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Naveen Arora

Technical Content Engineer Intern at GeeksForGeeks

Karnal | 7876373000 | naveenarorakrnl@gmail.com

 www.naveenarora.ml  linkedin.com/in/naveenkrnl/ Objective To be part of a professionally managed


To be part of a professionally managed organization thereby enhancing my knowledge and technical skills towards becoming an efficient professional through continuous learning

Internships and Professional Experience

Competitive Coding Ranks

Technical Content Engineer Intern - DSA & Django GeeksForGeeks

Working as a Senior content engineer in the primary field of Django and DSA.

Key Responsibilities include:

2019 - Present

Develop small to large projects in Django Web Framework and build tutorials for the same. Assign articles to content writers from all over the world and organize them into a course Solve Coding Questions on Data Structures and Algorithms daily and develop optimized solutions with the team. Review articles of Content Writers, mentor them to a steep curve of learning and thereby posting content on geeksforgeeks.org.

Senior content manager and SDE Dealnloot

Published over 5000 articles as a content writer and manager. Managed over 50 sales and mentored the team to work towards achieving the startup goals. Interviewed and taught candidates to become skilled content developers and affiliate marketing. Worked as the head of the SEO team.

2016 - 2018

As an SDE, wrote scrappers and full-fleshed application to automate the entire content posting procedure with help of Python and Django. Won the award of Author of the month over 10 times working towards the attainment of startup goals. Managed various sales single-handedly working 24*7 for best customer experience and sales of the company.

Other Works

2014 - 2016

Content Writer at http://cutesara.com/ SEO Manager and Content Developer at https://subh4u.com/


1st rank in Data Structures and Algorithms at GeeksForGeeks (JMIT) 1st position in Wheebox Employability Skills Test in India Global Rank - 248 in October Long contest 2019 || Codechef 6-star programmer in Problem Solving and C++ at HackerRank 56 Global Rank in Data Structures at HackerEarth 3rd Rank in India || GeeksForGeeks Hiring Contest 2019

Major Skills


Data Structures and Algorithms

Django Web FrameWork

Other Skills

Programming Languages

C, C++, Python, SQL

Web Development

Django Web Framework, Flask and Advanced Web Scrapping

Digital Marketing

Keyword Research, CMS (Wordpress), SEO and SMM

Websites and Blogs

Social Profiles

Github - naveenkrnl StackOverFlow - naveen-arora LinkedIn - naveenkrnl


Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute Of Engineering And Technology B.tech | Computer science and Engineering

CGPA- 8.0

Adarsh Public School Higher Education

12th Percentage - 90%

10th Percentage - 88.2%

2016 - present

2014 - 2016

Trainings and Courses


Playing BasketBall, Badminton, Chess

45 Days summer training in “Python Programming language” (June-July 2018) Django Core | A Reference Guide to Core Django Concepts (August-September


Python eCommerce | Build a Django eCommerce Web Application (November


Tweetme | Build a Twitter-like app step by step with Django (January-February


Build a Python REST API with the Django Rest Framework (March-April 2019) Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms by Ravindrababu Rabula


An Affiliate Marketing Web Application

2018 - Present

Developing an affiliate marketing Web Application with the help of django and Web Scrapping. Implemented various advanced data structures such as JSON formats, Dictionary implementation, Priority queues, etc. Achieved over 5000 views per day with the same website.

JMIT Online JEE Mock Test

Developed an Online JEE Mock Test Web Application using a combination of various technologies such as Wordpress, Python, Django, etc. It was conducted online for


students successfully on 4th April 2019 in Haryana.

User Authentication System with Referral and Social Integration

Developed a User Authentication System with Referral System. Users can login via social networks such as Google, Facebook and Github. Users can refer friends and get points, etc.

Other projects

Built various scrappers for scrapping of data from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. using BS4, requests, etc Dondler | A document handler for all subjects with their sources ranked on basis of rating by people. Built a Crypto News Network using django and API Integration LuSchedule | Developed a complete schedule manager for my weekly schedule. One can achieve their daily goals, mark them, calculate efficiency, etc Face Detection and Recogni on using python, opencv and numpy Tweetme | Developed a twitter like application where users can tweet, retweet, use hashtag based sorting, etc. using Django, Jquery and Bootstrap



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