shall we proceed? It’s no use waiting for the witness!’

111. ‘I’m sorry Your Honour, but I can’t help crying when I speak about my son.’
112.I suggest deliberating upon the case after a short recess.

113. The judge admitted having taken bribe from one of his clients months before the trial.

114. He has been charged with trespassing . and taken into custody.

115.Would you mind standing up when the verdict is pronounced?

116. I would rather spend the rest of my life in jail than confess to a crime I did not commit.

117. He made me drop all my charges, threatening me with a gun.

118. He let me decide. which option was the best for my difficult situation.

119. ‘I strongly object to being treated like a hardened criminal!’

120. Let’s take. a short coffee break and decide afterwards.

121. He .couldn”t have committed the crime! He was immobilized in bed at that time!

122. I am sorry you didn’t ask for help; I could have introduced you to my lawyer.

123. ‘To be liable for punishment’ means:to be legally Obliged or responsible for something and

124. ‘To be eligible for a remission’ means:to have the right or proper qualification for a

125. This procedure shall be without prejudice to Article 170.

126. You needen`t have submitted the case to a higher court! The verdict was in your favour!

127. Any Member State shall comply with the judgements of the European Court of Justice.

128. Many houses in this area have been broken into by burglars.

129. A photofit picture of the wanted man wass issued. last week.

130. After the verdict have been pronunced the case was dismissed by the judge.

131. He has. just been charged with sexual assault on a six-year-old boy.

132. He wass sentenced to 100 hours of community work only because he was at his first offence.

133. Before being accused of breach of trust, the lawyer had also been charged
with perjury in a divorce case.
134.The two diplomats are now being escorted to the American Embassy by a member of the
135.Six bomb attacks seem to have been reported in London for the last five years.
136. In the next minutes a new warning will be issued for the refugees to leave the camp

137. More funds would have been allocated to the Ministry of Justice if the government had voted
the new budget law.

138. The Commission has just appointed the new President of the European Court of Justice.
The new President of the European Court of Justice has been appointed by the Commission.

139. The members of the European Parliament were still debating the issue of competition law at
that point.
The issue of competition law was stil being debated an that point by the members of the European

140. This law entitles the holder of intellectual property rights to financial compensations.
According to this law, the holder of intellectual property rights is entitled to financial
141. They all considered that the Court of First Instance had used Article 86 improperly
They all considered that article 86 had been used improperly by the court off first instance

142. The European Commission rejected this Article on the grounds of unjustified discrimination.
This article was rejected by vthe European commission on the grounds of unjustified
143. The members of the jury were still deliberating upon the matter of reasonable doubt.
The matter of reasonable doubt was still being debated upon members of the jury

144. The Court dismissed your appeal due to lack of further evidence.
Your appeal was dismissed by the court due to lack further evidence.

145. The two parties signed the contract only after they had discussed the terms of the contract.
The contract was signed only after the terms of the contract had been discussed by the two parties.

146. The trial judge was still hearing the witnesses in that murder case when the press release was
The witnesses in that murder casa were stil beingheard by the trial judge when the press release
was made.
147. Nu s-a ajuns încã la nici o concluzie cu privire la noua lege a adopþiei.
No conclusion has yet been reached regarding the new adoption law.

148. People say that Mr. Johnson had business difficulties in the past.
Mr. Johnson is said to have had business difficulted in the past.

149. Terrorists resort to violence as a political weapon.

150. The unknown foreigner carried out a bombing in the centre of Paris.
151. How should Governments deal with terrorist attacks?
152. The Iraqi citizen had been suspected of many offences before.
153. Who was held responsible for the journalist’s death?

154. The home-made bomb may have been destined for the recruits.

155. The Palestinian blew himself up in a crowded bus.

156. The terrorist attack coincided with an important religious celebration.

157. The attack, attributed to a new terrorist group, had many casualties.
158. How can the government prevent journalists from endangering their lives?

159. I am sure that this is one of the exceptions to the rule.

160. The Ministry of Defence has laid down strict procedures for this kind of situation.

161. Quite apart from this problem, can such tests predict what the future holds in store for us?

162. I generally agree with you, but I strongly object to your behaving so rudely.

163. He pleaded guilty of manslaughter after trying to escape from police custody.

164. The lorry belonged to an ex-convict that rented land on Smiths Farm, in Northolt, west

165. Both men were meant to be under surveillance at the time of the killing.

166. Another person at the scene said that children were among the hostages taken by the gunmen.

167. This prisoner is not under our jurisdiction. We have to call district authorities.

168. The number of hold up in our city has been doubled this year.

169. We need a negotiator to talk to the hostage takers .

170. Many search warrants have been issued this week.

171. The law breakers will be punished sooner or later.

172. Two women diplomats have been accused of perjury.

173. “My beloved fellow citizens your claims will soon be solved.”
174. My sisters in law have been charged with indecent exposure.

175. These analyses are the result of hard work.

176. Which are the criteria used in this classification?

177. Should the Court so request, the Council of the European Union may, acting unanimously,
increase the number of Advocates-General.

178. The Court of Justice may now sit as a full Court, in a Grand chamber (13 Judges) when a
Member State or a Community institution so requests.

179. What qualifications should a legal expert possess to hold a/an office in the European Court of

180. The Member State concerned has to take the necessary measures to comply with the Court’s
judgement within three months.

181. Reproducting copyright material without the copyright owner’s permission will usually be a
copyright infringement

182. What is the time-limit within which we have to submit our observations to the European

183. One of a number of people living together, especially in a hospital, prison or some other
institution is called a/an inmate

184. The penalty laid down in a law for contravention of its provisions is called a/an sanction

185. Detention is custody or confinement, especially of a suspect awaiting trial.

186. Choose the corresponding synonymous expression for home confinement: house arrest

187. All the things that are said and shown in a court case to prove that someone is not guilty
represent the defence

188. All the things that are said and shown in a court case to prove that someone is guilty
represent the prosecution

189. Choose the correct collocations by combining the words in set A: (1) community, (2)
home, (3) probation with the words in set B: (1) officer, (2) service, (3) confinement. All
three combinations have to be correct: community service, home confinement, probation

190. Choose the correct collocations by combining the words in set A: (1) criminal, (2)
forensic, (3) capital with the words in set B: (1) punishment, (2) record, (3) evidence. All
three combinations have to be correct: criminal record, forensic evidence, capital

191. Choose the correct collocations by combining the words in set A: (1) first, (2) witness, (3)
life with the words in set B: (1) sentence, (2) offender, (3) stand. All three combinations
have to be correct: first offender, witness stand, life sentence
192. Choose the correct collocations by combining the words in set A: (1) jury, (2) search, (3)
suspended with the words in set B: (1) warrant, (2) trial, (3) sentence. All three
combinations have to be correct:jury trial, search warrant, suspended sentence

193. We all wonder whether the globalisation has increased the frequency and spread of financial

194. What would you do if your parents in law disinherited your wife?

195. When was the Manual for Courts Martial (United States) last amended?

196. One of the thieves tried to snatch the elderly person’s bag and, to my surprise, all the passers
by did nothing to prevent the theft.

197. The police will always arrive at a crime scene to find a crowd of on lookers blocking their

198. I can’t afford a lawyer, therefore my only option is to get free legal help.

199. Persons who have committed crimes shall be equal before the law and subject to criminal
responsibility irrespective of. sex, race, nationality, language.

200. Apart from lesser penalties, what would be the other ways to prevent first offenders from
committing further crimes?

201. In the following sentence: The common law draws abstract rules from specific cases,
whereas civil law starts with abstract rules applied to various cases. the speaker tries: to
avoid digrressions

202. In the following sentence: So, if I understand you correctly, you are saying that... the
speaker tries: to summarise the interlocutor’ s ideas

203. In the following sentence: It is widely believed that becoming a lawyer is a difficult but
rewarding process. the speaker: counter balance an argument expressed before

204. In the following sentence: Up to a point, revising the Penal Code may seem like a good idea.
the speaker: draws a final conclusion

205. In the following sentence: To put it briefly, the Court held in favour of the defendant. the
speaker: expresses the same idea using different words

206. A defendant who pleads diminished responsability must prove that he was suffering of an
abnormality of mind.

207. He was convicted of murder, but on appeal the House of Lords overruled and allowed the

208. The judge wanted to know whether the injury was caused by the defendant’s negligence.
209. If Ann Flake had stolen a car to escape from Paris, she would have been charged of theft.

210. My cousin is due to give evidence .against Alexia’s boyfriend who is facing a trial for
attempted murder this week.

211. Tredemark law prevents others from using a company’s name.

212. The suspect was held in custody before being released on bail.

213. The famous actor was put under arrest and charged with driving under the influence of
alcohol and drugs.

214. The criminal is to be tried for manslaughter. The public is allowed to attend.

215. When a barrister is admitted to the profession, we say that he is called at the bar.

216. All memeber states must comply with EU legislation.

217. a probation order means a court order placing an offender under supervision instead of
imposing a sentence of imprisonment.

218. “To bind somebody over” means: to punish somebody for breaking the law.

219. In the following sentence: If this condition is not observed, the person may go to jail. “to
observe a condition” means: to legally respect an official law

220. “To carry out a crime” means: to bring to completion, ti accomplish a crime.

221. The solicitors say they will finish preparing the papers by Tuesday.

222. As you all know, the defence has repeatedly said that the defendant carried out those orders
because his life was at stake.

223. The latest breaking news: The Court of Appeal ruled that a criminal trial can take place at
Crown Court without a jury for the first time in England and Wales.

224. Is this the first time that our firm has acted on your behalf?

225. In any case, if memory serves me correctly, I signed my employment contract last year in
226. I was thinking about this business plan for more than two weeks now. I need to approach the
bank for a loan to cover the start-up costs.

227. It is worth remembering that EU’s social policy builds on a long history and a strong
tradition of social legislation in the Member States.

228. He coulden’t have been convicted to capital punishment; he was just a pickpocket.

229. The Court of Justice must have jurisdiction in any dispute between Member States.
230. The defendant might have tried to bribe the judge, but I seriously doubt it.

231. He must have asked for legal aid when he needed it. Now it’s too late for that.

232. Both parties have to respect the binding agreements of this contract.

233. The validity of this will will definitely be contested by the family members in the near

234. All charges were just dropped against the advertising agency that did not respect its

235. There was no ground for review, so your appeal has been dismissed an hour ago.
236. Incest consists of either cohabitation or sexual intercourse between closely related members of
a family.
237. What is specific to blackmail is that the victim is faced with threats of future harm unless he..
238. Prostitution involves the exchange of sexual contact or favors for money or its equivalent.
239. Hijacking means taking a ship or a plane from the control of those who are legally entitled to
240. Bigamy is the criminal offense of marrying a person who is stilllegally married to another.
241. Contrary to what had been written in the papers the three women were proved innocent.
242. The two men were charged with armed robbery.
243. He recommended us to make an appeal assoon as the verdict was pronounced.
244. We are sure that didn’t mean to commit perjury, he was just too afraid to tell the truth.
245. Our law firm will be taken over, by the Lawyer’s Corporation.
246. I have a very urgent message. Could you put me through to Mr. Leigh, please
247. The matter was so delicate, that the judge had to think it over before announcing the verdict.
248. If you don’t know the police emergency phone , you could look it up in the phone directory.
249. If nobody comes up with asolution soon, we shall, be held responsible for planting evidence in
his car.
250. If he was accused of shoplifting this does not necessarily mean that he is guilty of this.
251To allege means a afirma fara dovezi, a pretinde